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Hi there,

I'm a supermarket chef. Basically, I'm a cooking show without cameras. I get paid to play with and talk about food. It's a pretty sweet gig.

I love to run, swim, ski, knit, cook, read, swim, swim, travel, swim, and swim. I love anything to do with the ocean.

I lived in Japan from 1997 to 2005. I moved back to Canada for about 9 months in that period, but I just couldn't stay away from Asia. I've traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and I'd go back in a heartbeat.

I don't smoke and I don't have any pets, so the packages I send out are smoke and fuzz-free.

I am pretty easy to please. I love anything made by you for me. As for my Etsy favourites, many of them are sold the second I click 'favourite', but they are often relisted by the seller.

Smart Fokker

Favorite Music

Split Enz/Crowded House/Neil Finn, Johnny Cash, REM, Billy Bragg, Otis Redding, Steve Earle, Manic Street Preachers

Favorite Movies

Mallrats, Waiting for Guffman, The Princess Bride, Chinatown, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Roger and Me

Favorite Television

Cracker, Simpsons, King of the Hill, The Office, Arrested Development, Law and Order (I have a crush on Lupo, hahaha), CSI marathons (I'm useless when they're on).

Favorite Crafts

Knitting, learning to sew and quilt

How to make me happy

If you send me any of the following, I'll be a happy lady:

plain dark chocolate, Reese's Peanut Butter cups, (but not Reese's Pieces), anything vanilla, natural fibre (except for lovely alpaca, it makes me itch and gives me splotchy skin... sadness) yarn (in any colour), flavoured coffee (except Irish Creme or anything with coconut), post cards (especially Anne Taintor, or anything Anne Taintor), kitsch, retro anything, anything with stars (I love stars!!!), super-tacky Elvis souvenirs - especially of older, fatter, greasier Elvis (if it makes you want to scream and run away in terror, then you're close to what I'm looking for), books from my Amazon wishlist (used is all right!), anything Johnny Cash, bamboo knitting needles, and recipes.

Not really interested in

raisins (they make my tongue go numb), alpaca (again, sadness!!) coconut, fruit-flavoured chocolate, nuts in chocolate (I'm not allergic; I prefer nuts in savoury dishes), candy (except gummy bears and Starburst fruit chews), overtly religious material trying to convert me or save my heathen soul (I'm happy you've found enlightenment or have been saved, but please respect my beliefs or non-beliefs - my soul is just fine), overly cute stuff, etc... if you have any questions, just ask me.


LahDeeDah rated for TPP: Monthly PC Swap - November on Dec 1, 2013
Comment: Nice job! Thank you very much :-)
Response: You're welcome! xoxox I love Pop Art!
JanHardt rated for TPP: From Your Neighbor (SB-T) on Nov 21, 2013
Comment: This is a beautiful card, and the history of the town is very interesting. Thank you.
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! It's my hometown! I only get there once a month or so, but It's lovely! Thanks for the heart!
kirstyenarno rated for TPP: From Your Neighbor (SB-T) on Nov 20, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful card and additional info. I enjoy learning about different places :-)
Response: You're so welcome. I tried to fit as much as I could on there, haha. Thanks for the heart!
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful card!
Response: I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the heart!
Comment: awww i heart you too and think you are equally as awesome :) xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo
Response: Shucks. I meant everything I said. Turn your love around! xo
Comment: Thank you for the card! I hope you do get to see a Thiebault exhibition one day.
Response: I hope so, too! He's my second-favourite artist (after Lichtenstein). Thanks for rating and being awesome.
tanjch rated for TPP: let's play a game on Oct 21, 2013
Comment: No!!!!!! The postcard arrived today and i didn't know if i should be more surprised or shocked what the post did to it! Honestly, i don't really know what they did... spilled it with something (smells like gas?! though it looks like it "ate" all the color on both sides of that half of the PC ) all over the side where you wrote (so i can basicly read "i hope i'm close, signed...etc"). I'm Sorry i can't tell you wether you were right or wrong though :/ but THANK YOU eventhough, as the the postcard is beautiful and you wrote a lot :D (it's such a shame i couldn't read it though - i tried really hard to though)
Response: Oh my gosh! I am so sad to hear that. I said you were tall and fabulous and everybody was jealous of your style. I said you had a smile that lights up a room, hair full of stars, and just general awesome. I'm so sad it got eaten (and lost from the length of time it took) in the post. It must have lost the other postcard. Next time we're paired, I'll put the postcard in an envelope when I send it to you. Thanks for rating! Thank you for rating so well regardless!
Comment: The PC is great. I have never been to Cape Breton but have always wanted to. It sounds like a great vacation place.
Response: It's such a lovely island! You really should come and visit. We're friendly! I'm glad you liked the card. Have a fabulous day! Thanks for rating so quickly!
Dory rated for TPP: Sept Totally Sender's Choice PC on Sep 14, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the great pc.I love museums and like pcs from them. This one made me hungry. LOL
Response: Fabulous! I'm so glad you liked it! I combined my love of food and pop art to send you the perfect card! Thanks for rating so quickly and so well!
michst74 rated for TPP: Meals on Wheels on Sep 11, 2013
Comment: Love the art postcard that you sent but I love the story that you shared about Beef Bourguignon even more! Did you see the movie Julie & Julia? One of my favorites.
Response: Oh, I'm so glad you liked it! Isn't it a great card? I love, love, love Pop Art. And, the Beef Bourguignon story is one of my favourites. I wish I could recreate it. Thanks for rating so promptly (and so highly!).
Comment: Those cheeseburgers look good enough to eat! Thanks for such a fun card.
Response: I know! I love pop art, and that was just a fun card! I wanted to send it to someone awesome. I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for such a fabulous rating!
Comment: I would have given you more hearts,but you made fun of the eyebrow dog and broke your own rule,not only that you are the very first co0ordinator I have given a star to. You def deserve it! What a wonderful and imaginative swap. Now WE know who the "nuts" are we can avoid them. LOL
Response: Eep! I thought I had responded to this. Sorry! Thank you for joining my swap, thank you for rating me so highly, thank you for being awesome. I hope you never, ever, join any of my swaps again. xoxo j
Comment: you da the bomb
Response: The love is mutual! Thanks for joining, and thanks for being awesome! xo j
Comment: Please ban me. I'm waiting.
Response: I assigned partners, then banned the lot of you. How are you still able to even log in to swap-bot? Gah! Haha, thanks for joining, thanks for rating, thanks for being wonderful! xo
Comment: Your comment came in a torn up envelope covered in cat hair. I would give you a 1 but you're the coordinator and I don't want to be banned from furture swaps. :)
Response: Excellent! Well, I do have a drawer filled with torn, cat hair-covered envelope for occasions like this. Score! Thanks for joining and rating so quickly! xo
Comment: Great swap! Just no more naked dogs! Lol
Response: At this moment, I am knitting sweaters for all the naked doggies. Thanks for joining my swap, thanks for rating, and, most of all... thanks for being awesome! xo
LahDeeDah rated for S: Greetings Postcards on Jun 3, 2013
Comment: I'm not kidding . . . this is the coolest PC I've ever seen! Thank you for going way above and beyond to make sure your end of this swap was done correctly. It's perfect, and I can't imagine being more pleased with a postcard. THANKS!
Response: Hooray! There's something else on the way, too. Thanks for being so patient with my, er, interpretation of the swap. I can't wait to join the armadillo postcard swap! Thanks for rating!
pahasiga rated for Send a FOKKIN postcard! on May 31, 2013
Comment: Aw :( seems you didn't win it after all... unless you took part under a fake name. Thank you for the postcard!
Response: You're welcome! I' was fully expecting to win the trip... next time!
chrissybaby rated for TPP: Postcard Scavenger Hunt on May 30, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful cards you sent me - I like both and really appreciate you sent me two cards :) Both go into my collections!
Response: Yay! I couldn't resist! I saw the lighthouse postcard, and it didn't really fit into the scavenger hunt. I love Peggy's Cove, and I wanted to share some of it with you!
Cherries rated for Send a FOKKIN postcard! on May 28, 2013
Comment: Thanks! I love that print too. We've had postage stamps with it here.
Response: Fabulous! I'm glad you love it.

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biasbabe on Jan 18, 2016:

It is good too see you online this Month.

biasbabe on Feb 19, 2015:

Just checking up on you. hope things are getting better. Hugs Robin

liveve308 on May 4, 2014:

Your name came up on the forums (http://www.swap-bot.com/forums/topic/119731) so here's a spoonfu of credit due :D

PinkLotus on Apr 14, 2014:

smoochy smoochy!

VivaLaDiane on Apr 7, 2014:

I would join this swap if it were hosted by you.

maggiepond on Jan 30, 2014:

Welcome to the Synesthesia Guild of Swap-bot!!

PinkLotus on Oct 22, 2013:

my pleasure :) xoxoxoxoxo Just in case you were wondering.. I thought the postcard was extra lesbiny - I know you like that :D

HoneyBadger on Sep 30, 2013:

Lol! What color would you like your headscarf to be? Mine is going to be red to match the Corvette we're driving. The really big groovy convertibles are such monstrous gas guzzlers. I think a '66 Corvette may be a 6-cylinder and much better on gas. More money for sushi, red vines and espressos! Road Trip!!

HoneyBadger on Sep 30, 2013:

He is a wonderful storyteller. He will always be one of my favorites.
For years I have had a picture in my head of a drawing, sort of like a map. It has a highway with a sign reading "Hillbilly Highway", with lots of roads going from it, named things like "Copperhead Road" and "Telephone Road" and "Nowhere Road"... all leading to GUITAR TOWN! Guitar town is like the Cadillac Ranch, only it's gigantic Stratacasters and Les Pauls stuck in the ground instead of cars! There's a giant 1950s Las Vegas-style sign with "Guitar Town" in old fashioned bulb neons that arches over the whole town. It's all out in the desert with mountains in the background. Yeah, I'm nuts. Hehe.. when I draw it I should put you and I in a big convertible with the top down, a la Thelma & Louise. Help.

HoneyBadger on Sep 30, 2013:

So I'm just sitting here at my craft table making stuff and watching Law and Order: SVU, and who do you think I see?? Steve Earle playing a teacher in Riker's juvenile facility! I really had to do a double take!

You never did tell me how that concert was 100 years ago...

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