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ATC Newbies

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Swap Coordinator:dimanche (contact)
Swap categories: Paper Goods  Crafts  Art 
Number of people in swap:100
Last day to signup/drop:November 18, 2006
Date items must be sent by:November 29, 2006
Number of swap partners:3

I have been wanting to start making artist trading cards for a while, but I have to admit that I feel a little intimidated at the thought of trading my first few cards with a person who is seasoned at making them.

This is a swap for anyone who is, like me, new to the world of ATCs and swapping them.

You will make three cards and send one to each of three partners, and recieve three different ones in return. To make this easier for busy folk like myself, I am setting the swap date for 6 weeks from today, November 29.

Don't know what an ATC is, or want more info? A few sites I found helpful are:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artisttradingcards (please note that the last part of the address should have underscores between the words. It's not showing up in the link for some reason.)


I'm hoping that after we participate in our first (or one of our first) ATC swap, we will fall in love with this great art form and start making and swapping more cards in the future!


jbtmykids 10/18/2006 #

Yeah! I'm new to ATC's also. I've done one swap & the one's I got back were beautiful! I don't think mine were up to their standards.:(

Drachenfrau 10/19/2006 #

ATCs are so individual like we people. :-) I've made my first ones last week and now I'm obsessed. As long as we create it with love, than we make good cards. :-) Means I think there is no "standard".

erouse 10/19/2006 #

I've never made an ATC before, but I find them interesting! I can't wait to give it a try.

Thank you for starting a beginners swap! :-)

user4326 10/20/2006 #

I would like to try ATC but I don't know what kind of "card" to use. Where do I start, I'm EXTREMELY new :)

dimanche 10/20/2006 #

Desielkin- You can jsut cut a piece of card stock or similarly weighted paer to the trading card size, which is 2.5 by 3.5. If you want more info, check out the links ion the post, whcih helped me out a lot. Also, searching "arsist trading card faq" will turn up lots of good sites with pictures and info :-)

To jbtmykids and emerald2098- I'm glad yopu joined! i think we'll all have fun with this :-)

user3580 10/20/2006 #

I started making cards in august and am terribly addicted to these cards. I joined some swaps and groups to learn how to do these, am willing to swap 1 for 1 with any of the swappers out there, email me and I will get back to you. ellen Marlow

jbtmykids 10/20/2006 #

Is this an anything goes swap, as in no theme?

dimanche 10/20/2006 #

No theme- just do what ever you are inspired to do!

dimanche 11/ 1/2006 #

Yay, we made it in to the top ten! Thanks for signing up, everybody!

chaoticartworks 11/ 1/2006 #


I have only been making ATC's for a few months and have received some that are very elaborate and some that are simplistic. I think as you create more and more ATC's you will find your own style.

Some tips:

  1. I use thin cardboard backings to make my ATC's sturdier. I cut empty boxes (any box will work - cereal/food boxes are great) into 2.5 x 3.5 in. pieces. Cardboard backs from writing paper works well too. Cardboard backs are especially good if you're making an ATC's that has embellishments on it that would weigh ordinary paper down.

  2. Don't forget to put at least your name, date and signature on the back. I have pre-typed Avery labels that I fill in and stick on the back of my ATC's. Some things you can include on the back are below. I use my initials as my signature instead of my full name (as an identity theft precaution - call me paranoid).

My labels look like this:

Name: City/state: Email: Date: Swap Site: Theme: Title: Edition/Series:

  1. I like to use embellishments on my ATC's. I have clear trading card sleeves that I use for some of my embellished ATC's to keep them intact during transit. I bought my sleeves on eBay - 300 for around $2.50 including shipping. You can also find them at any trading card hobby shop (and check your local dept. store too - like Wal-Mart). Before attaching a larger embellishment to an ATC I put the ATC into the sleeve and then slide the embellishment inside too. If it doesn't fit inside the sleeve easily I choose another embellishment. It can be disappointing to receive an ATC that won't fit in an album.

  2. Low cost decor for ATC's: SAVE EVERYTHING! I save food labels, grab take-out menu's from restaurants, coffee wraps from Starbucks, travel/site-seeing brochures (from rest stops - use the maps and pictures), junk mail advertisements, fancy plastic toothpicks used to keep sandwiches together, flags and poppies handed out for donations on Memorial/Veteran's day, mesh bags fruit comes in (lay mesh over ATC and paint - makes great designs - or use mesh by itself), etc. I scour the dollar store and office supply stores for things that can be used as embellishments (much cheaper than buying them at a craft store). Nothing hits the trash can until after I've weighed out it's usefulness.

  3. Utilize ephemera/baggy swaps to build your ATC stash. I bought a couple of Monopoly and Scrabble games, old books, a dictionary, sheet music, and maps at yard sales. I cut my maps, sheet music and menu's into 4x4 pieces, and cut pages from the dictionary and books. On eBay I purchased a couple of different kinds of charms in bulk to save money. I signed up for a few ephemera/baggy swaps and included a few of each of those items in my baggies to trade. In turn I received many different kinds of items without having to spend any more money.

Hope these tips help!

VelveteenRabbit 11/ 1/2006 #

I've been intrigued by this whole ATC thing. Since I've never made any before, this sounds like the right swap for me. :) Looking forward to trying something new and fun!

VelveteenRabbit 11/ 1/2006 #

P.S. Thanks for all the helpful info, Karen!

dimanche 11/ 1/2006 #

Awesome tips, Karen! Esecially the part about labeling the back, what to put on the back is what has confused me the most :-)

Mel 11/ 2/2006 #

Hey Velveteen Rabbit,

I can pretty much guarantee that after a few ATCs, you'll be totally addicted. I by no means consider myself an 'artist', but I sure feel like one when I'm creating the cards! It's very liberating!

About the back of the cards - I purchased a rubber stamp that's the size of an ATC and it has room for my name and address, the title of the card, and when it was done. It's really great - maybe you could find one of those? :)

VelveteenRabbit 11/ 3/2006 #

What if I use old business cards? They are 2" x 3.5" -- or should they be 2.5"?

user2637 11/ 4/2006 #

They must be 2.5 x 3.5, that's really the only rule for ATC's. Well, that and they should fit into a "trading card" protector page (i.e. not be extremely thick).

BMT 11/ 4/2006 #

OK I'm in...and I am a newbie...I did buy the rubber stamp ATC back last week for like $3...I figured I could always use it to stamp the back of ATC's and just ink certain parts for other things...hopefully this was $3 well spent:)

user4390 11/ 5/2006 #

I've always been interested in ATCs, but I was afriad to sign up for other swaps because I have no experience making them. I'm really excited to get started. :)

user1950 11/ 5/2006 #

I don't know if anyone is up to it, but I do my ATCs in mass production mode and make a whole bunch at one time. So I was wondering if everyone is up to, upping the number of people we send to. That way everyone gets a big variety of cards to start their collection. Just a thought!

Mel 11/ 6/2006 #

I know what you mean, Mizleeza, I make more than one at a time too (at least more than one per day), but we should probably stick to making just one each for three people - that way, there's no pressure, just fun! Maybe when we all get more comfortable with the process.....

user3740 11/ 6/2006 #

Hi, is this an international swap?

dimanche 11/ 6/2006 #

Yes, this is defiantely an international swap!

Most of us (myself included!) have never made an ATC before, so I think it's best to keep the number smallish :-)

user4465 11/ 8/2006 #

I've heard of using old playing cards as your card and then putting paper over them.... can we do that?

dimanche 11/ 8/2006 #

westie- that should be fine, as long as the dimensions are 2.5 by 3.5 :-)

Sibylspider 11/ 8/2006 #

Hi, I have only discovered ATC's about 6 weeks ago and I am officially OBSESSED! I have made heaps and am having great fun sending out my little offerings and getting pressies in the mail. The more you do it, the more ideas you get. Create your own style and just go for it!

user4863 11/ 9/2006 #

thank you i have not made any so these will be my first.. i'm looking forward to starting on this.

user4164 11/ 9/2006 #

I ready to go for it. I'm glad I stumbled upon this swap.

lilmouse 11/11/2006 #

Do we have to send our atc's in a special sleeve or can we just send them in an envelope?

Kaitybugg 11/12/2006 #

hey is this working yet?

Kaitybugg 11/12/2006 #

I guess so, earlier it wasn't. I have made a few ATCs , but have never participated in any swaps. I am excited to do this!

dimanche 11/12/2006 #

Goobearsmom- In a regular envelope is fine; you may want to wrap the card in paper to keep it safe, especially if there are bulky embellishments on it.

bluecrayons 11/12/2006 #

this is my first tooo and i am psyched. cant wait... i read you said 6 weeks but the dates are both in november.

lilmouse 11/12/2006 #

Dimanche- Cool, thanks! I have special little envelopes I can use but I wasn't sure what the rules were on that. I'm new to this, lol.

dimanche 11/12/2006 #

Nov. 29th is six weeks from the date I actually started the swap :-)

twobluecrows 11/12/2006 #

If you mail them in small padded envelopes with a piece of stiff cardboard just a little larger than they are behind them, they will be more likely to arrive safely, all together and not bent. I have also made corrugated cardboard "sandwiches" to protect them--you need three pieces of corrugates all rectangles about 1" larger than the card all the way around--so 3.5" x 4.5" cut a hole in the center of one that is 2.5 x 3.5 and glue it down to one of the others, when the glue is dry, place your finished ATC in that hole and lay the other piece on top--tape it securely with masking tape and stick in an envelope to mail. If your ATC is thick with embellishments, you can add another "hole-layer" to make that part deeper to protect the sticking- out bits. There is no official rule that says the cards have to fit into sleeves or collector sheets, and some I've seen are three dimensional enough to stand alone on a table as an object d'art so, if not for this swap, don't let the thickness inhibit your creativity later. I have seen some that have parts that have brads to hinge pieces that slide out and extend outside the measurements, as long as when folded up, it's 2.5 x 3.5, it works! Here's another great informative link for ATCs: http://www.cedarseed.com/air/atc.html

twobluecrows 11/14/2006 #

So can I play, too even though I'm not a newbie? I'd love someone's first works!! Art is art, and I'd love it whatever it was!

dimanche 11/14/2006 #

twobluecrows- thanks for the tips! to be fair, if you want to join, i think you should send some of your older cards, if you have them... either way you are welcome to swap with us :-)

sultrypeacock 11/16/2006 #

I'm pretty new to the ATC scene-- made my first cards for Swap-Bot just last month! But I've received good feedback so far on my creations, so I feel confident enough to share a tip from my studio--

For the cardstock, I have been using watercolor paper (90 pound), cut to size. It's an acid-free choice, so my ATCs are sure to last!

twobluecrows 11/18/2006 #

"...to be fair, if you want to join, i think you should send some of your older cards, if you have them..."

LOL, for all that I may sound experienced, I have only been making ATCs for a few months! Technically, I'm a quick study, a teacher and researcher, so I know a lot of trivia about a lot of things, but practice is another story. I feel confident that my ATCs are not going to intimidate anyone! Cyn

user4269 11/19/2006 #

Hi...it's the 18th, but I can't find the sign-up button...help!

sultrypeacock 11/20/2006 #

Is the point to "not intimidate the newbies" or is the point to "love and cherish what the newbies create, even if it isn't on a par with your own (current) creations"?

Is there anyone who would be offended by receiving an ATC that looks more complex and advanced? ... If so, perhaps I should be dropped from this swap.

chaoticartworks 11/21/2006 #

Your cards have been sent.

trixboth 11/21/2006 #

Catherine, Julie @ Dimanche...your ATC's will be leaving Illinois in the morning! Wahoo, let the fun begin!

Mel 11/21/2006 #

joswaps, Janet Warner and sara - your ATCs are in the mail! I hope you enjoy! joswaps, I hope it doesn't take too long! :) Mel

twobluecrows 11/21/2006 #

Peacock, that's a great tip about the watercolor paper and making the ATC archival. Someday our first pieces may get handed down to our or someone else's grandkids and they should be able to see the colors and hold the piece without worrying about it falling apart. Scraps of matboard from cutting out picture mats are good, too. One local art and framing store sells the centers they cut out for 25 cents each and they come in all the colors and white that they work with, but are too small for them to use. Perfect for postcard sized art or ATCs. Cereal box type cardboard is not a good thing, it's too degradable. It's ok to use to stiffen mailings, but should be kept apart from the actual art by some waxed paper or other protective material. Some of the plastics out there are also not good for art--I can't remember which, but acetate is good. I think most of the sleeves designed for collector cards is probably safe.

user3266 11/21/2006 #

Just wanted to say Sue, Megan, and Jude the ACT's are in the mailbox...hope you enjoy! ~Kassandra

Mel 11/22/2006 #

Hello Karen B. in Michigan,

LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE your card! It's just be-a-u-tiful! I'm a huge fan of your type of card (I won't say what kind it is so as not to ruin the surprise for the other two swappies).

Thanks so much!


Mel 11/22/2006 #

Oh, and P.S. to Karen B.....

Yours was the first ATC I've ever received in a swap!

Thanks for making it memorable. :)

Grannystamper 11/23/2006 #

I received a wonderful ATC from Karen Burene. It is great!! You are so talented, and I hope we can swap again sometime. Thanks so much for the great card.

krissy 11/24/2006 #

Thanks to Jo for the first ATC I've ever received. It's so pretty! I only hope mine are half as good as yours.

trixboth 11/25/2006 #

Shout out to Craftynatty who sent the most delightful ATC & some goodies to boot! Wahoo & great stuff Nat!

Mel 11/25/2006 #

Hi to Jem,

Thanks so much for the cool "Autumn" card! It's great. What fun to get mail from other places - I love getting the mail now! Thanks again, Mel

user4926 11/25/2006 #


I sent my cards this morning. And I got one from someone. Im gonna send her an email later on. Hugs, LIz

missnatalie 11/26/2006 #

Tricia - I'm glad you liked it. :) I was getting a bit worried and I'm glad it got there okay. ~ Natalie

chaoticartworks 11/26/2006 #

GRANNYSTAMPER and MEL - Thanks for the nice compliments on the cards. Glad you liked them.

user4934 11/26/2006 #

JaneR, MrsQ and BlueCrayons-

I sent your cards last Tues. Now I'm worried I didn't put enough postage on. If you don't get your card, let me know and I'll send you another with more postage!


sara0811 11/27/2006 #

This weekend I received beautiful ATC's from Mel and Jeanine. Now you can't possibly be new at this.... Very inspirational!

user3275 11/27/2006 #

Sage, Eliza123, and Brennan(artist in the ambulance). I just sent out my very first ever ATC's to you. I hope you all like them. I had fun making them and can't wait to make more. S. Sutton

deedeenet 11/27/2006 #

I received my ATCs from my partners. To Sharon, Danielle and Elizabeth thank you for the fun and very different cards!

Elizabeth do you think your's is redeemable at my local boutique??

Danielle perhaps your's will give me the courage to learn to sew again.

Sharon, no way you are a newbie- so neat and pretty.

thank you all and thank you hostesses!

GirlCanCreate 11/27/2006 #

Amanda, Thanks for the beautiful ATC...i love it..

Jem 11/27/2006 #

Karen B - I got your card, and I really liked it...It was also the first ATC I've ever gotten in a swap!!!

Mel and Sara (I assume you mean me by Jeanine since that's my full name and it is on my profile too) - glad you liked the cards...these 3 really were the frist 3 I had EVER made...it was fun!

I actually hope they got there unbent and in one piece...I didn't think about protecting them with anything until after I threw them in envelopes and sent them! :)

Since I did this I've joined one other ATC swap that is supposed to be sent out on January 15th and I ALREADY finished them!!! I think I might now be addicted too :)

missnatalie 11/27/2006 #

linpengierhody - I've received your ATC and it's so cute. October is my birth month! Thank you.

Jean (I don't know your swap-bot name yet) - thank you so much for the cute cards. The snowmen made me laugh and I adore the kanji one as well.

~ Natalie

dimanche 11/27/2006 #

So far I've recieved a lovely, unique card from craftynatty and two beautiful cards from Tricia Both, yay!

Jem- I know what you mean, I'm totally an ATC adict now, too :-) I'm glad everyone is enjoying sending and getting their cards!!

Mel 11/28/2006 #

Sara- thanks so much for your kind words! The 'woven' one I sent you was the fourth one I ever did. So glad you liked it! :)

Nancy Bailey (don't know your swap name) - your card is absolutely beautiful. You're quite the talented stamper!

Thanks to Nancy, Karen B in Michigan, and Jeanine for three great cards! What a fun swap!

coolwicca 11/28/2006 #

To Mel, Jem, and Nancy: Thank you for the wonderful cards. I loved each one for a different reason. Mel, there is something so classy and ageless about your card. All my friends were impressed too. Jem, the colors and textures were great. Nancy, yours was just simply beautiful! Thank you all for making my first ATC swap memorable. And, Mel, the note was so thoughtful that I will be writing little notes to my partners as well. Thanks agin!

sultrypeacock 11/28/2006 #

Judging from the weather tonight, I might not get my ATCs into the mail by the on time. Seattle had a really hard snow today (it actually stuck to the roadways!) and the commute is miserable. The ATCs in theory I can walk to the mailbox and hopefully the mail delivery vehicles will be able to get through the snow and pick them up from there. :) .. except that with my knee injury I might not actually be able to walk the block out to the mailbox. I'll probably have to have my husband do it for me. If there is a delay as a result, I do appologize!

WomenTrip 11/28/2006 #

hi, i have send out my 9 act cards its my first time to join act i hope you like it

hugs AmoreCards

user4533 11/28/2006 #

....9 cards? I thought you're meant to make 3 and sent 1 to each address given by swapbot? Could someone clarify please? Cheers

Jem 11/28/2006 #

Nancy Bailey and Melanie in Austrailia - received your cards yesterday and they are soooo beautiful!! I can't believe you gals are "newbies" :) Melanie your poems are also very nice! Again, thanks to all for a great first experience with ATC's. Hope to swap with all of you again! :)

dimanche 11/28/2006 #

Peacock - you might want to send a quick e-mal to your swap partners letting them know the cards will be late.

The swap was 1 card each to three different people =)

twobluecrows 11/28/2006 #

AmoreCards, it was to be only three total--your recipients will be extra thrilled, I'm sure!

From the rules: "...You will make three cards and send one to each of three partners, and recieve three different ones in return..."

user3896 11/28/2006 #

Mine are all going out tomorrow; one is to go to Sorciere80 in Quebec, so I don't know when that will arrive. :) Shouldn't take too long, though.

Mel 11/29/2006 #

Hi joswaps -

Just curious - have you received my card yet? I sent it out the same day as the other two, and they've both received theirs. Don't mean to be paranoid, and I know Australia is a LOOONNGGG way from Wisconsin, but I don't want you to be disappointed! :) But I sent it one week ago tonight, so it should arrive soon. Cheers! Mel

paperholic 11/29/2006 #

Penny, Kayleigh and Barbara - your ATCs went in the mail today (from Australia, so will probably take about a week).

alwaysjoy 11/29/2006 #

Hi Jo, I got my card and it is so pretty! You did a really good job. I hope that the people getting mine are as pleased with them! I sent them today :-) I finally finished them last night.

krissy 11/30/2006 #

Thanks Sara for the lovely card. I'll add it to my fledgling collection : )

arizonarose 11/30/2006 #

Received Heartsnyou atc card today. Checked your bio and you sure have been busy. I cannot believe that you are new to atc cards. Your card was awsome. Keep up the great work.

user4926 11/30/2006 #

Hiya all,

This is Elizabeth Farrell. I saw that Deborah received hers. But I was wondering if the other 2 got them. I sent them all on the same day.

I have only received 2 so far and they are awesome and I am so glad that I can add them to my collection. :)

arizonarose 11/30/2006 #

I received an atc from megan crow. I cannot find her listed here and I have no e-mail for her. please contact me.

sultrypeacock 11/30/2006 #

the roadways were clear enough to let me get to the post office today! My ATCs are in the mail!! :)

user4465 12/ 1/2006 #

Just recieved some cards from Barbara (BMT) in Philly. Thanks Barbara the fishies were soo cute!!! ~kayleigh in NE

alwaysjoy 12/ 1/2006 #

I was wondering if the people I sent to got theirs and what they thought of them?

user4515 12/ 2/2006 #

Well, I finally got mine in the mail, I apologize for the delay. After looking at the pictures above, mine look child-like. But, I got flowing my VERY minimal artistic juices, so it is good to stimulate that part of your brain I guess. I think this one was enough. :)

BMT 12/ 2/2006 #

Ninety (?) I received your package today...What a BONUS...3 cards!!! Thank you so much..They are great!!!

dimanche 12/ 2/2006 #

Hey everyone! I just wanted to mention that if you haven't already, you should check out the gallery and upload some photos! (I usually forget about this, since I don't have a camera or scanner.)

You guys have made some AMAZING cards!

wiccked 12/ 3/2006 #

Times like this I really do feel like Australia is at the ends of the earth! Only one of my sendees have said they've received a card, and I haven't received any yet either, although I realise that if they were posted on the last day I probably wouldn't get them for about another week anyway!

Jem, I'm glad you liked it. :)

user4934 12/ 3/2006 #

Thanks Mary O for your pretty cards! And for the little bonus pack too! I can't figure out how to leave a rating for you on your profile. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

user5006 12/ 4/2006 #

hmmm, I haven't recieved any cards yet, and Deborah posted that she got cards from Danielle, Elizabeth, and Sharon - all of whom are my partners! I'm worried that I was left out somehow - did anyone send cards to Gina G? Did anyone get cards from me? Thanks! Gina

dimanche 12/ 4/2006 #

Renaissance Mom - Ratings can be made starting Dec 6. On that day, you should log-in to the site, go to this swap and there will be a link to rate your partners at the top of the page.

user4515 12/ 4/2006 #

Thank you DreamHope for the very cute card. Now if it will only mop my house. . .

twobluecrows 12/ 5/2006 #

I got a very sweet card from Jo--I love the sparkly center in the flower!! Good job! Thanks! Cyn

paperholic 12/ 5/2006 #

Ninety - I got your 3 lovely cards today when I got home from the dentist after a very painful time so your cards really cheered me up. Thanks, paperholic.

BMT 12/ 5/2006 #

Paperholic (Isis) Thank you for the great card...came in todays mail!!!

liniecat 12/ 5/2006 #

Bonnie Rabon I received my Fall card today, thankyou so much! Teresa Gum, yours also arrived today, am in cat rescue so a very welcome and apt card for me lol Thankyooooooooo so much both x

GirlCanCreate 12/ 6/2006 #

hello! it's lisa here aka catgirl. has anyone recieved my cards?! hmm..i am a bit worried that they have been lost in the mail. Canada Post has been a bit wonky lately!!!

trixboth 12/ 6/2006 #

Received my card from Vallen Queen today...neato little package! Might have to recycle it and make an ATC from the nifty cardboard. Thanks so much

sultrypeacock 12/ 6/2006 #

I received three beautiful cards from Mama Min today!! I just love the fish! and the flower is my current absolute favorite!-- my husband and I are planning to go to Hawaii for our (much delayed) honeymoon this coming spring, and your ATC reminds me so much of the island feeling! (the fish too, really!) Great job!!

I also received a card last week, but the incoming mail seems to have gotten misplaced, so I can't tell you right now who it was from, only that it arrived and I liked it! :)

sultrypeacock 12/ 6/2006 #

I found it! the other person whose card I received was Michelle! Thank you. :)

JerseyTjej 12/ 6/2006 #

Gina: I live in Sweden, it has only been a week since the swap closed and it is Christmas mail season....I will post another card to you and the others right away! Stay positive!

Mel 12/ 6/2006 #

Hi Melanie,

You know, I forget just how far away Australia is too (I live in Wisconsin, USA). I sent an ATC to joswaps about 2 weeks ago, and she hasn't received hers yet, either! So I'm sure they're on their way. It's the holiday season, and that slows everything up quite a bit. Hope you get your cards soon!
Jo, I hope you get MY card soon! :)

Cheers, Mel

dimanche 12/ 7/2006 #

Hi everyone! Don't forget that you can rate your partners now!

user4910 12/ 7/2006 #

Hello... I was just wondering if my partners received my cards yet. Lizabeth, Nicole, and Regina. After seeing the photo gallery I can see mine are quite like something a "newbie" would do..lol I do hope you each have gotten them. Happy Holidays to all! Lynn

user5006 12/ 7/2006 #

Thanks for letting me know JerseyTjej - I look forward to getting your card!

chaoticartworks 12/ 7/2006 #

I haven't received any cards yet but will wait to rate since mail is slow during the holidays.

My partners to receive from are: Veena Smith (Mercury.Smith) Ellen Marlow (EL) Melanie Cook (melanie)

chaoticartworks 12/ 7/2006 #

Veena - your cards just came in the mail. Very creative cards! Thanks!

wiccked 12/ 8/2006 #

Veena, thanks very much for the cool psychedelic card! And for your wonderful kindness :)

wiccked 12/ 8/2006 #

Karen B, and Grannystamper, I hope you both get my cards soon. The other one I sent was received by Jem on 28th November! They were all posted together.

coolwicca 12/12/2006 #

To Sara and KrissyB, I am very worried. I sent my ATC to you on 11-27. Surely, they have arrived?? If not let me know. They were one of a kind, but if you didn't get them I will make new ones. They were the first two I ever made and I hope they didn't get lost.

alwaysjoy 12/12/2006 #

I am wondering too if anyone got mine?

sultrypeacock 12/13/2006 #

Thank you, Judy! I got your ATC today. beautiful. :)

bluecrayons 12/13/2006 #

hi ladies./ i just wanted to stop in and update.

i havent received any of my cards.

ive sent all 3 of mine out and was wondering if anyone has received them. if not let me know and i will send another out.

wiccked 12/15/2006 #

KarenB and Grannystamper - your cards were both one of a kind too, but I'll re-make them if they haven't arrived.

I'm going away next week though, until the new year, so please let me know and if you haven't got them by then, I'll make and send new ones.

I'm not very impressed with the postal system at the moment. I have had two friends in the US send me parcels, neither of which have arrived, and I have swaps I've sent which also seem to have not arrived.

JaneR 12/15/2006 #

Hi Bluecrayons, I am one of your partners. Have you received my card yet? I already got rated by Miranda from the Netherlands so you should have gotten yours by now. if not, please let me know. My card was too simple, I'm afraid. I'm in awe of the wonderful work so many of you do.

bluecrayons 12/18/2006 #

no jane i havent received anything..

i will be mailing my partners out a nother one cause im not sure if anyones received mine. im mailing in the morning. 12/18/06

user4910 12/21/2006 #

Lizabeth, Nicole, and Regina. Have any of you received my newbie card?

JerseyTjej 12/23/2006 #

Left + feedback for you , Lynn! I resent cards to all of my list, I hope they have arrived! Regina

chaoticartworks 12/27/2006 #

Melanie - I still haven't received anything.

chaoticartworks 12/27/2006 #

Ellen Marlow - Haven't received your cards yet.

alwaysjoy 12/28/2006 #

krissyb I haven't recieved your card yet. Did you send it? I know the post has been horrible due to the holidays, I am hoping people got mine - Nobody has mentioned it yet!

wiccked 01/10/2007 #

Karen B, I'll make you another and send it our in the next day or so.

Grannystamper, did you receive a card from me yet?

wiccked 01/10/2007 #

Karen, your replacement card will be posted tomorrow.

Ellen, I haven't received a card from you yet, either.

wiccked 01/19/2007 #

karen B, did your replacement card come yet?

Grannystamper, I haven't heard if you've received a card from me yet.

Ellen, still no sign of a card from you.

Grannystamper 02/10/2007 #

Hi Karen, I love your ATC Newbie Swaps. They are great!! Thanks, Nancy

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