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Song Swap: Numbers

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Last day to signup/drop:September 21, 2013
Date items must be sent by:September 30, 2013
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Welcome! Here's the third swap in my "Song Swap" series (covers and names were done previously).

In this swap you will make a list of ten songs (or more if you choose!) that have a number in them.

Here are a couple examples:

  • "1234" by Feist
  • "Edge of Seventeen" by Stevie Nicks

Pretty straightforward like last time... just include the artist and song title and make sure you have at least ten. The numbers can be numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.) or numbers spelled out (one, two, three, etc.). Add-on years and such to the title do not count such as "Remastered 2010" or "Live from Madison Square Garden 2012." Also, it is very helpful to include links via YouTube, Spotify or whatever you choose. Links are highly encouraged, but not required! Please BCC so the e-mail addresses are hidden and don't forget to include the swap name and your username.

Feel free to include anything else music-related in your e-mail if you want to (comments on songs, what radio stations you listen to and links to listen online, new artists you've discovered, etc.).

FYI there are a couple changes in rating requirements from the last two swaps:

Since this is an electronic swap, I'm going to be relatively lenient on the rating requirement (4.50) and newbies are allowed as long as your profile is filled out. No recent 1s or 3s. Also if you have any 1s I need to see that you have responded to them on your profile (all of them) by saying you have contacted your swap partner to confirm their address, that you have resent, or that you never heard back from your partner about making up the swap. I think the vast majority of you know how to do this (it shows up in a gray box beneath the rating), but if you don't PM me and I'll let you know. Rude/insincere responses and responses with no effort made to make up the swap will not be tolerated (i.e. "Too bad!" or "Sorry it got lost.") You will be banned.

In addition, I reserve the right to ban anyone who I think may flake. A participant in the previous swap was kind enough to let me know that I should check up on several people that could be potential flakers. An example of this would be someone who is late on one or more swaps and hasn't logged in in a week before the start of the swap.

If someone happens to flake, I'd be happy to send you my list (plus more songs if you're unfortunate enough to have more than one bad partner). Please contact me if you have a partner(s) who couldn't follow through.

Sorry for being so serious, but I guess as host it's my job to do all that I can to ensure that the swap is successful!

Yay, new music!


flyingfox 08/18/2013 #

@jaz1yn Thanks for the heads-up re. this swap, looks like a lot of fun! Will definitely join when it gets closer. In the mean time, I already started making a list of the songs that fit the tab LOL!!!

jaz1yn 08/18/2013 #

@flyingfox No problem and you're welcome! Well I personally think the sooner you get started the better because this is meant to be a little bit of a challenge; it might take some time... and if you end up with way more than ten songs you can be choosy about which ones end up your list. I started my playlist in July!

aurelas 08/19/2013 #

Hmmm this one could be a bit harder but I've got to try. I do love a challenge!

jaz1yn 08/22/2013 #

@aurelas - I agree, this one's a bit harder for me too. Glad you're up for it!

capi 08/30/2013 #

how about songs in foreign languages???

jaz1yn 08/30/2013 #

@capi - That would be okay as long as you say what language it is and translate the title into English. If you can find a link to a translation of the lyrics that would be nice too, but I guess not required since none may exist.

flyingfox 08/31/2013 #

I have a whole bunch of songs in foreign languages as well. Figured it would be O.K. especially when the numbers appear in Roman numeral (like "1000", as opposed to written out as "thousand").

It was a lot harder with colors, as I felt like I had to "prove" the words mean what I say it is, rather than end up looking like I am just making it up LOL. I made a point of finding the songs that at least have the titles translated into English on youtube...

Mrrranda 09/ 2/2013 #

Only ten? Easy peasy!

TammieGotcha 09/ 4/2013 #

Should the numbers are also in the lyrics? The numbers should sung? Or does not?

jaz1yn 09/ 4/2013 #

@TammieGotcha The number has to be in the title of the song because we are making a list of songs with a number(s) in the title. They do not have to be sung in the song... it would be too much extra work to have to prove they are in the lyrics.

TammieGotcha 09/ 4/2013 #

Ok, then it'ss a lot easier search. It's my first time to do something like this. I hope I will do it right. :)

papercaper 09/ 4/2013 #

list forming in my head already!

Where's a pen, someone!?


jburb 09/ 5/2013 #

Can the numbers be in parentheses? And can it be like 1st or second?

meganporter789 09/ 5/2013 #

I'm excited for this! Participated in the last one and had a lot of fun with it!

jaz1yn 09/ 5/2013 #

@jburb - Yes, the numbers can be in parentheses though ones not part of the actual (original) song title such as Live in New York 2012, Remastered 2007, etc. do not count. For words like first, second, third, etc. if it has the number (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th...) that is fine. If it is the word it technically isn't a number though and therefore doesn't count. However, if you really like a song that has the word form you could include it/them as extra songs after you've already listed your ten for the swap.

@Mrrranda - See how many you can find then cut down your list when it's time to swap! (That's what I'm doing!)

@papercaper - Glad you've already started!

@meganporter789 - So happy you're excited and that you're a returning song swapper!

BTim 09/ 6/2013 #

I can count up to Party Rock Anthem.

(I know, I know, that song is so Stereo Hearts years ago)

BTim 09/ 6/2013 #

I can count up to Party Rock Anthem.

(I know, I know, that song is so Stereo Hearts years ago)

BabeButters 09/ 7/2013 #

So we just email the list out to our partner?

jaz1yn 09/ 9/2013 #

@BabeButters - Yes, once partners are assigned send an e-mail with your list to all of your partners in the BCC field so the e-mail addresses are hidden. Don't forget to include your Swap-bot username and the swap name (Song Swap: Numbers), preferably in the subject line though it wouldn't hurt to have them in the body of the e-mail as well.

papercaper 09/ 9/2013 #

Oh, I've already finished. I got up to around 30 and MADE myself swap. These swaps are terrible for list obsessives! These swaps are brilliant for list obsessives!

It never really occurred to me that 'fourth' wasn't a number. I do have a song with '4th' in it, but that's OK you say, 'cos there's a numeral which is undeniably a number. (I agree with you there.) Is the same spelled out definitely not a number? I supposed it's 'numerical' but not a number.... But I dunno, it's just another language/code for writing 4th. I think if 'fourth' is not a number then '4th', though it employs a number, is probably not one either. I'm intrigued by this, and I'm REALLY glad you disagree with me about '4th' bc it's a wonderful song & I want to include it if poss. ;) Any mathematics philosophers in the house or do I have to go and research this i effectually on the internet via Yahoo! Answers or sthg? :-P (Answer: no one needs to ask maths Qs or phil. Qs at Yahoo! Answers.)

papercaper 09/ 9/2013 #
  • made myself STOP, not swap. Haha.
Metruis 09/10/2013 #

I have made an awesome list of a variety of weird music ranging from rock to ambient. Some of it's obscure and some of it isn't. Anyway, I think it's awesome and can't wait to send these songs out.

Metruis 09/10/2013 #

One of the songs on my list is too obscure for the internet! Should I send an MP3 to my swappers, or because my list is already well over 10 songs, just drop it?

jaz1yn 09/11/2013 #

@Metruis - It's up to you. If you really like the song and would like to share it you can send the MP3. Since it's too obscure for the internet there probably isn't another way we'd be able to hear it otherwise!

Metruis 09/11/2013 #

@jaz1yn I found out that the song is from an album made by a classmate of a friend, so yeah, it probably IS the only way you guys could ever hear it.

armadillogal 09/12/2013 #

I worked on my list on my way home from Ruidoso tonight and I was thinking it had to be 1-10 or zero...no problem...I have way more than 10 now...:)

sunnybuck 09/13/2013 #

it doesn't matter who I send to right?

capi 09/15/2013 #

@ armadillogal ... how was Ruidoso? I've been trying to get up there before the winter hits. Hope you weren't driving while working on that list :) I worked on my list the first day I signed up. Had not for the reminder I would have forgotten it.

jaz1yn 09/16/2013 #

@sunnybuck - On September 21 (possibly the 22nd if I'm taking a while looking over profiles) partners will be assigned. You'll receive an e-mail to let you know to check back on this swap page to see who to send to. Everyone will have four partners and you will send your partners an e-mail with your list (make sure their e-mail addresses are in the BCC field and also to include your Swap-bot username and the swap name, Song Swap: Numbers, in the subject line and/or body of the e-mail).

smadronia 09/17/2013 #

So year songs would be okay? Like 1999 by Prince would be okay, since it wasn't "Song title" (recorded in 1999)

jaz1yn 09/18/2013 #

@smadronia - Year songs are definitely okay. :)

sunnybuck 09/21/2013 #

thanks jaz1yn

jaz1yn 09/21/2013 #

@sunnybuck - You're welcome and it will be tomorrow; I don't host swaps often and forgot that the signup/drop date is all day... I won't be able to click the assign partners link until tomorrow.

julianapena 09/22/2013 #

I am very disappointed with some people that swapbot. I had already prepared this exchange (as you can see my playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1KAAqASkbVVWU3R18nUk4JWbIvD7Jt4d ) and just today it's Sunday, I can have a day off and do not access the Internet, the moderator had sent me message warning me about some lower classification and how my I could not see the message in time I was banned from this exchange. How many people have prejudiced who has a low classification ... they seem to err nuncam or they can not go through the same situation as mine. Well, unfortunately few are able to understand. If my profile was checked just before and given me time to answer (because I must have seen that I was not online today, at least until the time of distributing partners that exchange) I do not need to come here to express it. Just frustrated. :/

jaz1yn 09/23/2013 #

@julianapena - I am sorry I had to ban you and that you are frustrated. If you read the rules though they clearly state that all 1s need to be responded to and you had one 1 rating that had no response from you. The rating requirement for the swap was a 4.50 (which is considered really low) so to say that I am "prejudiced" against people with low ratings isn't true because even if you had a 4.50 (and probably many 3s and/or 1s) you could participate in my swap as long as I could see that you contacted your partners, resent your swaps, and/or posted that you never heard back from them about sending again. I think my rules for having responses to 1 ratings is fair for everyone; people who get 1s need to show others that they will or already have made good on their swaps and that they aren't flakers/can be trusted to participated in new swaps. (By the way, I am replying to your comment here because you posted it on the swap page.)

julianapena 09/23/2013 #

No problems in posting here, not because I have nothing to hide. Unfortunately there was no one had noticed that my classification unanswered, in fact I must have deleted the comment without realizing when I upgrade. I do not know if u should have noticed, but my two low ratings are the same person and it not longer connects in swapbot since 2011, and have been trading a long time ago. But while you just observe the low ratings, could also note the time of participation in the swapbot I'm here and my recent swaps .. a positive sign. But no one tries to see the best, but the worst. Okay, I'll move on ...

jaz1yn 09/26/2013 #

Alright everyone, here's my list (minus the links):

  1. "One More Time" - Daft Punk
  2. "Nothing Compares 2 U" - Sinead O'Connor (Prince cover)
  3. "Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M." - Simon & Garfunkel
  4. "4 AM - Adam K and Soha Radio Edit" - Kaskade
  5. "Mambo No. 5" - Lou Bega (I was in high school I think when this was a hit.)
  6. "Six Underground" - Sneaker Pimps
  7. "Seven Days in Sunny June" - Jamiroquai
  8. "Eight Days a Week" - The Beatles
  9. "9 Crimes" - Damien Rice

10. "Ten Cent Pistol" - The Black Keys

  1. "Twenty Years" - Augustana (Found via Spotify radio! I'd highly recommend Spotify if you aren't using it already.)
  2. "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers
  3. "1963" - Rachael Yamagata
  4. "1973" - James Blunt
  5. "Disco 2000" - Pulp
AnnieB 09/28/2013 #

I never received anything from tmdockery and BTim. :(

sunspot 09/28/2013 #

I sent on the 22nd and no one has rated yet. I hope my message didn't get flagged as spam for anyone!

Metruis 10/ 1/2013 #

I too sent some time ago and haven't gotten any ratings yet, and am worried because of the links the email might have been flagged as spam. I'm going to message the people I was supposed to send to on here to make sure they got the list.

user2637 10/ 2/2013 #

@zbgbmom1001 and @papercaper have not marked this sent yet. That'll be four 3 ratings for each of them! Pretty bad for an email swap.

jaz1yn 10/ 6/2013 #

@AnnieB - Did you receive anything yet?

@sunspot and @Metruis - You can assume that your partners received the e-mails and are just taking a while to rate... Music swaps require more time/effort to rate in my opinion, at least if the receiver listens to the songs. If you are still concerned you can send messages to your partners, leave comments on their pages and/or send them individual e-mails.

@user2637 - @papercaper doesn't have any 3 ratings and marked sent. I messaged @zbgbmom101 .

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