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Your Favorite Fandoms in a Bag

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Your Favorite Fandoms in a Bag
Group:Fandom in a Bag
Swap Coordinator:KateKintail (contact)
Swap categories: Themed  Crafts 
Number of people in swap:6
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.90
Last day to signup/drop:November 30, 2015
Date items must be sent by:December 31, 2015
Number of swap partners:1

The December 2015 Fandom in a Bag swap honors the holiday season and is a mix of your favorite fandoms. You can use this as a makeup swap if you missed a fandom we've already covered or you can just join and geek out over all your favorite fandom goodness.

Step 1: Please list in the comments your favorite fandoms that you'd like to receive items for in a bag. Remember, your swap partner might not know your fandom too well, so listing specifics is a GOOD idea!

Step 2: After partners are assigned, check to see what your partner likes. PLEASE follow-up with a message if you need to know more. Then scrounge up, buy, and/or create items that fit in a bag. Your bag must contain at least 7 different items although more is certainly encouraged (please try to make it look full). You can include items from all your partner's favorite fandoms, just a few, or just one fandom, as long as you include at least 7 different items.

Some ideas of themed items: stickers, ATCs, postcards, toys/action figures, comics, note cards, pins/buttons, magnets, jewelry, trading cards, charms, ornaments, books, bookmarks, address labels, postcards, plushies/stuffies, promo stills/autograph cards, fainfic, zines, soundtracks, etc.

Be sure to check your partner's profile so you don't send anything he or she might be allergic to.

Step 3: Put the items in a ziplock-type bag. Size: 1 gallon (measures about 10 inches by 11 inches or 28cm by 26.5 cm). You can decorate the bag or incorporate the bag into something (mount it or sew something around it). If you want to make or buy a bag instead of using a ziplock plastic one, that's fine as well, but it should be at least a gallon in size. All items you gather or create should fit into the bag (if a couple are too big, that's fine).

Assemble your bags during the month of December and please send by the deadline (December 31).

Group rating rules apply. NO FLAKING ALLOWED!


Alisha98119 11/24/2015 #

Hello Kitty or Sanrio

JediLibrarian 11/26/2015 #

I love this swap!!!!!

My faves: Star Wars- Anything except Jar Jar. This is my #1 fandom and I would be thrilled with anything you send. Favorite characters: Ahsoka, Ventress, Clone Troopers, Stormtroopers, Obi Wan, Boba Fett, R2D2, Han (hello hottie) Solo, Princess Leia, and Chewie.

Doctor Who- Love 10, 11, Amy and Rory

Firefly- Everything about it is awesome. I do have a Jayne hat so please skip.

Sherlock BBC, My Little Pony, and Lord of the Rings are others.

I love earrings, lanyards, pins, scarves, things you have made like cross stitch or stuffies, and the suggestions above. I am not a fan of ATC's. I appreciate the talent but they are really not my thing. Please skip food!

waldfee 11/29/2015 #

I love My Little Pony (favorite character: Pinky Pie), Winnie the Pooh, Wonder Woman, The Big Bang Theory and Downton Abbey.

BluGinhm 11/30/2015 #

My favorites are:

Doctor Who - especially the 10th and 11th Doctors - love the TARDIS

Back to the Future! - anything! (already have all the movies)

BBC Sherlock - I love all of the main characters, but especially the relationship between Sherlock and John Watson

Outlander - love the whole story - favorite characters are Murtagh, Mrs. Fitz, Ian and Jenny Murray, Mrs. Graham, Sir Marcus, Frank, and of course, Claire and Jamie

Once Upon a Time - favorite current characters are Hook, Rumple, Regina, Emma, Henry, and Merlin - I love Hook and Rumple whether they are good or bad, but I so wish they'd stay on the good side!

Anything goes, although the only jewelry I ever find myself wearing are pins. As you can probably see, one of my favorite subjects ever is time-travel!

Keruka 11/30/2015 #

I have so many favourites! These include:

  • DC Comics - I love the Arrow and Flash TV series. Favourite characters are Arrow/Oliver, Felicity, Shadow, Yao Fei and the Magician. I love Batman and his villains the joker and the riddler, and I especially like the Christopher Nolan Dark Night trilogy.

  • Marvel Comics - I love the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Favourite characters from the Avengers are Hawkeye, Black Widow, Iron Man, Loki and the friendship between Captain America and the Winter Soldier (Bucky). I love all the characters from Guardians, especially Groot :)

  • Doctor Who - My favourite doctors are 10, 11 and 7, my favourite companion is Donna and my favourite monsters are weeping angels

  • Hello Kitty

  • BBC Sherlock

  • Firefly - favourite characters are Kaylee, Wash, River and Mal

  • Battlestar Galactica - I love Starbuck and Apollo, especially when they're together :)

  • Sailor Moon - My favourite scout is Mars, although I love them all. I love Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask together.

  • The Hunger Games - My favourite characters are Finnick, Effie, Katniss and Gale (I like Katniss and Gale as a couple)

  • Divergent - I'd be Amity/Dauntless (a contradiction, I know ;) ), so anything about the factions is great. I love Tris and Four as characters, especially when they're together.

I'll love everything you send me, although I'd prefer a mixture from a few fandoms if possible, rather than all from one. More info on my profile if needed, or PM me if you need to :)

Keruka 12/ 1/2015 #

I know I have a colossal list as it is, but I just want to add classic children's books! I love everything Alice in Wonderland, Beatrix Potter and Wizard of Oz

waldfee 12/ 1/2015 #

Oh, forgot to mention the comic "Fables". I'm into traditional fairy tales, too (no series though).

KateKintail 12/ 1/2015 #

Suggestions for things:

  • Top request: something Game of Thrones-related for my father

  • Second request: something Once Upon a Time-related for my kindred spirit

  • Christmas tree ornaments related to my fandoms

  • POP figures (message me for a list of ones I already have)

  • Anything soft, huggable, or squishy (pillows, stuffies, blankets, stuffed animals, etc.)

  • H/C slash fanfic recs for any of my fandoms

Fandoms & Favorites:

  • Highlander the series (my favorite fandom/show ever; I'm currently rewatching it with an online group, one episode a week)

  • Harry Potter (Lupin, Hufflepuff, Quidditch)

  • Supernatural (ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING; I do have a Samulet though)

  • Doctor Who/Torchwood (10, Captain Jack/Ianto)

  • BBC Sherlock (anything)

  • Avengers/Marvel (Hawkeye, Coulson, Groot, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Beast, Deadpool, Avengers as a whole not fighting a Civil War against each other... meep!!)

  • Star Wars (Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, BB-8- I have no BB-8 merch and I think he is utterly adorable)

  • Lord of the Rings/Hobbit (Eowyn, dwarves-I'm really into dwarves lately, Legolas)

  • Jossverse (Wash, Simon, Kaylee, Willow, Xander, Spike, Giles, Angel, Wes, Fred, Gunn, Dr. Horrible)

If none of this strikes you or you need more specifics you can check out my preferences in previous group swaps. Or you can message me with any questions or follow-up needed. I have a ton more fandoms that are listed here, but these are my current biggest loves.

Crazypineapples13 12/ 2/2015 #

My favorite Fandom has to be Marvel. I'm a massive Hawkeye fan, especially Matt Fraction's hawkeye, and I would be thrilled to get anything hawkeye themed, but I also love: Deadpool, hulk, iron-man, captain america, Coulson. I like the Avengers as a whole, as a team, not a fan of civil war!

My other fandoms consist of -Attack on Titan! - I love the Titans, dunno why.

-Supernatural -Especially Crowley and Caz.

-All sherlock

-Doctor who - I love the Daleks, the 11th Doctor is my favourite but 12 is very good.

Crazypineapples13 12/ 2/2015 #

Oh I forgot to add, that I don't mind whatever you send, although if anyone was willing to get a hold of the hulk or Ironman Itty Bittys I would be extremely greatful.

If you need to know anything else feel free to message me :)

waldfee 12/ 3/2015 #

Uh, almost forget another great fandom of mine: Monty Pyhton's "The Holy Grail" and "Life of Brian"! <3

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