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Halloween Art Journal

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Halloween Art Journal
Swap Homepage:United States
Swap Coordinator:LadyCyr (contact)
Swap categories: Books  Art  Bookmarks 
Number of people in swap:7
Location:Regional - United States
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.00 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:July 31, 2017
Date items must be sent by:October 15, 2017
Number of swap partners:1

This is my very 1st swap to host. Art journal, binding to be a Tim Holtz 2 ring binding (these are fairly cheep and come in a 2 pack) size can be 5"x5" or 6"x6" these will work best for the size of the binding ring.Paper base for all the pages is to be watercolor paper because it is heavy and can stand up to the mixed media of the art journal's pages. 25 pages minimum decorated front and back. Please feel free to add things like fave halloween games, ghost stories, recipes, traditions, candies, pumpkin seeds, make it fun to discover new things like add pockets or envelopes or flip outs or tuck spots. The book is to be complete when sent out, this is not a journal that the other person will write or draw or art journal in once they get it. Get creative use things you don't normally think of as art supplies, like food coloring, or lace, or feathers. Be sure to add things like costume idea or patterns, fun spells if your witchy. Make the cover out of something recycled like a cereal box. Use paints, markers, fabric, lace, buttons, paper, pressed flowers or plants, feathers, ribbons, stickers, draw something, candy wrappers, cool paper,s tea or coffee, and anything else you can think up. I want these to be a book you can enjoy any day of the year when you miss the fun of halloween. These should get thick and fat because of all the fun extra stuff you can add to them. Don't forget to add the fun bits to the spine like ribbons or beads. Make a clasp (ribbon ties work great fro this)

Some ideas....

Spooky lab book notes The monster mash tickets and pics from the ball Best halloween party ever (games and treats) Masquerade ball (make a mask) What goes in the witches brew and what is it used for? Creepy locations (grave yards spooky castles old libraries dungeons creepy woods) add a little Poe, or other creepy written excerpts Tell me a ghost story (why not from the ghost's pov - write it yourself) Include candy the tricks and the treats History Spooky creatures The fun and cutesy side of it (like what it was like to you as a child) Haunted house ideas What scares you Creepy crawlies (spiders bats rats bugs) Nightmare before christmas / sleepy hollow/ Mary Shelly's Frankenstein / arsenic and old lace/ jigsaw Funny or scary clowns Spooky music (include a track or song or artist to look up) Vincent Price (old hollywood horror) Experiments

ok wso you get the idea :) this is welcome to all including un-rated newbies :) as long as you are a USA based participant. I would love to do a swap that is international for this one but because of the bulk that is just too expensive to mail. NEWBIES welcome :) just have a profile up even it its short.

To me a big part of halloween is the candy, so try and send some with this book. (even adults love trick-or-treats)

get creative I am allowing lots of time since I know that art journals take longer than junk journals and some of you may need to buy the rings or the watercolor paper or eat some cereal for its box to make the cover with. Also I am open to discussions here and will respond.

Lets spread the word about this it will be a lot of fun if we can get a lot of participants in it :)


secretterrabite 07/ 8/2017 #

OMG. Wish this was international!

LadyCyr 07/ 8/2017 #

so do I but saddly i can not afford to mail internationally but if you like this one copy and paste it into one for your own region. :)

secretterrabite 07/ 8/2017 #

I know art journals are heavy. UK postage costs are huge. It is a great swap though, excellent ideas :-)

drgngirl 07/ 8/2017 #

If I were you, I would definitely increase the rating for something like this. At least a 4.98 or even 5.00. You'll get flakers with this low of a rating!

LadyCyr 07/ 8/2017 #

thank you for letting me know that i will think about it :) i wan this newbie friendly as i remember how hard it was to join swaps when i was new so i want to let everyone be in on it. today i went and did halloween ephemera and i have spent about 200$ and i know that this is just the beginning, but it will be totally worth it i am glad we have a couple months to make it. I have decided that one all the ratings are done on this one i am going to do a random draw give away to someone how receives a 5 rating meaning you have to do this one and send it out to get the rating. if the random name i get has a heart and a good comment i will reward both the person who gets the 5 and the person who they sent to. it will be something cool i make halloween theme and well worth doing a good job rating your package fairly and leaving a good feed back comment. :) i think this will discourage people from slacking because the prize will be cool :)

LadyCyr 07/ 8/2017 #

also to let you all know how my art looks... the pic for this swap is 4 of the journals have made in the past and i put my all in my pieces as i am sure you all do. :) if you want to see some of the things i have sent out and of my other journals then you can go to my instagram and see pics ladycyr. i would love to see what everyone does for this so when it is over i hope you all will post on instagram too, our youtube, but please do not do that until after the person who you send to gets theirs. then let me know because i will definitely love to see what everyone does :)

Mindy82671 07/ 9/2017 #

I have been making Halloween and other JJ's for quite some time now. You recently commented on my YouTube channel after watching one of my Halloween JJ flip throughs. (YT channel : Mindy Langevin) How strict are you with it being a Tim Holtz binding? I have never used them. I usually sew my pages into the binder.

LadyCyr 07/ 9/2017 #

i usually do too but this time i wanted something a little different where the pages can be moved around it you want to. i went on amazon to buy some more of these yesterday they are like 6 $ for 2 of them and you can still sew things like beads and ribbons and other dangelies onto the spine of the book i will leave that up to the other members of the swap if they are ok with you sewing then i am too :) but i still think the binding rings work out really cute i have only used them 1 other time. i love how it always lays flat

LadyCyr 07/ 9/2017 #

i usually do too but this time i wanted something a little different where the pages can be moved around it you want to. i went on amazon to buy some more of these yesterday they are like 6 $ for 2 of them and you can still sew things like beads and ribbons and other dangelies onto the spine of the book i will leave that up to the other members of the swap if they are ok with you sewing then i am too :) but i still think the binding rings work out really cute i have only used them 1 other time. i love how it always lays flat

LadyCyr 07/10/2017 #

i am so excited that 8 have so far joined the swap. the more that join the bigger my give away prizes will be so spread the word lets make this fun :)

LadyCyr 07/10/2017 #

ok this is to everyone in the swap. i have had people asking me about the 2 ring binder system from tim holtz. apparently this has some people unsure about this swap. i have been asked can i sew it or can i use a 3 ring binder that is by someone else. i don't want any one discouraged and want this fair to every one so i have been asked to pose the question how strict do we want to be on the binding system for this book? please give me feedback and based on what everyone collectively decides i will make some fair adjustments on this swap. :) also if there is anything you can think of that will make this swap better more fun or more appealing please let me know i will keep it all up to all of us collectively :) thank you again for participating :)

lynnerfb 07/10/2017 #

Well I can't afford to have all these stipulations. Like the idea of sewing the binding. I also think watercolor paper is an expensive choice for the paper when there are so many other choices. Great journals can be made with good quality supplies, that are not an expensive brand name.

LadyCyr 07/11/2017 #

ok so this is very interesting for me as i am not trying to make an expensive swap, i have made lots of art journals, used every kind of paper and envelope you can think up. i have only used the tim holz rings 1 time but am currently trying them for 2 journals now. they are 6$ for 2 so you can make 2 journals with them that makes them 3 $ a piece. i bought a pad of watercolor paper at a craft store masuring 15x12 and you can cut 6 5"x5" squares on a page. that means it it takes 4 pages and the 25th square cut from a 5th page you can get the same paper at walmart for about 12$ for 15 pages that makes the paper for this about 4$ and the rings for 1 book about 3$ they come will little brads so that you can easily attach them to your chipboard cereal box to make the cover. my cover will probably be 2 cereal boxes glued together for a bit sturdier cover and i will probably cover that with material so ahat i can paint it as if it were a canvas. would it make everyone happy if ijust changed it to bind in any style you like? so that some will get rings som will get sewn some glew? and make it with any paper you want as long as it is sturdy enough to hold up to the rigors of mixed media? or does everyone want to try the 2 rings and the watercolor paper cores for their pages? i will post the last one on instagram i will show pics of the rings and paper in it so you can see it. that one is super simple as i am only planning on using it as a positive quotes book. but that way you will see how cute it turned out and perhaps be less woried over this. i will take a vote there are 8 of us i will absain so 7 of you can vote the choice will be open to any way you wish for binding and paper choice or no keep it as is majority rules. when i have a vote form all 7 of you i will make the announcement on it. as to tim holtz he is crazy outrageous in price for sure so if you find one cheaper or you want to cannibalize a ring set from another 2 ring binder i am on board with that do it the cheapest way possible. he is jyst the only ones i have seen but there may me lots of makers of this that i am not aware of. mostly i just want this to be fun!!!

LadyCyr 07/11/2017 #


this is a youtube that shows the rings and how they can be used :)

LadyCyr 07/11/2017 #


amazon to buy the rings if you want to look at them

savannahmay222 07/12/2017 #

What if we just have to use two rings, I can be backed into a spine like Tim holtz or loose so that the pages can still move around and be chucky but it's also less expensive. And the paper just has to be thick so it can support the art made. We can still use cereal boxes to make the cover pages but it will maybe be easier to ship and less expensive. I do see that it would only be 7 dollars but we would have to buy the whole packs meaning 20 dollars which is a bit. I don't know if that helps but I hope so.

ccgigglebox 07/12/2017 #

I have watercolor pages, but thick paper is good. I like the idea of using the Tim holtz binder rings

ccgigglebox 07/13/2017 #

I also don't mind gore and very dark themes

Mindy82671 07/14/2017 #

I'm going to pass on this one. I literally have $100's of dollars in paper craft items but no 2 ring Tim Holtz binders or water color paper, of course. I can't justify spending anymore money to meet specific items. But good luck and I bet they will be super cool! See you in future swaps.😃

LadyCyr 07/15/2017 #

I have now received a majority of 4 votes to keep the journal binding the same and keep the paper core the same. I do hope that doesn't discourage any of you from entering this and pulling out. I know this will be a very fun swap and also will be worth the prizes I am going to do. If any of you have any questions please let me know. Thank you and have fun with this as that is the point :)

LadyCyr 07/17/2017 #

Come on u 12 watchers if u r in the USA its time to join the fun :)

LadyCyr 07/19/2017 #

looks like we lost 1 :(

LadyCyr 07/23/2017 #

yeah we are back up to 8 again :) yippy thank you for joining

LadyCyr 07/23/2017 #

this closes in 8 days so come on you watchers time to join before its too late for the fun remember there will be special prizes

LadyCyr 07/28/2017 #

it closes it just 3 more days :) so tell all your friends in the usa to join and time for all those watching to join too :) come on in you know you want to

LadyCyr 07/31/2017 #

last day to join tell all your usa swap friends to join :) ill asign partners tomorrow

LadyCyr 08/26/2017 #

Hi everyone hope you are all having fun making your Halloween art journals. Hope you are finding fun cool things to discover and put in ur journals to make them fun and interactive. Don't forget to ask your person about the candies they like. And I'd love to hear how its going for everyone so far :)

LadyCyr 08/27/2017 #

i know we all have a lot to do here of course but i have started 2 new swaps if you are interested i would love to have you all there with me :)

LadyCyr 09/21/2017 #

hope everyone's journals are coming along nicely i feel there is still so much to do :) but i will be getting it done and shipped in time dont forget to talk to the person you are sending this too get their fave candy as some of that is going in the box

LadyCyr 09/26/2017 #

General feedback was extending the deadline was a good idea so I did. Kudos to anyone not needing more time

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