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Ribbon Swap

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Swap Coordinator:user1075 (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Themed  Crafts 
Number of people in swap:84
Last day to signup/drop:August 8, 2006
Date items must be sent by:August 15, 2006
Number of swap partners:2

In this swap you will have 2 partners and you will send out 5 different ribbons. Each ribbon needs to be at leat one yard in length. This ribbon can be a vintage ribbon find or it can be purchased new. but please make sure that it is in good condition. This IS an International Swap so please be prepaired for this. The ribbons should all fit in a regular size envelope.


riario 06/16/2006 #

wow this swap is MONTHS away - but it still sounds interesting

user1835 06/18/2006 #

let me see if I got this right - we will send out 5 ribbons to each of our 2 swap partners?

user1845 06/19/2006 #

is that exact? and when do we know when the swap will begin?

user1075 06/20/2006 #

YOu will send out 5 one yard long pices of ribbon to each of your 2 partners and the swap will begin on August 8, 2006

riario 06/27/2006 #

Can we sent 2 half yard pieces as a substitute for one of the yard pieces?

Say 10 half yards instead?

user1976 07/ 2/2006 #

When will we find out who our partners are? Thank you

cookiebear 07/ 4/2006 #

I presume this is fabric ribbon and not gift wrap. Is that right?

crazycatladymel 07/ 5/2006 #

I'd like to verify that the ribbon - in addition to cookiebear's example - should also not be from the cheapo 3/$1 stuff you can pick up at any craft store.

dazed81 07/ 6/2006 #

I like riario's question. Can it be 10 half yard lengths of ribbon? Please respond.

user1075 07/ 7/2006 #

I think that it would have to be up to the rest of the participants to vote because of the way the swap is set up I do not like to change the rules mid stream.

KarlaKC 07/ 8/2006 #

I agree with KatieC. The swap specifies 5 - 1 yard segment. To send anything else would be a different swap. I think a vote should be required, or at the least, anyone who wants to send the 1/2 yd segments should ask their partners after assignments are given out if their partners would accept the 1/2 yd segments, knowing that it's possible their partners might not want 1/2 yard segments but the 1 yd segments the rules specified.

If nothing else, a new swap could be started here at Swap-bot: Swapping 10 - 1/2 yd segments of ribbon! :)

michellelliott 07/ 8/2006 #

I agree with KarlaKC.

user2083 07/ 8/2006 #

I agree with KarlaKC and Michellelliott

dazed81 07/ 9/2006 #

okay. in my mind, I thought of all the ribbons that I have around that are really cool and funky, and I may have used them on projects and won't use what I have left, but in most cases I don't have a whole yard left. I was just thinking that I personally would prefer to have pieces of 10 different ribbon styles instead of 5. Perhaps that is a different swap. However, whoever gets me, please feel MORE than welcome to send me 10 1/2 yard pieces instead of 5 yard pieces. I would be most pleases either way. :) Not sure how a vote would be conducted anyway, so I guess we are stuck with the original.

sassyheather 07/12/2006 #

I do not have the requirements for this swap - however I have 3 huge spindles of ribbon in red and silver if anyone would like to swap for something indapendently. Contact me at sashvh@yahoo.com if interested.

user1775 07/21/2006 #

I'm with Dazed, I don't have a problem with receiving pieces that are less than a yard. I don't think it changes the swap completely to allow for that flexibility.

chiquitgn 07/30/2006 #

I bought my ribbons some weeks ago. I'm going to send to my partners 5 ribbons, each one has got 1meter long, that was the rules. Also I want to receive 5 ribbons one yard long.

crazycatladymel 08/ 2/2006 #

I would think you could add a couple of shorter snippets as extras, if you wanted, or have a separate swap for half-yard pieces.

For my part, I'm ready to go (5 full yards per set)! The sign-up closing date is my birthday, and I'm going to stick an extra little doo-dad in the envelopes I send out.

user1938 08/ 5/2006 #

I'm excited about swapping. Whoever has me, I love unusual ribbons, trims, vintage anything. Especially unusual with something on them (such as little children, windmills, elephants, houses, non-english words/phrases) you get the idea. However, I'll be happy with everything. I am a ribbon-a-holic and have over 500 kinds.

crazycatladymel 08/ 6/2006 #

ContessaKris... I'd love to spend an hour with your ribbon collection (and a pair of scissors)!

user1938 08/ 8/2006 #

Yeah, you wouldn't say that if you saw it right now. I hae it strewn all over my bed (the biggest 'work surface' in the house) trying to reorganize it all. It's a bear of a project but its going to be so wonderful to see it all in one place now (wrapping it on large cards). I've had it in about 5 boxes and some hanging on the wall.

And keep your scissors away from my 'collection'! ha

crazycatladymel 08/ 8/2006 #

My bed is my most-used work space too. Drives my husband nuts! ("No scissors on the bed!")

user1938 08/ 8/2006 #

Right now my DH is saying 'I better not find a pin in my bed!' ha I'm pinning the ribbon on the cards. eyeroll

miantifaz 08/ 9/2006 #



crazycatladymel 08/10/2006 #

Sneak peek! My packages are going to the PO at lunchtime. All I can say is that they're leaving the country.

I don't know if hyperlinks work in the comments, so here's the url to one of the packages (package #2 is just after it): http://www.flickr.com/photos/crazycatladymel/205656115/in/photostream/

user1938 08/11/2006 #

Does anyone know if ric rac, vintage trims and such would be acceptable or is this ONLY ribbon? Just thought I would check before I finish up my package...

crazycatladymel 08/11/2006 #

A. If you have my name, I know they'd be fine. B. I've seen ric-rac by the yard in the ribbon section, so I would think it would be fine. It looks cute tying up little packages.

testarosagirl 08/11/2006 #

thanks to doyle the ribbon is beautiful and loved the bonus ric rac

GeminiWilder 08/12/2006 #

Thank you, Maryn ! Received the pretty selections today, thanks for sending (wow) 8 yards!! They will make some beautiful ATC's and cards. =) Cindy in CT

michellelliott 08/13/2006 #

Thank you, Michelle L. for the ribbon. You put together a very nice selection. Michelle E.

user1938 08/14/2006 #

Thank you to Stephanie for my pretty ribbons, especially the rainbow one. Love the extras ribbons!

user1938 08/14/2006 #

Sending out to my partners today. You can see a sneak peek of what is going out, on my blog (8/14 post) http://www.collagecontessa.blogspot.com Hope my swappees like their packages.

mari 08/15/2006 #

Melanie - thank you! Love the ribbons - feel so special to get a envelop full of magic - thanks!

SwedishEskimo 08/16/2006 #

Are any of you getting only partial yardage? I received 4 ribbons at 1 yard each and then the last one was 10 inches in length. I think I was jipped!!!

user1938 08/16/2006 #

I sent out each ribbon in 1 yard increments, but I also included extra ones as well... Maybe your partner just made a mistake?

SwedishEskimo 08/16/2006 #

I don't know, but it's this straggly piece of wire ribbon. It has tape on it, like it was the end of the roll.

krea100 08/16/2006 #

Dana sent several beautiful and generous lengths of ribbon. Thank you!

crazycatladymel 08/16/2006 #

Woot! I got both my ribbon packages today! (For the record, this was my third swap and these are the first things to actually arrive in my mailbox, so they're extra special.)

One package (says "Stephens") has fun ribbons, none of which I have. They're orange, black and yellow (great Fall colors!), measuring tape ribbon (I have the yellow, but didn't have the white), and a really wide kind of fuzzy brown. The second package was from Ella, and was full of ribbons I've never seen - five 1-yd piece, plus a little extra. What bounty, to get two such great packages on the same day!

Thanks, very much, to both of you!

mari 08/17/2006 #

Thanks Miss Beaux for that candystyle ribbon package - I am all giggly from the great selection - thanks! And I will try out the enclosed belt thing! Great idea!

JerseyTjej 08/18/2006 #

Mari! Thank you so much for the ribbons and I LOVED the envelope! I have saved it to use in my altered book! Where did you get it?

user1938 08/18/2006 #

I rec'd beautiful ribbons from Lori B. Vintage paper ribbons and my special favorite, the crochet/knitted lace. I love that! I'll use it for collages. Thanks so much!

user1938 08/18/2006 #

P.S. IF anyone is wanting to be in another type of ribbon swap, I started one today: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/684 Come join me!

user2129 08/19/2006 #

I want to say THANKS! to YOYO for the great ribbons!! I don't have any of them and I can't wait to use them!

sambob 08/19/2006 #

I received ribbons from Mary Thank you

lilmissmuffett 08/20/2006 #

Thank you Mari for the pretty ribbons! I LOVED the envelope you made! So cool!

lilmissmuffett 08/20/2006 #

Miss Beaux: thank you for the awesome ribbons and the D-rings!

testarosagirl 08/21/2006 #

i just rec my last ribbon group love the tartan every thing was so lovely

user2541 08/21/2006 #

Haven't gotten anything yet - should I be worried? Also, haven't seen postings from either of the folks I sent to...do I need to be concerned?

mammadoo 08/21/2006 #

I received ribbons from Kristin Strandlund or Minneapolis, very nice. And today I received a very ample supply from Sarah of Paper-and-string. I will have to look you up on Ebay.

Thanks to both of you.


SwedishEskimo 08/22/2006 #

I've only received one so far.

mapps 08/22/2006 #

Hi Eskimo Pie:

I see that you are not happy with what I sent. Didn't mean to short you on the fifth ribbon. I have lots of lovely ribbob, why don't you send me your color and type preference and I will send you another ribbon. Peace!


CJQueenSwaper 08/22/2006 #

I received very nice ribbons from Raquel Fraga, I really like them all thank you so much Cathy Jewell

user2127 08/23/2006 #

This is my first swap - I sent mine out on the first day and haven't received anything back - NO FUN!

roberta51503 08/23/2006 #

I sent mine out first day too on my first swap and still haven't received anything either yet but I keep looking and hoping and have signed up for several more swaps. It's as much fun to find the items as it is to send, but getting something back would be nice.

user2127 08/23/2006 #

I got ribbons today from Maz! Thanks so much! I was getting discouraged! Just waiting for one more envelope to arrive ... where are you??

mapps 08/24/2006 #

Thanks Lizabeth for all the ribbons and fibers

mapps 08/24/2006 #

Eskimo Pie:

Another ribbon is on its way. Hopefully you will like it.

user2541 08/25/2006 #

Today is August 25th and I still don't have either package...this is my first swap so I am asking for guidence; do I keep waiting or indicate on the rating form that nothing was recd?

testarosagirl 08/25/2006 #

Dennis mommy I would look on the list of ppl to see if the person who was supposed to send to u has a sent next to ther name and if they do ask them what happen by email happend to me my first swap too i noticed alot of no sends on the list for this swap dont get dicouraged though

user2309 08/26/2006 #

I received my Ribbons from Lindsay and I loved them! Thank you Lindsay!

user1239 08/26/2006 #

I receivd my ribbons from Amanda Hunt!! Thanks Amanda..i loved my ribbons!!! kisses for Australia from Brasil!!:)

user1940 08/26/2006 #

i was just checking out all of crazycatladymel's ribbons on her flickr acct......oogling and aweing and anxiously awaiting something in the mail soon from my partners......seems that post to Canada always takes a little longer than a week.

crazycatladymel 08/28/2006 #

I hope my outgoing ribbons reach their destinations soon! They were going to "gato dependente" and "amanda74".

user1055 08/29/2006 #

Haven't received any packages either. :( A bit disappointing really.

CJQueenSwaper 08/30/2006 #

Havent recieved my other ribbons yet. Not sure what I do next. Thanks Cathy

user2196 08/30/2006 #

Sent to both partners and I received mine.. I love them all.. Thanks Raesha and my mysterious partner.


mapps 09/ 7/2006 #

Thanks Heather the ribbons arrived today and in such a lovely package!

user2127 09/11/2006 #

Rec'd ribbons for Gui in Portugal! Thanks for the extras too! To those of you who are still waiting, don't lose hope!

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