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Old Fashioned Hand Written Pen Pal Letter Swap

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Last day to signup/drop:March 15, 2010
Date items must be sent by:March 22, 2010
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Do you enjoy writing letters the "old fashioned" way? Do you like to use nice stationery to write your letter? If so, this swap is made for you. The idea behind this swap is to sit down and write a nice, long letter to your partner in hopes of becoming life long friends. Your initial letter and any written there after will be in long hand. No short introductory letters please. This is for those who are serious about friendship and not the amount of letters in their mailboxes. Please tell your partner all about yourself and your family, your hobbies, interests and area where you live. Include pictures if you'd like. Again...only join if you are interested in making a friend, not a one time letter. All newbies are welcome!


sommer1 03/16/2010 #

So excited to do my FIRST swap... How soon do we get the info. on our partner? (Just trying to stay on top of this...) Thanks so much for coordinating this swap. Takes me back to my teen years where I wrote letters to penpals all the time... Looking forward to making a new friend!

manfalovesyou 03/20/2010 #

I'm new and I don't know how to view who my partner is but it says it has been assigned someone please help! PLEASE PM me...

topekagal66601 03/21/2010 #

I will be mailing out my swap tomorrow but won't be coming back home until Tuesday. I don't know if marking something sent has anything to do with the rating or not. But it will be sent out on time.

CraftyTweetie 03/23/2010 #

Just wanted to mention that my swap went out today, 1 day late, because I had to wait for someone to take it to the post office to have it weighed. I didn't want to risk my partner having to pay any postage-due. Hope that's not a problem.

photographychick 06/23/2011 #

I am looking for a pen pal. I enjoy meeting new pl and love writing letters.

photographychick 06/23/2011 #

Email me at kacy.prince@yahoo.com for address.

rdy4lttrs 11/ 5/2011 #

I would prefer a pen pal around my age. I knit and have lots to talk about.

TXMommaNolana 03/19/2012 #

Hi! I am a newbie to this. I love to write letters and I am also teaching my children the "old school" way to communicate. Please help me in this journey, and forgive my oopsies! I am looking forward to this!!

SASHAL 05/29/2012 #

Hi, I'm also new at this. How does this really works? I enjoy writing letters the old fashioned way. Im searching for female penpals age 25-35 who loves to write about all kind of stuff...

penpals 06/26/2012 #

Hello, my name is Claire and I am 12. I'm not very fermilular with this kind of thing and I want a new friend to talk to. I'm looking for a girl between the ages of 12 and 15.

Helen1984 08/12/2012 #

Hello. My name is Helen and I'm 28. I've always loved writing letters and it would be great if someone would like to write to me. Either gender, any age and interests.

camwd 08/19/2012 #

Hello. My name is Cameron and am based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I find it a bit annoying when I write a letter to someone and receive an email in reply. This group is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm completely new to swap-bot, so I'm not sure how to proceed. If you want to start exchanging letters, then send me a message and we'll go from there.

Yuuki 09/18/2012 #

I'm 15 and I love to draw manga and watch anime. I hope I can make friends all around the world~ :)

sarah79 10/ 3/2012 #

Hi there! I'm Sarah, I'm 32. I'm married and so far my baby is a miniature Jack Russell ha!! Wanting a wee pen pal to write letters back and forth! :)

freky 10/ 8/2012 #

hi, how do i start?

3kerryx 10/15/2012 #

Is still open? Would like to join

kellyyh 11/22/2012 #

Happy Thanksgiving, I would love to join as well. I am 20 (M) and looking for a true and honest pen pal. Let me know!

StarRain 12/24/2012 #

Hi!!!! ^^ I'm Karla and i'm a 19 y\o girl who really, REALLY loves to write and receive letters! I like a lot of different things especially books. I'm not sure if this is still going on but I would love to have a pen pal. :)

LeahP 12/26/2012 #

Hi! :) I'm Leah, im 18 from England. I've been after a pen pal for so long now, and i've just come across this site! I love the idea of writing 'old fashioned' hand written letters to somebody, and just making a new friend :) It doesn't matter what country you're from really, or if you're a girl or boy! :) looking for people between the ages of 17-20 or so! :)

Also to 'StarRain' you sound so like me after reading your profile! And i'll happily be a pen pal to you! :)

Rayray101 01/17/2013 #

Some one send me a message

SophieHoani 02/16/2013 #

Hey there I'm Sophie, I'm 13 and looking to write to girls from the ages 12-15 I don't like emails because technology is so boring these days although I can't say I don't go on it a lot. I really want an actual PEN pal since my old one never wrote back I'm just looking for a friend to send letters and probably a couple of presents to.

leahdickmeyer 02/20/2013 #

that is so weird to LeahP because my name is leah and I'm 18 also, but im from america.

biancawilliams 02/26/2013 #

hello! my name is bianca, i'm 18 and i'm from canada. I like long walks and hate rude people. and I would love to have a old fashion pen pal but i'm not exactly sure how this works but i'll happily be a pen pal to you ^_^

bobbyparis 03/ 4/2013 #

Hello! I'm bobby from New Jersey USA. I just joined but i'm not sure how this works. Can anyone shed some light? thanks! I look forward to writing

Calla94 03/10/2013 #

Hello~ My name is Addie.I am currently 18 years old but soon to be 19. My older brother once had a pen pal and ever since I have wanted one. I am a bit old fashioned and would enjoy making friends^_^

Mschaummann 03/20/2013 #

How does this work? I am bit confused. Thanks!

Sovan 04/18/2013 #

hii addie, Pen pal is your friend who lives far away and whom you have never seen. Its a very sweet friendship you have with a person you have never seen. You write letter to him/her and he replies back..in this letter you can share your feelings, ideas, or anything you like

tiney012 04/27/2013 #

hi, my name is tiney (female) and i'm 55 and live in ohio i am very lonely would love to have some friends and pen-pals any age. i have cats and dogs. i raise a sm garden. would love to have someone to talk to, for friends are very few.

MissJennyB 05/ 3/2013 #

My name is Jennifer, freelance photographer and shop assistant in Scotland. Looking to make new friends, someone to write letters too its something i miss as i used to have penpals when younger and it always intrigues me getting to know strangers and finding things we may have in-common

BeeLou 07/25/2013 #

Hey all, just wantin a pen pal. Long days at home, needing a hobby. I don't mind you age or gender. Not looking for a relationship, and definitely not lookin for creepy people. But i love to write. I wish sending letters was the only contact again, besides physically seeing people.

rosaudayangani 08/ 6/2013 #

Hi,I'm Rosa Udayangani.27 years old.Like to share letters with friends.I don't mind about your age or gender.Please write me.I'm waiting for your letter.

essbee 08/12/2013 #

Hello my name is Stephanie, I am 17 years old and I live in Melbourne/Australia. This is my first time doing this so im going slow. Its a new generation but i love the fact that people still love old fashion ways. Im not looking for anything else but a new friend and a pen pal : something different to my boring teenage life x

mmoon2378 09/ 1/2013 #

Hello my name is Marrianne, I am 35 years old and i live in Bexhill on sea, east sussex. This si my first time doing this. i love writting letters the old fashioned way and i don't mind what gender, age or religion you are i miss writting letters i am not looking for romance i am a happily married lady. xx

CarolMolina 09/ 7/2013 #

CarolMolina Hello, I am 32 years old and married with a couple of kids. My main interests are reading and writing and hope to publish someday. I am really interested in learning about new people.

NorthernDawn 09/19/2013 #

Hello, I am Dawn from Northern Canada and I love to write letters. Unfortunately, my friends don't. So I am looking for like-minded people in the hope of finding new friendship and actually seeing a letter in the mail for myself.

aikaca 10/23/2013 #

hi! im 22 form mexico and im looking for an old fashion hand written letter exchange!!!! :D looking for new friends around the globe!

aestrada91 11/ 2/2013 #

Hello. I am ready to make a life long friend through a pen pal.

hellie101 11/13/2013 #

Hey everyone im helica but evryone calls me hellie im 17 from Rhode Island, US i have a senior project and this is one of them so im looking for a friendship nothing more, just a pen pal to exchange culture and kindness<3

diffenerntgirl90 11/17/2013 #

Hello My names is Tonya Im 23 years old I love writing i used to have a pen pal but she stopped writing. so im lookin for a new one im looking for a great new friend if ur interested please let me know

tenderheart 01/ 6/2014 #

hello my name is rachel,iam 40 years old, iam so excited i found this site , iam looking fo any gender any age to write, iam married so under saying that ,iam not looking for a realionship, only a friendship,iam a mother of three wonderful children.so if you are intersted in a friend will leave a message

bellajessa 02/12/2014 #

Hi I am Jess from Melbourne Australia. Looking for pen friends who enjoy sharing what is happening in their life, family or neighbourhood. I'm 35 year old mum to be, currently on maternity leave. Baby boy due 3rd June. I so enjoy receiving mail (as I'm sure most here do! ) and really take the time and effort to make sure the letters and notes I send to my family and friends will bring a smile :-) I'm not sure how this site works, however I will reply to all who take the time and effort to write to me. Thanks for reading, look forward to making some new Pen Friends.

P.s. Some of my favourite things are Agatha Christie's novels and TV adaptations, taking photos, walking our dog, enjoying time with family, and currently I'm reading up on all the new things I can expect as a parent! Oh and finding bargins at garage sales and on eBay seems to have taken up my attention since finishing work lol!

iamtheonewolf 02/21/2014 #

I too am a bit confused, how does this work? I'm looking to find an elderly pen pal. I don't think anyone's grandma/ grandpa will be online to find a one but it's the only way i could think of.

FinleyC 03/ 8/2014 #


My name is Finley, and I'm here because I would really love to swap hand-written letters back and forth with someone. I abhor emails! I literally heavy-sigh when I have to send one, or when a friend asks me to send them an email as apposed to a letter, claiming that "it's so much faster!"

In all honesty, I have no idea what I'm to do now that I've signed up, am posting, and going to send this off into cyber space in just a few, short moments. I have provided my information, but short of that, I'm lost. Do I wait for someone to choose me? Now that it is the big, bad 2014, are people still as eager to pen-out their thoughts as they were four years ago when the comments started? Should I leave a description of who I am, or would that be better left to be found out within the pages of our letters?

In short, I'm from the U.S., and I don't know whether or not that's something to brag about anymore (snicker.) I am working on my Masters program in psychology, and no, I do not psychoanalyze people for the fun of it. That's exhausting! I'm an artist, but more on that later...if there is a later! I really do need to figure this thing out! I'm 32, and I think that's all I should say for now.

Just in case no one sees this in the next month or so, I hope you all have a lovely March!

Xx, Finley.

FinleyC 03/ 8/2014 #

Okay, I think I have the gist of it. However, I have a question: is anyone actually writing LETTERS? I'm asking, because on the forum/swap page, I'm reading things like, "300 sticker swap," and "Pagan Post Card Swap." Don't misunderstand, I'm not mentioning the later because I have an issue with anyone's religious beliefs, I merely mention it because I guess I thought this site was a little more serious about the art of writing. About bringing back to life the romance (and that can be entirely platonic!) of people finding friendship and love (again, that can be platonic) in one another through words that cannot be conveyed via pixilated harshness. There is so much that we lose when we try to put ourselves into an email, that we maintain when put into a hand written letter. Does this site still offer that, or has it all gone silly and mad?!

user2637 04/ 8/2014 #

Why are people still posting on this swap?? It's from 2010 and is OVER.

emmajlrd5562 09/ 3/2014 #

I won't write a long message here.. but I can't wait to find a pen pal

navyhm2 12/11/2014 #

I miss writing to pen pals. My name is Jason and I'ma paramedic in Ft. Lauderdale. I'm looking for anyone in the world who wants to hand-write and exchange letters with me.

kateUK 01/ 1/2015 #

Today is the first of a new year. I have spent most of my life just trying to fit in but this year is all about me! I am changing my life and embracing it! I am 29years old, I think I am an old soul living in the wrong time for I love Jane Austen and the lovely nature of handwritten letters. I would like to find friends to share a journey with.

Gma 04/11/2015 #

Hi I'm new to this but it's something I've always wanted to do It has taken me a while to actually decide on it. It's like a bucket list but looking for a few pen pals from around the world I'm 51 and believe it's never too late to try something. Looking forward to finding a few new friends always Gma

user2637 05/20/2015 #

Why are people still posting on this swap?? It's from 2010 and is OVER.

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