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Number of people in swap:14
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:June 1, 2010
Date items must be sent by:July 31, 2010
Number of swap partners:1



  • 4.9 rating or higher to join this swap


>* No no sends in the past few months
  • No flakers, no non raters, no people who do things half >assed.
    • I can and will ban who I see fit.
  • If I feel you cannot complete this swap for any reason, I will >drop you.

You'll take a composition notebook...or something like it (with a >lot of pages) and do the following below. Must do ALL of them!!

Must decorate the front and back of your journal/notebook. Use stickers, decoupage the heck out of it, draw on it, show us >your personality! Absolutely NO one word answers for ANY of these!! Describe >as much as you can in detail!! Use pictures and drawings if you want to. SHOW US YOUR PERSONALITY!

Here's your list:

  • Write an introduction about yourself. Why not include a picture of yoursef?!?
  • Make a collage of items you'd like to have (wishlist of >sorts). Get your items from online print outs, magazines, >books, etc.
  • Write down your favorite recipe
  • Write down lyrics to one of your favorite songs
  • List 50 things that make you happy
  • What things do you think are beautiful?
  • List 50 books you have read. IF YOU HAVEN'T READ 50, write down a list of some you would LIKE to read.
  • What are some of your favorite songs? Why do you like >them so much?
    • What are some of your favorite flowers/trees?
  • List 5 happy memories.
  • Write down a time line of your day (woke up at 6am, ate >breakfast at 8am, etc etc).
    • Who are some of your best friends and why?
    • Write down a childhood memory that makes you happy
  • You've just won the keys to a brand new car!! What type >did you win?? Find a picture or draw one into that same page.

    • How would you spend a found $20 bill?
    • The Alphabet has 26 letters. From A-Z write something you like starting with each letter of the alphabet. WRITE EACH LETTER IN A DIFFERENT COLOR
    • List 10 of your favorite quotes.
    • List your TOP TEN favorite websites that you like to visit! What makes them your favorite?
    • Write out your TO DO list for today
    • Write out your shopping/grocery list of things that you need to stock up on or get or have run out of!
    • List 20 movies you like!
    • What is your favorite season out of the year and why??
    • Take a page, decorate it, paste an envelope onto it and put a little surprise inside.
    • Make a sticker page (put some cool stickers you like or have found onto a page in your journal)
    • What's In Your Purse?? (list and or draw or take a photo and print it off)
    • What are some of the things you wish to accomplish within the next 5 years?? (Can be anything small such as taking the dog for a walk every day, getting fit, or anything big)!
    • Do you recycle? What all do you recycle? How do you recycle?
    • What are some of your favorite vacation spots?? Name them.
    • If you won the lottery, what would you do?
    • Describe what your dream house would be like (maybe draw out plans for it)
    • Where do you like to go just by yourself, to get away from it all? Describe that place.
    • If you had $500 to spend in ONE SINGLE STORE, what store would you go into and what would you spend that money on??
    • If you won a all expenses paid trip to somewhere...where would you go and why?
    • What are your favorite sweet treats/Desserts/Candies??
    • List 15 of your favorite restuarants
    • Make an ATC or a Postcard and glue it onto your page. Make one like you'd be swapping it out to someone.
    • Doodle on a full page
    • List 10 favorite cartoons (new and old)
    • Write about your day today
    • Make a promise to yourself and write it out on this page in big bold colorful letters.
    • Who do you love and why?
    • Do you collect anything? How many items do you have in your collection? Describe where you got them and how.
    • When you were a child...what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you now?
    • Describe your pets! If you don't have a pet, what kind of pet would you have if you DID and why? Include a picture or a drawing or a paw print!
    • What are your hobbies? What do you like to do for fun?
    • The year is 3042. Describe what is going on in the world and what you see around you! (You're more than welcome to be as creative as you want to be)
    • List 20 different things you can see from where you are sitting right now.
    • The most amazing thing I have ever seen is....?
    • Decorate a page however you like...
    • Pretend you live in a far away place...could be space like or fantasy like...describe your place you live in, who you are and what you do.
    • List 5 of your favorite bath/body/cosmetic products you like to use.
    • Describe a project you are working on right now (could be for swapping, personal use, work, etc)
  • Describe how your day went today.

    *Write a haiku

    *Fill up the rest of your journal!!

I will check and ban when I am ready to assign partners. I check all profiles thoroughly. This means I look through your profile, comments, ratings, swaps you're in to make sure you're good to go. Please don't flake and let me and your partner down. I won't be to able to angel this one! <


Mysticsweetness 05/17/2010 #

Is it just me or does this page not load up properly?

OnceInABlueMoon 05/17/2010 #

Sure doesn't - none of the top info is there, and large parts of the page go full screen, which is blocked by the sidebar ads etc...

melzenitram 05/17/2010 #

WHEW! that was weird lol sorry about that...i have no clue why that happened ....

naddie 05/17/2010 #

are hand-made journals ok? and can some pages be type-written? (I love my typewriter since I managed to find a shop that sells the ribbon!) also, my hand tends to cramp up when I write a tad too much too furiously >.<

Shelleanne 05/17/2010 #

I am so looking forward to this !!! Im just heading out to buy mine now ! Im in Scotland so just to clarify do u mean purse as in small purse that i keep my money and bankcards in or as in a handbag that i keep all sorts of rubbish plus a set of house keys in lol !!!!! :-D

melzenitram 05/17/2010 #

@naddie I think handmade journals are okay but just know that some people may just go buy a store bought one and decorate that...don't want anyone to be disappointed! i don't mind typewritten but the majority should be handwritten or at least if you are going to type it and put it in, find a way to put your personality on the page by decorating it somehow. don't just past the type written page in the journal or make it all typewritten. that's no fun!

melzenitram 05/17/2010 #

@shelleanne HANDBAG or backpack/bookbag if you carry one instead of a handbag! Good question! :o)

Filpot 05/17/2010 #

Some of the prompts are great, but some of the list ones ask for far too many things.
30 favourite cartoons? I would struggle to hit 5. I don't use anywhere near 20 body/bath/cosmetic products. And 50 websites? My favourites list is 12 sites long! I may have to wait for a less demanding journal swap!

melzenitram 05/17/2010 #

then list as many as you can! the idea is just to complete the list..think of it as an entry a day ....as long as it is decorated and you hit each entry..i think we'll all be okay

melzenitram 05/17/2010 #

i edited the list...cut it down a bit...hope this helps!

Shelleanne 05/17/2010 #

sorry more questions ! do the pages have to be in order and can we write a wee intro of ourselves on the first page ? :-)

melzenitram 05/17/2010 #

oh yes an intro...good point lemme add that one in as well....

samash 05/17/2010 #

I agree with Filpot that some are just asking too much like 50 books! I don't even think there are 50 that I want to read... and what does one do if they don't have a pet?.... I would say still though its so tempted to take part.

melzenitram 05/17/2010 #

Sorry, first time hosting and did take this swap from someone else ( i did give credit) I think going in order would be easiest so that you don't miss anything and that way everyone's journal would wind up being uniform. I suppose you could always go back and fill in the entries you want to do later.

melzenitram 05/17/2010 #

hmmmm no pet...okay what if you DID have a pet...what kind of pet would you have? I did change the book entry.... lol

Mysticsweetness 05/18/2010 #

This swap sounds like so much fun, but 50 prompts in a month is way to much for me i probably wouldnt be able to finish it :-( Even if i started now its still more than 1 prompt a day.

melzenitram 05/18/2010 #

got some concerns about time...so..new extended deadline to finish the journal. hope this helps folks...first time hosting so be patient with me :o)

TryshaH81 05/18/2010 #

Your doing a great job of hosting for the first time! The 50 book thing got me too as I'm not sure I have ever read 50 books and I'm 28 yrs old. LOL I'm not big on reading! Also is there 26 different colors we could use on the Alphabet entry?? Can't we just use as many as we can find? I don't want to write in crayon and only have about 10 colored ink pens.

melzenitram 05/18/2010 #

hahahhaha nope just alternate..at least that is what i'm going to do...i think i only have about ten colored pens too!

SavvySauce 05/19/2010 #

Should each page be decorated/painted/drawn on as well, or just stick to answering the prompts?

This is my first swap - just don't want to overdo or underdo something and have my partner be all "What the..." when they get it and I have clutter all over the pages. Lol. :D

melzenitram 05/19/2010 #

this is your journal...you decorate the PAGES as you see fit unless the prompt calls for it...the only thing that MUST be decorated are the front and back covers. :o)

melzenitram 05/19/2010 #

personally..i tend to doodle everywhere

tienke2404 05/27/2010 #

should it be 1 thing a day, or could i start now an do as much as a like a day?

melzenitram 05/29/2010 #

you can def. start now...i have already started to decorate my journal

Carolinev237 06/ 1/2010 #

I have never made a journal book before and wouldn't really know where to start, so I think I would be one of the ones to decorate a shop one. The instructions and videos I have seen posted look really complicated x

melzenitram 06/ 1/2010 #

that's what i did...i decoupage a store bought one...no worries

Shelleanne 06/ 2/2010 #

just going over the list and am wondering what a haiku is ?

crochetjunkie 06/ 2/2010 #

haiku is a type of poem. google it

Shelleanne 06/ 3/2010 #

ok thanks hadnt thought of that !!!!

grandmaroro 06/18/2010 #

I joined "WeEatCrayons" 's swap but she had to cancel - so I will sign up for this one. With any luck, and my grey matter continues to work, I will have at least four journals going at once. Folks, I had never done a journal or diary in all my 60++ years. Just jump in, having prompts to follow is key for me. One of my four children will have to do the haiku. I have to go stock up on composition books now. LOL

melzenitram 06/22/2010 #

aw have fun grandmaroro! :o)

CasinoHearts 08/ 1/2010 #

I was going to send my partner her book... but her account has been deleted... What do i do?

savannahjan 09/22/2010 #

There were some good questions on this list.

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