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Christmas cards!!

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Swap Coordinator:chitlins (contact)
Swap categories: Paper Goods  Themed 
Number of people in swap:74
Last day to signup/drop:October 15, 2016
Date items must be sent by:December 2, 2006
Number of swap partners:10

You will send one xmas card to 10 different people.

The cards can be handmade or store bought. The only thing is they must be decorated either with stickers or drawings. Even confetti if you have any. Just make sure they look like cards you'd want to get yourself. How you do that is up to you.

When I send cards I sprinkle some confetti in the card.

The reason you have 10 partners is because xmas cards aren't too expensive usually.

If you want me to cut it down I can do that it depends.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

I hope this is lots of fun for everyone. I have so many cards and not enough people so I started this swap.

This swap is open to all countries.


jbtmykids 08/23/2006 #

Just a couple of questions. If I use store bought cards, when you say decorated, do you just mean the inside panel? Also are we signing these cards, or are they for our swap partner to give away? Thanks for your time! Jane

chitlins 08/23/2006 #

By decorated I mean inside the panel or the envelope or both. Also, you will be writing anything you want to your partner in the cards.

RevJenn 09/27/2006 #

If I am making my cards they will be decorated with diecuts and 3-D stickers .. are these ok or do I need something else? Jennilynn

chitlins 09/30/2006 #

Diecuts and 3-D stickers are perfectly fine. Anything goes so long as it's decorated. Even drawing on it with crayons is fine by me :)

user3922 10/10/2006 #

How fun! Count me in!

evieroz 10/13/2006 #

I think it would be nice if the cards were not signed then I can mail them to people I want to and I can tell them who made them. I thought that would be kind of nice.

RobinT 10/16/2006 #

When do we get the addresses for our swap partners? I'm so excited!

Kelly 10/17/2006 #

This sounds like a great swap!

user4505 10/29/2006 #

I do iris folding is that all rith for the cards, I don't use sticker, I make altered cards to. This is my second guestion to you. I didn't have answers before. I would love to do this. Maybe I am not writing to the right place to get my message posted.

user4505 10/31/2006 #

I would like an answer to my question about iris folding is it all right. I don't want to sign up then it was right. It sure sound like a great swap.

evieroz 11/ 1/2006 #

Munchkins, Iris folding on a Christmas card sounds mighty nice to me. I'm not the boss, but if I got them I would be very happy.

123Poggy123 11/ 1/2006 #

Munchkins, I am going to use Iris folding on a Christmas tree for this swap. So, I say lets go for it!

user4701 11/ 2/2006 #

Excuse my question, but what is Iris folding?

JewelzyBug 11/ 5/2006 #

Ellis, go here: www.irisfolding.circleofcrafters.com. They have examples, patterns, etc. Hope that helps!

alishamitchum 11/ 6/2006 #

Is this swap international?

user4896 11/15/2006 #

I'm excited for this swap. I'm just learning paper-casting, so I think this might be a good opportunity to use that! I am new, though, and have only just sent out my first swap today - well, tomorrow's mail, so if I need to be removed, I will understand.

yarnpie 11/15/2006 #

what about christmas postcards? Can we use these?

user3922 11/21/2006 #

If some of us are going out of town... would it be possible to have partners assigned early?

user5076 11/22/2006 #

Iris folding and paper casting? Sounds awesome! Might have to break out my cross stitching! I'm going to start on my cards today!

user5076 11/24/2006 #

Umm.. any chance of adding a few days to the swap date? I was hoping to personalize mine a bit based on their profiles and a one day turn around sure isn't much!

lilmissthrifty 11/27/2006 #

Hi Neon Any chance you are going to weed out the swappers with negative ratings...I noticed a few swappers have long histories of never sending... Danielle

user3481 11/29/2006 #

there does seem to be a few no senders. why don't they go and find something else to do.

Sharlzie 11/30/2006 #

Hi, what date do we get our swap partners? just wondering if the cards can be sent a little bit later than the 2nd as this doesn't give us very much time at all... thanks, Sharlzie :)

chitlins 11/30/2006 #

Hi, I have been quite busy so I am sorry I have not gotten to many of you. I am weeding out bad swappers right after I post this. Also, you can send them out a little later. As long as they get there by or around xmas.

Xmas postcards are fine as long as they are very nicely decorated. The entire point is to receive something pretty.

If you have any questions please ask them through my e-mail on my profile because I do not log in here too often lately.

I'm glad to see that so many people have joined!

mrsdarcy 11/30/2006 #

I'm so excited for this, I just joined and this will be my first swap. I spent the entire evening yesterday and the day before making the cards, hope you like them!

-Renee H.

user4219 12/ 1/2006 #

I have my cards ready as I thought they needed to be sent out tomorrow December 2. Is there something wrong that we haven't received the people we send to yet?

alhambra 12/ 1/2006 #

Sorry, but i'll be able to send my cards on Monday (4th). Please be patient.

JewelzyBug 12/ 2/2006 #

I have my cards ready to send but I can't seem to get swap-bot to load my partners!!! It says "see the partners you send to" but I get a blank page. Help!!!

JewelzyBug 12/ 2/2006 #

It is just this swap too. Not my computer. I have 2 other swaps that are working just fine.

user5076 12/ 2/2006 #

I'm not able to view my swap partners yet either. Maybe they haven't been done yet. I sure hope the date is extended if the partners aren't distributed timely.

LindaM1957 12/ 2/2006 #

I can't get my partners to load either :(. I have my cards in envy's stamped and ready to go. HELP:)

Paula 12/ 2/2006 #

I just sent a message via the Contact Us link. Maybe if all 74 of us do it, they'll fix the problem with the swap partners not showing up.

OyeMichi 12/ 2/2006 #

My partners are not loading!! And these need to be out tomorrow!! AAHHH, help!!

LunaGirl 12/ 2/2006 #

I can't see my partners either ...

JewelzyBug 12/ 2/2006 #

My partners have appeared!!! Yeah!!!!

fairykiss 12/ 2/2006 #

Mine show up now too, but it might be monday before I can get them out... sorry :(

CJQueenSwaper 12/ 2/2006 #

Hi Ladies, I will mail my Christmas Cards today. Happy Holdiays Cathy Jewell

RobinT 12/ 2/2006 #

My cards went out today. I hope the ones going to Europe will arrive in time for Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

BMT 12/ 2/2006 #

The mailman just picked up my cards...Hope everyone enjoys!!

user4896 12/ 3/2006 #

I've just gotten my partners to show up now. I'm sorry if my items are delayed! I didn't know where they were going!

user255 12/ 3/2006 #

I just got my partners to appear... my cards will go out in Monday's mail. I hope that will not be a problem.

OyeMichi 12/ 3/2006 #

Some went today and some will go out on Monday-- the post office was closed today and I like to send my international items when I go to the post. My apologies!

Paula 12/ 3/2006 #

You can't get anything to go out here between noon on Saturday and Monday afternoon. Not My Fault: it's just the way the post awful is here. Cards are done, addressed, stamped and all ready to go.

mamere 12/ 3/2006 #

My cards are out today. Hope the European ones make it for Christams. I would have mailed earlier but did not get the names until today. Have had my packages ready for a few weeks.

wendy1791 12/ 3/2006 #

Mine will be out in tomorrow's mail, too! Sorry for the delay!

johannauk 12/ 3/2006 #

Mine will be late due to the delay in partners showing up too...unfortunately I am not at home tomorrow so they won't go out until 5th. Sorry to my partners!!


candyrage 12/ 3/2006 #

Sorry partners I can't get my cards in the mail til Dec. 5th. I had premie twins in the hospital wasn't expecting them home til mid Dec. The good news is they came home early, yeah!! Now I'm homebound and can't get anyone to take my cards to the post til Tues. Sorry.

LadyYing 12/ 3/2006 #

Sending mine out first thing Monday since the post office is closed today.

user2428 12/ 4/2006 #

Hi Carole G here from New Zealand. A one day turnaround is not enough. It will take 7-10 days to be delivered overseas. I sometime get messages saying my cards etc have not been delivered, out of my control once they leave NZ. The one that got lost, I replaced, have not heard whether or not that was received or not. I love these swaps, great interaction.

LunaGirl 12/ 4/2006 #

Mine are going out today!

user5076 12/ 4/2006 #

Got my cards out today! Didn't get my list until very late on Friday nite and with PO only open 1/2 day on Saturdays around here not enough time to get in the mail. I've got one going all the way to Singapore! First swap for me so please leave feedback if not in line enough with Swap theme or mailing issues. Thanks!

gooddog56 12/ 5/2006 #

Mine went in the mail Saturday, but probably actually only left the local post office today...1 to Europe, 2 to Oz, hope they make it in time for Christmas...

Thanks to all participating!

LunaGirl 12/ 5/2006 #

Hey guys - I have a question. Were we supposed to WRITE on the cards? I am starting to get a couple cards back and it's mixed. Are they supposed to be blank?? I thought we'd just be sending a card with a personal message ... or was it personal choice?

Paula 12/ 5/2006 #

LunaGirl, I just came back here to read the directions after getting a blank card. My impression was that we were sending the cards to our partners as a greeting card. I wrote in mine. I guess you have the option of not writing anything.

LunaGirl 12/ 5/2006 #

Peety - that's exactly what I did cuz I thought I screwed up. lol. OK ... so cool. :-) Thanks for responding.

user3922 12/ 6/2006 #

Just as a heads-up, yes it does take time for items to arrive overseas during the holiday season. Even mail between Canada and the US seems to stall.

Also, please do not go by ratings only. I was unfairly rated as never sending an item - except that I always put tracking and insurance on my packages and can prove the item did indeed arrive at my swap partner's house the week it was mailed (she has not bothered to update my rating. Gee, thanks.) If we go by ratings alone, we could discourage some good people who simply had a rude partner.

Happy Holidays!

user255 12/ 6/2006 #

Thank you JaneR, RobinT, and fairykiss for the awesome Christmas cards.

The lovely paper-cut tree and gifts with glitter was a really nice treat Robin. Jane I think your Santa confetti was so sweet. And Manda I think your squirrel sticker on the envelope was about the cutest thing ever. Where did you get it?

user5076 12/ 6/2006 #

I wrote a little personal something in all my cards. I was under the impression it was like a letter swap only with Christmas cards.

BMT 12/ 6/2006 #

just received 2 great cards (at a time when I really needed to smile!!) Thank you so much Laura and Stacey!!!

user255 12/ 7/2006 #

Thank you Stacey for an adorable card. I love the die-cut tree on the front and the cute little chickadees singing inside. :)

BMT 12/ 8/2006 #

Evie and Jane R. received your cards today..thanks so much...

user5076 12/ 8/2006 #

Starting to get my cards today! The gnome is taped to my computer monitor!

user4896 12/ 8/2006 #

Wow, my cards started pouring in! I'm in 2 Christmas card swaps here, and I got about 8 today, just from Swap-Bot. And, as an added bonus to 8 cards, not even one bill! I should've played the lottery!

Thank you all

BMT 12/ 8/2006 #

Received 2 more great cards today...thank you Dawn and Laurina

**Also I found out that the post office has a surcharge of 13 cents for non-standard mail from something else I received....if any of partners has this for my non-standard size envelope...please let me know and I will reimburse you!!!****

user5076 12/ 8/2006 #

3 more cards today! And a GIANT snowflake for Florida! Thank RuralMom!

johannauk 12/ 9/2006 #

I have received 2 beautiful cards, from Mandy and Mona. Thank you both, they are lovely!

Mona, please could you tell me your username so that I can rate you,


123Poggy123 12/ 9/2006 #

I just looked on the list of swapers & 3 of my 10 have not sent yet. {:-( (look at that sideways) Thank you to everyone else who has kept up their part of the swap. I will look forward to going to the mailbox.

user5076 12/ 9/2006 #

I've got 2 not sent's too Poggy and two more sent that I should get very soon I'm sure. Not toooo bad for my first swap bot swap. Ratings completed. Wonder why the organizer hasn't sent hers yet. I hope she's ok!

user4896 12/10/2006 #

I've gotten several cards, and am trying to keep up with ratings as I go. Perhaps signing up for two Christmas Card swaps was a bad idea - but oh well. I'm loving all the mail!!

user3788 12/10/2006 #

sorry everyone my cards are late i have been ill but they will all be posted tomorrow.

BMT 12/11/2006 #

Thanks Erin received your card today!

user5076 12/11/2006 #

I got Erin's card today! Thank you darlin'. MaryC - glad to see you're feeling better.

user3788 12/12/2006 #

thanks msmartip all my cards have been sent now

Sharlzie 12/13/2006 #

I received 3 cards today from Mandy, Michi & Ellen - thank you all! Merry Xmas & Happy New Year :)

user5076 12/13/2006 #

Got one of my last cards from ITALY!! Thank you Sonic Girl. Now just have 2 left. One just changed to "sent" the other is still "not sent". Our organizer is still showing "not sent". I hope nothing happened to them.

user4219 12/13/2006 #

I've received 6 of my 10 cards so far and they've been great. Thanks everyone this was fun!

LadyYing 12/14/2006 #

Thank you, Cathy Jewel, Jewelz, fisk & fern, JaneR, Sonicgirl and erin stevens for the lovely Christmas cards. Still waiting on 4 more but maybe they are international.

Happy holidays!

Sharlzie 12/15/2006 #

I received another 2 cards today from Lisa & Krissy - Thanks so much & Merry Xmas to you both :)

user5076 12/16/2006 #

I'm still missing 5 ratings. If you didn't get a card from me and you were supposed to please drop me anote so we can see what happened. All cards were mailed out at the same time and same place. Thank you!

user461 12/17/2006 #

i've received most of my cards - how fun! this has been one of the most fun swaps i've done, just a little work and such a jolly return :) thanks everyone!

Sharlzie 12/18/2006 #

Thanks Wendy & Toni for the gorgeous cards I got in todays mail! :)

user4034 12/18/2006 #

I´m still missing a few ratings too and I sent my cards ages ago and all at the same time.

india show not sent in the swap partner list but I received a card from her (?!?)

amore 12/19/2006 #

I received cards from Ellen, Jackie, Mandy,and Jane. Thanks to all of you for a wonderful Christmas cards. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year...

LunaGirl 12/21/2006 #

Thanks to all my swap partners. :-) I hope everyone has a great holiday. All my cards are accounted for, and I hope all my partners fot mine. Still missing a few ratings. If you didn't get one for some reason, please let me know! Happy ho-ho!

WomenTrip 12/22/2006 #

Thanks to all of you for a wonderful Christmas cards. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year...

i have 3 more to come in hoho

OyeMichi 12/22/2006 #

Hi everyone. I'm missing about 4 ratings for this swap. Everything was sent out a while back. If you have not gotten anything, let me know please. Thank you!!

johannauk 12/23/2006 #

Just wanted to say thank you for a great swap. I had a lot of fun with the exchange, received such beautiful cards. I was sad to see one partner gave me a '1' rating, I know I sent cards to everyone and can't think of anything I did wrong :(

I have rated all of my pals, and wish you all a very Happy Christmas!


WomenTrip 12/25/2006 #

thanks to you all who send me a card

analog : thanks for the rateing of 1 i don't know why did you give it to me all are happy with my card

johannauk 12/27/2006 #

Analog - thanks for altering my rating, a shame to hear the cards got backlogged :(

To all....hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and best wishes for 2007!

Sharlzie 01/ 2/2007 #

did anyone happen to get a card from Cristina_584??

Swopper 01/20/2007 #

Poggy123 - did you ever get anything from me?? I am sorry if you didn't - it must have got lost in the mail. Crafty45

meryan 05/ 9/2022 #

I've received 6 of my 10 cards so far and they've been great. Thanks everyone this was fun!

Santa Ana Concrete

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