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The 30 Day Journal Challenge

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The 30 Day Journal Challenge
Swap Homepage:http://www.iheartrunwithscissors.com/
Swap Coordinator:cleopatra (contact)
Swap categories: Art  Journals 
Number of people in swap:12
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:September 23, 2010
Date items must be sent by:November 1, 2010
Number of swap partners:5


I found the most inspiring set of journal prompts from Run with Scissors and, like any inspired Swap-Botter, decided to create a swap for it.

One thing I don't like about most journal swaps is the fact that after you've become so attached to your lovely journal, you have to send it off at the end.

In this swap, we will take photos of every page and swap THAT with our partner. You can choose the way to show off your journal, either by blogging it, uploading it onto Flickr or Tumblr-ing it. Because there will be 30 days worth of pictures, you cannot email it to your partners. It's always nice to describe why you chose to interpret the prompt the way you did. Send the link to your partners after you've posted your first one (to discourage flaking) and then again once you are done.

If anyone flakes, I will definitely angel. But since we benefit more from the creation than the receiving, I sincerely hope no one flakes.

Just have fun with this. There are no hard and fast rules to how you decide to put the prompts to paper. For inspiration, check out the Flickr group here.

You do not have to do one per day, you can do all in one day if you like. I've given just over a month to complete this. You will need to have a few time intensive swaps under your belt, and no unexplained 1s or 3s. Right of admission reserved.

The Prompts:

(Yay, finally...)

Day 1: Create a full page design introducing yourself :)

Day 2: What is the BEST part of your day? Is it working out? Is it "quitting time" at work? Is it dinner with the fam? What is it? You can write about it, draw it, sketch it, doodle it, anything you like!

Day 3: It's always nice to share with someone why you love them. Today, I want you to draw a picture, doodle, sketch, of a person who you love, or admire. Then, write that person a letter telling them why they mean so much to you! If you are intimidated at the idea of drawing a portrait of someone, draw objects that represent that person or draw their name in a creative way.

Day 4: What does your heart look like? It can be literal, it can be symbolic, it can be broken and need fixing...anything!

Day 5: This page is dedicated to your favorite blogs!! What are they? Are there any blogs that you can't go a day without checking?

Day 6: It's time... It's definitely time to do something. It may be a new season for you in your life, or a time to make some goals, or it may just be time to relax (because it's Saturday right?). Draw something that represents the word time and then make a list of things that you need to do at this time in your life, or day, or week

Day 7: Today is an easy one... How are you feeling today? Sometimes it's really good to reflect on your feelings and try to figure out why you are feeling a certain way.

Day 8: Today, I want you to illustrate an "inside joke." I want this to be a page that only you and a few other people would get. Inside jokes are always fun (well, when you are a part of them I guess).

Day 9: Choose another person who is very significant in your life right now. It can definitely be the same person that we wrote about on day 3. This prompt is going to be all about those wonderful adjectives, and typography. Describe your special person with as many words as you can fit. For each word, try to use a different font or writing style. This is a great way to practice fun typography.

Day 10: This prompt is all about collections. What do you collect? If anything. Do you collect buttons, clothes, shoes, friends, parking tickets, whatever!! Illustrate your collections. This will be fun to look back on someday and see how your collections have grown or have moved on :)

Day 11: Hello friends. Today is another one of my favorite pages. And speaking of favorites, this is a page all about your faves!! We are going to list your favorites in each of these four categories: * TV shows * Music * Food * Splurges

Day 12: Journal 12 is all about trends. Whether you consider yourself "trendy" or not, I bet there are a few trends that you find yourself gravitating to. If not, you can create a page of trends that you think are lame too, it's up to you

Day 13: Silly insecurities....we all have them unfortunately. If you don't, you are my hero :) Today I want you to document your insecurities, face them, write them down, reflect on them, and get them out of your system. Somewhere on your page I want you to write "BUT..." This will lead in to tomorrow's prompt :) This is definitely not a fun prompt but it's kind of necessary in order to move past them.

Day 14: Ok, now that we have all of the yucky insecurities out of our system, I want us to completely focus ONLY on the things that make you the amazing person that you are. What are the qualities that you possess that make you so wonderful? Don't be shy and don't be modest either on this one :)

Day 15: Today I would like you to brainstorm some goals for the upcoming month. A short list of goals that will be attainable to accomplish in one month.

Day 16: Short, sweet, and straight to the point :) What are you wearing today? Write it, doodle it, cut it out of a magazine, whatever!

Day 17: Today you are going to illustrate a day. It can be today, it can be yesterday, it can be a significant event that you have had in your life :) Use pictures, labels, words, doodle, sketches, anything you want, to describe your day! This is a cute one. Enjoy!

Day 18: Music is one of my most favorite things ever!! It translates emotions that I can't even imagine putting into words. I love it. Today I want you to create a playlist of some kind. It can be your summer playlist, your July playlist, songs from your wedding day, or favorite songs of all time :) This one will be another fun one to look at down the road

Day 19: Today I want you to create a "guide to your city." What are the must-see things that you would want a visitor to experience in your city. This can guide can be for your city, town, or state.

Day 20: Here is the age old question, what is in your bag?? This has always been a great photo prompt that i have seen all over the blog world. Today, you are going to write about the contents of YOUR bag, or illustrate it, or take a picture of it, whatever :D

Day 21: What is your most favorite quote? A quote that inspires you, or your mantra. I literally have 4 journals from college filled with quotes that inspire me and make me smile. Today is the day to share your inspiring words with your friends

Day 22: Today I want to know what your favorite holiday is!! There are soooo many holidays out there and the cool thing is that they differ depending on where you live, your family, and your religion. Teach me all about your favorite holiday and why it's your favorite

Day 23: Today I want you to fill an entire page in your journal with one of the elements of art. (Here they are: 1. Line 2. Color 3. Shape 4. Space 5. Texture 6. Form)

Day 24: What is your most favorite place in the world? Is it a country, a town, a room, a secret place that no one else knows about? I know you have one, I want to see it!!

Day 25: I want you to think about your day today. If you had to describe to me in one word, or one short phrase what would it be?? Us this phrase or word repeatedly on your page, trying out new fonts

Day 26: Today you are going to write out your favorite recipe!! This can be written, illustrated, cut and pasted, something. It is always really good to document these small little pieces of your life. Don't you think?

Day 27: If you could change one thing, what would it be. This could be something about yourself, your situation, your city, your country, the world...anything!!

Day 28: What are you most looking forward to? This can be something tomorrow, in a month, a year, or way into the future :)

Day 29: Today I want you to write a letter to either your past self, or your future self. What are some things that you wish you would have known in the past? What are some things that you want to remember in the future? Write yourself a love letter today!!

Day 30: What did you do this week that moved you closer to reaching your goals?


aidenromantic 09/13/2010 #

So, we do the journal and keep it. But take pictures of each page and post it on some site and that's the swap? I just want to make sure I have it right.

cleopatra 09/13/2010 #


aidenromantic 09/13/2010 #

Hmm... Interesting. I will more than likely join. For now I'm watching it. I need to get 3 pen pal packages sent out for a swap on another site and do 90 inchies for another site. If I get them done by the time this swap deadline comes, I'll join. :)

pengrafyx 09/13/2010 #

Just wanted to say I think is a great swap! Unfortunately, my art schedule is full till mid-November, but thanks for posting such a great idea - I hope you run it again in the new year - I'd love to play then - but doing one more project in the next two months will make my brain explode! :)

Flutterflies22 09/13/2010 #

I have to send a swap out and then I'm in!

cleopatra 09/14/2010 #

I am definitely keen to do this again. Probably at the beginning of next year with slightly different prompts.

It's so inspiring seeing how differently people interpret the same prompt.

violin21 09/15/2010 #

I think it would be lovely as we are sending the link to our photos that we put on our blog, it would be nice to be able to send it to more than one person as we are'nt posting the journal, we are only sending photographs.

Jacquisking 09/15/2010 #

Hi I love this. I cant send u an inbox msg here it wont work but I wanted explain my recent 1, ive sent the package but it didnt get there yet, its only been 3 week and the po said up to 2mnths so I got a bad rating but I do not flake ever. Please can i join this?

cleopatra 09/16/2010 #

I was actually just thinking of increasing the partner number. It is always nice to see more inspiration:) How does 5 partners sound ?

violin21 09/16/2010 #

Great glad to see that we can send the link to five people, do we have to leave comments for the journal at the end? I think it would be nice so that we who are posting and sending our swaps can see that our partners have received them. Just an idea!!!!

cleopatra 09/16/2010 #

I was thinking about the comments. I know that I am definitely going to comment on the journals I receive. However, since the receiver will be the one looking at the pics (and the potential commenter), it would be difficult to enforce since they are not the person getting rated.

Does that make sense ?

In short, I strongly suggest leaving a comment - it will make the creator feel great - but I can't let ratings rely on that.

How does everyone feel about creating a second, part A swap, in which you are to comment on your partner's journals ?

Miss007 09/16/2010 #

Ohh love this kind of swap, I will watch this days that are left but I think im going to join :)

chelle523 09/17/2010 #

Does this mean that you can create an electronic journal - similar to a blog or an actual blog and send it to your partner? Or does it have to be an actual journal that you take pics of?

cleopatra 09/18/2010 #

Definitely an actual journal that you take pics of.

eepy 09/22/2010 #

I'd love to do this one, but the timing is wrong for me too. And I'm a bit discouraged 'cuz I finished up a swap where you had to do 60 pages! Lots of work and was much fun to do, but it looks as though my partner flaked so I get nada!

Elfslayer 09/24/2010 #

Can we start already, though partners aren't assigned yet?

violin21 09/24/2010 #

Ive started already I am waiting for the partners be assigned so I can then give them the link to my journal.

cleopatra 09/25/2010 #

Ladies I am sorry that I took my time to assign partners... I am in Germany ! It took me a while to find an internet cafe but I found one in a casino. I will be going through partners now and then assigning, but feel free to start your journal already, since it is sender's choice.

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