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** I have been AWOL from swapbot for a while. long story (or several of them) but am trying to make good on my swaps I missed or that got lost in transit. If I owe you something please inbox me about it and I will try sort something out. I am a good swapper and always try to send quality packages in good time however sometimes life gets in the way. I do not make a habit of flaking on swaps. I am sorting out my ratings have sent packages to people who have replied to contact, am waiting to hear from others I have sent messages to so I can resend**

About Me

I have a new address so please double check my mailing address before posting

I'm Jac, 25 yrs old from Bristol in the UK. I recently moved to Devon and am about the start a new job as a care assistant/home carer. I have a big interest in the area of autism/ aspergers/ ASD/ ASC/ PDD/ PDD-NOS/ GDD.

I have a 10 year old Greyhound called "Cat" who is a retired racer. We had another greyhound "Eddie" who we had to have PTS in Jan 2012 at 13 years 2 months. R.I.P Eddie Roo. xxxx We regularly go on day trips, holidays and little adventures where we visit lots of dog friendly attractions and pubs/cafes etc and review them on our blog campingandexploringwithdogs.blogspot.com - Check it out!!

I enjoy scrapbooking (but dont get alot of time for it now with work commitments), paper crafts and photography (take my digital camera almost everywhere with me and I now have a "proper" digital SLR camera but I dont really know how to use the manual settings on it). I am also into journalling (thanks to swapbot) and like to answer journal prompts in my various journals.

I want to learn other crafts, like candle making and jewellery/ beading and to be better at fabric painting (I've done some stuff but I kinda suck!) and at the moment I'm really in to altered photo frames and just started making airfix models too its pretty fun but a bit fiddly at times.I'm too inpatient to sit and put things together flawlessly and wait for paint and glue to dry. I'm trying to grow my own vegetables this year now we have a private garden (well my brothers house does so I've taken it over).

I love nature, can spend hours staring at (and ofcourse photographing) the sea, lakes, waterfalls, flowers and tree's, animals, and other such things.

I collect snowglobes and other souvenirs. I like receiving letters, cards, and parcels from penpals and friends.

I do various bits of fundraising for charities. Doing the grand intentions for the National Autistic Society, organised a fun day and done various sponsored walks. Did the Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) heart of london bridges walk the past couple of years. Am doing the sponsored 1000 greyhound world record attempt with my dog in September 2012.

I like bright colours and LOVE the colour purple, I'll buy anything if its purple even if i have no use for it. (This doesnt mean i want all your old purple Junk)

I like Tatty Teddy, and have various tatty teddy items and would be interested in receiving more items. see info further down for more specifics.

I like most sweets and chocolate (who doesnt) but nothing too sour and i'm vegitarian so nothing with animal rennet. and i love peanut butter (despite having a slight allergy to peanuts) so go crazy over reeces peanut butter cups and peanut butter kitkat chunkies (which no one seems to sale any more).

Love Shudehill Giftware photo frames, they are adorable and I'm fast developing a collection of these.

My favorite tv shows are True blood, NCIS and Dexter (I'm true blood mad, In fact LOVE LOVE LOVE true blood and everything related to it and in turn vampires - but not twilight (dont get me started on twilight, sparkly vampires etc etc)). I love watching police and hospital documentarys. Love watching re-runs even if Ive seen every episode a million times.

My favorite books are Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse novels (the books true blood is based on, you didn't see that coming did ya?). and being a big fan of his couldn't wait to read the tree of seasons by Stephen Gately (which he was working on when he passed away in 2009). I also got REALLY inspired by Elizabeth Gilberts eat,pray,love (the movie isnt a patch on the books) and also "Man Down" by Mark Ormrod who is a marine who lost both legs and an arm in an IED explosion in 2007.

I love watching movies and have loads of dvds. I like most films but not too fond on horror and am more in to typical girlie movies these days.

I take a size 16 - 18 in t-shirts (or xl in those teeny girlie fit tops), sock size uk 6.

I'm terrified of spiders and cant even look at pictures of cartoon spiders. DO NOT send me anything with them on.

I will soon be moving to my own flat. The 1st time not living with family members so things for my flat would be nice like ornaments, photo frames, cushion covers, candles, you get the idea.

If anyone would like to private swap please contact me :)

Wish list

  • Felt pieces/shapes and stampers or stencils for using for fabric painting. - I want to make totes and pillow cases etc

  • Fabric paints or pens.

  • Shudehill Giftware photo frames

  • Cool Fabrics (for cutting up and sticking in my scrap projects and for the odd occasion a swap calls for stuff made with fabric)

  • Meerkats - they are just too cute tho I dont expect you to mail me a real one lol but like models, keyrings, stationary, posters, postcards, badges, etc etc

  • Beach or seaside themed items. Driftwood, lighthouses, fishing boats, etc.

  • Anything purple (love purple)

  • or bright colours.

  • Tatty teddy - stuffies, keyrings, magnets, badges.

  • "Make your own" type projects.

  • Snowglobes - I love all kinds of snowglobes

  • True blood - coasters, posters, magnets,badges, bags, t-shirts, models, novelties etc

  • Any thing vampirey , but especially trueblood related, fangs and bats and coffins and blood (not real blood tho eww) I love my blob of blood stuffie I received from a true blood swap. NOT twilight.

  • Pens (gel pens, highlighters, markers, good writing pens, I especially like sharpies and gel pens) - Okay I have way too many pens but still who doesn't need pens right?.

  • Long letters from you with my package (at very least a note)

  • Candles, incense and oils (not spray air freshener as it messes with my asthma) - but please make sure candles are wrapped and not in contact with rest of the contents as have had a few ruined items due to candle wax staining them.

  • Books - any books, I love reading. but check my amazon wishlist if you want an idea on a specific book.

         MAKE UP SWAPS!!

I dont wear alot of make- up mainly nail varnish and mascara. I like BRIGHT nail polish and DARK eye make-up (mascara,eye liner, eye shadow). and I like body sprays and body mists, creams and face masks. Please NO dove products as my skin reacts to them.


I like all types of postcards, hand made or store bought but themes I particularly like are beach/nature related. Although even more if its related to my favorite things e.g. true blood and vampires (not twilight) I'll love it even more so.

I collect

Things in particular that I collect are : -

  • Snowglobes - any size, any shape, plastic or ceramic/glass. I just love snowglobes.

  • True blood related items - posters, magnets, keyrings, badges, etc

  • Tatty teddy - Stuffies, badges, models, socks, books, stationary, etc

Favorite Crafts

  • Scrapbooking

  • Photography

  • Journalling

  • Sticking things to other items e.g. personalising photo frames, flower pots, candle holders, etc

  • Aircraft

Things i dont like/want

  • Spiders

  • Meat or animal products (i'm vegetarian)

  • Religious items (although I'm 100% tolerant of other peoples belief systems and am actually fascinated by the subject of religion especially "alternative" kinds, What I meant was more I dont follow a set religion and dont care for cards and pictures of Jesus or bible verses. I went to a C of E school - been there done that!)

  • Broken or damaged items (obviously but you'd be surprised)

  • Citrus smelling/tasting (yuck!)

  • Boring or plain items (i like bright, colourful items)

  • Ear rings - i dont have my ears pierced

  • Dark/plain choc. (my fav is white but milk is good too)

  • Twilight (no vampires do not sparkle)

Favorite Television

True blood




Big Bang Theory

Favorite Books

13 little blue envelopes

Man Down - Mark Ormrod

The sookie stackhouse novels by charlaine harris

The tree of seasons by stephen gately

The dexter series

keeping the moon by sarah dessen (actually most of sarah dessens books)

A friend like Henry

Eat, Pray, Love

Sisterhood of the travelling pants

Going too far

Roses are Red

A Real Boy

Past Mortem

Swaps for my Brother

I'm making this section for a swap that is particularly for another member of the family

My brothers name is Paul , he is 37 years old.

His birthdays 20th March.

His favorite colour is Red.

You can mail to him at the same address as mine.

He's not in to crafting really but does like those scraperfoils and woodcraft kits and things like that.

He likes the big bang theory, how i met your mother, Glee and house.

He likes stephen fry , so always watches QI

He takes a size xl - xxl in clothing and has size 12/13 feet

He likes most sport (watching not playing) especially Football - he supports Bristol City

He likes playstation, had a ps3 for xmas '10 so needs games for that now!

He likes chewy sweets like american hard gums and fruit pastils but not the foamy and jelly types. his fav chocs are quality street and he likes toffees the most.

He likes smelly candles.

He collects fridge magnets, bookmarks and pens from places with the name of the place on them.

He likes crime novels. though doesnt read that often and isnt really a fan of the bones series.

He likes flavored teas and hot chocolate sachets (even better if they come with cinnamon shakers and marshmallows for topping).

He likes shower gels and bubble bath, etc

He likes handmade things with the design of his fav things like TBBT. (someone sent a plastic travel mug with images of the big bang theory on it which he LOVED!!!) he'd like coasters, postcards, bookmarks, etc if it had the big bang theory, how i met your mother, glee etc images on it.

I think he'd like items about greyhounds/ with images of greyhounds, especially if they look like our two (there's fotos of them in my flickr album I dont know how to put fotos on my profile) - actually if someone MADE him something using actual images of our dogs, he would LOVE that!!

I think that'll do to give you an idea.


lemorton rated for My Happy Place :) on May 30, 2012
Comment: Whats up?? are you there? will you send? sorry for the one but....no show...
angeloveloveryan rated for Sweet Six - Photo Swap on Apr 20, 2012
tamtamlee rated for Let's Tell About Our Pet's on Apr 18, 2012
truckermikeswife rated for Let's Tell About Our Pet's on Apr 11, 2012
Comment: Loved learning about your Greyhound.
Iselilja rated for Sweet Six - Photo Swap on Apr 5, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the lovely photos! They really brightened my day up and appreciate all the effort you put in to selecting those photos for me ^_^
Nastasi rated for Sweet Six - Photo Swap on Apr 3, 2012
Comment: I love these photos! Thanks so much Jacqui :) Love the owl!!
Response: you're welcome :)
isabellasnow rated for "This or that" questions on Mar 31, 2012
Comment: Thank you!
Response: welcome
noussa rated for "This or that" questions on Mar 28, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the answers , i really enjoyed reading them =)
Fritosmom rated for "This or that" questions on Mar 27, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the prompt This or That. I enjoyed reading your answers and also reading your Profile. I absolutely Love The Big Bang Theory:-) Hugs
drgngirl rated for 50 Questions on Mar 22, 2012
OreoWellington rated for Scavenger hunt package on Mar 11, 2012
Comment: Thank you for making the effort to make up your swaps. I respect you for that. I appreciate everything. Your actions have given me surprise, happiness, hope and inspiration. Thanks again.
Response: Thank you for re-rating me for this swap. I am glad that you received the parcel and liked what I sent for you. :) Happy Swapping.
Sharlzie rated for Lovely Girly Goodies! on Mar 7, 2012
Comment: Wow Jacqui, your package was soooo worth the wait! :-D Thank you soooo much for your generosity... I just love everything & can't wait to treat myself to some pampering over the weekend :) Thanks for making my day xx
Response: Great. Glad you got the parcel :) I tried to get things you would enjoy using and could have a good girlie session. Thank you soooo much for the 5 and the <3
Comment: July 30, 2012 Even though you promised to resend me this swap, I still haven't seen anything and you don't respond to my messages either :(
Response: Am going to get this sent out to you ASAP please re-rate when you receive it.
Nyu rated for Seven Deadly Sins ATC - Lust (4 of 7) on Sep 9, 2011
Comment: This is the first 1-rating I've had to give, unfortunately. I sent my swap to this person for her brother, but never got anything in return for my husband. I also sent a message to this person but never got a reply. If I get a package, I will change the rating.
Response: am resending package
Comment: I HATE HATE HATE marking a 1 - but even though you marked as sent, it is now 3 weeks past deadline and I have not recevied anything, and despite my emails to you, you have not yet replied. I will be happy to change this rating if I recieve the ATC and/or hear from you (I know life happens and there is nothing we can do about it) - I am also still waiting on a rating from you for the first in the series sent over a month ago... Please get in touch soon, I worry about people!!
Response: Hi I didnt receive any emails from you as far as im aware. however I have no excuse (or none im going to go in to) for being AWOL. I intend on redoing any swaps that I missed or went missing etc at the soonest (is that a word?) opportunity. bear with me but I will get it out to you.
Comment: Thank you so much, Mike loves the shirt, me too hehe!! Only took 20 days..so it pays to always be patient.You are surely a star.
Response: you're very welcome. im glad it got to you and that mike (and you) love what i sent.

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Hiya Jacqui, it's Rebecca Mills from facebook here! After reading your posts about sb I just had to check it out and am addicted! I've asked to join your Dexter group, although I'm not really a fan I want to help you grow your group! Xx

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