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ATCs for Beginners (International)

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ATCs for Beginners (International)
Swap Coordinator:Wanderlost (contact)
Swap categories: Artist Trading Card (ATC)  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:81
Last day to signup/drop:November 20, 2007
Date items must be sent by:December 15, 2007
Number of swap partners:1

I have been flirting with the idea of trying ATCs for a long time, but all of the existing ATC swaps seem a little intimidating. So I thought I'd make my own swap just for beginners.

The Rules- are very simple.

1 ATC for 1 partner. Take a look at their profile for inspiration on themes. If you need an overview as to what ATCs are and how to make them, this is the best site I've found so far:

Art in Your Pocket ATCs

If you still need help, just Google "ATC" and you'll come up with a ton of links.

This swap is International and open to Newbies. Having an adequately filled out profile is a MUST for this swap! Established swappers must have a rating of no lower than 4.5

Experienced ATC swappers are welcome to join, but please keep in mind that this swap for beginners! If you are more experienced, maybe you'd like to include some tips or techniques you've found useful/fun?

On that note, you should rate a 5 as long as you receive a card (just like for all swaps). We should try to keep our partner's tastes in mind, but do not rate a 3 just because the card wasn't your style. I'm hoping that we won't have any flakers, because this swap is very straightforward, and I've left a decent window before the send date to get your cards made and sent out. I reserve the right to ban anyone who does not meet the swap requirements (filled out profiles for everyone and a 4.5 rating for non-newbies). Please contact me if you have questions.

Have Fun Everyone!


Xebby 10/21/2007 #

Some of the best ATCs I have received have been from beginners. There really is no wrong way to make them but my best advice is not to copy what you see online, but use your own imagination to create your little piece of original art and have some fun while you are making them.

Once I stopped trying to make my ATCs look like what I thought they are expected to look like, I was able to really take off and make them unique. I use different medium to make them from paints, pencil sketching, scrapbooking to whatever I find, the possibilities are endless. I have a few on my flicker site (link in profile), if anyone is interested in taking a look.

Wanderlost 10/21/2007 #

Thanks Xebby!

MissU 11/ 4/2007 #

What is it made on? Is it a playing card, plastic of some sort, cardboard cut to a certain size? Does size matter? :)

pahasiga 11/ 7/2007 #

As I have understood it, size is the only thing that matters! :D

Xebby 11/10/2007 #

Size really is the only thing that has to be correct, it's 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches There really are no rules on what they can be made out of. I have collected cards made on all types of medium, paper, plastic, wood, polymer clay, and even glass. My own I mainly use a playing card as the base and then go from there using whatever I find to add flavor to the cards.

There are a few things that are not required but have been brought up in discussions about ATCs. I've noticed that some prefer the cards not to be too thick so that they can fit into a sleeve and yet not too thin and flimsy, I personally don't mind receiving really thick or thin cards. Also putting some effort into make them would be really appreciated by the one receiving them. On swap-bot reading your partners profiles will also help. Designing cards based on partners likes will usally help give you ideas on how to build the cards.

The link posted in the swap description is an excellent site for some wonderful info about ATCs.

sweetcandylove 11/12/2007 #

Can I start making one now? Or do I have to wait until I have a partner and base my ATC on my partner's profile?

Wanderlost 11/12/2007 #

You should really wait for partners to be assigned before you make your card, so that you can personalize it to their taste.

she9 11/13/2007 #

Okay Im really new at this and just a little worried - what is it that I am now meant to do? will I receive an email with my partners name on it? when will I get a partner? who assigns this partner? And what is a rating? how do you get one? who gives it to me? sorry I just need to understand ....

Xebby 11/13/2007 #

You don't necessarily have to wait to be assigned a partner to make the cards for some swaps. A lot of ATC swaps are themed swaps so for those you could make the cards before partners are assigned. It is just nice to receive something tailored to your likings. There are many suggestions on how to make them but in the end it's all up to the creator.

To She9. You will get an e-mail saying when partners are assigned, you then come here and click on the link that will appear in the box above the swap that says "See partners you send to" anouther box will open with your partners address. You will also be able to rate partners once they are assigned and you receive something from your partner. If you receive something that met the requirement from the swap then give a 5 whether you like it or not, if it's really special then give a heart. If the items do not meet the swap requirement but you received something it's a 3 and if you get nothing it's a 1. No one wants a 3 or 1 but they do happen from time to time so it's something to be aware of. Check others profiles and you can see what ratings are all about.

she9 11/14/2007 #

Thanks Xebby - much appreciated - Im new at this and I am very very excited.

twobluecrows 11/17/2007 #

A lot of the ATCs that you see are collages of one sort or another, but they don't have to be.

They can be photographs, straight or digitally altered, sized to fit a base of sturdy cardstock or watercolor paper, or they can be abstract or realistic digital art, or drawings: either B&W or color, using pencils, pen & ink, crayons, markers, etc.

Little paintings, too, in any medium you prefer--you can make a small canvas for painting oils or acrylics, too, just wrap a piece of clean cotton duck (canvas)or linen around acid-free chipboard, glue it to the back and gesso it well.

The point of ATCs is that they are Artist's Trading Cards, and should illustrate the artist's skills and creativity. As beginners it's ok to experiment with styles you see online or in magazines, especially when you want to try out the techniques people are using, but don't get caught up in making things that fit in any trends or fads out there, it's much better to express your own inner spirit!

There is a good book out by Bernie Berlin called "Artist Trading Card Workshop: Create, Collect, Swap" Check your Library for a copy or buy it--great techniques and a variety of examples, making a good stepping off place for working in mixed media, but remember that mixed media is just one way to make your art!

Having fun is the other main rule!


twobluecrows 11/17/2007 #

Oh, one more thing an ATC can be is a little book! You can take a sheet of paper and fold it a certain way to make an 8-page book or mini 'zine. If you want the directions, pm me and I'll e-mail it to you. Cyn

kittycake4u 11/18/2007 #

Is there a theme for these ATCs? Or are they just what we want them to be? I read through but maybe I missed something.

DJPirtu 11/19/2007 #

I belive that there is no set theme in this swap. Of course, it is nice to customise your cards accoring to the receiver, but that is not requires. Nor possible, from time to time. Experimenting is never a bad idea, even tough sending a failed experiment might be.

I find a good guideline to be, send what you would be happy to receive.

Push the definition of what an ATC can be :)

hopeevey 11/19/2007 #

Oh, TwoBlueCrows, that's a great idea! Now I'm thinking about making an ATC book with a decorated cover, and ATC ideas and suggestions inside.

she9 11/21/2007 #

Hi TwoBlueCrows I know this may not be polite but I would really love the instructions for the little ATC book - would that be possible? please. If I can I don't know what PM is but would be happy to email you.

sararenee 11/21/2007 #

Oh, yes- I'm new here... When do we get our partners?

raven 11/22/2007 #

What's going on ??? Where is our host, are we still having this swap ????

zebra3175 11/22/2007 #

Yeah, I wanted to get mine out in the mail this morning with my chrissy cards. I guess I wont be doing that will I? :) Ahh well. I hope it soon though.

DJPirtu 11/22/2007 #

Guess #1: Our host has to push this button labeled "Assign partners"

Guess #2: Our host from the Unites States of America

Guess #3: Around this time, there is this thing called "Thanksgiving" going on in the United States of America

If I've been right with my guesses so far, I can only guess that our host is too preoccupied to push the button labeled "Assign partners"

Wanderlost 11/22/2007 #

Hi guys! I'm very sorry that I was late assigning partners. My best friend died unexpectedly and I had to make an emergency international flight to put her affairs in order. I'm back now, and partners have been assigned! I hope everyone has fun making their cards :)

p.s. happy thanksgiving to the americans in the swap, and happy thursday to all of our international swappers!

raven 11/23/2007 #

marsin your atc is on it's way,, form Raven

Xebby 11/23/2007 #

The funnest part I had with this is that although I have made several ATCs I still felt like a newbie to them in this swap because I used a medium that is new to me. I didn't have much experience with polymer clay before I signed up for this swap and decided to make a few ATCs out of it. I now feel as if I found a whole new world of art that I just hit the very tip of.

Thanks for a great swap!

Wanderlost 11/23/2007 #

I'm glad you enjoyed it Xebby. I bet those polymer clay ATCs are gorgeous! Why don't you upload some pictures to the gallery?

I'd just like to apologize again for the delay in assigning partners, but I hope everyone has a great swap experience! If there are any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me. I don't have any more jet-setting adventures planned, so I'll be around and will get back to you promptly!

Xebby 11/24/2007 #

I don't have a very good camera (I use my camera phone) or scanner and didn't get a pic of the one for this swap before I sent it, but I do have similar ATCs in my fliker.

Maybe Santa will bring me a nice camera and then I can upload all of my swaps... ;-)

JoyFound 11/25/2007 #

pym - Yours went out yesterday. I emailed you privately as well. Enjoy.


jaz1yn 11/28/2007 #

Yay, I just finished mine! (My very first ATC!! :D) I hope the person I'm sending it to will like it.

hesnamewasperry 12/14/2007 #

i sent mine today! i had so much fun with this swap!

missslady 12/14/2007 #

befana - sent; I hope you like it... my first ATC.

cerwinrhiannon 12/15/2007 #

Mine is almost done, but I ran out of double sided tape, so it may be going out a day late.

hopeevey 12/16/2007 #

Gah! Forgot to mark sent when I put it in the mail - Sorry!!

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