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Date Joined: September 19, 2007
Last Online: November 17, 2018
Birthday: January 5, 1976
Country: Latvia
Things made by me in Flickr (old stuff)

About My Swapping

In case you are interested, I have a list of things sent/owning on the bottom of my profile.

I'm here mostly to swap ideas (for example for handmade items), not stuff.

So, for most swaps I sign up hoping to get to try something new, and also that I get some new ideas in exchange.
That means, if you are sending to me, don't be afraid to try something new. I'd love to look on an item you made/sent and think "oh wow, what an idea! I would never have thought of it!". If it meets the swap description, no matter how unusual the interpretation, it is a fair game (although, if you are afraid that I may not understand how exactly it meets it, you could add an explanation, so that I could feel the wow at once, not after confusion and PMing).

For swaps that require writing something (a note, a letter) it means that, given the content is the same, there's no real difference for me whether the letter is handwritten on pretty paper or printed on plain printer paper. There's no reason to apologize on the second case as some people have done, really! Actually, as I'm not a native English speaker, I often find printed text (especially in plain font on plain white paper) easier to read.

In general, I prefer practical over pretty. Yeah, weird.

It also means that I am not so extremely fond of receiving extras - I have lots of stuff already, and as I said, I am much more interested in the idea behind the swap items than getting more stuff. Extras do not affect how I rate you, anyway.
Also because of all the drama surrounding extras, I don't send any extras myself - I do not want to make my partners feel like they are under pressure to give a heart, and if they won't who knows where I will go and complain about rude people (not that I'd do that, but how would you know?). So - no extras, no pressure on my partners, that's the way I think. ;)

Another thing that my not caring much about stuff means is that I don't really lose any sleep if you send your swap out late or not at all. On the other side, I lose no sleep over rating accordingly, either.

I'd also rather not get angel packages, unless you allow me to angel something for you, too - I feel uncomfortable when receiving but not sending myself (or when receiving too generous packages).

I strongly disagree with the "send what you'd want to receive yourself", so don't be afraid - you will not get mathematical problems from me unless that's what you'd want to receive, too. (whew!)

About Me

Work: teacher of an after-school math group; checking tests of my husband's first year students.

Home: my husband, our two teen sons and two young daughters; no pets (unless you count free-range spiders) but a small garden.

Besides work&home: visiting local art studio on Saturdays.

I am Estonian, my husband is Latvian, children speak both languages (well, so do we). We live in a townlet near Riga, the capital of Latvia.

About My Username

"Paha siga" in Estonian means "bad pig" - from a story of a piglet whining that he cannot burrow as either his snout is mangy or ground is frozen, resulting in a saying in Estonian said to people who complain about something and find fault with all solutions offered as well. I was often like that during my second pregnancy and to warn my fellow chatters (you know, trying to find solutions for someone just wanting to whine gets both parties angry) I changed my nickname to paha_siga on these occasions. Afterwards I stuck to it as it was far more original than previous nick.

This little pig in my avatar I crocheted specially for using as an avatar. I wondered after photographing whether I should find her now another use, for example, as a pincushion (making her therefore a porcupine - direct translation from Estonian would be "thorn-pig") but a friend told me that she looks more like a sad pig than a bad one and it is obvious from her face she knows about my cruel plan to stick needles into her. Now she lives in a tin cake that @dreamerkins made me for a swap and works occasionally as a model for my swap cards. :)

If you find spelling my nickname too difficult, you may just call me piggy.

But, what with my nick and avatar, pigs are actually not particularly special for me. I rather like all kinds of animals.

Favorite Crafts

Two crafts I feel most confident in are knitting and crocheting. But I also do now and then a bit of sewing, play around with polymer clay, and actually like to try a bit of everything.

So as to give you an idea, what I do and on what level, here's a list of what I do have and use:

  • knitting needles - circular and double-pointed mostly, of 4-5 different sizes, enough for most of my projects, only I cannot run several of the same size at the same time - that's probably only good for me as it makes me to actually finish a project ;) ; two row counters; I also have some stitch markers and a truly good needle holder thanks to @AmandaLee
  • crochet hooks - about 8 of them, I think I have now all sizes covered; and crochet stitch markers from @Toupti 's etsy shop
  • lots of yarn, too! - both my mother and sister have brought me their leftover yarn, hoping I'll find use for it... good thing my mother gave two baskets as well!
  • I also got some raw yarn... I guess I should do some knit/crochet washing-machine felted thing, or do you have some other idea? I have no spinning tools, but maybe I'll try weaving them?
  • wool for felting, felting needles and felting pad
  • a sewing machine, needles and threads and fabric; I also have a bunch of synthetic felt
  • lots of embroidery threads
  • a set of Knifty Knitters (thanks to @luvcatzzz - I wanted them for my grandmother (now deceased)
  • various beads, cheap hooks (no real silver stuff etc), wire and such, and tools
  • Fimo polymer clay, a roller, three cutters, a bead roller, some molds and a varnish; @dreamerkins sent me a clay machine, yay!
  • two children weaving looms [one (newer!) of them rather sucks]
  • glue and varnish (and napkins) for decoupage - had a course in summer 2013!
  • one children DIY kit with pottery wheel (not tried out yet)
  • a bit of stickers and over a dozen paper punches, although I'm not into paper crafts at all (they are mostly for my children) - I admire people who can make wonderful collages, but I just can't myself
  • brads and a setter for them
  • some fabric dye, fabric paints, fabric markers, candle paints, ceramic markers, Hama beads - all these tend to be seasonal hobbies and/or to be done together with children

Most probably I don't even know what I'm missing, so if you read this list and think of something I miss, you should tell me! ;)


In the start of 2009, I knitted a bear who spent over two years traveling mostly within Estonia. Now he/she (we never came to decide) is living in Tartu Toy Museum together with all the things our craft forums hosts made for it... and, it seems, is now traveling around together with museum workers. That bear! I don't know how it manages!!

Favourite Arts

In my art group that I attend, we can use whatever media we want for drawing or painting. I have been using mostly coal, oil pastels and dry pastels, and recently started to try watercolours, although it seems easiest to use them for background and do the important details in something else. I also have some acrylic paints at home, but somehow I never know how to mix them.
We have mostly still life settings, of course, but more and more do people bring in photos they want to paint or pictures they want to copy (all purely for an artistic growth), so it may easily be that everyone does her own little thing. Especially for Art Days each spring - we usually need to do Something Else depending what the theme is. According to the teacher and also others, my pictures are often childish or just plain weird "only you can think of something like that" kind. (A coal and watercolour picture I did in spring 2014 was called, within the same lesson, childish by one person and macabre by someone else. Sheesh, I must be really clever.)

Liking and Disliking

First of all, if you are reading this because you need to send me a flat profile surprise, any math or logic puzzle will do very well - pull it out of a magazine or print off internet, doesn't matter. Of course, if you find something else that fits the description, it is quite fine - I just thought to make this easy, as that part of swap would not be the one that made me sign up, so no point in putting too much time into it.

Also, I don't collect unwritten postcards (except for maps and Navitrolla) or notecards, so if you are sending some of those, there's no point in making them to match my profile - but rather, the profiles of people I'm going to send them to. Which means anything (of sufficiently universal interest) goes!


Pretty colours: black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, terracota, grey, silver, beige

Ugly colours: pink, orange, purple, golden, dark brown, muddy colours

That's just my personal opinion and doesn't include things that are in their natural colour - I'd rather have pink than green pigs, thank you. ;) If you make an ATC trying to convince me that pink and brown is actually a pretty combination, it's fine! I also have no problems using "ugly" colours when making something for others.

The fact that I have a baby girl has not changed my opinion about pink. But my sister, who does like pink, has a daughter 8 mo older and sends forth all her stuff, so there's still a lot of pink clothing in our house. I wouldn't buy myself, but if I already have it, well. I think I have said it already - practical over pretty...

I'm fond of...

  • mathematics (especially algebra, combinatorics, logics; not very fond of analysis) - got my M.Sc at last on 30.08.2010!
  • logic puzzles - I visit Killer Sudoku Online and KenKen daily, plus all those little puzzles that can be get from here and sometimes JigSawDoku; I also have a year of a puzzle magazine (I like the puzzles, but the customer service sucked unbelievably big time).
  • Comics strips I follow on gocomics: Adam@Home, Agnes, Basic Instructions, Boomerangs, Buni, Calvin and Hobbes, C'est la Vie, Cul de Sac, Daddy's Home, The Elderberries, FoxTrot, Garfield, Haiku Ewe, Heart of the City, Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz, The Meaning of Lila, Lost Side of Suburbia, Nest Heads, Neurotica, The Norm, One Big Happy, Peanuts (x3), Pickles, PreTeena, Red and Rover, Stone Soup, Ten Cats, Tiny Sepuku, Little Dog Lost, 9 Chickweed Lane, Luann. I also read Girl Genius and Between Failures.
    I'm sure you can draw some kind of conclusion about me now. I'm not sure I want to know what that conclusion is.
  • maps and floor plans, incl fake ones
  • playing with my garden, especially theoretically - I am not so fond of decaterpillaring; as in other things, I tend to prefer practical over beautiful, much to my husband's chagrin who hoped I will grow a nice flower garden instead of potatoes that remind him of his childhood drudging on grandmother's farm ;)
  • reusable produce bags - I use some pretty gift bags made of see-through fabric, as I suck at sewing myself
  • if you are a native German or Russian speaker, I'd love to get a note/letter from you in that language (preferably typed, for clarity) - I have learned both languages as a child, but have forgotten a lot because of seldom having to use them
  • of books, I like classic crime stories and young/teen literature, also fantasy; I think I like these because I need my happy end - the realistic grown-up books tend to be rather depressing, and you can call catching the criminal a happy end, too. ;) In crime books, I don't care about blood and gore, but the whodunit ones - when, after reading the book, you go and leaf through it, looking for the clues you missed.
  • I enjoy dry humour, double meaning, subtlety, reading between lines, and the like. Cake-in-your-face type of jokes don't seem funny to me at all.
  • I like to pamper myself sometimes with handmade soaps and bath bombs from Stenders.
  • tiny flat borderless stickers, especially animals (say, like Sandylion's); as I make advent calendars for my pupils, they use lots of winter/Christmas type of stickers as well (and for them, really everything goes).

Wasted on me

  • Extras "thrown in" "for hearts".
  • Knickknacks - my son has dust mite allergy, so we don't have any place to display them.
  • I don't care about souvenirs.
  • I'm way too bad in papercrafts to have any use of paper scraps, ephemera, and other such things.
  • I have already lots of address labels with piggies, they will probably last me years. :) What I miss, though, are address labels without them, especially I'd like some with math theme, as I send my pupils' solutions to math problems by snail-mail.
  • Of jewellery, I wear only earrings (and my wedding ring).
  • I do not use any decorative cosmetics at all. But I do use protective stuff - sunscreen, anti-chapping-lipstick, etc.
  • I don't like strong smells. I don't think covering stink with a strong smell is any replacement of proper hygiene. ;) Not allergic, though.
  • My husband doesn't like food coming through mail from strangers, so please don't send me edibles, unless you have a reason to not consider yourself a stranger. ;)
  • I detest drawn moustaches and Santa's traditional mating call (that's how it sounds to me, anyway).

Do not hope to cause any warm feelings by insinuating that Estonia and/or Latvia is a part of Russia, ever.

Keeping Track of Swaps

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Arhel rated for HDoP Profile-based Postcards on Nov 12, 2018
Comment: This was lovely to receive - and a very interesting concept! :) I agree with you that the phrase you illustrated says more about peasants than about the czar. Thank you so much for this great card!
Comment: Thanks! i like how they turned out.
Comment: I faund your leafs wonderful, love getting something other paited or drawn
Comment: Thank you for the Estonia postcards, I liked the way you packaged them.
newrule rated for ISS: 3 Postcards to 3 partners on Oct 18, 2018
Comment: Thanks so much for the postcards! The 3D one is special!
Comment: Thank you.
Comment: Liels paldies :) Es mīlu Latviju! I spent 5 weeks in Latvija (summer 2016). Thank you for the lovely gifts!
Comment: I'm so sorry. I picked up your letter before I travelled to my parents and put it into a side pocket of my rucksack and totally forgot about it. I just found it today in the morning when I changed from my handbag to my rucksack.
Comment: Thanks for the log and teas!
Candace rated for HFF: October - Water Challenge on Nov 14, 2017
Comment: I like how you colored the glasses, I'm afraid mine was boring!
Comment: Thank you! :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the cute packages and the Christmascard. I can't wait to open them (but I have to.............)
Comment: Thank you for sharing your trip with me :)
ScrapHappyGabi rated for SS: Alphabet in photos - TUVW on Oct 19, 2017
Comment: Lovely!! Thank you!! xoxoxoxo
ScrapHappyGabi rated for SS: Alphabet in photos - XYZ on Oct 19, 2017
Comment: BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much!! xx Gabi
Comment: Yes, walking around for errands does count! Keep up the good work!
noname13 rated for noname13 & pahasiga on Sep 29, 2017
Comment: Thanks a lot for the pocket letter and the EUR coins from Latvia!
kayfay rated for HFF: 30 Day Challenge on Sep 26, 2017
Comment: Great job! You may not have made it every day, but you made it through most so that's all that counts. :)
milamilamura rated for ISS: Scavenger Hunt Swap on Sep 25, 2017
Comment: I finally got the swap! The way you put everything together with the clues and all was very clever (and fun to guess). You forgot to wrap each item though, but it's fine, I enjoyed the swap. Thanks!
Comment: Great job on moving in August! Orienteering sounds interesting. I love the envelope you made with your map! Thank you for the 3D postcard too! Have a beautiful day! :)

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LittleButterfly86 on Mar 31, 2018:

I will drop you a hello from Germany :) I liked to read your profile! So lovely ❤

user6937 on Jan 16, 2018:

I've received the 4 seasons RAK! My very first fabric ATCs - so nice, thanks very much.

crescendo on Dec 21, 2017:

~~~Happy Winter Solstice~~~

bblue on Jun 27, 2017:

Thank you so much for the Midsummer card!

simcoe54 on Jun 19, 2017:

Just received the Rhubarb Cake recipe postcard that you sent for - Merry Midsummer card RAK. It is a nice addition to my postcard collection. Thank you!!

bluehairedmary on Jun 19, 2017:

Thank you so much for the Midsummer card! So lovely! The celebration sounds wonderful! Thanks again! ♥♥♥

rngstgstll on Jun 12, 2017:

Welcome to AMOPWBFS! Consider yourself franked :)


Bhindblueeyes on May 4, 2017:

Because I loved this .gif so much, I just have to leave it for all of the HFF members :)

spinweaver on Feb 15, 2017:

I'm glad Linda liked the hat and the box! LOL The other things will be there if/when they get interesting to her. Do you have Valentine's Day? It was yesterday, so I was taken out to a restaurant for dinner :- D

HannahEnilk on Dec 3, 2016:

Enjoyed reading your profile! Thank you for the explanation on your user name and also the story about your travelling bear. How fun to read!

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