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Date Joined: January 28, 2012
Last Online: June 25, 2019
Birthday: September 20, 1954
Country: United States

Favorite Music

Love Most Any Country Western Music- I love to Sing Hymns right from the Hymnal. Not too much into modern Christian Music ( I will listen to some ) ..There is a lot of meaning in the old Hymns... Instrumental-Guitar, Piano,Dulcimer, Folk Music, Listen to mostly top 40 on Country Radio while in Car... ..

Favorite Books

Mostly Fiction- Books about: Amish Life, Cook books, Old West, American Indians, Paperback Historical Romances, poetry, Gardening, Bread Baking, any Crafts- Crochet, Quilting. Paper Crafts, DIY -- Christian Fiction, Old Devotionals, I am at Library every other Week...
+ Kindle and Book Bub. Getting so Large Print is much easier to Read..

Favorite Movies

Hallmark Movies, Old Westerns, ...Martial Arts, History, some chick flicks. Family Type Movies. and PixL Channel for Faith and Family Type Movies - Really haven't had time to sit down to watch many movies, Going to check out Pure Flix. INSP.

Favorite Television

HGTV, DIY, Cooking channel, Food, History Channel, Hallmark shows... Discovery and Travel Channels, National Geographic... I Do Not like anything SCAREY...zombies etc.. Not too much Syfy either.. INSP.

America's Got Talent, ,, American Idol, The Voice,,, Bachelor and Bachelorette, World of Dance, Undercover Boss, ...Life Below Zero , Mountain Men, ....Alaskan Frontier, , Cabin and Tiny Homes, Barnwood Builders, , Remodeling Shows, .. Quilting Shows if I can find them... , Gardening Shows.


Check out Rug Mugs or Potholders on Pinterest Oh MY could look on there for hours..

Crochet, Quilting ( I am a Wannabe), Sewing, Card making. Farm House style, Prim Style, Bookmark making, a little Painting..Pen and Ink... Love Decoupage

Wishing for:

Pieces of old Lace or crocheted edgings, Doilies, New or Vintage Postcards from your State,
Small Flat Charms to hang off Bookmarks, embellishments, 4"x6" Recipe Cards, , Unique/Vintage Buttons, Small Scraps of Quilting Fabric at least 4 inches Square, Different kinds of Twine and Cording Raffia, Hemp, Jute, Vintage Labels -- Easy Crochet Pattern instructions,....Small Leather scraps, .. Love Anything Hand Made by You

Like to do

We have 40+ Blueberry Bushes as well as other Berries. Weeds come Free - LOL ~ Anything about Gardening, Flowers, Plants, Birds, Mother Earth News, Prevention, Organic Gardening, 2016- New Planter Boxes for the Garden
Love Wood shelves etc. Little pottery vases, ( small for the Windowsill), Wendel August Forge Products., Love Hand made Wood Baskets or Wicker Baskets., Picnic Baskets.

I love Baking Pies, Scones, Home made Bread and Muffins.

"Did I forget to tell you that I make Home made Cheesecake"..Been making Sourdough Bread .

, I collect Wood Picnic Baskets ( great for storage of other stuff I collect like the Doilies), old Children's Grade School Readers and other Books that catch my eye at yard sales etc., Old household Linens - Old dishtowels, doilies, dresser scarves with crocheted edgings, Hand made wood crafts- We have a hand carved wood hay fork. and big Carved Wooden Spoons . and Wood Saw. Vintage Kitchen tools and Rolling pins. and antique early American furniture. Love Yard and Estate sales, Auctions..., Flea Markets,Thrift Stores, I found some 5 More pieces of Pottery at an Antique Store-this summer that have Blueberries on them.

About Me

I have 3 sons, Justin (39), Adam (34), Zach (30) -- Husband Bill is 67 and Retired. He was a Tool & Die Maker and is the Chief Lawn Mower/tiller Man. (and dishwasher :D ) ! ! ! I have 4 Grandchildren- 3 grandsons( 17,12,10) and 1 Granddaughter age 9 ( she is into Tap and jazz Dancing and has decided to take Swimming Lessons so she can do Synchronized Swimming. ).
I drink mostly Water and Green Tea- Love this made into Sun Tea ! ! , White Tea, Herbal Tea, Love Raspberry, Blueberry,Blackberry, Peach,other similar Fruity Teas, , don't care for the Strong Flavor of black teas or the Spicy ones Still love a Cold Glass of milk with Ice ! ! and who can pass up Ice cream ? or a Rootbeer Float?

NON SMOKER Please do not send me swap items that smell like Cigarette Smoke

RECYCLE What ever I can.... you will see that I recycle Food Boxes into packages for Swaps..( Cake mix, Brownie, Cereal, Cracker)

Raised on a Farm, Nature Lover, Wildflowers, Wildlife...Gardening. like the outdoors when I am not at work. But I sunburn easily.

I like the Darker Blues like navy, Blue Denim colors, Jewel tones, Not really into pinks or Yellow to wear, but finding I am liking shades of Purple, Violet, Plum. lavender, lilac.

I love the look and feel of Natural woods. Oak and other grained woods. + old Barn wood.

sort of independent, sometimes conservative, prefer to stay out of the lead or limelight....
I don't Care for People who don't have COMMON SENSE or know how to use it... or Swappers who can't follow the Swap Requirements I am 64 yr old, hard to believe that I don't feel like 64.. I feel like I am about 35... :D (Most Days! ).

Always look Forward to receiving a Note or Letter you have Written to me included in the Card or package..Love Reading about YOU , your family, Your Day, what you are Reading or watching on TV or Movies....

My Work... and Education

I work for Comfort Keepers. Non-Medical In-Home Care for Seniors... I have been with this company for 14 yrs 4mo. as of 1-12-2019, We do on line classes we take to keep us up to date... This Home Care Agency is all around the USA and in other Countries... I worked almost 9 yrs in a Nursing/Rehab Home in the Activity Dept. / Recreational Activities with Residents. I am a State Tested Nursing Assistant (License with State of Ohio-since 1996), and attended a Wonderful Seminar in Dublin, Ohio as well as in Cleveland, Ohio..for Alzheimer's Patients and Music.

I used to Volunteer with Hospice of The Western Reserve here in Northeastern Ohio.

Never could afford to go to college. Did take a Cake Decorating Class and did that out of my Home for several Years.. Any skills have been self taught.

Where I Have Been....

Pennsylvania, New York State, Maryland, Colorado, Oklahoma, Four Corners Area out West, Washington DC area, Family Cottage on Middle Bass Island, Ohio,-- Arkansas, I have been to Bogota, Columbia SA, Texas and the New England States. 2017 went to Frankenmuth, Michigan ( Bavarian Style Town)

.Would like to go visit the Alaska and Washington State and Oregon . maybe the Dakotas .... Maybe Florida to see the Orange Trees.. also would like to visit Ireland and Scotland and Australia.

Rating.and Flakers

June1, 2019 -- I will try to Rate you same day/next day that I Receive the Swap in the mail... I will always put my Swap-bot name and the name of the Swap on/in my package or Envelope**.
I love Hosting Swaps and try to make them interesting...and I check Your Ratings and Comments before Assigning Partners

"NOTE: I rate according to the criteria set for the Swap, so please follow it. I will PM you...

If you are going to be late, please let me know. I am very Understanding IF YOU Communicate with me BEFORE the Due Date.

If You do Not Contact me, I will not contact you before I rate. Also, I will not be Pressured into giving you a better rating just because you send Extras, so please don't try.".

If there is a Problem with anything I have sent you for a Swap - Please PM me ...before Commenting and I will contact you likewise

I have been Very Pleased with all of my Swaps and Thank You for the Wonderful Ratings and Hearts. and for the new Friends I have Made... ! ! ! I love Hosting Swaps too..


BetsyPreston rated for Chunk O Cardboard - June 2019 on Jun 23, 2019
Comment: Ooo, I love rhubarb season - I was just out today shopping for plants. the garden store was out, so instead I might move two plants that aren't doing very well where they are. You have a lot of strawberries for being the "BlueberryLady". :) I was gonna suggest Gwen Martson's Liberated Quiltmaking to get you started, but it sounds like you're set for books and fabric; I can't help with no time! Happy Swapping!
Response: Thank you for the Heart and Great Comment...
ArtyBeth3 rated for CF: Handmade ATC/Bookmark on Jun 22, 2019
Comment: A pretty bookmark (and card) with birds, flowers, & butterflies. Wonderful ! :) Plus you added one of my favorite bible verses, 1 John 4:19 - We love because He first loved us.
Response: Glad you liked it and Thank you for the Heart..
Comment: LOVE LOVE LOVE I love how you stitched around the cats on the fabric...super cute. I will keep this by my sewing machine. Thank you so much!
Response: Thank you for the Heart and Happy that you like it... Smile !!
Comment: Thank you so much for the collection of recipes . It is always nice to try new recipes. That is a great idea to get together. Maybe we can meet for coffee or lunch.
Response: Thank you for the Heart... sometimes its hard to scale down a Recipe because we are so used to making food enough for an Army !!! Smile... I am working Memorial Day !!
LisaLisa3 rated for May 2019 ~ Seed Stitch Dishcloth on May 21, 2019
Comment: I love the pink dishcloth!!! Lovely work, thank you very much. : )
Response: Thank you for the Heart !! Glad you like it !!
LadyJo rated for TCHH: Sending Yellow Sunshine on May 3, 2019
Comment: Thank you for sending Sunshine today! It was very cloudy, drizzle and now storms coming in! I love the lemonade notecard, so cute! Thank you for joining this swap!
Response: Thank you for the Heart !!! Hugs from a little Sunshine in Ohio this morning.. Chilly Temp- 47* but we had a little Frost this morning too..temp down to about 35* earlier.
ladydy5 rated for TF. - Spring Flowers on Apr 30, 2019
Comment: Lovely thank you !!!
Response: When I saw this had Daisy's on it I knew it was for you. Thank you for the Heart.
LadyJo rated for CF - Sender's Choice Postcard on Apr 29, 2019
Comment: Love your postcard! That is so clever how you did the word "LIFE"! Thank you for the encouragment of Life.
Response: Never toss a box...Thank you for the Heart.. !! I sent one out to another using Popcorn Box and she loved her Popcorn scripture Post Card...
MissBrenda rated for Chunk O Cardboard - April 2019 on Apr 21, 2019
Comment: My favorite Shredded wheat is the Blueberry ones or the maple. Yum! Thanks for the COC! Have a great day and happy swapping......
24Donna rated for CF - Scavenger Hunt ~ APR on Apr 17, 2019
Comment: Thank you for such a wonderful package! I so enjoyed everything! God bless
Response: Glad you liked all I sent... Thank you for the Heart.
BetsyPreston rated for Chunk O Cardboard - April 2019 on Apr 17, 2019
Comment: Retirement rocks. Hopefully you can enjoy your job for just a bit longer til your day comes!!
Response: I sure Hope so!! Thank you for the Heart...
NRGordon rated for Chunk O Cardboard - April 2019 on Apr 17, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the 'chunk' and your note. I grew up spending summers on Gram's farm. I got a lifetime's worth of being on my knees weeding by the age of eight. But, seriously... I never had any luck with veggies so I stick to flowering plants, for the butterflies and hummingbirds. I do love getting my hands in the soil.
Response: Thank you for the nice Comment and the Heart.. !! !
Comment: Wow, wonderful selection! Thank you so much!! God bless❤️
Response: Hugs and Thank you for the Heart !!
Comment: Hi Jean, I had a Yorkie whose name was Kayte (pronounced Katie). I had her for 13 years. She was a wonderful pet! I had to put her down in 2013. I still miss her. She is the pet I wrote about for this swap. Thanks for sharing your pets' story! It made me smile and giggle at times! I chose the same two colors for my dishcloth this month! Yellow and blue! Haha! Have a great day and happy swapping to you.....
Response: Thank you for the Heart and sharing about your Dog.. Had a male dog Max that we put down in 2012...He looked like Benji only was more Black and a lap dog..
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful waterfall postcard from Ohio and sharing your facts with me.
Response: Thank you for the Heart. Gosh it sure took a longtime for the PostCard to Reach you..Glad it finally Arrived..! ! !
arimails rated for Happy Jar 2019 #1 on Apr 1, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the swap! I can't wait to read these all :)
Response: Thank you for the Heart... Enjoy the Quotes etc..
24Donna rated for TCHH ~ Send your Sunday Bulletin on Mar 28, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the bulletin! Looks like a nice service!
Response: Thank you for the Heart... We have 2 ministers who take turns doing the Sunday Service.. Small Rural Church..
glennasgarden rated for CF - Scavenger Hunt ~ MAR on Mar 19, 2019
Comment: Jean lovely MAR envie full of goodies. I like the brochure for Jefferson too. Lots to read! Thanks so very much for everything~
Response: Love doing these Scavenger Hunts.. Thank you for the Heart..
LadyJo rated for TCHH ~ Send An Envie of GREEN on Mar 16, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the great envie of Green! What fun items! I love the thought of the Bible verses begining with G. Great new ideas!
Response: You are Welcome... Sometimes I really have to put on my thinking Cap to figure out items to send..Thank you for the Heart..
Comment: It's almost too pretty to use! :)
Response: Thank you for the Heart !! Hope you can put it to good use..

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Thank you for the items from the PA Swappers March WTA :)

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Blessings, cc

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Thank you so much for the thoughtful envie filled with wonderful material and a great letter!! Such a surprise!! I'm looking forward to exploring the devotional website you sent, I was unaware of it, and it looks very interesting! Thanks again for the delightful surprise and uplifting material!!

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