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CurlyTea on Feb 14, 2018:

VivaLaDiane on Feb 5, 2018:

Hey lovely!! How are you doing? xoxo♥♥

EmJayBe on Feb 3, 2018:

Hi Christina! Thanks for the note! If you wanna do another PS let me know; I'm swapless at the moment haha. Hope you and your family are having a nice weekend!

milamilamura on Feb 1, 2018:

Hey! Thanks for checking up on me :) Looks like my mail is catching up slowly, but surely. I just moved to a new place and I'm so excited to see I'm already getting mail, yay! So I'm hopeful everything will be back to normal a lot sooner than I expected, and yes, your letter made it SO fast, I was impressed and really excited about it! Thanks for the good wishes, hope you're having a lovely February so far!

TC on Feb 1, 2018:

Thanks for the kind note!

Unfortunately, I'm in one of those seasons of life where the immediate future is very uncertain. I just have to take it one day at time, and embrace joy in the journey. :)

Tatsu on Jan 21, 2018:

FOr the lovely address labels from my wishlist!

institches on Jan 5, 2018:

Kid's Fill My Stocking May - Ethan says thank you for the Pokémon can cozy. He's been suing it on his cup while at Nana's.

institches on Jan 5, 2018:

Kid's Fill My Stocking April - Ethan says thank you for the Pokémon cards. He was every excited to get them!

anicka22 on Dec 30, 2017:

Thank you very much for the washitape and decotapes samples for my wishlist

ittybittykitty on Dec 28, 2017:

I just got back from Christmas travels to find personalized address labels waiting from me! Thanks so much for the CPG December wishes!

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