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About Me

Hello! My name is GlitZ ( Yes, that's really the name I go by and I know I'm awesome ^;P ). I'm a 32 year old non-binary trans queerdo from just outside of Portland, Oregon. My pronouns are they/them or he/him (preference in that order and NEVER she/her). I became a member of this site because my partner used to be active on here years ago, before we even met, but recently they decided to get active again! I used to swap when I was a kid, way back in the days of LISTSERV emails (basically email before there was gmail or hotmail) because my mom is super crafty and liked hosting/participating in swaps. I also swapped a little on Craftster for awhile. I love writing letters and making/decorating envelopes, making/reading zines, journaling, and collecting cute/kawaii style papercrafting stuff.

Some more interesting tidbits about me...

  • I really enjoy alternative fashion, especially Japanese street fashion. To make a long story short, I got into anime, then cosplay, then saw Lolitas at cons, then found a FRUiTS book at my local comic book store and was forever changed. After 8-ish years of experimenting in the j-fashion scene, I now mostly dress in fairy-kei, menhera, creepy-cute, pastel goth, decora, and goth. I especially love pastel anything! (like the colors in my dividers chefs kiss)

  • I love to shop and go thrifting! Mostly for crafting stuff, special interest related things (see list below), fashion & accessory items, or practical items that are cute.

  • It had been a goal of mine since I studied Japan as a child to visit. I saved for 2.5 years with my partner to be able to go and we went for about a month in October/November 2017. It was the single best thing I've been able to do in life and we've already started saving to go back. I especially love the food and shopping there (everything is adorable)!

  • I am a huge fan of drag. I first learned about it in college (this was before Drag Race was even in production) through our Gay Student Union's drag shows and dances. I also watch Drag Race now and attended local shows before the pandemic struck. I love how drag plays with gender and encourages people to be themselves. It was one of the first communities that I could experiment with both my gender and my fashion. Speaking of gay/drag things...

  • Most of what people associate as "gay"/"drag" slang ("Yaaassss!" "AF" "Slay" "Serving _ _ _" "Spill the Tea" "Fierce" "Living for _ _ _") is actually AAVE (African-American Vernacular English) and originated in Black queer communities. When white people talk this way, it is appropriation, and so I try eliminate that vocabulary as it is not mine to use. I know a lot of people aren't aware of this, and I even have a story highlight (called "!!IMPORTANT!!") on my instagram with resources/info (by Black folks) explaining why it is harmful and specific examples of what to avoid. Please do not speak to me as your stereotypical "gay best friend", or call me things like "queen", "gurl", etc.

Favorite Books

I like to read a lot and often have a tall stack of library books. Genres I like are...

  • Anthologies of all sorts, especially if they relate to topics of intersectionality like race, feminism, queer stuff, identity, social or economic class, etc. I also really enjoy LGBTQIA+ sci-fi, fantasy, and speculative fiction anthologies
  • Comics! I like the Jem reboot, the Wet Moon series, and Invader Zim
  • Graphic novels/manga! X/1999, Tokyo Babylon, Card Captor, Chobits, Tsubasa, XxXHolic, Elfen Lied, Alice in the Country of Clover, The Ancient Magus' Bride, and probably more I'm forgetting...
  • Queer history books, including autobiographies/memoirs by queer people

Favorite Media

  • Some of my tops from current media are Pose, Steven Universe, Hollywood, Dragula, and Queen Sugar
  • Documentaries of all sorts, especially if they relate to addiction, identity, sex work, human rights, religion, or history
  • Relaxing British shows (The Repair Shop, Great British Bake Off, Money for Nothing, and The Great Interior Design Challenge)
  • High fantasy (Shannara, Merlin, The Witcher, Once Upon A Time, Carnival Row, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance)
  • Sci-fi (Dr. Who, Black Mirror, Lost in Space reboot, Castle Rock)
  • Vampire shows (The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Legacies, Van Helsing, V Wars)
  • Teen drama, bonus for sci-fi/dark themes (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Riverdale, Runaways, Shadowhunters, Degrassi, Wolfblood)
  • Historical drama (Land Girls, Call The Midwife, The Last Kingdom, Medici, Harlots, The Paradise, Alias Grace)
  • Disney movies (The Lion King, Monsters Inc., Lilo & Stitch, Toy Story movies, Beauty & The Beast, Princess and the Frog, Moana, Mulan, Maleficent live-action)
  • The Last Unicorn
  • Home
  • Little Monsters
  • Legend
  • Labyrinth
  • Miyazaki films (Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo, My Neighbor Totoro, Mary and the Witch's Flower)
  • Tim Burton stuff (Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland)

Favorite Crafts

I spend most of my free time crafting! I'm pancraftual. Most nights I work on cross stitch. I am currently working on a project that exceeds the dimensions of my 19" quilting hoop, it's a GINORMOUS picture of Cookie Cat from Steven Universe in space. It is the biggest cross stitch I have made yet. I also sew, journal, make zines, make resin jewelry, make accessories with beads, do hama/perler beads, and do digital collages (usually of selfies or things I make).

Favorite Characters

  • Kuromi
  • Little Twin Stars, Kiki and Lala
  • Puff & Poff (Kiki and Lala's bear pals)
  • Mewkledreamy
  • Pastel Tuxedo Sam
  • Jewel pets
  • Hatsune Miku
  • Monster girls
  • Baphomet
  • Care Bears (In order of preference: Wish Bear, Daydream Bear, Noble Heart Horse, Mint colorway Proud Heart Cat, Grumpy Bear, Cheer Bear)
  • Unicorno
  • Lady Amalthea
  • Menhera-chan
  • Pero Pero Sparkles (Melo is my favorite but I love them all)
  • Sulley of Monsters Inc.
  • Mina Ashido of BNHA
  • Toy story Aliens
  • Pastel Pusheen & Pusheenicorn
  • Lisa Frank (In order of preference: Hunter, Markie, Skye, Zorbit & Zoomer, Rainbow Majesty, and most of the kitties)
  • Pearl, Cookie Cat, and Lars of Steven Universe

Special Interests

  • Japanese brands: 6% doki doki, Spank!, WEGO, DAISO, Listen Flavor, Drug Honey, Fancy Surprise, Chocojam
  • PASTELS! I love pastel colors. My favorite color combination is mint and lavender, usually with pink or black as accent colors.
  • Video games: Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Lunar: Silver Star Story, World of Warcraft, Legends of Lore, Space Quest, Mario, Pop'N Music, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA, and other rhythm games
  • Colorful cats/cats in general
  • Collecting vintage Care Bears plushies
  • Creepy cute things, I love menhera, which is a fashion that was started to destigmatize mental health issues so it usually encompasses medical type and dark themes but with all pastel colors (I especially like if it includes syringes, because if I have to give myself hormone shots, I may as well make it cute!), also eyeballs, bats, moons, slime, monsters, and demons
  • Pink-based rainbows (instead of red I always like mine to have pink)
  • Purikura!! I love these photo booths and I try to emulate their style when I collage my selfies
  • Attending anime cons, I've been going to them since I was 14
  • Social justice and everyday activism, I'm always trying to learn new perspectives, unlearn my own problematic biases/thinking, share this education with others and amplify minority voices, and be the best me I can be
  • Allergen-friendly food/treats (because I'm allergic to everything ever...)
  • Bubble tea, especially iced Taro or avocado smoothies
  • Holographic, opalescent, glittery stuff, usually in pastel colors

(I made a Pinterest moodboard to show the style of stuff that I like, if visual tools are helpful..it is linked at the top)

I would love to receive...

  • Stickers, stickers, stickers! Especially all pastels (with no gold)
  • Pastel colorway things or bright neon/rainbowy things that are pink-based, no red please
  • Decorated memo pad sheets and colorful/decorated/hand made envelopes
  • Items with a theme of: galaxy, clouds, succulents, fairy-kei, opalescent or holographic (no gold), cute food (like pastel desserts/strawberry milk/bubble tea/ice cream floats/macarons etc, no gold), unicorns, vaporwave, anything with my favorite characters, celestial/stars (no gold), ouija and pentagrams
  • Things to put into my journal that you've made!
  • Personal letters, I want to hear about other people's experiences, what they enjoy, what kinds of projects they are currently into, what they're reading, what inspired them lately, personal stories of things that happened in their life, etc.
  • Things you've drawn or painted, I'm not great at either of those, so I especially appreciate it when I get items like that from others
  • ZINES! I love reading zines and I enjoy collecting them as well
  • Pins, either enamel or the round kind, are awesome! I use them a lot in my outfit coordinates (no gold please!)
  • I'd love to trade cross stitch sometime?!
  • Collaged flat items you made are neat, too!

Please DO NOT send me...

  • Racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, ableism... or any other archaic, outdated beliefs are NOT WELCOME!
  • PLEASE NOTHING GOLD, BROWN, TAN, GREY, NAVY, OR RED! I'm very particular about colors and would much rather receive pastel colored items. My whole life is pretty much pastel and rainbow so I don't have a use for items that don't coordinate.
  • No scrapbooking/ephemera items, I don't need them and won't use them
  • No deco or friendship books, these aren't really my style, sorry!
  • I'm not super into things that aren't cutesy. I don't enjoy realistic animals or realistically colored things. Like I love cats, but I'd much rather have pink, lavender, or mint cats than gray, black, or brown ones
  • I have many food allergies and it is tough to explain them all, so I don't enjoy food treats very much
  • I cannot have much caffeine so please do not send me strongly caffeinated tea or coffee. I like green tea and fruity teas that aren't citrus. I like chocolate and mint teas. I will not drink red or black teas. I'm also lactose intolerant, so please no dairy products!
  • Nothing religious and nothing about using drugs or drinking. As of writing this, I'm only about a year into my recovery and my sobriety is very important to me
  • Since she has recently outed herself as a literal neo-nazi and has a manifesto against trans people, I no longer want anything to do with Harry Potter or JK Rowling (you can google "JK Rowling terf" or "JK rowling nazi" if you want proof or more information). So, no HP stuff, please and thanks

Well, I think my "Favorite Crafts" section gives a good picture of what I can make and I post a lot of my projects to my Instagram. Things I can swap out...

  • I really like to make beaded bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or resin pendants/pins/rings
  • I sometimes like to sew small felt pins
  • I like to make kawaii letters that are colorful and cute, and sometimes a little creepy (only if the person I'm writing has a mutual love for creepy stuff). I like to write personal letters and answer unique prompts~
  • I'm pretty crafty at using a computer for making graphics (I made my little profile dividers myself) and I often have random supplies around, like mailing labels or vinyl sticker paper
  • I haven't ever swapped my collages to anyone, but it is a craft I have done for a long time off and on.


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Comment: Thanks so much for the Kawaii flakes! Welcome to swap-bot I hope you have a great time here!
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Comment: Thank you for all the great choices. Now all I need is time.
Meowsha rated for Happy Mail - US #3 on Aug 8, 2020
Comment: GlitZ, you are such a considerate swapper! Thank you for picking out items which I really enjoy. The items are fantastic!
Response: Awh, thanks so much for this, that's nice to hear! I'm glad you enjoyed all the things I sent you! βœ¨πŸ’“
loey rated for Happy Mail - US #3 on Aug 7, 2020
Comment: I absolutely loved your letter, thank you so. much. I love that you took the time to write in different colors, I love the quote you shared and the Maya Angelou card. Also THANK YOU for the beautiful bookmark, it's going in my journal. This was really special to receive, thanks so much.
Response: You're welcome, I'm glad you loved everything so much! I like writing that way, it makes it fun and interesting for me, too! :) I am so happy to read about all the things you enjoyed about this letter and that it made your day better to receive it πŸ’•πŸŒˆ
Klymntine rated for Happy Little Notecards #115 on Aug 5, 2020
Comment: GlitZ, everything about this notecard was happy! <3 I'm going to put your books on my 'to-read' list.
Response: Awh, thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it and are putting the books on your list! I hope you enjoy them and learn things from them, as I did! πŸ™‚
Comment: The Little Twin Star festival flakes are too cute! Thanks for joining my swap. =D
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Comment: Hi Glitz! It was great to read about your weekend and how sweet of you to make a flip book for your friend! I am sure she will appreciate it! Thanks also for the awesome address labels, love them and they will be put to good use! Wishing you all the best and please stay safe! Hugs and Happy Swapping! ;)
Response: Sorry for the late response on this! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading about my weekend and that you will be using & enjoying the labels I made for you! I've been trying my hardest to stay safe, I hope you are as well! πŸ’–πŸŒˆ
Klymntine rated for ALL ABOUT CATS ! on Jul 29, 2020
Comment: Glitz, Thank you so much for this happy mail! I especially can make excellent use of these address labels <3
Response: You're welcome and thanks for the heart! I'm glad you liked the happy mail and your address labels! 😸
Comment: Thank you!!!
Response: You're welcome!!
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Comment: Thank you so much for your pretty 'stuffed' envelope and all the goodies you put in there! I love what you chose for me! You hit the nail on the head! I have been to Oregon once and I would like to go back! Thanks again!
Response: Thank you for this glowing review and you're welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed it all! I hope you make it back out here to OR, it is really a nice place to live or visit!
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