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ToujoursMoi on Nov 8, 2017:

Thank you so much for the extra card for this round. That was such an amazing one, which I really enjoyed. ❤️

smadronia on Oct 23, 2017:

Psst. Some of your images, like the bottom ones, are not showing anymore

A123987 on Oct 11, 2017:

I got my postcard back today for the "Send my postcard Home" swap - Thank you.

paraxparaxnoia on Oct 8, 2017:

A little add up to my message, please rate me for ESG: your home - photo scavenger hunt when you have a spare minute :) thanks!

HannahEnilk on Jul 6, 2017:

Hi Ksenia! I know the mail tends to be slow between the U.S. and Israel. Just wanted to check on Carpe Librum Reading Log May (Paper) and 55 question book survey (Paper), which included a pen pal letter. They were mailed June 10 and May 21st respectively. Do you think either is due for a resend? Let me know!

astrodogg on Jun 22, 2017:

ESG: Spread some Art! profile decoration

For Love and Country by David Lozeau

For Love and Country by David Lozeau

I've always loved Day of the Dead, and I think David does such quirky renditions!

willowsmarika on Jun 20, 2017:

Hey Ksenia!

So, I thought I go with a little different thing here and share with you one of my absolute favorite statues, or series of statues more like. I just think everyone should see these, they are just so, so beautiful and like, I really, really want one :( I hope you like them too! Also, here's a link to an article about them.

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From: willowsmarika

LadyMalchav on Jun 18, 2017:

starry night

Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh

reader44ever on Jun 10, 2017:

That's very neat, about the Juicy Couture shirt! If you do buy it, I'd love to see a picture of you wearing it. :-)

reader44ever on Apr 20, 2017:

Did I tell you that I did buy Uprooted? Barnes and Noble had a sale a month or three ago - and I had coupons! - and I bought it, another book that I read and adored (And One Last Thing by Molly Harper), and Red Rising by Pierce Brown (I bought the rest of the trilogy later; rather nervous, as I hadn't - and haven't - read any of them, but hopefully I'll love this series like so many of my Goodreads friends), and a couple other books.. :-)

I also got a few other books from other sources. Here's a link to a picture/post I shared on Litsy: http://litsy.com/p/NHFZdktGMlNy :-)

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