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Birthday: November 19, 1982
Country: Netherlands
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For some reason, nobody reads my Postcard section so I have added to my intro. Please do not send big cards, smaller is okay. But not bigger! Thank you!

A little information for postcard swaps: Please no oversizes cards‼, only 148mm x 105mm (A6) or 4 x 6 inch. I keep all the received postcards in a photobook, so bigger then that will not fit. Could you also be so kind to write on the card the date you posted the card?

Hello Swap-Bot'ter!

My name is Remco ♂ and I am 29 years young. I am a freelance graphic designer / DTP-er and a fulltime dad. I take care of a five year old son (Sem ♂) and a 19 months old girl (Nova-Lila ♀). My "hobbys" are watching lots of movies, art-house to blockbusters, I love them all. I really like printed shirts (like teefury.com riptapparel.com etc) and when I have the time I read books.

I don't follow a religion, but I did went to a christian school as a child. I am open and respectfull to all religions/believers. I am against hate or disaproving something because of a religion. God said love your neighbour, that means everyone ;-). There is nothing wrong with man-woman / man-man / woman-woman relationships. Just stay away from childrens!

I do believe in love and respect.

If you want to know more about me, please ask me, and I will update my profile.

what I pledged badge

I pledge to other swap-bot members to:

Rate for every swap i take part in.

Rate as soon as i am able to get on line after swap is received.

Rate Fairly, I will only give a 1 rating if a swap hasn't been received and that no contact has been made from the sender. I promise to pm member first to give them the chance to resolve the situation first.

I will only give a 3 if i feel that the swap didn't meet the requirements and that the partner choose's not to correct the swap.

I will try and leave a message on all ratings to state what i received and what i was happy with, even if its just a thankyou.

I will not use slander or badmouth anyone when given a rating, facts is all that is needed when rating a 1.


A little information for postcard swaps: Please no oversizes cards‼, only 148mm x 105mm (A6) or 4 x 6 inch. I keep all the received postcards in a photobook, so bigger then that will not fit. Could you also be so kind to write on the card the date you posted the card?

â–º Are you from the US?, I love this kind of greeting cards: US Town Views
â–º Typography cards
â–º Cards with a nice graphic design or artwork
â–º Hello Kitty cards
â–º Studio Ghibli.
â–º Marvel Comics.
â–º Old advertisements or propaganda
â–º Where is Waldo/Wally cards.
â–º Christmasâ–² and New Year cards.

â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬

☼ Save yourself some money and send me a selfmade card made out of packaging boxes. Cereal Boxes / Cookies Boxes / Anything strong enough to send as a card. I really like typhography so cut something out with words on it. 148mm x 105mm (A6) or 4 x 6 inch. Write on it the date you send it, and what the product/brand was you made the card from.

Here is a great blog about it: http://www.infarrantlycreative.net/2011/04/make-your-own-postcards.html

â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬ â–¬

Flakes and Angels

I got flaked by, in the swap..

Users who are truly Angels:
* djcamp04 - I got a beautiful christmas card and awesome recipe cards!
* kevsbabe - I got two b/w cards with old pictures and history information about them. Thank you! Love it.

Favorite Music

I'm a real music lover, so it is hard to say what is really my favorite music. I listen to 8-bit, pop music from the 80s and 90s, metal, indierock, dance music, and more..

I'm a huge Maria Mena fan.. but not the kind of fan that wants to know what color of socks she likes to wear ;-).

More information on the music I listen to can be found and explored at: Last.fm Or check out my loved tracks to see what songs I really love. Warning! I really have a weird and not logical taste.

Here is a little list of artists I listen to:

♫ Anberlin ♫ Alice in Videoland ♫ Bill Haley and his Comets ♫ The Cliks ♫ CSS ♫ Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip ♫ Destroid ♫ Does It Offend You, Yeah? ♫ Drowning Pool ♫ Electrocute ♫ Fats Domino ♫ Girl Talk ♫ Goose ♫ Hadouken! ♫ The Hot Toddies ♫ Imelda May ♫ Jack Peñate ♫ Kontrust ♫ La Pegatina ♫ Ladyhawk ♫ Ladytron ♫ Little Richard ♫ Lykke Li ♫ Maria Mena ♫ Mount Sims ♫ Muse ♫ Niña Dioz ♫ Pornophonique ♫ Robots In Disguise ♫ Royal Republic ♫ Saliva ♫ Static-X ♫ Those Dancing Days ♫

Favorite Books

I love the books by Robin Hobb and Raymond E Feist. They are the only fantasy writers I read. I mostly read thrillers. Every year there is a bookfair traveling through the Netherlands where I buy lots of books (for very little money). I do not follow writers. But I do try to find books by writers I like. Matthew Reilly is one of them.

Favorite Movies

Thrillers, Comedy, Arthouse, Indie, Blockbusters, Action, Anime..

Kevin Smith movies.
The Matrix.
Back to the Future.

Favorite Television

I'm a stay at home house dad and a graphic designer / dtp-er. In my sparetime I like to read a book or watch a movie.

So watching television has become a time-problem and I stopped watching a few years ago. There are still shows I like to see and follow but can not find the time for: The Big Bang Theory, Sopranos, Lost (I'm still at season 3 and a half), Nip/Tuck (still at season 2), Six Feet under (stopped at season 3).

Favorite Crafts

Yes.. I understand there is a lot of Craft making on this swap site. To be honest, i'm not a crafter ;-). I don't find the time for it. The only 'crafting' I do is digital on Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Meet the family

So there is Me, the big Daddy!

Then there is a Mommy, Here name is Maria and she is born in 1983 and she works 5 days a week for a wine company doing the administration. We are in a relationship since 07-07-2007 (not married, but "going steady").

She has a son called Sem who I take care of. I am his Daddy :-) We met just a short while after he was born so he does not know (yet) that I am not his birthfarther. We are waiting untill he is old enough to understand. He was born in 2006.

Maria and I have a daughter who was born in 2010 and she is called Nova-Lila.

Wishes (for gifts) and dislike

This one is for the Swaps were we/you/me sends gifts.

Things I like to get from swaps:

  • I'm a proud father/dad/daddy/papa etc. So anything about being a dad is a nice gift!
  • (Small) Lego items. Can also be from other brands then Lego itself.
  • Comic Books from Marvel Comics (new, old, used).
  • Transformers Comic Books or other items.. Just anything.
  • Spider-Man Comic Books or other items.. Just anything.
  • Hello Kitty, also just anything. For my daughter offcourse ;-)
  • Pokemon! Anything. I'm NOT a Pikachu fan. And I do like Squirtle more then the rest.
  • A sealed pack of sigarettes from unknown/not big brands, I prefer the "light" ones.
  • Magazines that are about graphic design / colours / printing.
  • Birth Cards.
  • Business Cards from yourself.
  • Business Cards from places you like (restaurants, bars, shops, museums..) with an explanation why you like it. (I like to travel and maby I can visit the place).
  • Teabags.
  • Postcards (that I can use to send in Postcard Swaps or on Postcrossing.com).
  • Where is Wally/Waldo items.
  • Old-Time Advertising posters or postcards. Example
  • t-shirts with a print on them (Size XL)
  • Clothing for my daughter. Dutch size 92 or higher and US/UK size 2T or higher. (She is now growing into 86/24 m). Colors: Purple, Lilac & Pink. It does not need to be from a well known brand or be new. It only has to be clean and without damage.
  • Bookmarkers (free or paid).
  • Music (something from you're region or a band you really like). Click here for my loved tracks
  • Handkerchiefs. With a nice design/illustration on it.
  • Socks!
    Europe size: 46.
    UK size 12½.
    US size: 12.
    NO white socks, I believe a real man does not wear white socks!
    Pink and other 'girly' socks would also be a little bit weird for a guy to wear ;-)
    I would like to be suprised by a patern or print, I don't want a simple sock with nothing on it.
    I don't have any christmas socks, so those would be nice to send me.
  • Stickers. But no school stickers or reward stickers. (Like "good job" and so).
  • Christmas Stickers! For some reason they are very hard to find in stores where I live :-(
  • Books. But because I already have lots of big books, please send me short/little books. English or Dutch.
  • Small shower or bath stuff made for MEN (hotel bathroom type size or larger).
  • Perfume for MEN, because i'm not a girl :-P
  • NES games. (Europe / PAL)
  • Movies. But it has to have english subtitels or language (or dutch).
  • Anime! Original language but please with english/dutch subtitels or I won't understand it ;-)
  • Souvenirs and postcards from your country or city.
  • Recipe Cards without a Recipe (I had to google to find out what they where, and now I want them!).
  • That cutting thing you use to make round corners in papers/postcards.
  • Kawaii stuff, I see them on Flickr with the swap-bot tags and its all so cute and lovely!
  • Something cheap!

Dislikes: ☹

  • Uhm.. white socks!
  • Dirty items.
  • Things smelling of smoke. (My stuff will never smell of smoke).
  • Girl stuff, unless its for my daughter.

Stuff that makes me happy

→ Everything from Marvel Comics (but no time to read it anymore)

→ Spider-Man

→ Transformers (Generation one and so)

→ Cool design/typography

→ Lego

→ T-Shirts with prints on them like Teefury.com and Riptapparel.com

→ Good music

→ Movies

→ Walking


tracy70w rated for Christmas Card swap x10! on Feb 8, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the extra gift Remco! xx
Response: Thank you for the heart! I'm happy it finaly arrived.
smatizio rated for Christmas Card swap x10! on Jan 21, 2012
Comment: Great card and message!! Thanks so much :)
Response: You're welcome. I'm happy it arived in good condition :-)
Comment: Thank you for nice pairs of socks :) The pair you sent for my daughter was little too small but I'll forward them to my sister's daughter :)
Response: Hi, sorry they where too small, the store employe assured me they where the right size. The label said 36/38. I think its the same problem with buying children shoes, My daughter has shoe size 20, but I found shoes size 22 that where smaller then that :-/. I'm glad you liked the socks.
Comment: Thanks so much for the nice card :) Hope your wish come true :D
Response: Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Thank you!!! Sorry so late rating... I have been dealing with a grandson in the NICU... Thank you for being patient!!!
Response: Not a problem, I know you are a good and honest person. I hope everything will be allright with your grandson. Thank you for the heart!
Response: Happy New Year :-). Thank you for the heart!
Comment: thank you
Response: You are welcome. Did you like the card and gift I added to the package?
rodwickl rated for Christmas Card swap x10! on Dec 26, 2011
Response: Thank you for the heart!
fugeecat rated for Christmas Card swap x10! on Dec 24, 2011
Response: Happy New Year! Did you like the smal gift I added?
PorshaH rated for Christmas Card swap x10! on Dec 24, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the nice card/ornament. It's really neat, haven't seen one like it. Thank you
Response: You are welcome :-) Thank you for the heart! Happy New Year
seouldier rated for Postcard - Anything goes #3 on Dec 24, 2011
Comment: Thanks so much for you cards! Have a great holiday! Also, I'm on postcrossing too! :)
Response: PostCrossing is so great :-) Always a suprise what you would get. I wish you a great holiday.
Treksek rated for Christmas Card swap x10! on Dec 23, 2011
Comment: Thank you! Merry Christmas!
Response: Happy to send you one, did you like the little gift I added in the card? I thought it was a cute thing to send with the card. Merry Christmas
samjowers rated for Christmas Card swap x10! on Dec 21, 2011
Comment: Merry Christmas!!! thanks for the card!
Response: Thank you for making the swap possible! Merry Christmas!!
CindyST rated for Christmas Card swap x10! on Dec 20, 2011
Comment: Thank you, have a wonderful Christmas.
Response: Your welcome :-). Merry Christmas!
seouldier rated for Christmas Card swap x10! on Dec 19, 2011
Comment: I got both of your cards! Thank you for the little goodies! The post office (in the USA) sort of mangled the ornament card but it arrived! Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Response: Hi, you are welcome :-), don't forget to rate me on the "Postcard - Anything goes #3" swap. Because one of the cards is from that swap ;-)

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kevsbabe on Feb 10, 2012:

I am so glad you liked em. :}

Genieslot on Dec 29, 2011:

Hi Just read your comments about me. I did not know it had to be about christmas stuff thought it was just leaflets, never swoped leaflets before so was new to it.Thats all there was around here nothing else about xmas. Did not deserve what you said about me am so upset not going to do any more swops now. Never even recieved mine from anyone anyway

MommaEvans on Dec 16, 2011:

Yes, we keep very busy... and with grandbabies #s 18 and 19 due before January 17th, it will be an even busier life... LOL Welcome to swapbot and Merry Christmas!!!!

samjowers on Dec 11, 2011:

your profile is excellent! good job!

8r1id on Dec 6, 2011:

welkom bij de dutch swappers

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