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jan-23-217 wow, when your spidy senses are telling you something, you should listen! my Ex got married on Christmas Weekend! You do the math!

6-11-2016 filed for divorce. thank you Lord!! !

march 5, 2014 house burned down we lost everthing that was not human or animal. we were sort of in shock at first but are greatful that we still have each other. no one was home when it happened...thank you Lord! (omg!! i have since realized that i had all my alien animal matchbox shrines at school to show the kids during christmas time so they didn't go down with the house and ...my paperdoll project was up there at school as well!!! so happy!)

Just discovered Journal52.com. she sends a journal prompt every week for free. It has really helped to get my creative juices flowing again! great stuff!

Can i just say that if you have never tried LETTERBOXING you should totally check out this hobby! it combines treasure hunting with art! for more info, go to Atlasquest.com. it will explain it all! you probably have a box hidden near you and you dont even know it! My trail name is SEA MAID!

I am a graduate of the University of Houston. I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in painting. I did not get my degree until I was close to 40! I made better grades and learned more because I was more focused and cared more about what I was learning. My favorite classes were the art history classes. I was married to a man from Zimmapan Mexico. (Near Pachuca and just north of Mexico City). We have a son named Oscar. I am a high school painting teacher. I absolutely love my job! I basicallly get to be creative all day long! Sometimes, I dont even want to go home! I have collected blue glass bottles, nailed them onto wooden poles and wired them on. they glow nicely in the morning sun and our neighbors keep asking us what that blue glow in the morning is! :D When I was growing up, My dad moved us around a lot. I have lived in Hong Kong, Thailand, Hawaii, Peru and a lot of the southern united states. I have visited Kenya, Japan, Mexico, Chile and been to London on layover. (went down the Thymes but fell asleep and used a postcard to do the subway.) good trip that one!

My son Oscar is19! He got accepted to Tyler Junior College for band and they are paying for ALL of his tuition (of course the dorm and food fees will cost about $3000 a semester) but every little bit helps!! Im so proud of him! He still loves Legos. He is way into Dr. Who and HarleyQuin and we both love the walking dead series!

Favorite Music

I love all kinds of music, except rap and screemo. just cant ge into it. Love Latin and anything 80's and 90's

Books and movies

I like to read the books at the junior high level. More adventure, quick paced action. COMPOUND. UNWIND. What a weird book! I think everyone should read this! I love JRR Tolkien, the Narnia Chronicles, and the Dragonriders of Pern series. As far as movies are concerned...Johnny Depp, anything with him in it is my favorite. Let me just add that i really dont enjoy Will Ferrell Movies, BUT "ELF" is my absolute favorite Christmas movie of all time! 8-4-2015 The most beautiful creature God ever created is Aiden Turner!! I just finished watching the series "Poldark". I think its the character that just makes Aiden so wonderful because until now, I had no clue that KILI from the Hobbit was one and the same! Don't worry, Johnny, I will forever be true, but...OMG Wow! AIDEN! cant get enough! I think I need to visit Ireland...the guy who plays captain hook on Once upon a time is also irish! GUSH.

Favorite Crafts

My first love is oil painting, i do a lot of work with Polyurethan and bottle caps. I live, breath, eat found objects because all of it ends up in my art. i am currently scouring the ground for any bits of colored trash. If it will fit inside of a bottle cap... I would love to have it! beads, little plastic barets, colored size markings from hangers, fuses I find in the parking lot. the gold cap from Christmas ornaments when they break. You name it, if it is colored, I would love to have it! (I want to thank all of you who send me little bits of colored stuff! keep it coming!) love collage, anything with altered images and combinations of materials. Color copies are my friend right now.

I Love mermaid inchies! Any medium!

Alien Rescue!!!

Aliens have heard the earth's distress call! They have come to help save the animals by building ecosystems on a new planet nearby. You have been assigned to the committee that decides which animals get chosen. If you so choose this assignment: you will create a 32ct matchbox shrine that will showcase one of earth's animal species living in their environment. You must be creative. Decorate both the inside and outside of your menagerie shrine. This is not a filled box. My Alien Ship has the following animal cargo: please send something different. 32ct matchboxes only:


Butterfly (2)




Bronco horse



Bumble bee

Polar bear

Two owls

White tail deer

Blue crab

African elephant












My mermaid name:

Star Port Singer (stellatus portus) A nocturnal variety, known to glisten with natural phosphorescence under the light of the stars. City lovers, the portus congregate near to large ports, (That's funny, because I actually live near the port of Houston!) exploring netting, anchors, and any other man-made curiosities they find. Scavengers by nature,(you should check out my found object artwork!) they have been reported to steal fishermen's catches and are occasionally snared in trawler nets. Note: Known for its alluring song, this variety is rarely quiet, luring sailors to their doom.

for the MERMAID ONLY deck, UNFORTUNATELY, MY MERMAID DECK DIED IN THE HOUSE FIRE....SO SAD. AM STARTING A NEW DECK AND WOULD LOVE ALTERED MERMAID CARDS. (or you can send me one to make for myself! I love it when my envelope is stamped with these little beauties!)These are the ones that i still need: (an "*" indicates that I already have that one.)

Spades: *, * ,* , 10, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, *, * *

hearts *, , , 10, *, *, 7. 6. *. *. *. *. * , *

clubs *, Q, j, *, * , *, *, *, *, *, * , *, *, joker

Diamonds K, ,, 10, 9. *. *. *. 5. *. *. *. *. joker

any of these will be most welcome as long as it has a mermaid and the cards number and suit show!!! thanks!

(Thanks! @Starrgazer )(Thanks! @kd7iem )

I am aNigella 
What Flower Are You?

Likes, Dislikes

I love hand made christmas ornaments (I dont really like religious ones or anything with santa clause - I have never understood putting your child into the lap of a man wearing a disguise!!! What happened to "beware of strangers!"?). hand made ornaments are all I will put on my tree! (exept of course, the handblown european glass mermaid ornaments that i have a small collection of.) I collect metal cookie cutters. I love artwork. It doesnt need to be of a special subject (I do like mermaids and paintings of women etc.) I love to see abstract, collage, techniques of all styles.. I love stories about women, both historical and mythological. (everything starts with a small kernal of truth) If a woman gets mentioned in history, I figure she probably did something very extra special or something very horrible, either way....I still like to hear about it.

My favorite flowers are purple irises!

Since I plan to participate in some christmas ornament exchanges I should tell you a little something about my CHRISTMAS TREE.

  • I only put hand made/crafted ornaments on my tree. (along with the hand blown european glass mermaids mentioned above.)

  • I love cranberry red, All greens (esp. sage, pea, and any odd off color greens like puke colors,) Gold, creams and off whites.

*No SANTA CLAUSES please. No actual candy (dont want bugs or vermin). Not fond of religious ornaments but will put them up if you send me one.

*I like winter folk, snowmen, gingerbread people, elves and winter fairies, fake candy, cakes ,any thing christmas is good. Any thing creative and fun, even christmas monsters and mischief is good. My family also puts a new train ornament on the tree each year.

The things that I dislike are people being dishonest, racism, sexism,injustice to any being. I also wish people were accountable for their own actions. I am a child of God and He made all of us. and everything...so we all are part of the same and I strive to love everyone as He does. (And He does LOVE EVERYONE!) It's not always easy but I still have to try! :D


@Ladyhightower for 2 Christmas Tassel Ornaments swap that she hosted and never sent out. @Kaylarp @Maraspires for USA:christmas ornaments in july swap (two in one swap!)

People who flaked on swaps that I hosted

@Charon Handmade Ornament swap 2010 @mousef handmade Ornament swap 2010

@nightenbelle High School Student ATC exchange #5 2013 this swap was for 30 cards from her student's to mine!!! my kids were so disapppointed!

I want to recognize an ANGEL! @user2637 for finding my favorite book! It was so wonderful of her to let me know about it!

@yelaklleps for angeling the seahorse charm on Mermaid lovers unite! group

zine go round pocketbook: Prairiekitten Dvmac

Things I can always use more o

BOTTLECAPS (beer ones are OK)

Those metal caps on top of glass Christmas ornaments. Just flatten them and mail em!

Chinese take out menus and those little placemats from the Chinese restaurant some have the zodiac animals on them.

Used gift cards (my students use them to spread glue when altering their journals )

small colored pieces of junk (anything that will fit in a bottle cap)

miniature objects Especially small animals for my Alien altered matchbox series. (read above)

Anything mermaid! (except figurines...hate to dust)

metal cookie cutters (any shape, old or new)

Christmas music cd's

currently into TEESHA MOORE Patches Mermaid/ocean/nautical themed

mini blown glass animals...small like a fingernail! so cute!

the screw top lid from Monster drinks (it has the logo on top)

packaging from products whose logo is a woman: ie. the aunt jemima grandma, salt girl, italian ladies on tomato paste. i just need the part that is the woman or girl. it can be any type of label; box, can wrapper, cookie bag...etc.

directions on how to put photos on your profile: To leave a photo on someone's profile use this code: ! [ ] ( Put image link here ) With NO spaces & paste the picture's link between the curved parenthesis


Jsereg001 rated for Mermaid/Ocean Pocket Letter on May 23, 2018
Comment: The pocket letter you made blew me away!! It’s beautiful and has so many things to look at! Thank you so much and I appreciate all the goodies too!!! I love it!!
Response: Wow that got there fast!glad you like it!
Comment: Oh these are so lovely, thank you! The house is beautiful, and I love the giraffe matchbox. (Actually I’m glad I got this before I sent mine, as I had misunderstood what your matchboxes look like - but I think I got it now!) thank you also for the lovely extras too! That orange background is especially stunning.
Response: you are so welcome and I'm glad you liked them! the orange is from a gelli plate!
Jaymmers rated for Prayer Flag Feb 2018 on Mar 27, 2018
Comment: What can I say other than WOW!!! I just recivied the resend today (I am so sorry the other got lost who knows where. It makes me a sad panda!) Not only did you send me one gorgeous prayer flag but then you stepped it up with the No Hoe Bag one and I am still laughing! The post cards are also georgeous. You absolutely made my day today and I have to commend you on your talent! What type of paint did you use to stain the fabric? These are lovely. Thank you so so so so so much!
Response: It's just regular acrylic paint with a lot of water
Comment: Great contribution Sam! You're so good. PS I'm glad you couldn't rememeber whether you'd sent me one, because now I have two - and the first one was filled up. :-) Thanks!
Response: lol! would you like the template so you can make some of your own?! :) I have about 8 of those full and they are double the size! very handy.
kfaye rated for Jim Dine inspired chunky valentines! on Feb 17, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much :) I love the mermaid paper doll & cute candies!
Comment: Thank you for putting this swap together- I like a fun challenge:0)
Comment: Sweet heart!
Comment: Thanks for the extra zine as well! I haven't seen the current Poldark, but I loved the original series back in the 70s:0)
Response: mine was the poldark page
Ryleighsmom rated for Xmas holiday greetings USA on Feb 4, 2018
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: So beautiful!!! Thank you so much! I love the mermaid pages you sent! You're very creative and each one was so uniquely done. Thanks for the ghetto instructions and the awesome postcards! My husband loves them too!
Response: im so glad you liked it! :)
samsstuff rated for New Year's Resolutions Zine! on Jan 15, 2018
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Thank you for the awesome card swap!
goinjenny rated for Xmas holiday greetings USA on Dec 23, 2017
Comment: Thank you, esp for the extras
Comment: Thank you for the very pretty card and for sharing the ornament project. I love the little sparkly deer you sent me too! Merry Christmas!
japn rated for Xmas holiday greetings USA on Dec 18, 2017
Comment: Thank you beautiful card
cllfdl rated for Xmas holiday greetings USA on Dec 18, 2017
Comment: Merry Christmas!
amber806 rated for Xmas holiday greetings USA on Dec 18, 2017
Comment: I'm not sure whether to do another page in this or just pass it on in the next round. Thank you for sending it.
gmasusie rated for Xmas holiday greetings USA on Dec 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the cute snowman card and all the great extras you sent. Merry Christmas

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manme on May 9, 2018:

Here is a mermaid for you (just because) :

manme on May 9, 2018:


Thank you so much for your surprise birthday card! It arrived just perfect time: in my birthday eve!

LindaRuthie on May 5, 2018:

Thank you so much for the lovely birthday post card. Such a wonderful surprise and such a treasure to have some of your art. ♥

lovetherain on May 4, 2018:

Hi Sam! Thank you so much for the beautiful mermaid birthday postcard! It was such a nice surprise to find in my mailbox on this rainy day.

Dakotaann on Apr 6, 2018:

Thank you so much for the birthday postcard!!! It was a really nice surprise!!

wolviechick121 on Mar 16, 2018:

Thank you SO much for the birthday post card! I always love your artwork. Much love!!! <3

Bhindblueeyes on Feb 9, 2018:

Thank you so much for the birthday postcard I received in the mail today! It's lovely, and it was quite an unexpected surprise! THANK YOU!

thriftymermaid on Jan 2, 2018:

Happy 2018 Sam!! I hope it treats you well. Hugs!

thriftymermaid on Dec 12, 2017:

Hello Sam! Thank you so much for the beautiful birthday postcard! It has pride of placement on my bulletin board. You are so creative and a beautiful artist. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas! :o)

anrtist on Jun 21, 2017:

🙋OH! @samjowers I luv your block prints! Living among the wreckage is my fav!
Beautiful work!

Blessings, cc

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