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About Me


3/18/21: I updated my profile and attempted to sort it out a bit for ease of navigation. I hope it helps! Thank you for the pointers!

Hello! I am Mirren, and I LOVE Swap-bot! So many amazing people on here have made it a fantastic adventure so far! Thank you!

I like animals, plants, decorating my new house (we just moved here from middle of nowhere Oklahoma to kinda somewhere in Texas,) writing letters, meeting new people, and watching movies.

I am in the process of putting up a ton of art on my walls and unpacking my boxes. You have all been a great inspiration for actually unpacking my boxes! Thank you so much for the encouragement!

Crafty Likes

*watercolor samples! I saw a YouTube video (oh, how many times those words have gotten me into a predicament!) that explained how to make a 'sample' card of dried, tube watercolors. I tried making one on a piece of card covered in packing tape and putting 'dots' of the watercolor on the card and letting it dry. It did seem to want to flake off eventually, but it stayed pretty well for a few travels!

*miniatures to use in diorama scenes that I 'plan' to build. I have not gathered the courage to actually begin making one, which is simply ridiculous.

*Your gelli prints or hand painted papers! I am a collector of ephemera, and though I will eventually use it, I have a catalogue of such things that is growing! And you are all so talented and creative!

*Stickers! (Although I do not want any holiday, reward, teacher, kiddie stickers OR Easter Seals. I was not even aware that Easter Seals still exist!)


*Collage Images. I think some people call these images clip art? I have seen sheets of color printed images specifically made for collage or decoupage and definitely turn a little green with envy. Just a little.

*DMC floss in any color! My favorite colors range from muted purples to hot pinks to browns... all of it!

Other Things I Like

*simple stud earrings of the small-ish kind. A little sparkle is ok, and I prefer silver or copper if metal.

*G1 era or reproduction My Little Ponies. I have a secret collection in my huge 'still new to me' closet.

*80's toys' reproductions or 'World's Smallest!" My mother gave me a 'new/old stock' vintage glow worm and I am OBSESSED! I saw a Popple the other day and restrained myself, but why are toys from the 80's so CUTE? And I knew Cabbage Patch from my younger days, but there are these dolls called Koosas! They are amazing! And I do believe I may be losing my mind.

*small journals. I enjoy the ones that are on the thinner side as I like to fatten them with art and keep many going all at once. Sometimes, I buy the 'expensive' ones from Tuesday Morning that come in sets of three for approximately $5 or $6!

*If you have the 'book binding' or the ability to stitch together handmade junk journals, I would love to receive one if ever swap appropriate! I have started attempting to make small, recycled ones if anyone is interested.

*Evee Umbreon! I do not know why, but it has become a thing for my husband and I. Most like, because the Umbreon seems to be the least represented Evee and we 'feel' for the 'underdog.'

*small mystery bags of little, cute things. I have found quite a few blind boxes popping up in the dollar stores here! I even found some KidRobot boxes not too long ago!

*Parakeets and cockatoos! Update: 2/20/21: My little parakeet, Chicken, unexpectedly got sick and moved on to Parakeet Paradise. I think the change in environment somehow affected him.) I am still collecting parakeet items, so it is not a sore spot. I love the little birds and will have another someday, I am sure. Thank you!

*Hello Kitty and all of her friends! (Especially Cinnamoroll and My Melody!)

*Gloomy Bear, General Purpose Rabbit and Mori Chack as an artist.

Kawaii: Favs include San-X randoms like Zombbit and other not so preferred for most people--send it all to me! Please!

Kawaii Also: Sentimental Circus, Tarepanda, Kamio girl sticker flakes, and then a bunch of others I honestly cannot currently identify, though I have tried.

*I wear grey. A LOT. I find it soothing, but my favorite colors are plum purple and indigo.

*Bob's Burger's Kuchi Kopi and Louise.

*My Hero Academia is a random anime show that I somehow got hooked on. Izawa in particular is my favorite character. I am not even sure how I came in contact with the show, but I am addicted.

*Model kits of all kinds. I am currently collecting them. I do build them (badly, as I am learning,) but I like to see them all lined up on my shelf, ready to go for an early morning session.

*Decals for models of any kind. I find that I am definitely learning how to use these and have ruined quite a few in the process.



(I do not know that I'll ever be involved in swaps that would require this knowledge, but I will share just to give more of an idea of who I am.)

*Funko Pops. I got sucked in and really like the unique and different ones. So many of them look the same.

*Fairly specific coloring books such as Creative Haven, Selena French and some others. They are not expensive, but I did not join Swap-bot to exchange things of this nature.

Please No

There are a few things I would like to NOT receive in the mail or have show up on my doorstep due to health issues, personal beliefs or just plain dislike.

*I have a very specific dislike for the colors red, orange, and green. (The exception is lime green.)

*Cigarette smoke. No. Just no. I smoked for a year and fortunately, the damage it did was not permanent, but the smell triggers my gag reflex something fierce.

*Heavily scented items. I do like candles, incense, and certain oils, but because I was apparently kept in a bubble for too many years, I have sensitivities to such things.

*Cat hair. I have pets occasionally, but I do NOT allow pet hair to linger anywhere in my house. I do not have children (I do love them!) and currently have the time that when I do have pets, I meticulously lint brush everything and Swiffer like a mad woman. (My mama has informed me that this will change when I have children, but I cannot imagine that anyone would want their baby covered in cat hair.) I do not judge others' use of their time as I realize that my OCD nature and extensive collection of dollar store, old school lint brushes is not for everyone (or anyone else, really,) but please do not send me cat hair anything through the mail.

*Spiders. Some of the first Texans I met probably thought I was crazy. I may or may not have squealed a little out loud over a particularly amazing garage sale find. (Ok, so it was loud enough that my new husband came over to see if I had managed to find another confrontational spider or if, like the last one, it was a plastic toy... that did not even remotely resemble a spider.)

*Heavy items. Unless required for a swap that I have signed up for, I ask that you do not send things that cost more to ship than they do to purchase. I hope one day to buy out the USPS and have them all wear mint green, vintage looking ice cream man uniforms, and sing as they cheerfully deliver your (never bills) mail! Until that happens, please know that I would love to send you painted rocks and a small collection of the feral children that I continuously find and make friends with (usually involuntarily) in each AND every Walmart, grocery store, and sometimes just on the sidewalk in front of my house.

*Pagan or witch items. I know it is Halloween, which is why I am seeing a LOT of those things everywhere these days, but if you have not already guessed, I was raised extremely conservatively. While I have an open mind, I investigate/contemplate certain things on my own terms and timing.

*Food. I am a food sensitive foodie. It is awful, but I cannot eat just anything, though I wish I could and have repeatedly tried. It is also a heavy thing to post and would not want to receive in the mail.

*Postcards. Unless I join or host a postcard swap, or it is in line with some of my likes (like a Hello Kitty postcard,) I really do not have a use for them, but would be glad to do a private swap and send you some of the ones I have!

In Conclusion

I apologize if I have phrased anything in such a way that someone finds my profile offensive. However, I am being extremely honest and since this is my profile to fill out "WELL" (lol,) I have chosen my words carefully and will update as I have time or see fit.

I am actually very laid back. I just read through my profile and scared myself! I sound like a strict, conservative person! (Oh. This is what they mean when they say that we all turn into our mothers/fathers...)

I am a right brained, winter child. I have learned the Type A personality in order to be successful in certain things, but I am almost 21, newly married, and just moved a state away from my parents, so give me a chance. I am sure I will start getting into trouble any day now. Or worse... using contractions! (Yes. I am very aware that I don't (OH! That feels so wrong. I am a rebel!) use them.)

I love all the little things people have been adding into my envies! Please don't feel that you have to include extras for me to rate you appropriately, but thank you so much for them!


I am in the process of building up certain collections of themes in my ATC's. I love the idea of subject studies and image or figure obsession!

Any and all mediums! Private swaps welcome!

There are a few specific characters I want a million of! See lower list!

These are in no particular order:)


*neko kaiju, konatsuya negora, or "cat Godzilla" in neon colors.


*video game characters

*chibi animals, people, inanimate objects

*parakeets and/or cockatoos





*Toki Doki Characters (I am new to these, but I do love them!) Especially the kaiju!

*Shoto Aizawa from My Hero Academia

*Hello Kitty and all variations of her. I have seen "smash-ups" of just about everything as Hello Kitty and I love it all!


*Gloomy Bear and GP Rabbit

*Kuchi Kopi (Louise's toy from Bob's Burgers)

*Rainbow Dash, Princess Luna, Trixie and Pinkie Pie

*Strawberry Shortcake and her friends


*Cheburashka (Soviet era monkey looking character. He has somehow gained a following in Japan. I love him!)

*Kirby (The video game character.)

General Favorites

Colors: Purples in muted or deep tones, dark gray, deep indigo, mint and aqua. I also like cool, med-dark brown.

Plants: Monstera, Wisteria, Gardenia, Lilac, Rosemary, Basil, Sage

Scents: Eucalyptus, mint, sage, patchouli, grapefruit, old-school grape, strawberry

Animals: Kwoka, wombat, bush baby, alpaca, Scottish Highland cow, draft or the vanner horses, cardinal and blue jay, roadrunner (NOT the Looney Toons one,) stoat, guinea pig, English Badger, English Budgie, parakeet, cockatoo, love bird or parrotlet


CrowDancer rated for HD/HP ATC Swap - USA Only on May 25, 2021
Comment: The Chikorita ATC is too cute! I love the extra stickers you included, too! Thank you so much! I'm sorry it took so long to rate; I accidently hid the envelope, and a few others from myself, and only found them recently.
papertreasures17 rated for USAPC: Altered Key Tags on May 20, 2021
Comment: Please let me know if there are extenuating circumstances to my not receiving this swap. I have messaged with no response.
jannieb rated for EASU: Spring has Sprung ATC Swap on May 11, 2021
Comment: Thanks for joining my swap & for the great ATC. Happy Swapping!
Comment: Thanks for the swap! Have a great May! Happy swapping!
christy102194 rated for Coloring Collab 2021 #2 on Apr 28, 2021
Comment: WOW you colored this so lovely! ^^ love it! :)
Comment: Thank you! I love envelope you used!
Response: Hey! I just messaged you! I think the one you got is the original as I just posted the other on Thursday and I do not think that the USPS is all that great and fast ATM. Lol!!! I am glad that the originals were not lost to the abyss forever, though! Check the postmark. I have had 1 that was postmarked 2 MONTHS before it was put into my mailbox by the mailman. I watched him do it, so I know it was not a 'neighbor delivery.' Insane times of geographical oddities and human systems gone awry. XO 4.5.21 I am so glad you also got the resend! Sooooo crazy. No postmark on the first and 2 months... I hope it was traveling the world, seeing the sights that whole time. Lol! We can swap any time:)
Shuttlebug rated for USATC: Feb. Free Theme ATC Swap on Mar 10, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the cute ATC and all the extras!
Response: I'm glad you like it!
Comment: I will pass this along with care! Also, thanks for the vintage stamps!!
karli rated for Zine Swap #2 !! on Mar 8, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the nice zines! K
Response: My resend has been mailed. I am definitely unsure as to what else I should do. Honestly, I did just mail it this past weekend, and I do apologize for the late resend. I kept hoping that maybe the first package would show as I have never had mail just disappear into thin air.
jannieb rated for HD/HP ATC Swap - Feb. USA Only on Mar 6, 2021
Comment: Thanks for joining my swap & for the wonderful ATC...I LOVE IT!! You did a great job on it & I am very proud to add this to my collection.
Jenny345644 rated for Kiddie Valentines Swap USA on Mar 4, 2021
Comment: Everything was so wonderful and I really enjoyed all of the valentines! So cute ☺️ Thank you !
Comment: Oh my goodness! Thank you SO SO much for the adorable ATCs! I love them so much, especially the lil dragon!!! That means so much to me, more than you'll ever know. ;;; Thank you for the stickers, they'll get put to good use ;v; Take care and stay safe!! (P.S. I LOVE your handwriting!)
Cynfully rated for Kiddie Valentines Swap USA on Feb 17, 2021
Comment: Thank you for all the adorable cards and the extras.. i loved it
Meangelgal77 rated for Scripture Writing Swap on James on Feb 15, 2021
Comment: Thank you
Comment: Awesome swap ! Thanks for a great pc and all the extras!!
Response: This is one of my favorite swaps! I have started looking forward to them!
SciFiSama rated for Coloring Collab 2021 #1 on Feb 6, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the extras! I am so excited to color these cards! I love sugar skulls!
Willowmoss rated for Dear Story #6 Newbie Friendly USA on Jan 29, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the lovely envelope and extras, I'll definitely be putting them to good use! The stories are so exciting, I'm not sure if adding an extra story is allowed, but I don't see any harm. I'll be passing both on in the next swap :)
Response: Lol... I hope it is:) I figured that if it didn't interest you, you could pass it on. Someone sent me an extra and with all the time between the swaps, I found it lovely to have another to add to:)
Comment: Thanks! I love the cute memo sheets.
Response: I am so glad!
Comment: Hi! Thank you so much for the awesome and adorable ATC and for the sweet tuck-ins you included. I love the wings you drew on the envelope, they're so pretty! I'm also just now seeing your comment on my profile, sorry about that! Thank you for the makeup tips but I'm really avoiding wearing anything on my face nowadays with COVID, especially since I wear masks anytime I'm out and when I'm at work. :P Hopefully things will change! Stay safe and healthy!
Comment: These slams are great ! Especially with shipping always going up people will appreciate that they weigh nothing. I was out of slams that weren’t signed by other swap bot members anyways

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Hey! Just a warm reminder! The LSRUS: Lucky Parcel Swap is due tomorrow!

Willowmoss on Dec 31, 2020:

I also love BNHA! Dadzawa (as i like to call him) is one of my favorites too :)

wolfeagle on Dec 30, 2020:


Dsweeny on Nov 29, 2020:

Thank you thank you thank you for the AMAZING stamped images from the forum. YOU are a lovely person, and I deeply appreciate it! I especially love the funny one with the old gal on the pay to ride pony. That will SO be me! xoxo

lovetherain on Nov 20, 2020:

Thank you MAV, for all the cute and pretty stickers for the forum's pick 2 tag. They are all so unique and new to me! I wish you and your family have a very happy Thanksgiving <3

babypansy on Nov 16, 2020:

Thanks ^_<

poonwugget on Sep 29, 2020:

LOVING that fat unicorn you sent for the Draw me a...tag game. If I were younger and/or wealthier, I would make it my next tattoo. Beautiful work, and thanks for the pretty extras too. Those cheese stickers are cool :-)

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