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suzwa on Nov 16, 2017:

Wow--you are AWESOME.Thank you for the wonderful box of goodies. You have gone above and beyond !!!

2bneat on Nov 15, 2017:

I wanted to let you know how much I am appreciating the hot chocolate you sent. The wood stove is hot, I have a good book and sitting down for a few minutes with the hot cocoa before the evening activities start. Thank you. ♥

OrigamiGrace on Nov 13, 2017:

thank you

cmdunderground on Nov 12, 2017:


anicka22 on Nov 11, 2017:

You are very welcome! Hope you will like ( at least some of) them!

gryffindorjen on Nov 10, 2017:

It's good to be active again, I have been feeling the artsy bug lately. :)

VivaLaDiane on Nov 8, 2017:

WhOa. Slytherin too??!!?! YAYYYYYYY.

VivaLaDiane on Nov 8, 2017:

IRONIC. I want to smoke too. Same was true during his episode of RIDE with Norman Reedus. I was like - is this unintentional porn? Lol.

VivaLaDiane on Nov 8, 2017:

Ehhhhhh kinda. I want NEGAN. All Negan and I'm robbed of my Jeffrey so far. I'm fascinated with the idea of how they'll do the TWD/Fear merged. I'm not sure how they can make the continuity flow. But yeah I thought maybe I'm desensitized to the mayhem but it's a bit tame for my feel for this show.


HippieChick on Nov 6, 2017:

I'm a little jealous of your ability to break the chains of Facebook slavery!

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