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Platform934 on Jan 22, 2018:

You are very welcome @MsBellaDonna :)

MsBellaDonna on Jan 22, 2018:

Thank you for being an "Angel" and sending me such a lovely postcard after I was flaked on in "New Year's Reflection Question" swap - you're the best!

mandigutterrose on Nov 12, 2017:

Thank you for sending my silly "elephant" boy postcard back and having a good sense of humor about it!!

Platform934 on Sep 11, 2017:

Thank you @VivaLaDiane :) It just came to me as I was thinking of a name lol pretty cool I think..

VivaLaDiane on Aug 31, 2017:

I noticed you in my September PC swap and had to drop in and comment on a most amazing username!!! Have a great day. ♥

EmilyT on Jan 28, 2017:

my bad! I can see it perfectly on my computer :-) Thanks so much for getting back to me!

EmilyT on Jan 27, 2017:

I don't know if it is my cellphone or if it is something else, but many sections of your profile are unreadablesuch as the post card section. The b&w I host is sender's choice so it isn't too big of a deal but some partners will be wondering what your tastes and preferences are, just on case...

Sazza on Jan 18, 2017:

I had wondered what other PC you were referring to, lol. I received the Mario and Luigi card in the mail today; love Love LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much! Probably in top 10 pieces of mail I've ever received! :D My sons adore it, as well. :)

Platform934 on Oct 6, 2016:

Oh cool! Glad it arrived :) @mgallardo68

mgallardo68 on Oct 6, 2016:

Hello Becky!

Received my tag from you for Tag me...... but i send to you

Thank you so much

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