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PLEASE NOTE , I do not have internet at the moment ! And I will be going long periods of time without signing on. Thank you.

Hi! My name I Jordan! I am 27 years old, scorpio. I have a wonderful family and 5 dogs! I love to write every chance I get, and I am a big fan of mail ! I love rainy days. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons, and Halloween is my favorite Holiday ! I love dark/creepy themes, dark makeup and sarcastic humor. I am a night owl, and somewhat of a loner. ! I absolutely love coffee, and I am a big animal lover. I love to learn new things, try new things, travel new places and most of all , eat new things. 100% Foodie ! I enjoy going to concerts, and exploring new coffee shops. I am a proud mom. I prefer comedies over serious films, and I love animated films. I very much enjoy thrift store picking, antique store digging, and haunted area exploring. I love to read and learning about psychology. I enjoy people watching. I am more of a listener than a talker. I love everything about the '90's ! I collect all things that let me relive those moments! I am so happy I grew up in this time. I love to swin, roller skate, and take long walks when its chilly outside. I thrive in quite areas. I do love meeting new people, but I am painfully shy and have just a tiny bit of social anxiety.

Favorite Music

I will be totally honest, if you look ay my spotify playlist ( when I have spotify that is ) it is full of '90's pop. It is a guilty pleasure. I am an extremely nostalgic person. But I do not feel melancholic about it. I find pleasure in reliving the good old days. That being said, I do like other types of music.I love Blues, and Jazz. I am a fan of Classical and New Age music as well. And ... I know nearly every lyric to every Disney song ever written. AND CABARET! Oh , I love musicals! Some of my favorite bands and artists are as listed below:

Punch Brothers

Jack Johnson

Nickel Creek

Elton John

The Beatles

Amy Winehouse

Eric Clapton

Favorite Movies

I am a big Disney Fan. I love everything Tim Burton has done. As mentioned above, I prefer comedies. I think Will Ferrell is hilarious. I miss Robin Williams, he was such a huge inspiration. And it makes me very sad that he is gone. I honestly love most animated films. I also enjoy documentaries. I could not possibly write down every movie I like here, but one genre that I am not big on is horror. While I do enjoy creepy type things, I do not like horror films. Classic movies are also great. I love "A Goofy Movie"

Favorite Television

I like Comedies, and mockumentaries. I love(d) The Office and Parks and Recreations. My current and ongoing favorite show is Once Upon a Time. Is that show genius or what ? Arrested Development, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Grounded for Life, My name is Earl, and Futurama, The Simpsons, Family Guy and Bob's Burgers. I also like Last Man on Earth. Roseanne is an all time favorite. Malcolm in the Middle and That 70's Show.


I would love to receive

Stationary ( especially sanrio and kawaii type )


Memo Pads

Kawaii Items



Cute Alien Paraphernalia


Halloween Décor


Small make-up and/or Pencils bags

Coffee and Coffee related items

Washi Tape

Natural Stone

Dog Themed items

Chocolate ( specifically dark chocolate )

Tins and Metal Boxes

Marilyn Monroe items

Beatles items

Weird T-Shirts ( I am plus size , 2x please )

Anything dealing with the supernatural ( as in ghost , not the TV show )

Ghost, Ufo, Witch themed

I love books ( especially dealing with Magic )

Any behind the scenes or film paraphernalia, especially geared towards Tim Burton Films

All things related to the ‘90’s, ‘70’s, and ‘50’s !

Hippie Themed

Tie Die


The Nightmare Before Christmas Paraphernalia


Comic Books

Fairy Tales

Disney Park Merchandise ( Disney in General )

Disney's Frozen


Tarot & Astrology

Nickelodeon ( think '90's shows - Rocko's Modern Life & Rugrats )

90's childhood toys such as Trolls, surprise puppy, polly pocket, Furby's, TY Beanie Babies, Tamagotchi, and Lisa Frank paraphernalia

I will be happy and grateful for anything that you send, and I would like to thank you in advance. :)


Sending: I will NOT flake on a swap. That is a promise. If there is some strange reason that I am not able to send my swap, I will let you know asap! If you do not receive my swap in a timely manner, I urge you to please let me know immediately ! Also, a fellow swapper once sent me a message letting me know that she had sent her package, and added the tracking number for me to track my incoming swap. I loved the idea! So now, most of the time, I now add a tracking number, if you would like to have it, please let me know, and I will send it to you! That being said, I know many people prefer the element of surprise of not knowing when they will get it. To each his own. But I am happy to provide you the tracking number, if you please. Please do not feel the need to provide me with one, as I do enjoy the surprise :)

Receiving: I promise to rate you as soon as I am able! If I have not rated yet, it is because I have not yet received your swap. Thanks and happy swapping. :)

Private Swaps

I would love to do private swapping with anyone who desires to do so. Just as long as I am financially able to do so. I take pride in my swaps, and I do try my very best to find items that I believe my partner will love! So if I am already in several swaps at the moment I may not be able to do a private swap right at that moment. If I do not have the money or time to invest into the swap, I won't do it.

Something else I would like to add: I am always and forever on the lookout for '90's themed items ! Mainly T.V shows from that time, Vintage Lisa Frank items, Vintage Sanrio Items, and Tamagotchi's. Rocko's Modern Life , Rugrats, Yin Yang and Smiley items, Tie Dye, and the like. Boy Bands and Girl Power ! If you have these type of items and would like to swap, I will do my best to find you what you would like in return! So please DM me, if interested. Some consider this stuff useless junk, I consider it timeless treasure of my generations! Long Live the '90's!!

A Side Note

I am new to swapping, and so far I am enjoying it very much! I love meeting new people who are like minded. Sending and Receiving mail is just so exciting. I love having this opportunity to shop for others. Every day I look forward to checking my mailbox ! That being said, every now again when I am scanning through this wonderful site, I notice that some people are not being kind to one another. So I would just like to say that we should all try to be as nice to each other as we possible can. We are lucky to have this free site to meet like minded individuals. Always remember to be kind and polite !


njstauter rated for Spooky Christmas on Dec 22, 2015
Comment: What you sent made me smile! Thank you for everything. The timing is perfect. Honestly. If I knew how to give you more hearts I would.
Comment: Agggghhh!!!! Awesome prompts!!!! And I love the scented bookmarks!!
Comment: it was awesome loved it!!!!
Comment: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Thank you so very much for putting a big smile on my face, Jordan! You put together such a wonderful package just for me. I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into picking things that are my dream Halloween: Candy faves and delicious cookie that already fell into my mouth - check. Most amazing note pad I've ever seen - check. Skull earrings that I am wearing now - check. Vintage Pinup witch buttons (wow!) - check. Paper napkins, coasters, and pumpkin ice cube tray that are going to be so perfect for our upcoming Halloween party - check. Vintage Halloween glittery gift tags that would be lovely on packages but not sure that I can part with - check. Candle that is making everything smell so good - check. Super fun spooky socks - check. Vintage Halloween image on postcard (my fave kind! Of course you knew that, because you studied my profile!) - check. Last, but not least - the lovely, vintage napkin that I'm thrilled to add to my collection (so sweet that you read that in my profile and sent). I think it's also cute that we both sent our baggies in a Halloween tote (great swapping minds think alike). As I was pulling out all the awesomeness, I expressed to my husband that your swap may be better than the one I sent you. I hope that's not the case, but yours is pretty fab!! Thank you so much for our special swap! xx, Leila
Response: Yay !! I am so happy you liked everything. We are so much alike ( at least , in our swapping mannerisms anyway ) lol. I must have asked my husband 100 times if my swap was going to live up to what you sent. 😅 I am still fussing over the day of dead pencil bag. I really enjoyed doing this swap with you so much. I look forward to swapping with you again in the future ! :D
Comment: Thanks Jordan ! I can hardly wait until next month to open this swap! Happy Swappoween!
Response: I am so glad to know it got to you! I hope you like what I picked for you! :) Thank you for rating !
Comment: Jordan, thank you so much for a lovely package!!! It was such a package of goodness that brightened my Monday afternoon. Thank you for your kind note and Halloween goodies. I love, love, love Lindt chocolate, thank you so much!!! Going to try to save the stocking stuffer for Christmas, but that you for agreeing to swap with me and thank you for sending such a happy and heartfelt package :)
Response: Awww, this message made me smile! I thought you might enjoy Lindt chocolate, it is so tasty! I am very happy to know you were happy with the package! Thank YOU for asking me to swap in the first place :D Thanks for rating!
AliCrafter rated for Stuff a small flat rate Box on Sep 4, 2015
Comment: My goodness! You are right on top of things! How lovely it was to come home after a day spent at the hospital with my husband to find your little box of goodies in the mail. I LOVE the seahorse charm, which will go on the zipper to my purse, and the gel pens are really neat. And you get a heart for including the letter! Thank you so much for your thoughtful package.
Response: I am sorry to hear about your trip to the hospital, I truly hope everything is okay now! I am so happy to hear you like the seahorse charm! That was definitely my favorite part of the package ! I enjoyed writing to you, and I am very glad you enjoyed the package! Take Care.
tgrlover rated for Fill My Stocking - August on Aug 18, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the stocking stuffer! I will open at Christmas :-)
Response: :D hope you enjoy it !
Comment: Jordan, I can't wait to open your package - I will open October 1st - can't wait. Thank you so much and Happy Halloween, darla
Response: I hope you like it, Darla !! <3 Happy Halloween :D
Comment: Thanks for the letter, and I'm sorry it took so long for me to get it. Happy Swapping!
Response: No problem! Glad you got it! Happy Swapping to you as well. :)
Turtle3609 rated for <3 Childrens Book Swap <3 on Aug 13, 2015
Comment: The books are great, thank you very much. Charlie Brown Christmas is one of my favorite TV shows. In fact, I like all the Charlie Brown special. That's a keeper. The cat looks very interesting. I do like the young adult books because even though they are involved they are still easier to read than a big 600 page novel. I am so appreciative are you sending me such nice books.
Response: Oh wonderful ! I am glad you like the books, and I am happy to know they arrived to you safely. :) Thank you for rating, have a wonderful day! And Happy Swapping!
Comment: Thanks for the washi samples and the stickers :)
Response: I hope you liked the washi I chose, I just sent one of everything I had on hand. I hope they also arrived in usable condition, as I mentioned before, I have never done a washi sample. :) I am responding to your letter now! :)
Comment: Thank you so much for doing this swap with me, Jordan! I can hardly wait to open the TWO stocking gifts you sent at Christmas time (knowing you found them at an antique store makes me extra excited)!! We will have to do a private swap again soon! ;)
Response: Sounds awesome! I would love to do another private swap with you! :) I hope you will like the gifts I picked. <3
xoDenaaaa rated for Fill My Stocking - July on Jul 10, 2015
Comment: Jordan thank you so much for your package! I absolutely loved the little stationary set, it's so me. First swap on here and loved it!
Response: Dena, YAY! I am really glad you like the stationary! Thank you for rating and heart. :)
njstauter rated for Blind Surprise Swap (June) on Jun 29, 2015
Comment: It was fun tracking down which swap this was. There are SO MANY wrapped gifts in it that it feels like my birthday and Winter Solstice. I haven't even taken the luxury to open yet. Thanks so much Jordan. You are generous beyond my wildest imaginings.
Response: It was my pleasure! Thank you for making such a good point ! I need to write the swap name on my packages from now on :) I truly hope you enjoy the gifts I selected. Thank you for the rating and heart :)
CANNEKCUL rated for Grab Bag Swap on Jun 28, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely items you selected for me. 💕 I love everything that you sent!
Response: Awesome! I am so glad you liked what I picked out! Thanks for the rating and heart :D

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dartha on Oct 9, 2015:

Jordan, I opened the awesome Trick or Treat Filler August gift you gave me. I am so in awe! Thank you so much for the snoopy space explorer tapes. I love them! Thank you - thank you!! take care, darla

punchypirate on Oct 8, 2015:

Hi Jordan! Did you see this swap? Looks like more Halloween fun: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/209171

punchypirate on Sep 28, 2015:

Sending your Halloween goodies soon! xx

AdelaideQuinn on Sep 8, 2015:

Hey Jordan! Thank you so much for the notecards and the super cute penguin sharpie!! :D

anrtist on Sep 4, 2015:

APDG~ Artistic Profile Deco Group Welcome! ;-)

ALWAYS Lots of fun swaps to choose from
Or join them all! ~ MAYBE even Host a few too ;-)

I really hope you enjoy the group!!! ;-)
Blessings, cc

Pandorapsych on Jul 30, 2015:



AdelaideQuinn on Jul 22, 2015:

Just got the notecards, stickers, and stationery you sent me. Thank you so much, they're so cute! My daughter has stolen the stickers and she says thank you too :D

Amace on Jul 13, 2015:


♥Hi, Thank you for joining Friendlies :) I am looking forward getting to know you in the group.♥

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