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The Spirit Guide for Spring Who showed up is the Frog. Lessons include; 1st cleansing toxic things/people from my spaces, and then gaining personal transformation & experiencing renewal.

If you get something from me that you cannot use or do not like, please feel free to pass it along in another swap or to a trip to a thrift store. The first thing I do is make sure the swap requirements are met and then I add extras that might be items I am passing along. I'd rather see them be used than sit in a closet. Again, if you get something you do not like nor want, feel free to pass it along. It was sent in good will for whomever sent it to me as well as for you. I read profiles and try to make you happy. I get to the PO only once a week, and mark the packages sent when they get put in the car for the trip the following morning. I check the receipt against my list when I get home to make sure nothing got forgotten.

I re-cycle, re-use and re-purpose.

As humans living in this culture, eventually we are all faced with issues that diminish our finances, our health, relationships, and our skills. We continue to do the best we can if we want to thrive. Failing that, we whine or get cranky and then we withdraw from what brings us joy.

Being generous makes another person's day through these swaps. It continues to be a healing past time for me. It seems healing in that we send to one person and receive from another, so there is no need to feel like you either did too much or not enough.

I find that I do my best and that is enough. Honestly. Seriously. It is important to show up and be present. I put time into the swaps and am heartful for each of my assigned partners.

I always rate the day I receive your package. I use the rating system as a way to let you know the package came. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SWAP-BOT ID & the group even for WTA's.

Favorite Crafts

I am not artistic when it comes to paper crafting. I do not paint or draw and if I put stickers on packages, believe me, that is stretching my skills, so please understand I am not doing it to get by. I am actually putting thought into it. Essential Tremors make it impossible to cut a decent line, so I've stopped participating in those kinds of swaps. (Remember Kathryn Hepburn? She had them. Mine are in the earlier stages of shaking so still in my hands)

However, there is a difference between 'arts & crafts' and THE craft. I express mighty powerful spell crafting, and know that my magick works. There is a simplicity in the magickal craft, and it takes almost an evolved spirit to get that. Some people can feel the energy that is in my creations. Some don't get it and want more of a commercial expression for swaps.


I am adding a 'Likes' section, almost like a kid:

  1. I like dark roast coffee in the mornings

  2. I like herb teas throughout the day, and prefer those without staples so they can go in my compost

  3. I like working with 100% cotton for quilting, sharp rippers and rotary blades (45mm)

  4. I like simple stitches for embroidery

  5. I like bird watching out my South window & dearly miss the Cardinals, which do not fly west of the Rockies

  6. I like small clocks everywhere in my house

  7. I like black and white long-haired cats

  8. I like watching movies more than once so I can get more from them

  9. I like documentaries & travel videos

  10. I like the mountains and the oceans that give Southern California its natural attraction

  11. I like learning new things from the swaps and generous people who join them

  12. I like audio books and do my best to find books in the public domain to listen to during my days. I am open to suggestions for audiobooks.

  13. Quilting Magazines & a new favorite, FAERIE MAGAZINE. Its got great articles and lovely, lovely art

  14. Sitting in front of the fireplace on cold mornings

  15. I LOVE handmade items and have received some from other swappers here that simply blow me away with their creativity. I am easily pleased and know the value of the work that goes into making something for someone.

  16. I like walking the Labyrinth in my Western garden space. I do three circuits; one to identify the issue, one to listen to the divine response and one to decide how to take action.


Over the years I have parachuted (jumping out alone and not in tandem), waterskied, snow skied both down hill and cross country, canoed, white water rafted, hiked, biked, played competition volleyball, and was on the first all-woman's Rollerblade Hockey team (for the company), and have dog sledded. I love watching hockey, baseball and football. Thing is, as a person ages, no matter how good they think they are in shape, things change.

Each morning as I get out of bed, the thought is ever-present how hard I used my body over the years, not stopping to eat right, or drink water. I've chosen to eat vegetarian and often vegan these days. However, my body is showing signs of wear.

Funny how I probably never listened to my elders and now I find myself not wanting to whine. I've seen a real decline in my physical abilities and just having them work for me doesn't work for me. It is an effort now. And the other option is not one I want to choose, so getting affirmations from you is desirable. I wish I could say I was 'hootless' which means I don't give a hoot what others say. That is a goal for me this year.


As a practicing Strega, I have an unquenchable love of the Earth which manifests in endless ways such as living where I do in a southern California mountain valley. We see dark skies at night where the stars and Moon are brilliant reflections of the Sun. The Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Tehachapi Mountains surround us. The Mojave Desert is to the east only 20 minutes away. The Mighty Blue Pacific beaches can be found only three hours away so I take at least one day trip to the shores.

Originally from MN, I lived on an organic farm, and raised/trained German Shepherds for search & rescue. I miss those big dogs, and now have one B&W Norwegian Forest Cat named Rico, and a huge tank with an amazing Turtle named Phrangue.


I know, I know, but I really do not like oregano.

I would rather not be around folks who are negative, want to play power games, or who want to tear others apart. I do not enjoy the company or conversations of people who want to push their views on me.

Sometimes I forget that part of who I am and try to stay in circles & relationships with negative folks. I've discovered that it is important to honor the psi skill of empathy and simply walk away from it without regret, guilt or shame.

People do not need to see eye to eye on everything as much as they might want to simply respect each other's right to be different.

I do believe in the Metaphysical Law of Return that says, simply, whatever we send out, we receive 3-fold. And if you are sending out negativity, you may be receiving it 10-fold.

Thinking of Extras for Me?

  • If you send me fabric, please let it be 100% cotton for quilting. I really cannot use other types of fabrics. For instance, craft cotton usually bleeds loose dyes, and can ruin a good quilt on the first wash even if the fabric is pre-washed. I can use the 5" charm packs or any of the precuts. (thanks)

  • Pieces of ribbon or lace

  • I love natural handmade soaps

  • Fairy Garden pieces for all seasons

  • TeaLight or Votive candles

  • I keep trying to get a birch log but the tree cutters here are too fast in sending wood into a chipper, plus, we speak different languages so they don't understand what I want. I'd like to make a small Yule Log from one.

  • Printed Affirmations I can hang on my mirror or on the tray of my exercise E-train (not religious, thank you)

  • I love a good Earl Grey tea (Bigalow makes one with Bergamot from Calabria) and prefer Italian or French Roast coffee (ground). I actually do enjoy loose teas, and some green teas, just not decaf. Guess I need that kick!

  • Children's books from other countries or cultures

  • Good foot creams for dryness

  • Blank journals (I discovered journal swaps here and can see how they work. Any size will do). And if you have ephemera to put in the journals, I would love that too

  • Fatter pens (I have essential tremors that make holding skinnies near to impossible)

*** Anything that is related to LaBefana, the Italian Gift-bringer

Spiritual Preferences

This can be a topic that either turns a person off or has them nodding their head in agreement.

I practice an Old Religion (before and therefore not Wicca), one that is pre-Christian so while I agree that Jesus lived and died, and believe in the message of the Christ which is love, my Goddess religion is deeply personal, deeply alive for me, and stands without question. I am not a Christian and do not care if you are. If a person 'god-blesses' me, I just think to myself that god is Her butch name. Hey, blessings are good no matter which pantheon they come from. My Goddess has at least 10,000 names and my practice is positive and affirming.

I believe in simple things, like caring about all life forms, seeing the innate goodness in others, understanding metaphysical laws, and trusting in the messages that come to me wherever I look.

In my dreams, I see a black wolf with yellow eyes. I sense pain in others, I know that my magick or prayer is strong. I've worked with Astrology & Tarot long enough to know there are answers in the patterns. I set up seasonal altars on the Solstices and Equinoxes, celebrate the phases of the Moon, and work with the power centers in my body to bring self-healing by working with a lot of affirmations. I use prayer beads, have simple chants and think forgiveness makes the world go around.


montigneyrules rated for Writers Scavenger Hunt on Mar 30, 2017
Comment: Nickie! Thanks for the fantastic swap. It was very profile specific when it didn't need to be. I appreciate it.
keahirada rated for #kindnesscounts ~4 on Mar 27, 2017
Comment: Thanks!
Response: thank you for rating
Moominbrooke rated for Trickster, Jester, Fool on Mar 27, 2017
Comment: I love it :0) Very Jester!
Response: I created the pattern and have never made such a mug rug so am glad you are pleased
amburrito rated for Inside My Fridge ~e-mail swap~ on Mar 26, 2017
Response: thanks for rating & the heart
shinyserra rated for #kindnesscounts ~ 3 on Mar 26, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for all of the fabulous goodies!
Response: may every day be wonderful
SwissArmyKnit rated for Inside My Fridge ~e-mail swap~ on Mar 26, 2017
Response: thanks for rating & the heart
paperplanes rated for Inside My Fridge ~e-mail swap~ on Mar 23, 2017
Response: thank you for rating & the heart
sakura15 rated for Inside My Fridge ~e-mail swap~ on Mar 22, 2017
Comment: I couldn't find your username in the email - thankfully part of your email aligned with your username so I could recognise you! Thanks for sharing.
BooksTeaAndMe rated for Inside My Fridge ~e-mail swap~ on Mar 22, 2017
Comment: Thanks for sharing the content of your fridge haha Pear Pizza sounds delish by the way!
Response: thanks for rating & yes it is
lynnerfb rated for April Spell / Recipe on Mar 21, 2017
Comment: thank you for the beautiful book! some thing new to study. I love all the blue it is my favorite color My wonderful stone and crystal collection is growing so fast. Everyone sends me the most wonderful ones!
Response: you deserve the good energy that comes your way!
honeya9705 rated for Quilt Strips # 2 on Mar 21, 2017
Comment: oh my goodness! What a great box!!! Thank you so much! I looooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee it!!! I am going to make the quilt for me but my daughter says i should donate it to the quilt group... I'll keep you posted!
Response: Follow your heart! Glad you like it
Comment: Thank you Nickie! I left the wrapped gift for later, but am so curious to find out what it is! I opened the tin and fell for all the tiny gifts of nature right away--so thoughtful--thank you again. You made my day! ❤️
Response: It is hard to wait, but worth it at year's end
Comment: Just wanted to let you know I had the most fun with this swap! I LOVE my piggy, the AMAZING cigar box and my sweet yeti! Hope you have a super year!!!
kayfay rated for Magical Pick 3 on Mar 15, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful swap! It came right in time for the snow storm and really brightened my day. I've not worked much with poppets & this one has so much personality, I look forward to giving it a try! The pendant is lovely - do you know what kind of stone is in it? It looked too opaque to be rose quartz, but is such a pretty pink. And I love the journal!
Response: isn't it fun how things work? Thanks for the heart and for rating. I think of the poppet as a doll...and I am so not good with dolls. I trust you will be kind and loving and PS, the other part is coming after I get to the PO on Saturday
phillipska81 rated for Magickal AM Hours on Mar 14, 2017
Comment: Thank you for your note and extras. The postcards are awesome! Thanks again and if I could give a hundred hearts I would!
Response: you are a sweetheart!!!
Comment: Thank you for the package
Response: thanks!!!
ladydy5 rated for TF: Stuff My Totebag/Stocking March on Mar 13, 2017
Comment: Got it today and thank you I will put it in my Christmas tote
Response: I found another item and will send it in the mail when I go to the PO on Saturday. Thanks for rating!
Juliana89 rated for PPWAH`Intro letter on Mar 8, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the letter. I enjoyed reading it and will write back as soon as I can!
Response: how sweet of you!
Moominbrooke rated for April Tarot Reading on Mar 7, 2017
Comment: Thank you! What an intriguing image! This has been a good series and I plan to join them all. :0)
Response: thank you...I love doing readings and these are easy with just one card. Thanks for the heart
Robinarie rated for February ~ Dear Diary on Mar 6, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the extras Nickie, your journal is fun to read!
Response: Thank you. I have been using them to write letters to the older Grandchildren who can still read cursive and my really awful handwriting. They are fun.

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njstauter on Mar 15, 2017:

Debmitch on Mar 15, 2017:

njstauter on Mar 15, 2017:

MLouiseOliver on Mar 4, 2017:


I'm leaving you a message for the Spring Housecleaning Swap. I hope you're doing well, and having a wonderful weekend.

I've been doing my spring housecleaning way early, and have been cleaning each room. I've been having the doors, and the windows all open for all the air to come through.

I love having the doors, and windows open. I use all natural cleaning products that I've bought, or either made myself. I've been switching over to those.

I love using baking soda, and vinegar, and mixing with different herbs, and oils for using on the carpet, or on different surfaces.

I've been cleaning out all of the things that I don't need, or want anymore. I think that's so important to do.

I hope you enjoy reading through what I've left you when it comes to cleaning for spring housecleaning.

Moominbrooke on Feb 7, 2017:

Thank you for your lovely WTA package! I feel it will be much more positive than watching too much news on TV and the interwebs!

XFoxgloveX on Jan 25, 2017:

Im so glad you're enjoying it!

Tiffaknee on Jan 24, 2017:

Thank you so much for angeling the "My Crystal Needs a New Home" swap. You are so wonderful in so many ways. The crystal is incredible and I have put it inside my new meditation corner. <3 When I pull out of this funk of mine, I'm going to mail you a package to show my appreciation for everything you have done for me and for the group.

njstauter on Jan 24, 2017:

njstauter on Jan 19, 2017:

Went up to Pebble Beach this week to whale watch. It is the shore furthest out so closer to the trench the whales made to migrate. Some are 2.5 miles from shore, some closer.

njstauter on Jan 19, 2017:

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