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About Me

Hello fellow crafters! I'm new to the swapping community, but am excited to be a part of something I enjoy. I love mixed media, art journaling, altering things, ATC's and other forms of fun little artistic creations, as well as sending happy mail. I may not yet have all the cool new toys to play with like I'm sure most of you do (I actually don't even have any of the cool old toys either, lol), but I've always been creative and can come up with many ways to express my love of art! My personal art style is vintage/grunge/steampunk/dark and "creepy", but I'm perfectly comfortable creating "happy" things as well. I love to play with watercolors (although I only have one of the cheap/basic walmart tube sets), paint with acrylics, doodle, and create pages in my art journal. One of my favorite things to do though, is to alter things. Especially tins and plaques. I love the style of "DeeDee Catron", "Mixed Media Jen" and "Shawn Petite", all can be found on YouTube. If I could think of one thing in the art world that I'm just not a fan of, it would be a page full of colors that don't typically go together just thrown down and all piled on top of each other. I like to call it "color vomit"😅. If that's your particular artistic style, please don't take that the wrong way! Many people create beautiful pieces doing that, it's just not pleasing to MY eye. I don't care for children's stickers slapped onto something either.

Favorite Books

My favorite author thus far is Robert Liparulo, hands down. I would HIGHLY recommend The Dreamhouse Kings series. If you like YA sort of mystery type novels, you'll love these. If YA is not your thing, his other books are amazing as well!

Favorite Television

Anything historic or related to historical places. Anything about space, including the theory of Aliens having been/currently visiting us. All types of "ghost shows". My favorite is Paranormal Witness, but I'm not sure if it's still on.

About Me

On a more "get to know me" level, I am 35 years old (36 in April) and the mother of 2 beautiful girls. My oldest is 16 and my youngest turned 11 on July 1st. I have a gorgeous little black and white dog (she's a Black Lab/Pit bull mix) named Zelda, she's hilarious! I also have a generously sized orange tabby cat named Milo, whom we lovingly make fun of daily.😉😁They both answer to about a dozen different names.....(fyi: "generously sized" is a nice way of saying fat, lol). I consider them to be my children as well. They are, after all, our four-legged furry babies.😊🐶🐱
OK, back to me...I'm a former Army wife. I divorced my husband of almost 8 years a little over a year ago and it's been a constant struggle (financially speaking) ever since. I was a stay at home wife/mother for 10 years making it virtually impossible for me to find employment at this point in this web-based world. My resume looks like that of someone just starting out, not that of a grown woman. Therefore, when put next to anyone else my age, I'm guaranteed to be passed up. I've had to move back in with my mother (which no 35 year old woman wants to do) and my only "me" time is when I'm working in my art journal or crafting...it's become my escape. I love mixed media art and am branching out to ATCs and altering things, which I am thoroughly enjoying. As for happy mail/swapping, I love to send people a piece of myself. I think swapping is a great way to share a bit of who you are with others. Also, as I currently have no income and cannot afford many crafty items, I find it to be a wonderful way to share what I'm not using while acquiring something new to play with. Who doesn't love that?!? Even though I don't have much, I always give as much as possible...probably more than I should actually, lol. I just love giving others something new or different that they can play with! Lastly, because I have so few things (basically just things I've found around the house, 3 paper pads and a handful of .50 cent craft paints from Walmart), if anyone is feeling generous or simply wants to declutter/destash their craft room, I will GLADLY accept anything you're not using or plan to throw out!! I hope that doesn't come across wrong. I'm not expecting anything, it's just an offer to accept what some of you may not want or use anymore. I am extremely grateful for anyone who wants to share with a fellow, albeit "less fortunate", artist!

Wish list


*First and foremost, I need stamps...(of the UNused postage variety). I really do need them to continue participating in swaps. I know it's nobody's responsibility but my own, however I'd greatly appreciate the help.😞

*A Stabillo "All" pencil in black (I know...I'm dreaming. But it's a wish list, right?!?😁)

*Matte Medium!!!

*Charcoal pencil/charcoal (not the kind from Dollar Tree, they don't work well at all🙁)

*Gears/cogs (pretty much anything that could be considered "Steampunk")

*Keys (metal/chipboard/resin/whatever!)

*Doilies (believe it or not, I have none!)

*Paper flowers

*Washi!! I only have one small tube of Tim Holtz washi (only because it was on sale).....I like anything that feels "vintage", Halloweenish or "dark"...not really into the "cutesy" stuff or anything with seasonal sayings.

*Pretty much anything metal.😆 Embellishments, Trinkets, ect...

*Resin pieces



*Die cuts

*Ephemera (as much as possible!)

*Anything by Tim Holtz😍

*Napkins (please no birthday or children's type napkins. IE: Disney Princesses, minions...ect.)

*Alpha/adhesive gems/stickers

*Scrapbooking paper (I LOVE paper!!)


*A cheap watercolor set maybe? (The Artists Loft set from Michael's would be AMAZING!)

*colored pencils/wax or oil pastels (water activated only!)


*acrylic block/any kind of mount for stamping. I don't have one. (Also, to anyone lucky enough to own the new Tim Holtz stamping platform or a new Misti.....I will GLADLY take off your hands an old one you may have and not be using anymore!)

♥💜♥Maps, encyclopedia pages, book pages, sheet music, Ephemera, lace, papers of all kinds!!! (Please nothing with Disney characters or children's themes. I'm just not a Disney Princess/Minions/Mickey Mouse kind of artist. I do LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas and Alice in Wonderland though!!♥💜♥

*Anything "dark", "creepy", anything you would see/expect from Tim Burton!

🛇🛇🛇NO CLOWNS!!🛇🛇🛇😨😱

I do not own a single distress ink (not even one of the mini's), sprays of any kind or alcohol markers. They would definitely be on my "dream item" list...although I'm definitely NOT anticipating receiving any of them.

I will NOT be one of the people with a like/dislike list that takes 30 minutes to read!! I, personally, feel grateful for anything and everything I receive and I refuse to put that kind of pressure on anyone. As long as you don't send trash/broken or dirty things, I'll be a very happy girl. Taking the time to send anything from my list, although I don't expect it, would absolutely make my day (maybe even my month, lol!😆). I love; Stars/script and numbers(paper or stamps)/anything that feels vintage/butterflies/steampunk/scrapbook paper, anything and everything "creepy" or for Halloween...you get the idea! I'm pretty easy to please and 100% thankful for everything!!😊

Favorite holiday

Halloween!! I love things most find "creepy". Tim Holtz Halloween items are my preferred style...but the things Martha Stewart puts out this time of year, I also love. Paper, ephemera, embellishments...all things Halloween, all year round. Can't get enough!!

Favorite Crafts

Art Journaling

Mixed Media

Paper Crafts


Altering Things

Canvas Art


Does attempting to create a "stash" count as a craft?!? 😆


Comment: Sorry for the late rating, I've been trying to decide how to rate this swap. I don't like leaving ratings less than 5s. This swap really didn't meet the swap requirements. You were supposed to spend $5 on Christmas items after they went on clearance. I didn't even get $5 worth of regular price items. I was disappointed to receive items unrelated to the swap, especially when I tried hard to send a nice swap to my partner. The swap was also sent late, so really I think a 3 rating is fair.
patricia8288 rated for Craft Destash #3 on Jan 29, 2018
Comment: thank you very much for the great swap.
CraftyCC rated for ATC#7: MONTH OF DECEMBER (USA ONLY) on Dec 20, 2017
Comment: I love your December ATC and thanks for the extra goodies too. Who doesn’t love sequins?
Response: So glad you liked it! I cut and painted the trees and such myself.😊 Merry Christmas and happy swapping!!
PeliKat rated for Craft Destash #2 on Nov 30, 2017
Comment: Tracy, what a fabulous envelope of goodies you sent to me! I love, love, love the ribbon and the little bird with the nest picture!! The washi tape will help build up my depleted stash and the butterfly and filigree items will be a magic touch for something special! And of course, the blue metallic ribbon and black zigzag also caught my eye. The zigzag made me think of Charlie Brown's yellow shirt with the zigzag around it... Thanks for a great packet of fun!!!
Response: You are so very welcome!! I don't own much, but I love to share!! So glad you liked everything!
shellybuckmeier rated for December Holidays ATC on Nov 26, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the cute ATC! I really liked it. Thanks also for the pretty ribbons and paper you included!
Response: You're very welcome!!
Conni59 rated for ATC #6: Month of November (USA only) on Nov 20, 2017
Comment: I love the November ATC. Thank you so much! I also will enjoy using the awesome extras ❤️
Response: Thank you! Im happy you liked it!
AmazingAlex rated for ATC: Newspaper Cityscape on Nov 17, 2017
Comment: Omg! Thank you so much!
Response: Sorry for the late response, I had gotten very sick for a couple of weeks. I'm so glad you liked it! It was fun to make!! Cutting and sticking down each tiny little "window" was quite the task, lol.
gojenn rated for Craft Destash 11/11 on Nov 10, 2017
Comment: Your note said you'd sent for "Just Randomness Nov 17" & I couldn't see where I'd joined that one & I was so confused! Lol. Here you are & im so glad to find you. Thanks for your swap!!
Response: Oh no!😂 I've been very sick for the last week, I guess I got the notes mixed up for the 2 envelopes. Sorry!! So glad you liked everything though!
Astahl rated for Just Randomness on Nov 10, 2017
Comment: love everything thanks
Response: You're welcome!
JudalineZ rated for Spooky Eyeball ATC Swap - USA on Oct 25, 2017
Comment: cool ATC
Response: Thanks! Glad you liked it.
Marcie24 rated for Goodies 4 ME & YOU!!! End Oct. on Oct 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the goodies. Just an FYI the address label was almost completely off the envelope. The sticky stuff didn't stick enough
Response: Oh no! It was a new double-sided tape...guess I won't be using that again! Thanks for letting me know. Hope everything else was good!
em1023 rated for 3 oz Halloween Ephemera on Oct 19, 2017
Comment: I love everything you sent!! Thank you so much. I’m excited to put it all to use in my crafts :)
Response: Yay!! I'm so happy you liked it and will be able to use it! Happy Creating!!
CraftyCC rated for ATC#5 - Month of October on Oct 14, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much for the ATC, I love the spiders and web. It's scary good! Thanks also for the extra goodies. I will be using them for sure.
Response: You're so welcome! I had so much fun with that one! I literally wish the vibes of Halloween could last all year! So glad you liked everything...happy creating!!✂📔🖌✉📬
luv2kraft rated for Unrelated Quote ATC Swap - USA on Oct 11, 2017
Comment: Thanks for a superb ATC. I appreciate the wealth of extras.
Response: Glad you liked everything! I had fun with that ATC....it's the first "unrelated" I've done. Might not have been "out there" enough, but I tried, lol.
Comment: Thank you for all of the fantastic items you sent! The Alice images on tissue paper inspired a great idea for Christmas ornaments and I can't wait to try it out!
Response: That's awesome! I'm so glad you were inspired by something I sent, that makes it even more special!!❤
Comment: First off: thank you so much for going through all the trouble to get the envelope my way! I was super happy to see that it arrived safely today, and I like all the different types of paper. Thank you! ------ by the way, thank you for all the butterfly items! Love them!
Response: I'm so glad you finally got it!! Still no idea why it took 5 stamps though, lol. I'm super happy that you liked it, but even happier that you were so patient! 😆
Comment: Thank you for all the good stuff! I will enjoy using it (except the spiders, EEK!.) ;-D ....... I do like the feathers you made....... ETA - I can use the spiders in Halloween crafts and swaps, also I have some practical joke ideas to pull on someone with those plastic ones that look so realistic!
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! I was worried about the spiders after reading your profile, but was hoping you could use them on a Halloween project, lol. Happy creating!!
Comment: Thanks for the nice puffy envelope. The vintage theme was really nice. I love the enclosed stickers. Have a nice day. Happy swapping.
Response: Oh I'm so happy you got it safely! Have fun playing with everything! You're welcome.....happy swapping!!
Eel9585 rated for ATC newbie and beginner friendly #8 on Sep 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you for my ATC and extra goodies, remember to write you name and the name of the swap on the back of the card
Response: I could have sworn I did! I'm so sorry!! Thank you for the feedback!
basykes rated for 3 Things In An Envelope #6 on Sep 18, 2017
Comment: Thanks! I loved the variety. One thing I like about these swaps is seeing how different people interpret them!
Response: You're welcome! So glad you liked it!

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