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urocyonfox on Nov 16, 2017:

Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my profile 🖤

MyHeartBelongsToSnailMail on Nov 13, 2017:

I spotted you today, out in the wild, in your natural environment (the pf's lmao). I don't care what you're saying there, I just like to know you're around! I promise I will try to limit my stalking... eventually lol. Love youuu!!!

LahDeeDah on Nov 11, 2017:

MyHeartBelongsToSnailMail on Nov 10, 2017:

People think you are a bully??? No way!! Never that!!! My dear, my darling... I too am alive. Yay for big and small victories! I don't have any active social media except for my Twitter which is @Qu33nOfTh3World <I was young and full of piss, vinegar, and myself haha and I think my MySpace still exist under Corina Houk.. or maybe Corina Parr.. I am on twitter, mostly to peep, but I am there. #ToddlerLife bahaha... yes, it's amazing and frustrating all at the same damn time. Right now it's terrible two's, potty training, and power struggles lol. Thank God for God Parents that take his tiny lil ass every weekend so I don't pull my hair out lol. But I'm glad you're alive, and I'm gunna find you in the places you still creep.. I am your stalker after all! 😘

Kynareth on Nov 10, 2017:

Hey! Thank you for connecting with me! I used to take part in a swap called FoodiePenPals which was a Europe-based food swap - it was great fun and I'm really looking forward to getting going on here :) I also love scrapbooking and bullet journalling and I've done a few swaps that were paper clips and stuff like that! How have I only just discovered swap-bot this place is awesome?! 💕

MyHeartBelongsToSnailMail on Nov 9, 2017:

You are alive!!! Proven by your having been online today 😉... I'm glad! I haven't "seen" ya around lately, I get worried when my idols go MIA... glad to know you're alive. I'm working diligently on your RAK and the others too. Life is much busier with a toddler making my arts fall to the way side. Ahhh... such is life!!! I miss you my dear! I hope you're well!!! All my love!!! XoXo

Paige1900 on Nov 8, 2017:

Slytherin and proud! ♥

Paige1900 on Nov 8, 2017:

I freaking LOVE when Andrew Lincoln and Jeffery Dean Morgan are in scenes together. They are like a sexy love scene waiting for a place to happen. I watched an interview with JDM and he said after he acts in a scene between Negan and Rick, he feels the weird desire to smoke a cigarette. LOLOL

Paige1900 on Nov 8, 2017:

I am slightly disappointed with this season of TWD...you?

dobie256 on Nov 7, 2017:

I smiled when I signed up. Not doing much swapping these days and was delighted to see a well hosted Christmas cards swap. Cheers!

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