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sabbysteg on Oct 14, 2018:

The trip was amazing! We did not see any polar bears and if we had, we probably would've been screaming and not answering messages! :)

PinkLotus on Oct 9, 2018:

tired... very very tired.. always burning my candles at both ends.. hows your health.. you doing better?

PinkLotus on Oct 8, 2018:

winky winky

nermalski on Sep 28, 2018:

Hoping you have better times ahead. Sending some positive vibes your way.

MiRdLHWY43 on Sep 26, 2018:

I hope all is well and am sending good vibes your way!

CajunLady on Sep 13, 2018:

just checking to see if you've come up for air lately!

HippieChick on Sep 11, 2018:

Heeeyy. Just a friendly reminder that you're pretty dang adorable!

amyduff on Sep 9, 2018:
fbresnah on Sep 5, 2018:

You are are a real asset to this site. Keep up the good work! Don't let the naysayers get you down!

zoev1975 on Aug 28, 2018:

I always love to hear your thoughts xxx

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