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About Me

March 1, 2016 - I have updated my account with my new address and will e back to swapping as soon as I can find the top of my work desk! :)

I have started an Instagram account, linked above. I am hoping to remember to take photos of my projects more often. :) Feel free to creep or follow.

I have recently treated myself to a couple of Gelli Plates. I have the 6"6" as well as the 8"10". I may have a problem now, lol. If anybody has tips to share I am more then happy to hear them!

Hi, I am: Dawn, 40-going-on-12, (let's just say I embrace my inner child a little too tightly sometimes) ;) , a Vancouverite, a dirt-loving, tree-hugging hippie and Pagan. I love to collect (and use) cloth bags of all sorts. I always carry bobby pins in my purse in case I find a flower for my hair. I love colours but tend to wear more earth tones but have been trying to branch into more coloured clothes. But I will always love bright, loud, and strange accessories.

Ok, so I know I have said here that I had never planned on getting married, but people change their minds all the time... at least that's what I say. Walter and I got married on our 10-year anniversary (April 20, 2012) and we have never been happier. People always ask me if married life is any better and my response is always 'it's not really any different than living together, just more permanent'.

Favorite Crafts

MAIL ART! Wow, sorry for yelling that but I've really fallen in love with mail art this last year or so. Making, sending, receiving, it's all great. I enjoy handmade postcards, handmade envelopes, decorated envelopes, etc. Yummy!

I was taught to crochet at a fairly young age (around 5, and yes, I could barely hold the hook, lol) but never really got into it until my early 20's. Now, it is the craft I go to if I need to just let my mind wander. It is my zen. I mostly make scarves and some baby items for friends. I love making my own intarsia patterns.I will try to find some photos of my work to post here. I mostly work in natural fibres (silk, merino, alpaca, hemp, bamboo, etc) so if I happen to be making you something, please let me know if you are vegan and I will go through my yarn for something appropriate.

Jewellery is a life-long love. I like to make and collect pretty gems. I often buy broken and mismatched jewellery bags at thrift shops. I salvage and up-cycle a lot of fun things; bracelets, necklaces, earrings, phone charms, etc.

I love trying new things, so I really am kind of all over the place. I like making collage as well as attempting to draw; I have actually taught myself how to draw faces recently. Zentangles are beautiful, except when I make them. They never look right, but I still love drawing them for myself. i have re-learned my love of paper related goodness. I used to write a lot when I was young but now mostly I just like gluing things to other things.

Favorite Books

I love to read and have been doing so longer than I've been crafting! I learned to read very young by reading over my mother's shoulder in bed. It was probably not the best because she read romances a lot then! Haha Those are about the only books I NEVER read! Some fave authors/ series:

Terry Pratchett!!,

Neil Gaiman,

Warren Ellis,

Douglas Adams,

John Barnes,

Orson Scott Card,

Vernor Vinge.

Discworld series (I love Discworld so much I have a tattoo of The Luggage on my left foot),

Stephanie Plum series,

Hunger Games trilogy,

Gaiman's Sandman comics,

Transmetropolitan series,

comics drawn by Dave McKlean.

Favorite Music

My music tastes are all over the place! I love old rock classics, 80's, 90's, dance, techno, jazz, classical, swing, industrial, even some Top 40. Some examples:


Ivy Levan,


Pink Floyd,

The Eagles,

The Monks,


Violent Femmes,

Fleetwood Mac,

ZZ Top,

Pretty Lights,

Lords of Acid,


Tori Amos,

Ani DiFranco,

Billie Holiday,

Ella Fitzgerald,

Kid Rock,

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy,

Brian Setzer Orchestra,

Amy Winehouse,

David Usher/Moist,


Dixie Chicks,

Dire Straits,


Lavay Smith,

Nappy Roots,

Nine Inch Nails,

Lady Gaga,

Scissor Sisters,

The Duke Spirit.

Favorite TV and Movies

I don't really watch a lot of TV ( I hate the ads!), but I will watch full seasons on DVD and episodes online. Some favorite shows include:


Robot Chicken,

The Muppet Show,

Big Bang Theory,

The IT Crowd,


Game of Thrones,

South Park,

Sons of Anarchy,

Criminal Minds,

Dead Like Me,



Blunt Talk,


I guess this list could get longer than I thought. Haha

As for movies, I don't go to them very often and rarely take the time to watch them at home. That being said, I do still like to curl up with some popcorn and watch something funny. Some movies I like are:


Alice in Wonderland (most versions),

Requiem for a Dream,

Calendar Girls,

Kinky Boots,

Shrek (all of them),

Monty Python movies.

I also have a weakness for internet cartoons. Foamy the Squirrel (WARNING: this may offend many people!) is my absolute fave!

Likes/ Wishlist/ Themes

THEMES: Trees, Branches, Nudes, Spirals, Mushrooms, Goddesses, Green Man, Birdcages, Steampunk, Goth, Gothic-Lolita, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, 50's housewife, Bettie Page, Pin-up, Burlesque, Vaudeville, Old or Vintage Circus (but clowns are creepy), Freakshow/ Sideshow, Pirates (water & air), Hippie, Fairies (Brian Froud), Dragons, some Gnomes, Discworld, Comics (less Superman, more Sandman), Skulls, Tarot Images...

CRAFTING SUPPLIES: feathers, cabochons, old or broken jewellery, Scrabble tiles, leafing pens, ink pads, stamps, miniature statues, various small embellishments, your favourite glue/ adhesive...

RANDOM GOODIES/ WISHLIST: Stickers, gel pens, coloured markers, handkerchiefs, scarves, crystals, finger-less glove patterns, lapel pins/ badges (my Mom collects these), old Ripley's Believe It or Not books/ images/ pages, any interesting images...

I pretty much enjoy playing around with new to me items. If I can't make it work for me I never hesitate to find someone that loves it! I will re-gift if something isn't to my taste or I can't alter it to be.


This is a pretty short list, I think.

SCENTS: Patchouli, sandalwood, lavender, frankincense, vanilla and anything really 'sweet' smelling.

I am also allergic to apples. Strange, I know.


ritchgirl rated for ATC - Stars (INTL) on Nov 1, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the very cool "Galaxy Stars" ATC's!!! Thank you for the extras as well!!!
Response: Thank you for the lovely rating. I'm glad you like the cards I sent. Hope you have a use for the extra bits, I hope I matched your profile with those. :)
Paige1900 rated for Halloween x 7 on Oct 12, 2017
Comment: Where in the world do I start...except to say that no I did not wait to open the ENTIRE package. I absolutely am thrilled with everything in the box. The Bag your hubby made was fabulous! I love all the cookie cutters and the fun paper goodies (which everyone knows I have a soft spot for). I adore (seriously...adore) the little Grim Reaper in the coffin. He is sooo freaking adorable! And the beautiful beaded dangles are awesome! The big dangle will indeed be put in a special place. (Still deciding). Thank you sooo very much Dawn! You have certainly made my Halloween super fantastic!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
Response: I was honestly hoping you wouldn't wait to open them! The bag was originally almost 2-3x bigger than it is. He had made a perfect shopping bag for someone 6'7", Lol! I am so glad you like the little Reaper. He is kind of a pain in the *ss to make so I only make him for the Super Special! I knew I wanted to include the coffin somewhere so thought his presentation would be top-notch. :) I have really enjoyed making the dangles this year. They are a great way to use up some of my charm and bead horde. Thank you for swapping with me! I absolutely loved every aspect of this. I actually squealed with glee when I saw that the box had been delivered!
Created46 rated for TPD: Mystery Supply Swap #10 on Oct 1, 2017
Comment: Thank you. These are fantastic. Always lovely to swap with you.
Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad you like them! These have definitely been some of my favourite swaps. :)
mgallardo68 rated for Happy Mail Exchange on Sep 14, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for all you have done. For your gifts, your friendship and support. Sending much love!!!
Response: Oh Maria! I am so glad you enjoy the package. I look forward to many more (less complicated) swaps with you in the future. Your friendship has been a bright light in this rather dark year. Thank you.
wolfeagle rated for Stenciled on Aug 30, 2017
Comment: Thank you. Love this envelope. The feel, the colors, all of it. Especially the big round silver shapes and how you dotted the petals.
Response: Oh thank you so much! I have been trying to let go and just enjoy doodling more. I like how this one turned out. I truly enjoy making these envelopes. :)
Jenicat rated for Happy Anniversary to VLD♥ on Aug 28, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful postcard! 💜
Response: You are very welcome. Glad it arrived safely. :)
bluemonkeymama rated for MA: Sender's Choice July 2017 on Aug 12, 2017
Comment: Wow, awesome swap! I love the feathers, and the extras were wonderful! I'm going to make use of the stencils right away, and the cork is very cool, as well as the pinup images. Also, your decorated envelope is gorgeous! Thank you so very much! <3 <3 <3
Response: I am so glad it finally made it! Lol I'm super happy you like it! Thanks for rating. :)
camelsamba rated for HMPC: Going Postal on Jul 14, 2017
Comment: What a lovely postcard - such a nice collection of postage stamps! I like the interplay of colors and layers as well. Thanks!
Response: Thank you very much. I've been trying hard not to 'overdo it'. But I love the messiness of lots of layers. :) And Swap-Bot is a great source of postage stamps.
kathiann rated for July: Simple Storebought PC Swap on Jul 10, 2017
Comment: I LOVE Post Modern Jukebox! I need to listen to them today. Thank you for the postcard!
Response: It's always awesome to find another fan! Have you had a chance to see them live yet? OMG! So amazing!
madebymimi rated for Map It Mail Art on Jul 4, 2017
Comment: I love the super cool decorated envelope you sent me! And full of awesome ephemera, all of which I will have great fun using in my swaps. Thanks so much! Michelle x
Response: Thank you for the great rating and for giving me my 20th heart! I'm super glad you like the envelope. I had a great time making it for you.
Comment: Beautiful envelope and crammed full of awesome stuff- thank you so much!!
Response: Glad you like it! And thank you for the lovely rating and heart. :)
Comment: Thank you for the beautifully marbled envelope and cute lady bird stickers!
Response: Thank you so much for the lovely rating and heart! :) I always enjoy making handmade envelopes and postcards and I am glad you enjoy the simplicity of this one. And those stickers are really cute and fun. Enjoy.
mgallardo68 rated for junk journal supplies - green on Jun 2, 2017
Comment: First of all, I adore the envelope, I will use it until it last! And of course the stamps... Then, those wonderful handmade painted papers (ALL OF THEM), the garment is beautiful (my first one ever)... Are those small stickers handmade? I am jelous!! They are beautiful and I need to learn how to do that so teach me! The tree ohhhh, did you cut it out of a drawing? Ok, I think the stickers are handmade just popped a longer strip and definitely they are painted by you (I love them), I found the label ready to stick and the green paper made into sticker, the embellishments and please write me and tell me how to use the Rusty LanternLime powder. Everything is perfect!! Thank you Dwan to read my mind and my likes... I will give you more hearst if I could
Response: Haha! I am so glad you like it! The round stickers are handmade. I used my gelli plate and stamps/stencils on them. They are just cheap round label stickers but they turn out super cute! The tree was from a sheet of die cuts that I had thought to use in a postcard but it was too thick. I will send you a message on ways to use the magicals powder. Have fun playing with it all!
Sola79 rated for QUICK flat destash swap #117 on May 23, 2017
Comment: So many lovely great items :) Thank you so much <3
Response: Thank you for the lovely rating! I am glad you enjoy the goodies I sent. I popped in a couple items that I thought fit your profile. :)
wolfeagle rated for TPD - Mystery Supply Swap #9 on Apr 28, 2017
Comment: Thank you. Love this postcard.
Response: Oh I am glad you like it! I enjoyed making it. :)
RockyBeach rated for Mostly Aqua on Apr 25, 2017
Comment: Oh thanks for that mystical looking blue card! Feels like some underwater mail. :)
Response: I am really glad you like it! I enjoyed making it. I was also reminded of ocean depths. :)
petaluda rated for NH Mail Art Swap on Apr 25, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful envelope and the things you sent me Some are exactly what I needed for an upcoming swap:)
Response: Thank you for the lovely rating and kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the goodies and envie I sent. :)
dally rated for junk journal supplies - geekery on Apr 8, 2017
Comment: Oh wow Dawn, what an amazing envelope of goodies! I love the geeky stuff (those galaxy envies are amazing!!), and omg jellyfish!!! I'm very tickled that you also included some profile-based bits!! The thimble buttons are SO cute, and that lace is gorgeous! I also love the fabric ribbon pieces; did you hand paint those?? What a great idea! I may have to steal it and make some too. ;)
Response: I am so glad you enjoyed! I did paint the ribbon strips. I have some thin cotton and muslin that I wanted to use. I had seen a video on YouTube using the idea (I think in was BetsyDoodle but not sure). As soon as I saw the buttons I knew they would be a perfect match for your profile. Hope you find good use for the stash. :)
wolfeagle rated for Decorated Mail Art Supply Envie on Mar 24, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for everything. It's all amazing and I can't wait to use. The stickers are a stroke of genius. Thank you.
Response: Thank you very much! I'm super glad you enjoy it. :) The stickers are not my original idea but a fun one to play with.
joybells2426 rated for HMPC: Put a "Definition" on it on Mar 24, 2017
Comment: Love the postcard! I am also looking forward to reading Neil's newest book. I'm too cheap to buy a hardcover, so I'm waiting for a used copy or softcover, but I can't wait to read it. Thank you for the nice mail!
Response: I will also be waiting for a soft cover version. Unless my local book store has it for a great deal. (They do that sometimes) Glad you enjoyed the mail. :)

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milamilamura on Nov 11, 2017:

You are so sweet!! Thanks for the kind offer, I will definitely take it as soon as I'm off the many Christmas swaps I'm in hehe, I'll PM you when I have more time on my hands to see if you're the same :) I'd love to swap with you!! Have a super fun weekend! ❤️

Paige1900 on Nov 6, 2017:

fluffyjunk on Oct 26, 2017:

Wow... Thanks so much for your CPG-October-wish! All the paper-craft-stuff is amazing! I can`t wait to use it ALL!!!! And the envelope you made is stunning! I tried to open it as careful as possible, so it can be used again... :D

OrigamiGrace on Oct 26, 2017:


for the charcoal pore strips from my Oct wishlist at Cheap Postage - can't wait to try them, lol!

Paige1900 on Oct 23, 2017:

Did you know they make popcorn flavored wine?

Paige1900 on Oct 23, 2017:

Oh @HippieChick ..thou doth amuse me.

simcoe54 on Oct 20, 2017:

CPG: October '17 Wishes - Thanks for the postage stamps and envelopes. The stamps are great for my collection and I can never have enough envies for all my swaps.

Paige1900 on Oct 12, 2017:

Just coming to rate you right now. I had to pick it up on my lunch break and wait until I was home to be able to open it. The wait was terrible! I absolutely am thrilled with every single thing in the scrumptious box!. I will go rate right now!

OrigamiGrace on Oct 5, 2017:

From Cheap Postage Group!


Paige1900 on Oct 4, 2017:

So glad you are enjoying everything! I had a blast making that package for you!

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