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Birthday: May 10
Country: Canada

About Me

Always looking for private swaps. I love to trade for art and local goodies. If you feel we would be a good match, contact me with your swap ideas and challenges.

I have abandoned Facebook. I am so much happier and not missing it. Thanks to @Paige1900 for forging the path.

I have been here on the Bot for some time now. I still feel like a 'Newbie' at times. This just means I still have more growing to do. I have grown as both a person and an artist during my time here, and I am very grateful to those that have helped me along this journey. Some of ya'll are like a second family to me. :) Thank you for the encouragement and challenges these past years. I look forward to the next ones...

I really am a hippie soul deep down. My mom used to always say I was born in the wrong era because I have always been fascinated with other decades (not so much the actual history but design, culture, attitudes, beliefs,etc) I LOVE the Art Deco period, some of the most beautiful architecture and design elements came out of that time period. I embrace the fact that Vancouver has many Deco Era buildings that survived all the fires over the years. And then of course the 60's-70's Hippie Era. The colours, the designs, the attitudes. Sigh

Detail image of one of my favourite buildings- the Marine Building We are a relatively young city, so our history is still developing.

Favorite Crafts

Mail art has become a love over the last few years. I really enjoy making/decorating my own envelopes and postcards. I am usually up for private mail art swaps. Let me know if you are interested. I try to photograph and post my creations to my Instagram (linked above). I forget a lot of the time, haha. Please avoid putting tape over handmade postcards and mail art sent to me. I really dislike this and would prefer the art to travel naked through the system. Thank you for considering this.

I may have an addiction to my gelli plates. I have a few. And yes, I use them. I love to hit up my local Re-Use store (check if your town has one!) and pick up fun things like transfer foils and Braille paper for mixed media work. Ever gel print on Braille before? It is fun and interesting! It both pulls and leaves behind a wonderful texture. Music sheets, book text, and atlas pages are other favourites to work on. I like the idea that I am reducing waste, not creating more when I use re-purposed items.

I do sometimes make ATCs but only if the theme/subject is one I resonate with. And sometimes just because. Mostly I like to dabble in different media and am always doing something.

I have crocheted since childhood. I don't work the yarn as much these days but still pick up the hook every once in a while. I like to design my own intarsia designs for patches, blankets, and scarves. I also occasionally make amigarimi critters but not very often as they are tiny and drive me insane! So consider yourself special if you get one! Every once in a while I feel the urge to start a small stitching or embroidery project. Living so close to Dressew (our local everything sewing/crafts/costume shop) is a bit of temptation that is really hard to resist!

I am doing more painting projects as well as a few smaller scale assemblage pieces. I have chosen to throw caution to the wind and fully embrace the chaos of creation. I am working on silencing the little voices that critique every move. Learning to look at my art with an un-attached eye has been difficult but so very helpful. I now like more of what I create and am able to sit with it in joy. This has been a huge step for me and I look forward to the ones still ahead. This year I am trying very hard to embrace the label of Artist, but I still feel as though Creative is more me.

Favorite Books

I love to read but don't as often these days. I have been saddened by the death of Sir Terry Pratchett in 2015 and hence the lack of Discworld books. Perhaps it is time to re-read the series again... That being said, I have found a few more worthy authors over the last while.

I love a good heavy Sci -fi, anything with great scope that covers the tough stuff (Vernor Vinge is awesome for this, IMO).

Others I happily read:

  • Neil Gaiman

  • Warren Ellis

  • Douglas Adams

  • John Barnes

  • Orson Scott Card

  • Paolo Bacigalupi

  • Stephanie Plum series

  • Hunger Games trilogy

  • Gaiman's Sandman comics

  • Transmetropolitan series

    And I am in love with The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson ! She makes me laugh, cry, snort, and believe that I am not as crazy as the mean portion of my brain tries to insist I am! If you haven't read her blog or books, do yourself a favour and give her a try.

Favorite Music

My music tastes are all over the place! I love rock, 80's, dance, techno, jazz, classical, swing, industrial, some country, some Top 40 and most anything in between.. I am always looking for new stuff to listen to. If you have a suggestion, send it my way. I grew up in the era of mix tapes...

I love a good rhythm, fierce female vocalists, good lyrics, slide guitar, banjo, fiddle, etc...

Favorite TV and Movies

I haven't had a TV or cable for a few years now. And I don't miss it. I watch shows/movies online when I feel the need. Mostly I watch Youtube videos. Or listen to music.

I have a weakness for internet cartoons. Foamy the Squirrel (WARNING: this may offend many people!) is my absolute fave!

I loved Coraline (both movie and book), but anything by Neil Gaiman is pretty good. I am eagerly awaiting the release of Good Omens and can't wait for them to finish filming!

Being in Vancouver we get a lot of movies and shows filmed here. I got to watch parts of Deadpool 2 filmed during the summer, as well as shows like iZombie, The Flash, as well as a bunch of shows for other countries. I am constantly detoured around the city.

Things that make me smile

Themes and imagery I enjoy:

  • Gudetama! That little egg butt makes me smile!

  • sticker flakes

  • Trees/branches/leaves

  • spirals

  • mushrooms

  • Goddesses

  • Green Man

  • Steampunk

  • goth

  • Gothic-Lolita

  • Alphonse Mucha - I love his Nouveau ladies!

  • Salvador Dali

  • Takashi Murakami

    *Ken Foster - a local Vancouver artist

  • Art Deco

  • Art Nouveau

  • Bettie Page/pin-up/burlesque/vaudeville

  • vintage circus/freak-show

  • hippies (colours/patterns/design/etc)

  • fairies

  • dragons

  • some gnomes

  • skulls/skeletons/anatomy

  • tarot

  • anything Halloween

  • Moon/Stars/Galaxy

  • underwater/JELLYFISH!/ Octopus/ coral/ etc

  • CAULDRONS! and witch hats, really anything 'witchy'

  • broken/mismatched jewellery

  • Keys - I have collected interesting and odd keys my whole life. I just love to think of the stories behind them.

  • Your art! - This means I am not easily offended. Nipples don't scare me, and we all are nude under our clothes! If it is edgy, I'll probably love it. Art should create strong emotions, this includes love and hate. Please don't ever fear sending me something you think is 'risquΓ©'.

I pretty much enjoy playing around with new to me items. If I can't make it work for me I never hesitate to find someone that loves it! I will re-gift if something isn't to my taste or I can't alter it to be.

Postcards: I love to receive postcards. Touristy are not my favourite but I will not rate down for them as long as they meet swap requirements. Otherwise, I am happy with most anything you choose to send. I am not picky as I like the messages you write and the images that I really like get put up as wall decoration. The others get stored in my received postcard collection. I like to flip through them every once in a while.

I love die-cuts in most any shapes. I do not have a die-cut or embossing machine. If you do and wish to share some die-cuts I would love it. My favourite is re-cycled materials such as food boxes and plastic containers. The plastic makes for great masks/stencils. Thank you.


This is a pretty short list, I think.

Packing tape on mail art.

SCENTS: Patchouli, sandalwood, lavender, frankincense, vanilla and anything really 'sweet' smelling.

I am also allergic to apples. Strange, I know.

I have recently developed a slight (?) allergy to wheat.

Please, no butterflies! I have so many and I am really over the butterfly trend. Please save them for a person that loves them.


breezyp rated for A little destash on Jun 25, 2019
Comment: Thank you for all of the pretty goodies!πŸ’œ
LadyJo rated for MAIL ART - Food on Jun 10, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the awesome looking Mail Art of Food! I am so glad I got to see the Canada new dessert stickers! I love them! Thank you for the nice notecard full of information for your area! It will go into my Travel Journal of info! Thank you for all the extras as well!
Response: I am so glad you enjoyed it! I love those new stamps. My husband insisted on getting me 2 sheets because he just knew I'd go through them super fast, haha! I am glad I found a few goodies in my stash that fit your profile. Happy swapping and thank you for the lovely rating.
Paige1900 rated for FS: Doodle Me PC Swap on Apr 29, 2019
Comment: Love this doodle PC! It is fantastic...just like you. πŸ’•
Response: It is always so easy to put a swap together for you! I loved doing this one and can't wait till the next round. :)
LahDeeDah rated for TPS: Cherry Blossom Festival on Apr 25, 2019
Comment: What a beautiful swap! I've never tried splattering on the plate. That's a great idea! I really love these prints and the explanations you provided. Using music as the background added the perfect finishing touch. I appreciate this so much! Thanks!
Response: I love finding new ways to use my plate and apply the paints and inks. Splattering is a lot of fun, very messy, and hard to predict the outcome. Music pages and old atlas maps are some of my favourite backgrounds for some of my prints. I am super glad you enjoyed what I came up with for this swap. I really had fun thinking outside my usual box. Thank you for a fabulous challenge!
penelopesamuel rated for TPS: Scrappy Circles - INT on Apr 24, 2019
Comment: Your scrappy circles are gorgeous and definitely cheerful! Thank you so much :) I am feeling much better, thank goodness! I am so glad you organized this swap -- I had so much fun making my Scrappy Circles that I am still cutting circles and assembling them when I have a few spare moments.
Response: Thank yo so much. I also enjoy just making them to have on hand. I have a pot full of them sitting on the edge of my desk. I'm thinking of making a fun bunting/garland for my work space.
Paige1900 rated for Private: sticker slapped envie on Apr 14, 2019
Comment: Your envie came in today. How beautiful and Halloweeny! I love it! and I love all the goodies as well. β™₯ β™₯ β™₯
Response: I thought you'd appreciate a little Halloween. :) Glad it arrived safely. Thanks for swapping with me.
Comment: Thank you for all the wonderful circles!!! It was so thoughtful and lovely of you to send extras for @bug . I have a scrapbook sort of a deal where I keep all the mail art, tip ins, etc that I get from swapping so they'll live in there with all my other treasures.
Response: I'm glad you like them! And I didn't want @bug feeling left out. :) I am thinking of making a garland/bunting to display in my work space, they are so cheerful. Thank you for letting me host in the group. :P
jeka396 rated for NH: Scrappy Circles - INT on Mar 29, 2019
Comment: Oh Dawn, this swap was amazing!!! First off, the hand painted envie was amazing. Loved the colors and design!! I for sure thought this was for some sort of decorated envie swap, but it was just you going above and beyond. The circles were so cool, I loved the bright mix of colors!! Thank you so much!
Response: Thank you for the lovely rating! I love making my bright envelopes and love to hear that others enjoy them as well.😊 Thank you for joining the swap. I love how these circles turned out and can't wait to see everybody else.
stephiedee rated for OMAE: Arty Envelope (INT'L) on Feb 17, 2019
Comment: Wonderful, bright envelope on a dreary day! Thank you - the comic on the back is a good one, too! πŸ˜„
Response: Thank you! I figured you would appreciate that one! :) This was a fun one for me, also my first empty mail art. Super glad you liked.
fluffyjunk rated for supplies for surprise on Jan 23, 2019
Comment: WOHOOO! Thank you for your mail!!! :D The pencils are awesome - I already tested the permanent one and this will become my all time favorite... It is great! The Inktense looks interesting and I will test it for sure. :) And my son is in love with the stencils... He already used the sea creatures this evening and didn`t want to stop. To be honest... I did not expect THAT reaction. :D The stickers are in his room already. For later. :) I hope my parcel reaches you soon and you can try some of the stuff I sent. Hopefully you get something new to try out... My creative-crafting-artsy plans for 2019? Working with watercolors! I admit it: I am not good at it. I can not sketch very good and my hands often have other plans than my brain... But drawing with watercolors has something ruminant for me and I absolutely love it. :) THANK YOU!!! {{{HUGS}}}
Response: I am so happy you are thrilled! And it is great when the little ones find something they love as well. πŸ˜„ I will be sure to keep an eye open for more kid-friendly tennis (my local dollar store gets them a bit) And I love those oil ink pens so much! I find they will write on almost anything. I really like the Inktense line (they have both pencils and blocks) because they do dry permanent. I love the look of watercolour but always have a hard time with the layering of colours. I bought myself a watercolour set (Jane Davenport set) a while ago but don't use them as much as I should. It is on my goals list this year, haha! Can't wait to see more art from both of you!
milamilamura rated for Treat Yo Self on Oct 22, 2018
Comment: OMG girl, you really went above and beyond and I freaking love it! I'm completely blown away by your handmade watercolor, it's amazing and I can't wait to give it a try! And the mermaid charms, OMG adorable! Thanks for the unicorn items as well and the sequins, they are gorgeous and perfect for shakers! I haven't played with transfer foil but I'm excited about it and the tea sounds absolutely delicious as well as the honey sticks. The chocolate looks like my kind of thing and the gummies! I've been dying to try that brand for so long, thank you! It's like you read my mind! We definitely have to have another swap, I wish I had sent other stuff than edibles lol, next time I'll send off some crafty goodies as well :) And thanks for the Halloween card! Hope the Halloween mail I sent you arrives on time and Canada doesn't go on a strike. Have a wonderful week and thanks for such an AMAZING swap!!
Response: I'm thrilled that you love it all! I loved putting it together for you and can't wait to get the next one together for you! I'm excited to hit the local Christmas markets to see what kind of goodies I can find :) Have a fabulous week and I look forward to our next swap.
laterdayze rated for Happy Mail, Yay! - Halloween #3 on Oct 3, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the card and goodies!
Response: Thank you for the rating and heart. I hope you enjoy the season! :)
fatimahsb rated for NH Mail Art swap on Oct 3, 2018
Comment: thank you so much for the amazing envelop I really LOVED IT ❀️❀️
Response: I am so happy you enjoyed it! That travelled rather fast! I hope you enjoy swapping here and have many enjoyable trades!
Comment: Awesome packaging and stuff! Thanks!
Response: Glad it arrived safe. Thank you for the comment and heart. πŸ˜„ I enjoy putting these swaps together. It really helps me remember what I have in my stash.
Faith2001 rated for June: Simple Storebought PC swap on Aug 17, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the card. I got it after school had already started, but my summer was good thanks for asking!
Comment: Thank you for the great selection! I also found fire to be a challenge, but I think you did a great job! I especially love the handmade stickers.
Response: I'm so glad you like it. I am a bit ashamed to say I don't recall which handmade stickers I sent for this one. But I'm happy you like them 😁
abbyaguas rated for Top Swap PC on Jul 23, 2018
Comment: Hi Dawn, Thank you for sending me an illustrated Aladdin and the Flying Carpet card :) It's nice. I actually looove the sticker flakes you put in the card. It really made it special :)
Comment: Thank you!
CajunLady rated for What The Hell? PC Swap on Jul 16, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the pc.
Comment: Thank you for the nice assortment of images and textures. The gel print of fig leaves is a beautiful thing.
Response: I'm glad you like it. I enjoy gel printing with leaves a lot. It is never predictable. Hope you are able o use some of the bits for your projects.

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Tverne05 on Jul 15, 2019:

Thanks soo much for the postcards grabbie. I received it today. A great selection.

kiddomerriweather on Jul 9, 2019:

Thank you for all the awesomeness you sent me for the OMAE June RAK Attack! So many neat papers and embellishments. I can't wait to use them in my junk journals.

Tverne05 on Jul 9, 2019:

Thanks so much for the random sticker grabbie. There were a great selection of stickers.

WanderingStar on Jul 3, 2019:

Oh.. haha PS.. i browsed around on your instagram a bit and the pic of Exploding Kittens made me laugh! I got that as a bday present this year!! :) Its sO funny!!

WanderingStar on Jul 3, 2019:

Well hey there! I saw your message next to my profile a bit late haha.. thank you for posting :) Yeah the job is..... very special. Many times per day that I work (and fully realize what is actually going on) it sorta feels like we're in some alternative reality... haha or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest. It's my best job ever.. I get paid to make people happy (even if only for a tiny moment).

Marryth on Jun 13, 2019:

Thank you for the fun random envie from the CPG tag - so many fun goodies! I really, really love the sequin-ed bow planner clips that you make, so I was super-happy to receive another one. :) They're definitely my favorite planner clips! β™₯

Mye on Jun 5, 2019:

Hi! I'm glad the teas arrived safely with you. Hope you'll enjoy them 🍡

OrigamiGrace on Jun 3, 2019:

Thank you very much for the awesome envie of stickers from Global Swap Tag in the public forum! I love the envelope book you put them in too!! Much appreciated!

kiddomerriweather on May 30, 2019:

Thank you for thinking of me and sending me an awesome RAK envie of goodies! I especially love the vinyl sticker of "Lord of the F-ing Universe." He immediately went under my loft bed with my sticker collection of all my other vinyl stickers. The other items will be great to use in my handmade junk journals. That's my new creative foray. You're the best! (But we already knew that!)

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