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About Me

august-7-2013: i am on vacation from swap-bot T^T it's august already and i haven't swapped since april? how did that happen... and i feel like i can't come back this fall either. i got a new job, and a part time job... and i signed up for some shows to sell my jewelry in november. literally all i have time for after work is sleeping and eating.

bows bows


my name is nina. i love cute, sweet and pretty things as well as loud, dark and grungy things. i love packing gifts for people, not only for special occasions but just because too. i have too many shoes but i'm not one of those girls who has too many shoes... right. i enjoy silence and wondering through museums.

bows bows

i love tiny things, bunnies, live rock concerts, k-drama, sunshine, driving, pretty boys, taking naps, working(sometimes), little details, when people smile like no one is watching, naturally long eyelashes on boys, magazines, iced tea, valentine's day, eating sweets, traveling, ect.

bows bows

i am a cake decorator~! i love everything about sweets, not only making and eating them but collecting sweet related items too. i also have an etsy shop where i make and sell sweets related items as well as japanese inspired accessories.


this is a favorite cake i've made recently. unfortunately i didn't design it as the customer requested it from a picture but i did color all of the flowers. it took a lot of work but i'm really happy with the outcome and so were they.

bows bows


this section is long because it details what i expect from kawaii swaps. if we've swapped kawaii successfully in the past then you already know this information.

ribbon all of my swaps follow this outline KAWAII 101 from the group I LOVE Kawaii!. if you're swapping kawaii with me i expect you to follow this outline as well.

kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii

kawaii is the japanese slang for something cute. and not just "cute" but "omg, it's so cute i could just die!". there are a lot of japanese products that can be described as kawaii like clothing or furniture, even amazing adorable people can be called kawaii.

on swap-bot, the kawaii swapping community focuses on stationery products that are defined by the term. 98% of the time you will see swaps out there that say "brand only" and this means the stationery items must be a japanese name brand item. it's not so hard to find such items so if the requirements state "brand only" or just simply "kawaii", you know what to expect.

the other 2% of the time, kawaii swaps are not so confined to stationery brands. you may see swaps that are "anything kawaii" and these include even korean brand or off brand items. swaps such as handmade postcards or ATCs often have a looser requirement.


i want to say the majority of the kawaii swapping community here knows what real brand is and that is what they trade. if you jump into a kawaii swap with veteran swappers and send them all hello kitty you got at the target dollar spot, be sure to expect a very sour reaction.

licensed items are just like the dollar spot hello kitty. sanrio, the brand which created hello kitty, will often sell items in stores other than the sanrio store. stores like target or walmart have the permission from sanrio to sell those items. often they are lower quality and generic designs.

a kawaii swapper on swap-bot is a collector, they what the special sanrio characters from japan and not the same plain hello kitty from down the street.

FOR MY SWAPS heart line

now that you know more about kawaii on swap-bot, if we're in a swap where the item requirements are kawaii then send kawaii brand items only. this means no disney, no diddl, only kawaii brands such as q-lia, kamio, crux, san-x, sanrio, ect.

if we're in a swap where the requirements are "kawaii/cute/anything" then you can send non brand cuteness but it has to have that same japanese aesthetic. for example: a teddy bear is "cute" but rilakkuma is "kawaii"

THESE ARE NOT KAWAII grr grr please stop sending

  • morning glory(blue bear, ect.)
  • orange story(lovely white, ect.)
  • pucca
  • diddl
  • suzy's zoo
  • any disney
  • thomas the train
  • sponge bob
  • my little pony
  • littlest pet shop

frill line frill line

DO NOT SEND: the "duh" list

  • dollar store items - i throw them out
  • broken, bent or damaged items - so rude, wow
  • expired candy - i've been sent too many times
  • used items - it's just rude
  • obviously used and dirty items - again, have received more times than should
  • anything that smells like cigarettes - it literally makes me sick

opening swap mail is supposed to be fun not gross. rainbow stars

heart lineheart line


  • cram cream
  • crux
  • fortissimo
  • kamio
  • mind wave
  • pool cool
  • sanrio
  • san-x
  • swimmer
  • q-lia
  • re-ment too ♥

rilakkuma fairytale piggies banana girls

characters i like

i LOVE rilakkuma rila and haven't tired of him at all

anything and everything jewel cat heart

BEARS bear

heart GIRLS heart

bunnies bunny

cram cream heart

heart heart heart hearts

donuts donut

gachapin pin

from san-x: chocopa panda, chou-fleur, jewel cat, piggy girl, monokuro boo and baby boos, sentimental circus, ruu and suu, sabo kappa cactus, boots kutusita nyanko, suki to issyo, neko no panya, banana boss, ect.

from sanrio: i really like sugarbunnies, kuromi, tenorikuma, shinkansen, pankunchi, masyumaro, cherinacherine, cuter my melody with pink ears, cuter hello kitty(like pink or pastel colors), chi chai monchan, chibimaru, pandapple, ect.


general themes i like

fizzygirl(cute girls and animals eating pancakes and other sweet things), any girl designs like fashion, princess or high school friends. fairy tale - story of children, mermaids. dinosaurs, llamas, gachapin, tamagotochi and strange looking characters. i like cherry blossoms, sweets, candies, cake, donuts, macaroons, glitter, pink and super glittery princess stuff.


please DO send ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

k a w a i i

i would L♥O♥V♥E to get:

  • lettersets
  • decotape(no samplers please)
  • sticker sacks
  • sticker flakes
  • giant sticker flakes♥
  • plexiglass stickers
  • sticker sheets
  • pens with charms
  • mechanical pencils with charms
  • gel pens
  • memo pads
  • mini memo pads
  • loose memo sheets(no die-cut please)
  • 4x6 memos that can be cut into envelopes
  • envelopes of all sizes
  • pouches
  • pencil cases
  • bags
  • home goods like mugs/cups.

i love scented stickers and rubber stamps. A-grade cabochons with a sweets or girly nature.

hearti'd really like to get more decotapes and stickersheart

DISLIKES - characters and items

please do not send x x x x x

i don't like mamegoma, chococat, badtz-maru, deery-lou, old my melody(red ears), cinnamoroll, keroppi, kuririn, pekkle, pochacco, spottie dottie, tuxedo sam. no real(photos) animals or people, no skulls and no poo.

i don't consider these characters kawaii and i don't like them. please don't send: morning glory(blue bear, ect.), orange story(lovely white, ect.), pucca, diddl, suzy's zoo, any disney, thomas the train, sponge bob, my little pony, littlest pet shop, ect.

i don't want to receive die-cut memos, decotape samplers, wooden pencils, pencil sharpers, erasers, post-it notes, other post-it type sticky notes, lip balms, key chains or plushies (plushies on a chain or cellphone strap are ok though ♥).

i do not want any korean, european or american characters. japanese only. kawaii only.

i do not want and generic stationery designs, characters or items, kawaii japanese only.

please do not send food of any kind(candy, tea, ect.)

please do not send handmade items of any kind. handmade envelopes are ok if the swap requires it or you're mailing it. flat items like postcards or ATCs are fine too if they are made with care and the swap requires it. don't send handmade as an extra.

do not send nick-nacks or do-dads. B-grade cabochons, buttons, ribbons, ribbon remnants, wooden things, pieces of things, paper clips, push pins, bandaids, ect.

Favorite Music

001 002 003 004 005

mostly rock/alternative rock and i like visual kei, the GazettE is my favorite band♥

k♥pop ~ rain, DBSK, big bang, g-dragon, taeyang, 2pm, 2am, SS501, taegoon

Favorite Books

i love japanese magazines. shoxx is my favorite, i like fool's mate, cure and arena too. sometimes i buy fruits magazine, lolita bible, kera, and even cute character magazines.

i like art and photo books too. anything related to collage and abstract. postcard books or craft books by aranzi aronzo. zakka craft books too.

i also read a lot of manga. too much~ haha

heart lineheart line

Favorite Television

i follow downton abbey ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ but now season 3 is over T^T


this year i started watching supernatural again and now i watch beauty and the beast. it's hard for me to sit down and watch something every week since i'm always busy with something else but i'm making it a point to watch now.

paca series i'm currently watching:
bachelor's vegetable store

heart finished~!
city hunter
flower boy next door


  • making postcards
  • black and white images
  • screen printing
  • stickers
  • making cakes
  • cupcakes
  • bright colors
  • pastels pastels pastels pastels pastels
  • glitter
  • patterns
  • stamps
  • zakka
  • collage
  • decoden
  • posters
  • autographs
  • foreign music
  • world cultures
  • online shopping
  • traveling
  • font
  • cosplay
  • fairy kei
  • cult party
  • lolita fashion
  • angelic pretty
  • vivienne westwood


i will be so very happy if you sent me anything on this list mail


  • anything from my etsy favorites ♥
  • anything from my wish♥pot
  • rubber stamps
  • glitter
  • gel pens - glitter or pastel colors
  • sakura gelly roll stardust
  • postcards
  • ATCs - creative - made with effort
  • deco tape, deco tape and deco tape ♥
  • sticker flakes
  • giant sticker flakes
  • girly/pink decoden supplies
  • random kawaii goodies
  • paper lace doilies
  • any kind of label sticker/ index sticker
  • cute swap cards and address labels



Comment: Thanks so much Nina!!!!
Comment: Thank you so much for all the awesome ghost goodies! I actually don't have any of those designs, so I'm excited to add them to my collection.
bluebear rated for I❤K: March Kawaii Mini Memos on Apr 28, 2013
Comment: Thank you Nina x
Comment: Thank you! I'm sorry for the late rate. I've been under the weather and finally got to open 4 days of mail. This is going to make me sound weird but I don't care... I opened up the envelope and this smell comes out so I sniff the envelope and wherever you store your kawaii sure smells good.. kinda flowery. I like it :D
Response: you're such a creeeeeper ♥ i have no idea why it smelled, my perfume maybe or hand lotion? whatever it was i'm glad you liked it and it didn't make you sick :D
Comment: Thank you for the nice selection of sticker flakes. I especially like the 2 Yougurt-kun flakes :) And I love the Hello Kitty washi tape you used!
Response: i'm happy to hear you liked everything ♥
Comment: Thanks, Nina!
Response: you're welcome ♥
Comment: Thanks so much for all the cute memos, I love them! :)
Response: you're welcome :D
Comment: Thank you so much Nina for all the kawaii sticker flakes you sent :)!
Response: you're very welcome ♥
Comment: Thank you so much Nina for all the cute flakes you sent and the extra memos :D I loved the envelope you put the flakes in, it's really cute!
Response: i'm so happy you liked everything~! thank you for the rating and heart too ♥ ♥ ♥
Comment: Thank you for the goodies and all the extras! Loving them!
Response: you're welcome :D thank you for the heart.
lasciviouskisses rated for Kawaii loose letter sets #4 on Mar 26, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the letter sets and for hosting the swap!
Response: i hope you liked them :)
Comment: Thank you for the sticker flakes.
Response: :D
Reilo rated for I❤K: March Kawaii Sticker Flakes on Mar 21, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the lovely selection of sticker flakes! :) The Yogurt Kun flakes are going to my special favorite pile. :)
Response: i'm glad i sent something you really like :D
Comment: Thank you for the adorable selection of sticker flakes. They are all so cute! Thank you also for the super cute memos. I love them!
Response: thank you very much for the rating and the heart~♥
spiffytiffy rated for Easter Card Tuck on Mar 21, 2013
Comment: Oh my gosh! thank you for such a cute card and wonderful kawaii items! I love it all!
Response: happy to hear you liked everything~! happy easter ♥
Comment: Thank you for the lovely selection of sticker flakes!
Response: thank you for the rating and the heart :D
Comment: Thanks for the extras! Love them!
Response: thanks for the heart~! ♥
Grapefruit7625 rated for Kawaii loose letter sets #4 on Mar 21, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the extras! I like the banana ones most :-)
Response: you're welcome ♥
sebastian122 rated for 5/5/5 (or more!) sweets! on Mar 21, 2013
Comment: lol Mostly sweets, huh? Well, thank for sharing them with me. I love them all! And thanks for joining my swap! =D
Response: kawaii sweets are just too cute :D i'm happy you liked what i sent. i wanted to join the other swaps too but realized i don't have much of a collection outside of sugar and rilakkuma lol.
Comment: Thank you so much for all of the cute sticker flakes and extras!
Response: thank you for the heart ♥ i'm glad you liked everything :D

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