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MWMBpageants on Mar 11, 2023:

Hey girl !! You made me SOOO happy today lol , but hey! (My dumb-@$$ found the rest of the one letter I wrote you; lololol - so don’t throw away the striped list pad letter OKAY; I’m going to send out the Missinf pages tomorrow AND some more circus ephemera for the circus bag…. You can use them for your entry , Okay!! I just received them in the mail today from Mr Paper …. I didn’t even know I had bought them but forsure don’t swap it yet - Okay…!? I’m gonna send these out tomorrow so they’ll be there like early next week hopefully !!) ❤️❤️❤️

MWMBpageants on Mar 6, 2023:

Mailed📬 out the ⬅️BIGGEST➡️ piece of 💌Happy Mail💌; of my ENTIRE LIFE 🗯📣📣 today …. Abso-fkn-lutely STUFFEDDDD to the Brim with BadAss “Bits & Bobs” (😝LOVE that English Phrase, lololol 😆 ❤️) 📝personalized JUST for You..!!
I can’t wait until you receive it so be sure to message me when you’ve opened it all…. Okay 👍 …!!??

MWMBpageants on Feb 21, 2023:

Btw! Look at my slam swap … well … the photo image on the one I’m hosting, lol…!
And tell me if you REMEMBER the girl the slam was made for, lol. She was kinda famous in our circle looooooooooooong ago - lol… (if you can’t read ir …. LMK if Laurel from Grass Valley, CA rings a bell…?) I remember she would not write to ANY of my own pals (including myself,) but had awesome writing and seemed just …. SO SO COOL, lol, and she’d randomly be in books and sheets we’d come across; but Always as SNNP SNS, lol. The same as “Crystal” from Cerritos, 😝 lololol. She also had AMAZINGGGG writing but was always SNNP & SNS….
By chance do either of them ring a bell to you - lol..? Sorry to be so “Lolz” in this comment , it’s just so cheeky to reminisce about the overall zaniness…. of … well … of that - “coming of age” version of yourself - yaknow ..??! 😝

MWMBpageants on Feb 21, 2023:

Hey girl - send me your address so I can send out your mail already, lol !!
I have been working on something fkn AWESOMEEEE to send you , 😝 !!
Alright message me when you get the chance - or if you already sent it , send it again …?! Plz plz 🙏😁😁 sorry for being annoying lol ❤️

MWMBpageants on Feb 6, 2023:

Hey ! ❤️ I’m a “May 1987” Baby looking for new swappers too ….!!! 🤯 lol - If you are interested , you can PM your addy and I’ll send the First ….!? ❤️

Rainydancer on Feb 5, 2023:

Welcome to Sunshine Swaps!

willowscloud on Oct 23, 2016:

Deco for you for the APDG Halloween Deco swap

yvonne401 on Oct 16, 2016:

APDG~Hol & Seas Food Ser #2 Fall & Halloween Foods

I hope you like the pics and gifs that I've chosen for you!




joybells2426 on Aug 28, 2016:

I sat down and listened to the songs I hadn't heard on your themed playlist #5 "you can't fix me, I'm too broken". I LOVED your choices! You have great taste in music. I actually bought Dollhouse, The Taste of Ink, and Strawberry Gashes. Thanks again!

doulakk on Aug 15, 2016:

Welcome to our group!
Please join one or two swaps!

click here

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