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Birthday: May 29, 1987
Country: United States
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My Website
My Website

About Me

🪧🪧 Side Note Again! (March 8th, 2023) 🪧🪧
I have A BUNCH of X-Slips (that are SUPER FUN / Cute / Reasonable / ACTUALLY worth Participating in! & Begin Rewarding You in a [Fairly Reasonable] Time Frame! The only issue is that … I have several whose Rules indicated 10 Copies, 12 Copies and even 15 Copies for One…. I DONT have 10-15 Pals who swap Slips, so I’d like to meet Others on Here - who are willing to take these….. [im very much so into Karma and hate to break the chain for Those who’ve already “put in” the work {so to say} required to have participated , sent out -or- created the required items, as well as waited patiently {yet unknowingly} as their names bumped up to the #1 Spots! I want to ensure that EACH copy that was asked of me - finds a Home, if at all possible …!?]
I’m willing to send out a 1x - or even - Routinely / Monthly Packages of Slips to ANYONE who’s interested in continuing on the Chains… I ONLY participate in the ones I think are REALLY Fun, the ones that don’t interest me - aren’t really a big deal - as I’ll just pass that ONE slip on…. [NBD!]
It’s when I’ve participated and have lots of copies that I need some Homes for them …. Please PM me if you come across this notice on my Profile, and you’d be interested in taking on some really fun opportunities to destash a bit of stickers & stationary, in turn to potentially receive 100’s of stickers and stationary sent back to You in the upcoming months …!?

💌💌 Side-Note💌💌
If you EVER Partner Up With Me on ANY FB / Friendship Book / Friendship Sheet Swap…. Please note I am HAPPY to take 📝SLAMS📝 instead , if you need to circulate some !!! I prefer Slams and Decos to FBs but I do Swap FBs. 💌💌

“👩🏻‍🦰Redhead with 2 👧👱‍♀️Bedheads;”
I’m a Tall, Tattooed, Pierced, (Unhappily) Married, Mommy to two daughters (aged 12 & 5.) I have ALWAYS been super “Artsy Fartsy” (I’ll unapologetically use any excuse I can - to say “Fart,” clearly! Lol….) and I DIY everything / anything ! I’m always working on Home Reno DIYs… I love Interior Design, Holiday Decorations, Room Makeovers, Event Planning / Designing / Decorating…. “The Devil’s In The Details” I firmly believe in; therefore I get so creative down to the most minute of details! As for Arts & Crafts; I immensely enjoy / engage in: Papercrafts, Die Cutting & Vinyls, Jewelry Making, Rubber Stamps / Stamps / Embossing, Hand Lettering / Calligraphy, Decor Making, Embellishing, a bit of Sewing (used to be a lot better when I had my own sewing machine!), Kids Crafts, Cooking from Scratch, etc… I’m always seeking “Life Hacks” & ANY kind of fun DIY! I’m a Gemini, and my age can be sourced from the following;
I grew up on 90’s NickToons… (those were the best!) Rocko’s Modern Life, CatDog, AHHH! Real Monsters, etc… I’m STILL afraid of “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?” And STILL am jealous I’m NOT a part of the “Midnight Society,” lol. My favorites as a Kid were Spice Girls, and I couldn’t choose between BSB & N’Sync, lol. I can still sing every word to every song by those artists - still to THIS DAY. When I was asked , In the 2nd grade, what I wanted to be when I grew up- I stated that , “I want to be a Clueless Girl,” lol (as Cher & Dionne WERE / STILL ARE - Everything Goals!)
I also ALWAYS wanted to raid Clarissa’s closet (youknow which Clarissa…. The one whose BFF [a Male BFF at that! Lol] Enters Her Bedroom from a Ladder Outside, owns a Pet Crocodile named Elvis, calls Her Brother every manner of Two-Worded Potty Humor-esque Insults that have somewhat of a Jingle or Rhythm to them [ think “Fish Face,” “Bird Turd,” “Booger Breath,” “Puke Pest,” etc…] and of course …. The one who explains it all!!!) As a Mom myself, I question the Plotline about “Teenage Boy bypasses & sidesteps Parents Authority & Permission altogether by Sneaking into Teenage Girl’s Upstairs Bedroom via Ladder…. Lol. Odd but I didn’t think ANYTHING of it , as a Kid!
I don’t watch much TV at all - but refuse to miss American Horror Story or Stranger Things. My favorite movie is “A Walk To Remember” with Mandy Moore.
I love literally ALL kinds of music.
My favorite shopping spots are AliExpress, DollsKill.com, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joanns, Dollar Tree, Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom Rack, Hautelook….
I grew up with a PenPalling Mom - who got me into the hobby in the 4th grade. I continued until Senior year of High School. I used to be “Heavy Swappers Only” for Slams, Decos, Lyrics, Sticker Bags & FBs…
I legitimately Believed that Friendship Books were a THING OF THE PAST, truly a LOST ART, before having the Genuine Delight of FINDING FB Swappers here on S-B!
I’m so thrilled.
(And just to make it clear - I’m SINCERELY interested in [Off-Site] NEW PenPalling (with the subsequent FB, Slams, Decos, Lyrix, Sticker Bags & Label Bags - Swapping) Relationships - so , PLEASE , if you think we’d make a great Pair of PenPals - REACH OUT to me and I’ll shoot over My Contact Information !! ❤️

Favorite Television

✳️American Horror Story
✳️Stranger Things
✳️Bad Girls Club
✳️ Ancient Aliens
✳️Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
✳️Eureka’s Castle
✳️Gulla Gulla Island
✳️ (90’s NickToons in General….!)
✳️ 90’s & Early 2000’s “Talk Shows” / “Trash TV” (Ricki Lake, The Tyra Show, Sally Jesse, Jerry Springer, The Maury Show & My Favorite - Jenni Jones! 😅)
✳️ Early 2000’s Dating Gameshows (Singled Out, ElimiDate, Dismissed, Next, Blind Date, Date My Mom, Change Of Heart, Room Raiders, etc…)
✳️ Early 2000’s “Reality TV” (Cheaters, Rock Of Love, etc…)

Favorite Books

All books authored by Chuck Palahniuk, anything By Francesca Lia Block, werewolf themed books, etc….I just recently got into Romance / Erotica and I enjoy it! 🌀 As a Kid - I read TF out of Goosebumps, (a bit of Fear Street as well,) Babysitters Club, Beezus & Ramona, Animorphs, Little Golden Books, Little Critter Stories, Magic Treehouse, Shel Silverstein, The BerenstEin Bears, etc… I also enjoyed (as far as NON-Series Books go,) I loved Harold & The Purple Crayon, The Stinky Cheese Man, Sideways Stories From Wayside School, Miss Nelson Is Missing

Favorite Crafts

❇️Paper crafts
❇️Kids Crafts
❇️DIY anything
❇️ Shrinkie Dinks
❇️Scrapbooking / Smash Book Making
❇️Home Reno’s
❇️ Award Making (Champion Ribbons & Sashes; both Equestrian and Pageant/Homecoming/Scholastic/Parade)
❇️Furniture Upcycling / Makeovers
❇️Jewelry Making
❇️Ceiling & Wall Hanging
❇️ Barbie / Dollhouse / American Girl Doll DIYs
❇️ Newspaper Basket Weaving
❇️Party Decor Making
❇️ Cross-stitch & Embroidery
❇️Stamps / Embossing
❇️ “Out Of Waste” DIYs
❇️Embellishing / Trim Notions / Stonework
❇️Iron-on's & Heat Transfers
❇️ Holiday Crafts
❇️Die Cutting / Vinyls
🌀🌀🌀 Crafts I would LIKE to Learn (or learn how to do BETTER) include;🌀🌀🌀
✅ Paper Quilling
✅ Epoxy Resin Pouring
✅ Cake Fondant Designs
✅ Soap Making
✅ Using Foils in Papercrafts
✅ Latch Hook Rugs (I made one as a Preteen and I LOVED it… really want to make one again!)
✅ Candle Making
✅ Leather Stamping / Metal Stamping
✅ Better Shakers
✅ Sculpey Clay Art
✅ Wood / Metal Sauntering
✅ Creating Patterns On a Dressform
✅ Card Making
✅ Design Smocking on Fabrics
✅ Wax Seals

Specific Supplies I use TF out of, in my PenPalling:

🌈 Cardstock, obvi
🌈 Rub-On Transfers & Stickers
🌈 Die Cuts
🌈 Confetti, Sequins, Glitter & Tablescatter Pieces
🌈 Cute Paperclips / Cute Binder Clips
🌈 Ribbons
🌈 Paper Punches / Hole Punchers
🌈 Edgers / Designer Scissors ✂️
🌈 Stamps (Ink Dyes as well as Glitter Embossing)
🌈 Vinyls
🌈 Memo Pads, Mini Notepads, College-Rule Plain Ole Lined School Paper & Basic School B&W “Composition Books.”
🌈 Coloring Book Sheets
🌈 Metallic Leafs & Foils
🌈 Wholesale Jewelry Boxes & Bags
🌈 Jewelry Supplies [Chains, Pendants, Charms, Cabochons, Jump Rings, Pinbacks…] (for Jewelry AND accents)
🌈 Texture Paste, Glue Sticks, Mod Podge, Hot Glue Gun (occasionally E6000 but not TOO often in PenPalling!)
🌈 Stapler & Colored Staples
🌈 Washi Tapes & Scrapbooking Borders
🌈 Gel Pens, Ballpoint Pens, Metallic Pens, Brush Markers, Sharpies, Calligraphy Markers / Pens, Chisel Tip Pens, Highlighters, anything by ❕ Prismacolor ❕ or ❕ TomBow ❕!

About Me

I grew up performing in Beauty Pageants - it was a wonderful, rewarding experience for Me! I’ve headed a couple Pageant Systems in My Life, in which we crown Every Contestant a Winner. It’s alot of Fun for everyone involved; but very very Costly (as I do it for Hobby, not for Employment - so I always go “in the hole” by the multiple thousands, for each and every event.) it is something I honestly and truly love however ! As for Actual Career explanations - I’ve worked as a GoGo Dancer & Model (and occasional Makeup Artist) my entire Adult Life….. until the Pandemic Lockdown came and killed all the NightClubs, dance clubs, bars, lounges, etc….! It killed so many different professions. They still haven’t recovered unfortunately….. My Life is pretty traumatic and dismal for the most part - but I’m the type of person to “Always Look On The Bright Side,” and be Positive in every situation.

I am really into Paranormal / Supernatural / Cryptozoology etc… ANYTHING Spooky, Ooky , Weird and Unexplainable! Mandela Effect , Conspiracies , True Crime , Cryptid Encounters , etc ….

My favorite “Themes” are Animal Print / Leopard Print, Lunar / Celestial / Moon, Crystals / Zodiac, Holiday / Special Occasion, Bold & Bright & Colorful, Aliens & UFOs, Fast Food / Junk Food, Cute Foods / Sweets / Cupcakes / Candies, Cute Kawaii, Nostalgic 90’s Vibes, Black & White, Neon, Witchy Style….

ABC’s Of Me!

0-9 💎 2000’s Reality TV, 90’s NickToons, 90’s Aesthetic, 90’s Country, 90’s Pop, 90’s Cinema & TV, 2000’s Scenester, 50’s Diners, 99 Cents Stores, 50’s Era Clothing, 70’s Vibes, 90’s - 2000’s Reality Dating Shows
A 💎 Animal Print, AliExpress, Accent Walls & Ceilings, Astrology, Arctic Fox, Aliens, A Walk To Remember (movie), Adams Family, Area 51, Arts & Crafts, American Horror Story, Anna Nicole Smith, Ancient Schools Of Thought, Astral Projection, AB Crystal Gemstones, Alien Abduction Stories, Apple products, Alternate Dimensions, Alternative History, Abe Lincoln
B 💎 Burlesque, Body Scrubs, Body Modification, Burning Man, Balloon Animals, Botox & Fillers, Brush Markers, Bake Sales, Black & White, “Blow” (movie,) Bold & Bright Design Choices, Birthstones, Beetlejuice, Bailey Sarian (YouTuber,) Bouncy Hand Lettering, Baking, Beauty Pageants, Belief in Fate & Destiny, Betsey Johnson Accessories & Shoes
C 💎 Costumes, California, Cheetah Print, Culinary Art, Costume Jewelry, Care Bears (OG,) Crystal Balls, Christmas Decorations (Outdoor / Indoor,) Carnivals, Crock Pots, Coven, Concerts, Cabbage Patch Doll - themed Items, Calligraphy, Cookie Platters, Cryptozoology, Caramel Apples, Conspiracies, Couponing, Crystals, Collaborations, Cooking From Scratch, Ceremonial Magick, Casinos, Cheetah Print, Confetti, Communication, Creepy, Circus, Cheesecake, Cutesy
D 💎 DIY, DocMartens, Day Trips, DollsKill, DIY Decor, Druids, Dance, Doja Cat, Die Cutting, David Icke, Decor, Dark History, Diamonds & Pearls, Daddy’s Girl, Domination & Submission, Divination, Drama Masks, Dream Interpretation & Explanation
E 💎 Edward Scissorhands, Eccentric, Emojis, Ectoplasm, Event Planning, “End of The World” theories, Eyeshadow Looks, Eclectic, Epoxy Resin, Esoteric Knowledge
F 💎 Flamingos, Freak Shows, Fruit Theme, Fashion, Festivals, French Maids, Fascinating Facts, Fads & Trends, Fine Dining, Friendship Books, Furniture Makeovers, Food Trucks, Flea Markets, Fish Nets & Hosiery, Foodie, Fae Folk / Faeries, French Macaroons
G 💎 Glitch in the Matrix, Good Vibes, Galaxy, Golden Age of Hollywood, GoodWill & Salvation Army, Goosebumps Books, GhostBusters, Girly Girl, Garter Belts & Harnesses, Gel Pens, Gummy Bears, Grocery Shopping, Gambling, Gypsies, Gold Accessories, Ghost Stories
H 💎 Hairstyling, Hand Lettering, High End Cosmetics, Home Renovation, Halloween, Happily Ever After, Hopeless Romantic, Hair Accessories, Hair Braiding, Holographic, History, Hair Dye, Hypnotize, Hot Fix Stones, Hersheys Chocolate, Horror, High Heels, Holidays, Hot Pink, Horoscope, High Heel-Shaped Chairs, Heat Transfer Vinyls
I 💎 Ice Cream Parties, Invisibility Cloak, Indie Brands, Interior Design, Iconic 90’s Stars & Characters & Trends, Irish Folklore, Iridescent, IPhone
J 💎 Jumpsuits, Jefree Campbell, Jokes, Junk Food, Jaime French, Jelly Shoes, James Webb 🔭, Jewelry Making, Jeffree Starr
K 💎 Kurtis Conner, Kids Hairstyles, Keroppi, Kitchen Makeovers, Kids Crafts, Kardashian Empire (My Guilty Pleasure,) Karma
L 💎 Lotto Scratchers, Lingerie, Lipstick / Liquid Lipstick, Lucky Charms Marshmallows, LED Lights, Luxury Cosmetics, Live Music, Lisa Frank, Limited Edition, Learning, Lime Crime, LED Nail Gels, Luxury Branded Kids Clothing & Accessories, Las Vegas
M 💎 My Daughters, Mediums, Modeling, Mermaids, Mandela Effect, Munsters, Meal Planning, Mod Podge, Mochi, Missing 411, Meteor Showers, Makeup Art, Moon & Stars, Monochrome, Magic School Bus, Marilyn Monroe, Manifestation, Mug Shots, Magic
N 💎 Near Death Experiences, Nutella, Netflix, Night Owl, Nail Art
O 💎 Outlet Shopping, Outer Space, Ouija Boards, Origins of Everyday Things/Expressions
P 💎 Puns, Pinup, Pinterest, Pen Pals, Pinafores, Pre-Anesthesia Surgical Procedures, Pink Christmas Everything, Performers, Piercings, Positivity, Peter Pan Collars, Paranormal, Plaid, Polaroids, Pam Anderson, Palm Reading, Past Lives, Poledancing, Psychics, Pochacco
Q 💎
R 💎 Roswell, Reddit, Rockabilly Style, Ren & Stimpy, Rompers, Road Trips, Retro Trends, Rollercoasters
S 💎 Slam Books, String Theory, Spirituality, Suicide Girls, Schoolgirl Aesthetic, Skeleton Keys, Sephora, Secret Pasts, Slipknot, School Pictures, Stockings, Stationary, Space Jam, Sugar Scrubs & Salt Scrubs, Scrapbooking, Shrinky Dinks, S’mores, Snick at Night, Seances, Spice Girls, Seafood, Spray Paint, Secret Societies, Spooky, Santa Monica Pier, Storybook Endings, Second Hand Shopping, Snail Mail, Silicone Molds, Stranger Things, Supernatural, Sweet Tooth, Saturn, Slashers, Swap Meets, StudioDIY, Sanrio, Shopping
T 💎 True Crime, Trivia, Tattoos, Thigh Highs, Tom Bow pens, True Encounters, Therapy, True Love, Tom Ford Lipsticks, The Tooth Fairy, The House that Lars Built, Talking, Tarot, Themed Parties & Events, The Unexplainable
U 💎 Upcycling, Urban Legends, Ulta, UV Nail Gels
V 💎 Victoria’s Secret, Vargas Girls, Van Gogh’s “A Starry Night,” Vintage Fashion
W 💎 Witchy, Wizards, Wardrobe Styling
X 💎 X-Files
Y 💎 YouTube
Z 💎 Zebra Print


I’m not so much into….

Anime, Hamsa Hand / Evil Eye, Antique Bronze or Antique Silver, Anything Religious or Political, Negativity, Judgement, Bumper Stickers, Low Cut Jeans, Red Ink, Victorian Style, Times New Roman, Organized Religion, “FRIENDS” TV Show, New Cartoons & Childrens Shows, Overrated YouTubers (MrBeast, Tana Mongeau, Family Channels altogether , etc….), Pens that Smear,Waiting In Lines, Talking on the Phone, Awkward Silences, “Healthy” Breakfast Cereals, The little bits of Eraser Scrubbing, “Seinfeld,” The (So Very ANNOYING) Grease Spots that occur on Any Paper touched by a Recently Lotion-Applied Hand, Receiving Mail with a Hair stuck in the Seal / Tape / Stamp / Misc Sticker, SPIDERS / CREEPY CRAWLIES (my absolute MOST hated creation on God’s Green Earth, hands-down!,) Marvel or DC “Universes” (or any Comic Book - themed ANYTHING, with the exception of Archie & Betty & Veronica themed EVERYTHING(S),) Businesses that Close EARLY, Sports / Sports Teams, Oil Pastels, Pencils / Mechanical Pencils / Erasable Pens, The Walking Dead, Amber Heard, SeedBead Jewelry, Usually Anything Too Overrated (I’ll always go for the Underdog , lol!), Nickleback, Disney Channel television shows (love Disney tho!), PT Cruisers… I’m not so much into the color Blue… I don’t like Bootcut Jeans (and didn’t wear jeans AT ALL for nearly 10 years, lol! [Black Leggings ALL THE WAY!]), I don’t like People who have Judgements / Opinions / Unwelcome Feedback for Others’ Makeup Styles… Sometimes SOME people just CHOOSE to look like a 5-tier Wedding Cake with an Inch Layer of Fondant , Filled with Buttercreams and Raspberry Jellies.,.. or at least, look like they Threw one onto their faces! And that’s OKAY. Sometimes I enjoy being an Absolute CakeFace. Sometimes I enjoy rocking NOTHING more than a spritz of Sunscreen on my Face. And that’s nobody’s business but mine…! 👍

Stationary I 💗 to Receive !

I especially enjoy seeing the Following Goodies in Swaps!
💕 Die Cuts
💕 Cutting Dies
💕 Slams / Decos
💕 Stickers
💕 Cardstock
💕 Patterned Paper
💕 Sanrio
💕 Kawaii
💕 Vinyls
💕 Colored Staples
💕 Cute Binder Clips
💕 “Recommended Music 🎶 Lists” / “MixTapes”
💕 Gel Pens / Refills
💕 Cute Paperclips
💕 Anything PINK !
My FAVORITE Themes are;
💗 Pastel Goth
💗 Sanrio / Hello Kitty / Kawaii
💗 Animal Print / Cheetah Print / Zebra Print / Leopard Print
💗 Holographic & Iridescent
💗 Lolita Themed
💗 High Heels / Stilettos
💗 Vargas Girls / PinUp / Bettie Paige / Rockabilly
💗 Cutesy
💗 90’s Vibes / 90’s Aesthetic / 90’s Pop Culture
💗 Mermaids
💗 Barbie , Paper Dolls, Kewpie Dolls, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Babydolls, Toys
💗 Unicorns
💗 Crowns / Tiaras / Beauty Queens / Pageants
💗 Celestial / Lunar / Galaxy
💗 Andy Warhol / Popart
💗 Holiday themed
💗 Houndstooth, Checkerboard, Buffalo Check / Plaid
💗 Marilyn Monroe / Golden Age of Hollywood
💗 Tattoos / Sailor Jerry
💗 Bumble Bees, Honey Bees, Queen Bee
💗 90’s & Early 2000’s Icons
💗 Ballerina themed
💗 Cupcakes / Cakes / Sweets / Candy / Desserts
💗 Junk Food (Standard Americana - Fare)
💗 Black & White
💗 Neon-Light / Black-Light -looking
💗 Lisa Frank!!!!


ReginaDrago rated for 5 pass alongs FB/FS & more #1 on Jun 5, 2023
Comment: Sorry for the late rate! But thanks for the swap! Will be moving them along soon!
Begokschaf rated for Fun earrings swap on May 16, 2023
Comment: I know I rated you. I wonder if I just never hit send. I thank you very much. 😊
SkaGirl rated for 5,000 Questions Swap Part FIFTEEN! on May 15, 2023
Comment: I got your package, thank you so much! I love it all!!! :)
marclively rated for ⭐️Bag Swap⭐️ on Apr 27, 2023
Comment: Thanks, Marc
Comment: We received your package and are so overwhelmed by your generosity! My daughter loves all of it and is excited to write back. We won't be able to send so many things but maybe we can find something that your girl will enjoy.
Comment: Thanks so much!
ladybug513 rated for Stuff the Mailbox: Spring feeling on Apr 22, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful spring package! I especially love the stickers and the writing paper, those will certainly come in use very soon :)
mariewilliams810 rated for Decos Only 3/2023 on Apr 17, 2023
Comment: Envelope was sent 4/3/23 with no previous communication that they were going to be late.
Comment: This is up there with one of my favourite swaps, thank you so much! ❤️
schlizabeth rated for 10 Friendship Sheets on Apr 16, 2023
Comment: I will be happy to change this rating once it is received. I sent a message asking about it and never received a response.
Lookitskoti rated for Kid Craft Swap on Apr 13, 2023
Comment: Above and beyond an amazing box wow you did too much! She opened it and it seemed like it was never ending! All the notes and little touches made my heart sing I can't thank you enough ❣️
Begokschaf rated for Stuff the Mailbox: Spring feeling on Apr 12, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much
Comment: I appreciate the effort you made to send me stuff. I was surprised (being a rather frugal swapper myself) at how much money was spent on postage for the envelope stuffed full of extras (9 forever stamps). But in all good conscience I must note here that the 3-rating is because the package was mailed quite late and with no communication about the late send. Regarding the deco, generally multiple stickered covers which is then covered with packing tape tend to be "friendship books", but decos don't have these things. It's understandable that you might not know this if you are new to deco swapping. Decos tend to be more art-quality. Here are a few examples of help with your next deco book creation https://www.flickr.com/photos/beafromsweden/albums/72157717533722797
Saxofenris rated for Label Bags Feb. 2023 on Apr 7, 2023
BobaBarb rated for ❤️ 10 Random Die Cuts!❤️ on Apr 7, 2023
Comment: thank you
Comment: Thank you so much. So sorry to hear bout your cuttlebug. My old die cut machine broke last year and I had to get a new one! ❤️
Selewis91 rated for Friendship Books Feb. 2023 on Apr 5, 2023
Sonya rated for AMA: Deco booklet #342319 on Apr 4, 2023
Comment: I am unhappy to have to reject the decos you sent me for this swap. The swap calls for ONE ART deco. You sent me two decos and neither meet the swap requirements. One has 6 stickers on it (swap states no more than one sticker); the other is poorly made and the cello tape is coming off, pages are cut unevenly - neither are art decos. I cannot, in good conscious, either decorate these or send them to another swapper to do so and I will return these to you at my own cost. You also sent this swap a week late without any communication with me.
Comment: Thank you for the great swap and I would love to be regular swappers with you! I will send out a swap to you shortly :)

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danatropicana on Jul 8, 2023:

Hello my friend! Just wanted to let you know I love the letter you sent and I will be working on a reply soon! Hope you are well! XO Dana 💜💜💜

cowboypoodle on Jun 28, 2023:

Hey! I haven’t seen you on swap bot in a while, just making sure you’re ok! I had some slams I wanted to send you and a penpal letter since you were so generous to me and was wondering if you wanted them. Message me and hope you’re ok! <3

ammalu on Apr 4, 2023:

Hey girl! I notified you haven't sent the Excess Slips #1 swap out yet and haven't been active on here in several days. Just wanted to check in to see if you're alright!

Mimi7 on Mar 17, 2023:

I enjoyed the pc you sent and the names!! I think your one name was Black Molly how funny mine was Black Dolly

UsagiSan on Mar 10, 2023:

Hello dear👋😄I just want to thank you for sending me a great swap💌 Your package arrived me today and it made me smile🥰💕I am preparing my swap for u little by little and I will be posting it in a few days📮I will let you know once I post it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend🎈 Take care!😋Greeting from Japan🇯🇵🌈

ammalu on Mar 9, 2023:

I love love love everything you sent. I felt like a sixteen year old again, listening to Good Charlotte, opening up every thing bit by bit. I love the Goosebumps pin, the earrings, all the little packages with the little ribbons! I'll definitely comment more when I write your letter and curate your swap. And omg I have so much to say, and so many things you wrote that I was like YES I AGREE lol. I'm so excited to reconnect 💕

UsagiSan on Mar 3, 2023:

Hello dear! Thanks for leaving sweet message on my profile💕It’s the first message I received! Actually, I am your partner of X-slip swap #2. I am preparing my swap to send you. Of course I will let you know once I receive your swap. And we can swap more! And sure we can be pen pals♥️ I will be looking forward to receive ur swap♥️✨

danatropicana on Feb 25, 2023:

Hey you! Just thanking you for the great comment on my profile! You are hilarious and awesome and I can't wait to hear from you! Have a fantastic weekend! XO Dana

Honeybee203 on Feb 25, 2023:

Lol me too!! That sounds good. Been looking forward to happy mail from you!! Cant wait! It will be so much fun. 😍 take your time. Cant wait to hear from you!!

Fruitspider on Feb 21, 2023:

Hi! Thanks for your sweet comment on my profile <3 I'm always happy to accept outside-swap mail, and I'd love to send some back to reciprocate, like a swap-pal :)

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