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dmarie on Apr 22, 2014:

Please check out my new stamp carving group

Kessie on Nov 3, 2011:

Hi, you were my partner in the artistamps swap, but haven't marked as sent yet. But then I realised you haven't been online for a couple of weeks - I hope everything is ok? Hugs, Kessie x

ArtyBeth3 on Jul 23, 2011:

I received your fun handmade envelopes for the ZMACS group tag. I really like the circle labels too. Thank you!

Mar1l1ze on Jul 16, 2011:

Resend for the ZMACS handmade envie tag on it's way to you today :) Hope this batch makes it - please let me know when it does.

Mar1l1ze on Jul 13, 2011:

Anna, I am making you some generic envies for the ZMACS tag resend as you have changed your profile in the last 4 month since the initial tag. To be honest I am stuck on what themes / colours to work with for the envies - there's not much on your profile to help with this. I know you tag for profile based envies - but I'm stuck. I you can give me a couple of options for colour / themes I will try and make some up for you according to that - otherwise a bunch of 'surprise' themed ones coming your way on Friday :)

craftgasm on May 6, 2011:

Thank you so much for the fun vintage mail-related prize from the ZMACS WTA game! I love the stamps you used to mail the envelope, too. :)

AndrewLips on Mar 30, 2011:

okay! ill give you until the 25th for it to arrive! thanks for letting me know! x

FiWebster on Mar 20, 2011:

Thank you so much for the hand-carved William Morris stamps! They are so evocative of his style, especially when stamped all over a piece of paper--it's amazing. =big smile=


FarStarr on Feb 19, 2011:

I love, love, love my WTA stickers!! Are those your own carvings?? They are fantastic!! Thank you!!!

mathaholic on Feb 6, 2011:

I'm flattered you like your postcard so much as to hang it on the wall! The Groundhog did not see its shadow, so spring should start early (yay) :D

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