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About Me

Hello! I'm Donetta, in Portland, Oregon. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and lived there most of my life. I moved to Portland in 1992, to Vancouver (Washington) in 2012, and except for a 2-year hiatus in Dover, Delaware and a 4-year residence in Grand Rapids, MI, I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for (oh my!) over 30 years (yes, I am old!). Love it, love it, love it...I honestly feel like I should have been born here!

I have three adult children, five grandchildren, and my beautiful brown tabby Persian kitty Cocopuff (well...she really only answers to "Baby"). We lost our rescue tabby, Lulu on Valentines Day, 2022, and sadly, I lost my 20-year-old Bella in February of 2023. I've never had only one pet...it was a tough adjustment.Baby and I added a kitty named Kiki to our family...a sweet little "torbie" with the most beautiful green eyes! Kiki was at the local shelter for quite awhile, so we were thrilled to add her to our family. She is 10 years old, and I anticipated many happy years to come. However, Miss Kiki developed an inoperable tumor on her esophagus, and I had to say goodbye to her in November, 2023. I was utterly heartbroken. I found a sweet little 6-month-old shelter cat to add to my household in December, 2023, and she has fallen in love with Baby...they are inseparable. Truly a gift...just the sweetest kitty.

I enjoy spending time with friends and family...and I also love my "alone time", when I craft to my heart's content.

My home is extremely important to me; it's my haven, my joy, and the place I feel most relaxed. I enjoy decorating for the different seasons and holidays, and my home is a reflection of my style and personality. I love items with a vintage look, rich wood tones, vintage linens, and roosters. I'm a thrift store fanatic, and have found some wonderful treasures for my home.

Favorite Crafts

I have had a thriving little jewelry business, and before I moved to Michigan, I sold my wares at two salons in the Portland area, as well as at a boutique In Oregon City. I design for two international bead companies, and love the creative process. I've recently opened an Etsy shop and an Amazon Handmade shop!

My jewelry has a classic look; I love vintage-looking findings and beads, and use lots of crystals, pearls, and antiqued copper, silver, and gold wire and findings. I enjoy making wire wrapped jewelry, and am working to perfect the art of polymer clay beads...they can be amazingly beautiful!

I make cards as well, using my Spellbinders machine and adding embellishments such as ribbon, sequins, pearls, and paper and silk flowers. I used to take classes (card making, mostly) at a local scrapbooking store, but the store went out of business...and now I use Pinterest and You Tube for inspiration and lessons!

I spend part of each day stitching...I have a project rotation list that contains cross stitch, needlepoint, hardanger, crewel embroidery, and redwork, as well as knitting and crochet. My latest interest is crazy quilting; I am addicted!

I enjoy making and receiving ATCs...they are such a great way to practice new techniques on a small scale. I get inspiration from the beautiful cards I receive, and enjoy seeing my own style evolve and become more sophisticated with time.

My sewing and craft room is my favorite room; it's the closest thing to a treasure chest I'll ever find!

Things I like

My favorite place in the world is my home, but Vancouver Island runs a close second. I have friends who live on Vancouver Island, and it is my favorite place to visit.

Favorite colors...so hard to choose! My home is decorated in deep red, yellow/gold, some blue, and mossy green...Tuscan or Provencal colors! I love buttons, and use them extensively in my crafts. I love flowers...roses, hydrangeas, and dahlias, plus any other beauties I find locally to add to my patio garden.

Extras: people either love 'em or hate 'em...I happen to adore sending and receiving "extras" in my swap envelopes. I usually check profiles to see if I have any readily available items that my swap partner might enjoy receiving...little things that are flat (ish) and easy to include in a standard envelope. Some of the things I love to receive are old book pages...especially in foreign languages, snippets of sheet music, lengths of wonderful washi tape, and random embellishments such as bits of ribbon and trim, rhinestones and pearls, etc. I make inchies, twinchies, ATCs, and rolos...I make use of little pieces that might otherwise be thrown away. If I receive something I think I might not use, I save it for someone who loves that sort of thing...I have never understood swappers who say they will only accept certain items, or they will withhold a heart if what they receive isn't to their liking. What...why? Extras are just that...EXTRA! Be gracious, people. It costs nothing to say "thank you" when someone has cared enough to include a treat...even if it isn't your kind of treat!

Super Swappers

Rather than listing flakers, I'm taking something I've seen on other profiles, and listing those extra-special, super swappers...you know the ones I mean: when you see an envelope with this person's name on the return address, your heart sings!

Arabella (Nancy), who creates such gorgeous works of art that I'm constantly challenged to find the right words of thanks. Beautiful, beautiful ATCs. An inspiration.

Tigermousecat (Bev), who is the most wonderful of swap partners, and a dear friend...from afar. Bev creates beautiful works of art and sends the loveliest little letters with each swap. She is kind and generous, in addition to being a fabulous swap partner.

Isabellasnow (Kristy)...an amazing swap partner! Her work is beautiful, and every possible detail is polished and perfect. Packaging is Kristy's special gift...it's absolutely as beautiful as the artwork inside.

Hate to mention...

Really, I do hate to mention my few actual dislikes, but it's helped me to read this on other profiles...it gives me a better insight into what sort of extras and RAKs to send. So here goes: not fond at all of cutesy stuff (Precious Moments, big-eyed children, Disney to name a few). Intensely dislike cigarette smoke and flashing icons...these are migraine triggers for me. Lights and certain smells, oh my. And of course it goes without saying (but here I am, saying it) that I am never in favor of poorly planned and executed artwork. Construction paper, crayons, and silly stickers do not belong here, imho!

One more thing...something that makes me sad. Non-raters. I speak for most of us when I say that we put a lot into our artwork. A lot of time, special embellishments that can be quite expensive for an addict such as myself...even postage is expensive! I do this because I love it, and because it makes me happy to receive good ratings and lovely comments. To fail to rate is more than rude...it's unkind.


Poeprincess rated for VJP: 'Roses" Journal Page on Feb 28, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful journal page. Love the elements & what you did to create the frames. The extras are great, too—the Russian girls do look like they’re wearing slippers.
Lobo816 rated for USAPC: 3 Elements ATC #88 on Feb 27, 2024
Comment: Hi Donetta thank you for the beautiful ATC!! I too love the guidance of elements to use. It makes it fun. Thanks for the extra goodies. I love your ATC note card also & the stamp you use on the back of your card!! Thanks for all!!
marymary914 rated for MFF: Birds Tag: February 2024 on Feb 26, 2024
Comment: Love this tag!! So many birdies! Thanks so much!
marymary914 rated for MFF: January Bird ATC on Feb 23, 2024
Comment: Love the atc! The gold and the blue are great together. Also, the pic looks American, but either way, boys used to wear shoes like that back in the day. 😊
Response: Thank you for the great rating, Mary. I adore the vintage photos, especially the Soviet-era ones. I just wonder all sorts of things...were they happy? Where are they now, if indeed they still ARE. I love to see the home decor and the clothing and their entertainment...all of it!
darcilena rated for Ink Box Card Color Series: Crimson on Feb 21, 2024
Comment: Absolutely, loved this swap and the Vintage photos you sent. My turn next. See you in the mail real soon. ❣️
Response: I am besotted with the color challenge swaps...and with inkbox card swaps. This was a win/win!
katjl rated for USAPC: Paper Stack on Feb 20, 2024
Comment: Great selection of papers. Thank you!😀
Response: I am so happy you like them...I hope you find a use for every piece.
lmacdavis93 rated for Valentine Twinchies on Feb 20, 2024
Comment: Hi D and thank you for the wonderful Valentine Twinchies! I love working with this format, And these have the signature Donetta touches that make them your's alone. I love the vintage feel to the images and how you mange to include so many little embellishments on each one of them. They are divine! And thank you for the extras - that little Russian boy is so cute. Don't you wonder what he looks like now?? Thank you my dear crafty Friend!
Response: Aw shucks, Laurie! I always wonder about "my" Russians...especially the children. Where are they now? Have they been happy? Do they now have children or grandchildren who are in the Russian army? And so forth. I've purchased several more "lots" of the photos, but my all-time favorite without a doubt is the first one I sent you...the bikini-clad apple-picking women and the nose-picking little boy. A group of pickers! A classic.
Comment: Hi Donetta . . . Thank you so much for your beautiful, unique angel page. Love the images and embellishments you used to create the page. Hope we get to swap together again soon.
Response: Kristy, thank you for your kindness and support regarding my troubles; you are the most understanding of friends.
stamparose rated for USAPC: 3 Elements ATC #87 on Feb 18, 2024
Response: Thank you for rating. ETA: thanks also for the beautiful heart; I never ever take those for granted!
LDeWitt rated for RF: Master Board Small Rolo Series on Feb 16, 2024
Comment: Donetta, there is no one betta. Your master board rolo is gorgeous. I love the feminine background and the light touch you always have with your creations. You truly are gifted with the collage spirit. Thank you also for the goodies. Stay well and swap soon.
Response: Miss Lizzie, I have a deep and abiding love for masterboards and collage...they are so incredibly versatile, yes? Thank you for all the llove, my friend!
hibiscus rated for AACG: Inkbox Book, Part 2 on Feb 15, 2024
Comment: You are truly a master at small collage.. have you ever worked in larger pieces? As usual your images are beautiful…the paper lace gorgeous and you are so good at composition .. thank you for the lace and the vintage card and that amazing Russian photo.. I loved the one lady with the big smile!!great swap as always
Response: I just love making these inkbox cards, and making them into little booklets or (gasp!) punching a hole in the upper left corner to hang them from binder rings solves the problem of storage...we have to keep these going! Thank you so much for your wonderful, encouraging comments, Kathryn...you are The Best!
wincejl rated for YTPC: Botanical Clusters on Feb 13, 2024
Comment: These are so beautiful! Thank you!!
Response: I really, really enjoyed making these for you! Thank you for the sweet comment and great rating.
Comment: Wow I really love your page there is so much to look at and everything is so beautiful. Love that hen. The lady with the black cat she pretty like a Gypsy very cool thank you very much and thank you very much for the extras too. Take care
Response: Carmen, you are the sweetest of swap partners! Thank you so much for your lovely, encouraging comment...and of course for the great rating. I loved making this journal page; the colors made it special for me.
MissChief rated for USAPC: Quick Scrap Journal on Feb 8, 2024
Comment: I am in awe of your work! it is exquisite! This is not a QUICK scrap journal, if it is, then I need to up my game tremendously! I hope where ever the first journal ended up, they realize what a precious gift it is!
Response: Tammy, oh my goodness! Thank you so much for the beautiful comment and for the great rating...I usually don't enjoy creating a replacement as much as I did the original, but I enjoyed making this just as much as I did the first time! I have so, so much...I am awash in papers and antiquities, which I have to start sharing. I am thrilled that you like the little journal so much!
lmacdavis93 rated for RF: "Garnet" Large Rolo on Feb 8, 2024
Comment: D: Another beauty from the art studio of Donetta! This earned rolo is flat out gorgeous. Beautiful women's image (very wintry which is so appropriate for January's birthstone) and the touches of lace and gold and antiqued brass are perfect compliments. All beautifully assembled with your signature style. And thanks for the extras too - The vintage calling cards are amazing and of course, another old B&W Russian photo is always welcome. These guys are in Russia and in the army - what the heck are they all looking so happy about! Always a treat my Friend!
Response: I admit that I adore the "color challenge" themes...they really strike a chord in the creative part of my heart! And there's no one I'd rather swap with than you, my friend. I'm getting down to the BIG Russian photos, which can't be used as note cards in a regular envelope, and the military photos, which don't really thrill me. I want to see the average people, in their natural habitat! It's time to buy more...and you should see the envelopes they arrive in, from Moldova. Absolutely covered with beautiful postage stamps...I can't throw them away! I should chop them up and use them in collage projects...hmmmm...
Comment: Thank you so much for your gorgeous swap. I love so much what you've created for me. Your ornament found a pretty place on my wall where I can see it daily. Thank you also for the old photos. Love them! And they're always so apprechiated <3 Btw, I also don't approve hunting...
Response: Ah, Karina...thank you so much for setting my mind at ease! I lost a couple of swap envelopes during our weather "event", and I was so worried that this one was also lost. I love swapping with you, and enjoy you so much as a group member and friend...anyway, I'm just happy that it arrived. Thank you for the sweet comment and great rating!
Comment: Beautiful collage, Donetta! I love your choice of the Japanese woman and the stamp! And the Japanese printing background!! The top and bottom trim works so well with everything!! Thank you again for such a wonderful swap!!! And I love the photo you used for your note!! I think she has to be at least 70!!
Response: Nancy, you are the loveliest of swap partners...thank you so, so much for the amazingly flattering comment...and of course for the pretty red heart! I almost feel that in a previous life, I wore a kimono. Pretty sure I wasn't a geisha...maybe the laundress who washed the geisha's dainties? I just don't get the impression of royalty or regal=-ness, but I definitely feel the kimono. Just to be able to read that beautiful calligraphy woiuld be wonderful! It's always such a pleasure to swap wigh you, my friend!
Ac2052 rated for VC: Index Card Challenge #5 on Feb 5, 2024
Comment: This index card turned out great! It’s beautiful! The vintage photo of the three Russian gentlemen made my day! Thank you for a great swap!
Response: TBH, I actually looked at this completed index card and thought "I think I'm catching on at long last"! And I found it very enjoyable to make, so it was a total "win" for me! Thank you for the lovely comment and great rating!
user6937 rated for ACTs: ABC Challenge with ATCoins on Feb 5, 2024
Comment: I love how you did "bow" - very subtle and so very cute! Your angel is darling and C is so nicely detailed. Thanks!
Response: I was a a bit shocked that the bow I printed was so small...but I found the kitties and it was just the right size. Thank you for the lovely comment and great rating...I'm enjoying this series!
Comment: Thank you for this beautiful atc - I adore this sweet girls face! I love receiving swaps from you Donetta - I really like your style!
Response: Thank you so much for the lovely comment and great rating...your kind words are greatly appreciated!

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MissChief on Feb 8, 2024:

Thank you for the precious journal gift. it is over the top vintage and I am so honored to have your work. Do you visit much to Idaho? I'd love to thank you in person when you do!

hibiscus on Feb 9, 2023:

My Parisian tag is tres magnifique..beautiful and thank you❤️

hibiscus on Aug 31, 2022:

lucky me ...i got two donetta cards in one envelope...you are a truly talented artist...thank yu

Barbara on Jun 21, 2022:

Thank you Donetta for the paper doll resend! Your collage journal pages tell sweet little stories.Watch for some happy mail coming your way!

hibiscus on Jun 2, 2022:

Your attention to detail and your perfectly chosen elements really make your swaps so amazing … lucky me !!

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