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iheartushi on Dec 12, 2018:

Newbie Profile Fav Xmas Toy My favorite Christmas toy I received for Christmas was a little doll. Merry Christmas and have a nice day!

Jewelss2 on Dec 11, 2018:

Newbie Profile Fav X-mas Toy Hi Catina! It sounds like we have quite a few interests in common! Mixed media art, collecting Harry Potter, Criminal/Mystery television and books, stickers we don't like...lol! My most memorable Christmas Gift? The original Barbie Doll! So many years ago! I find it hard to believe that I am that old! 😊 I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Julie jewelss2

ellecamino on Nov 29, 2018:
RightNowIDontKnow on Nov 24, 2018:

Newbie Friendly - Profile Hello #16

jessnewson98 on Nov 23, 2018:

Newbie Friendly - Profile Hello #16

Hi hi Catina! I hope you have a lovely day! I also like(d) Care Bears, I mostly have all of my aunts care bears from when she was a kid - I also just found a care bear journal of mine that I used as a kid, it has some horrible drawings of all my pets.

Anyway,may you have a lovely Christmas!

x Jess

reauk on Nov 23, 2018:

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from reauk

Hello Catina its cold wet and freezing over here in England cant believe it will soon be Christmas time i love Christmas its my all time favorite holiday season take care

HushedKitty on Nov 22, 2018:


I'm just getting started with SwapBot and it's great to see a friendly profile! I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandmother -- that must have been so hard for you.

Mishi on Nov 22, 2018:

Newbie Friendly - Profile Hello #16

jaimierandolph on Nov 16, 2018:

Newbie Friendly-My Author Favs

  1. Danielle Steel

  2. R. L. Stine

  3. Beverly Lewis

  4. Lynn Austin

  5. Mary Ellis

Dana78 on Nov 15, 2018:

Newbie Friendly- Profile Bible Verse #11

"A sweet friendship refreshes the soul" _Proverb 27:9

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