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Country: Australia

About Me


Swap-bot has become too much for me lately and I'm not going to be here as much if at all. I might join a few swaps here and there, but not as much as I used to. I hope you have the best day, because yes, you deserve it, always!

I've received a lot of international mail back and I always resend when I get it back! So, please be patient if you receive a swap later than intended. I'm having so much trouble with international mail.

If you have not received a swap from me or from members in the groups I've hosted, PLEASE let me know before rating! I will resend and I will message participants too!


If I haven't rated you yet, I either have yet to receive your swap or it's in my "to be rated section of mail" (as I get a lot of mail, outside of swap-bot as well; and I do have my studies too)...so, please be patient with me.

I'm currently a University and TAFE Student studying a double degree at ACU as well as a course in library and information services.

I'm an avid reader and writer (and yet I still have no idea what to say).

I have two gorgeous doggies, they're both very excitable and love going for walks!

When it comes to hobbies, I love to give different things a go, so at the moment I'm very much an amateur cook and baker; I love walking, hiking, cycling and tons of other things, too.

I've learnt a few languages here and there; French (being the one I'm most familiar with), a little Dutch and German. I'm still learning, but if you have any unique sayings in your native tongue (in any other languages than just those mentioned above), I'd love to know!

Favourite Books

My being a bookworm and all means I might have a few favourite books (although it's hard to choose...and they tend to change every couple of months).

  • Dark Matter by Blake Crouch
  • The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf
  • Lovely War by Julie Berry
  • The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
  • When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon
  • Heartstopper Series by Alice Oseman
  • Chemistry by Weike Wang
  • The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow
  • There's Something about Sweetie by Sandhya Menon
  • Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
  • All For The Game Series by Nora Sakavic

Currently Reading: textbooks yay.

rec me a book if you dare ;)

recommend me some manga too, I'd love to find some new stuff!

Favourite TV Shows

I love a lot of TV shows! Though I haven't seen a few for a while - I've been more focused on studies. Here are some of my faves:

  • Doctor Who
  • Outlander
  • Sailor Moon
  • Orphan Black
  • Sense8
  • Jane The Virgin
  • Derry Girls
  • Stranger Things
  • Anne with an 'E'
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Charmed (the original version)
  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
  • Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

(and a notable mention would have to be "Round The Twist" which is basically an aussie tv show I watched as a kid and it is ICONIC)

Anime I am still rather new to anime, I used to watch a lot with my cousins when I was younger.

  • Haikyu!! (I keep crying over this)
  • Sailor Moon
  • Banana Fish (I am ruination, this has wrecked me)
  • Great Pretender
  • Carole & Tuesday

Favourite Music

There are so many types of music I love; here are some of my favourite bands/musicians:

  • MIKA
  • Lorde
  • Hozier
  • Meg Mac
  • Paramore
  • The Killers
  • St. Vincent
  • Amy Shark
  • King Princess
  • Glass Animals
  • Janelle MonΓ‘e
  • The Cranberries
  • Panic! At The Disco
  • Florence + The Machine

(and there are so many others that I just adore, but I'll keep the list this long.)


A lot of the time post to and from Australia does tend to take a while, so allow over a month for a swap of mine to get to you.

However, if you don't receive a swap within that timeframe, message me and I'll resend.


I thought I might add a postcard section!

I tend to love any postcards I receive, so send any you have my way.

However, I do tend to love these types of postcards if you wanted to send something specific:

  • artsy, vintage, painting, etc
  • doctor who, space-themed
  • snugglepot and cuddle pie (aussie classic literature or any classic (kids) literature from any country)
  • botanical, plants, food, etc
  • virginia woolf, sylvia plath, classic female writers
  • bookish themed (eg, covers, characters, etc)
  • dogs, puppies, cows, foxes, owls, wallabies, wombats, kangaroos, dolphins, bats, etc.
  • recipe themed (I don't eat meat, so I would prefer recipes without meat, however I would never rate down if you were to send me a recipe with meat in it)
  • puzzles
  • forest, wilderness, nature
  • seasonal postcards: halloween, christmas, easter, autumn, etc

But honestly, I do love any postcards I receive! So, send whatever you prefer, I don't mind!

If you want to add any doodles or illustrations to anything you send me, I would greatly appreciate it! It brightens my day to see an illustration on a postcard or envelope!

Favourite Films

I don't know if I necessarily have "favourite" movies, but here are some that I really love:

  • Studio Ghibli Films (ie. My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Whisper of the Heart, Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo, Castle in the Sky, are some of my faves so far but I do love them all)
  • MirrorMask
  • The Incredibles
  • Lilo & Stitch
  • Captain Marvel
  • Shazam!
  • Hidden Figures
  • The Mummy
  • The Dark Crystal
  • Moana
  • Treasure Planet
  • The Matrix
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • George of the Jungle

There are a few others that I can't think of at the moment, but those are just some of the movies I love!

ABC's of Me

So, I've seen this section on a few other profiles, I thought I'd give it a go myself!

A - Advice (particularly the writery kind), Alice in Wonderland, Animation, Art, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Animals from Across the Globe, The Adventure Zone (TAZ), Autumn, Anne of Green Gables, Artist Stamps, Airmail Stickers/Stamps (if you're from NZ, I would so love the par avion stickers), Anne Sexton,

B - Baking (and yes, it's different to cooking!), Books, Book Recommendations, Body/Skin Care Tips, Birds, Bookmarks, Botany, Bats, Book Art, Banned Books, Bees, Blackout Poetry, Banana Fish (anime but trying manga soon), Bookplates,

C - Cooking, Coins, Choose Your Own Adventure Books, Character Art (from like books and movies), CDs, Comics, Cassette Tapes, Cultures (Cultural History, I love learning about different cultures around the world), Candles, Coral, Chocolate, Carole & Tuesday,

D - Doctor Who, Dogs, David Tennant (basically, he is awesome), Dolphins, Dice, Dugongs, The Dark Crystal,

E - Ephemera, Envelopes, Embroidery (love it, I'm terrible at it, would love to learn it), Enamel Pins, Exercising Tips,

F - Fairies/Fey/Fair Folk, Fantasy Creatures, Facts About Your Country, Fruit, Fan Art, Flowers, Facts About Anything, The Fairly Oddparents, Foxes, Fables, Frogs (I adore them), Fish, Ferrets,

G - Gnomes, Games (more like Word Games and Sudoku), Goblins, Good Omens, Galaxy, Graphic Novels (recommend me some please), Ghosts, Gardening Facts/Tips, Geometrical Stuff, Great Pretender, Geography (more for design elements than anything), Gothic Stuff, Gore, The Good Place,

H - Handwriting (especially handwritten letters), Handlettering Books/Sheets, History, Handmade Things, Harry Potter (Ravenclaw, Yo!), Historical Fiction, Haikyu!! (I am obsessed),

I - Information Centres, Illustrations, Ink, Inkpads,

J - Jellyfish, Jaguars (the animal not the car), Jewellery,

K - Knitted Things, Koalas, Kookaburras, Kangaroos,

L - Languages, Letter Sets, Libraries, Library Due Date Cards, Leopards, Lions, Lilypads,

M - Mermaids, Maps, Mythical Creatures, Marvel, Medieval History, Marine Life/Creatures, Moon, Maxicards, Mice, Manuscripts, Music Sheets, Mint Unused Stamps (any country), Magazines (particularly illustrated like Frankie, Flow, Breathe, etc)

N - Nymphs, Narwhals, Nature, The Neverending Story, Notebooks (one can never have too many), Notepads,

O - Owls, Old/Worn/Vintage Books, Ornaments, Orange (colour & fruit), Octopus, Otters,

P - Proverbs, Platypus, Pen Pals, Postcards, Penguins, Pixies, Podcasts (only a newbie though), The Power Puff Girls, Paper, Postage-themed Goodies, Pineapples, Pears, Peaches, Puns, Photography, Power Rangers, Plants, Pumpkins, Peter Rabbit, Pigs,

Q - Quotes & Sayings, Quokka,

R - Reading, Recipes (I want to get into a Vegetarian/Vegan Low FODMAP diet, so any suggestions, I'll be happy), The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ribbon, Rabbits, Rubber Stamps, Rainbow Brite,

S - Selkies, Sailor Moon, Sirens, Stamps, Stickers, Stationery, Socks, Souvenir Coins, Scooby Doo, Silk, Shirley Barber (Author), Science, Sci-Fi, String, Stars, Spring, Space, Studio Ghibli, Sun, Sharks, STEM, Spiderman, Squirrels, Stitched Goodies, Sunflowers, Sylvia Plath,

T - Tote Bags, Tea, Twine, Tapas (great comics), Tickets, Tigers, Trolls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (80s & 90s but I don't mind the ones after that too), Tales of Arcadia (Trollhunters, 3Below, Wizards),

U - Ukulele, Umbrella Academy,

V - Volunteering, Vintage, Videos, Vampires, Virginia Woolf, Voltron: Legendary Defender,

W - Writing, Wax Sealed Letters, Washi Tape, Winnie the Pooh, Winter, Waratah, Whales, Wombats, Winter, Wasps, Webtoons, Webcomics, Whimsical things,

X -

Y - Young Adult Novels,

Z - Zebras,


subtleshift rated for Tea For Thee # 90 on Jan 16, 2022
Response: Thank you!
Ree87 rated for LLU 2021 Yearly Wrap-up on Jan 15, 2022
Comment: My goodness, what exuberant answers, haha! Congratulations on reading so many books, whaaat?! How did you manage that with uni and everything?! Thoroughly impressed. Take care! <3
Response: Haha, thanks! I kind of forget I'm typing to other people sometimes and it's not just like an email to myself lol. Gahh, thank you, trust me it was a feat and I have no idea how I did it. I hope you are well! Take care too <3
USAFwife rated for R&W: EMAIL Best of 2021 on Jan 13, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the re-send. Even email isn't reliable anymore. :( It is hard to narrow down favorites, isn't it? I'm actually trying to slow down my reading this year, hoping to enjoy and remember more by the end of the year! We'll see how that goes. Happy new year!
Response: I know! I think it was honestly my phone! Sometimes I get the swap prepared earlier and then if I read anything else before the deadline I add to it but my phone has given up on me lol, time to save for a new one I think. IT IS HONESTLY SO HARD TO NARROW DOWN FAVOURITES!!! Well, I hope you enjoy that and I'm sure I'll see you in a swap again to see how you're going! Stay wonderful and have a brilliant day, Cindi!
Brokenwings87 rated for LLU 2021 Yearly Wrap-up on Jan 13, 2022
Comment: I cracked up when you called yourself a brat :D So nice to see someone that reads as much as me! Thank you!
Response: Oh lol haha I guess I forgot about that haha. I am so glad you liked it! Thanks so much for being so patient! I think it was my phone having given up on me so lucky my laptop is still functional! Stay wonderful!!!
debbiespoms rated for PH: Send 3 Postcards #37 on Jan 11, 2022
Comment: Hi Jess! Your postcards finally arrived. Yay! Thanks so much, for the 3 for the swap and the 4 extra! I really love them! 😊
Response: I am so glad they arrived!!! I am so happy you like them! Thanks for the rating! Stay lovely xx
Loosefolia rated for R&W What I'm reading postcard on Jan 9, 2022
Comment: Hello! Thank you for the postcard! I'm thinking about reading Murakami's Kafka on the Shore to start the New Year :D
Response: I am so glad you got it! Oooh that sounds pretty cool! I've not read any of Murakami's works yet but hopefully one day! I hope you like the book! Have a wonderful week! Thanks for the rating by the way!
Comment: Sorry, somehow I miss rating this! That's quite a list! Nice job!
Response: That's cool! Thank you so much for the rating! I have missed some ratings before as well! I hope you have a lovely week :)
Comment: Hi, Jess. Thanks for sharing your list. Ever After sounds interesting.
Response: Thanks so much for the rating ^_^ It does sound pretty cool right? I want to read more from that author! Have a gorgeous day :)
Vickyen rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #272 on Dec 13, 2021
Comment: Hi Jess! Thank you for resending - not sure why it would have come back in the mail - other than the mail seems to be a hot mess these days! So sweet of you and thank you for all the wonderful goodies!! Very appreciated! All the best! Hugs and Happy Swapping! ;)
Response: Oh my goodness I am just so glad it arrived! I am having so much trouble with mail lately! I even got back a ton today so unless they're reading my address instead I'm not sure! Thanks so much for being so lovely and for the kind rating! Stay safe xx
Comment: Thank you for sharing your list. Merry Christmas..
Response: Thank you for the rating!! Have a lovely Christmas!
PrincessLeia rated for AS: Happy mail pick 3 swap on Dec 11, 2021
Comment: Hi Jess, Thanks for an awesome envie, stickers, washi, faux stamps, notecards and diecuts!! And all the AWESOME POSTCARDS,! It really brightened up my day. Hope youre feeling better! ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
Response: Heya! Thank you so much for the kind rating and the heart! I am so sorry I sent it off a bit late but I am glad it arrived to you so quickly! I am happy you liked everything too! Stay lovely <3
Response: Thank you!
Comment: Thanks for sharing! I also still need to read "Kingdom of the Cursed" & "Under the Whispering Door" I LOVED "Flash Fire" and gave it 5 stars! "Isn't It Bromantic" was good too!
Response: Oh lord, if you get me as a partner for December, beware my spoilery rant for Kingdom of the Cursed lol. I liked Flash Fire, it was pretty good! Plus, I love how Klune writes characters! I still have to read 'Under the Whispering Door' and 'Isn't it Bromantic' but I'm betting they'll be good! Thanks for the rating, Colleen! Stay lovely xx
Comment: My goodness you have a long list for Nov! :) I don't think I've read any on your list, but a few of the titles looked familiar, so maybe I've seen them on other lists? Thanks for sharing your list!
Response: Haha, mostly webcomics I have to admit! Reading other types of books has been a little tough but am trying to get through some during December! Hmm, perhaps perhaps! I know some of them are over social media a bit too! Thanks for the rating, Cindi!!! I hope you're doing well!
messymama rated for November 2021: What Did You Read? on Dec 4, 2021
Comment: thanks for sharing, fellow reader! your enthusiasm is contagious :)
Response: Haha, I forgot to do a brief check before I sent it out and realised I left a few sentences unfinished, sorry about that! Thanks so much for the rating!!!
FeeBeeDee rated for November 2021: What Did You Read? on Dec 4, 2021
Response: Thank you ^_^
KSENiA rated for R&W: What I read in October - EMAIL on Nov 28, 2021
Comment: Thank you for sharing
Response: Thanks so much for the rating!
dawnakaulen rated for PH: Spell S-C-A-R-Y With PCs on Nov 26, 2021
Comment: Nice PC choices, thank you!
Response: Glad you liked them! Thanks for the rating!
ghek rated for October 2021: What Did You Read? on Nov 22, 2021
Comment: That was a long list of books! I hope I have as much time as you do to read all of those in a month. Thanks for sharing!
Response: I guess so! Haha, I rarely selpt so I just read when I couldn't sleep. Thanks so much for the rating! Have a wonderful week :)
tendersores rated for October 2021: What Did You Read? on Nov 20, 2021
Comment: Thanks for sharing your books, you read a lot this month!
Response: Heya! Thanks for the rating! I guess I did? Hope you're doing okay ^_^

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traceyj on May 27, 2021:

Hi Jess,

Just dropping by to say that I just finished The F Team, and I loved it - thanks for the great recommendation!

funny footy gif
I still don't really understand footy but this made me laugh ;)

Happy weekend!

traceyj on Apr 15, 2021:

βœ‰οΈ 🌿 πŸ„ 🌼 βœ‰οΈ 🌿 🌸 🌼 🌿 βœ‰οΈ πŸ„ 🌿 🌸 βœ‰οΈ

corgi thanks

Thank you for the sweet selection of paperie goodies! Your package arrived this morning and I am overcome by ALL THE THINGS. I am just spilling over, over here!
molang bunny dancing

Thank you, too, for the book recs--of course I will be adding those (Fight Like a Girl and The F Team) to my TBR .

Best of luck with your studies and a great big, long-distance hug from California ~

πŸ“š πŸ“” πŸ“– πŸ“š πŸ“” πŸ“– πŸ“š πŸ“” πŸ“– πŸ“š πŸ“” πŸ“– πŸ“š πŸ“” πŸ“–

CraftyShana76 on Apr 6, 2021:


Hello! I’m starting back to school next month for my Bachelors Degree. I’m an avid postcrosser. I have a couple postcards to send you. Do You like them written or blank?? Have a great day and good luck πŸ€ with school!!

redyellownow on Apr 6, 2021:

Leave a Comment #3

Hi Jess!

Wishing you well with your studies - we cannot have too many book and language lovers in the world, in my opinion. Keep up the good work :-)

StargazerHM on Apr 6, 2021:

Thank you for the Lovely library lovers participation PC and book recommendation! My mailbox is filled with love from you today!!!!

Naeco on Apr 6, 2021:

Yes I was so sad when The Good Place ended! But I eventually found other quirky shows. Crazy Ex Girlfriend is my current kick and it's over the top.

That's cool you used to do photography! Thank you for the compliment - all of those were taken with my phone (though I have a DSLR I never use hahaha).

Have a great week - Rebecca

moonmold on Apr 5, 2021:

Leave a comment #3

Hello Jess. Fellow student! I hope your studies are going well and aren't too hard on you, good luck! Have a good day.

CapitanSmirk on Apr 5, 2021:

Good morning!!

I have the book Dark Matter on my shelf and have for ages! Haven’t read it yet! I think I’ll give it a go as soon as I finish my current book. Anyways I hope you have a wonderful week!

Leave a comment #3

lrm1980 on Apr 5, 2021:

Hi Jess! Greetings from St. Louis, Missouri (Midwest USA)! Hope you are well! Florence + the Machine is one of my faves too! I also love Ani Difranco, Rising Appalachia and MaMuse. Have a blessed day! ~Lindsay

Leave a Comment #3

FranciscaKarsono77 on Apr 5, 2021:

Leave a comment #3 Swap Hellooo... Greetings from Australia. Hope you have a wonderful day πŸ’—β€οΈπŸ’—

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