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pickleme on Sep 20, 2011:

Heather-Thank you so much for angeling the young readers mark your pages swap for my daughter! Your package was totally awesome & over the top!!!!

GirlFriday on Aug 20, 2011:

I am so glad you joined! I invited you to the group crafty cachers. I hope you will join the group. I am trying to get the group really active so the more active members the better! :)

GirlFriday on Aug 15, 2011:

I have 2 Geocache Swaps up! One USA/ Canada and one international. =)

ccirwin1971 on Aug 10, 2011:

Hi Heather, You can use your gift ANY way you like! It is a dishcloth but you can use it as a washcloth (just for you!) or as a hot pad or a pot holder. Your choice!!! Ha. :D Enjoy!

mykidzmomnow on Aug 7, 2011:

I think the kitchen swap will be fun! Looking forward!

GirlFriday on Jul 28, 2011:

Amen to the more time part!! It is amazing how the time flies and before you know it class is almost over!

So the Faith First curriculum is that the Publisher you use?

GirlFriday on Jul 28, 2011:

Ahh the rest of my comment went missing!! It sounds so short tempered now haha.

ETA Wow that is quite a few 5th graders haha. I have to say I am a little envious. I have 1 class on Sundays with about 20 kids in all. I would love to have more classes!!

GirlFriday on Jul 28, 2011:

Oh ok. My class is mainly based old testament but the 5th grade is on sacraments at our church. But from what I understand you are saying your 5th grade is a broad curriculum?

I love doing the Jesse tree through out the year. 1 ornament each class so by the end of the year there is a whole set. =)

GirlFriday on Jul 27, 2011:

Hi Heather! I will most def let you know when I host the swag one. I am hoping for sometime in August. =)

I am glad you like my website! I am trying to decide if I should clear it for this coming u new class or just add to it. =/ decisions decisions haha. Yes we should swap lesson plans!! I would love that. I love 5th graders and had been teaching them for quite a while. =) Do you teach a certain area or just general faith?

Crunchysews on Jul 22, 2011:

It was so sweet of you to send that gorgeous postcard! Wish I could give you a great big heart for it! So glad you enjoyed the menu swap package. :)

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