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KarmasBullet on Jan 30, 2012:

It's no problem at all! Thank you for checking it out, any ways :D

abbyaguas on Jan 20, 2012:

Randomly clicked your profile..

Just dropping by to say Hi!

dodothefairy on Dec 23, 2011:

Happy Xmas!


ann221 on Dec 4, 2011:

Make a New Friend- Swapbot Style!

Hi there

I also try and recycle as much as possible. I love trying out all different crafts with recycled material.

I am based in UK too, if you fancy doing private swap after christmas send me a message.

Hope you have a wonderful christmas.

karlupy on Dec 1, 2011:

Hey!! katie, kate, kitty!! :) didnt know which one was your fav so i just used them all!! i read on your profile that ur studying sociology!! i thinks thats cool!! i studiedpolitical science so i know a bit of sociology and i found it so interesting! I see you like pride and prejudice!! i like it too! but u also like a thousand splendid suns! i loveeed that book! it made cry a lot but i enjoyed it!! did u read the kite runner aswell? is form the same author and its also nice, but its so so sad!!!!

Im leaving you a web page that i found today and that has a cool section of DIY http://honestlywtf.com/ enjoy!!! take care and i wish you the best!!! ps: im from make a new friend swap!!

colormetoni on Nov 27, 2011:

alt text

Hello there! Welcome to the group! :)

Mailbox Madness is currently looking for a few dedicated group officers to help me keep things up and running... if you're interested, just drop me a message.

Obstminkerl on Nov 25, 2011:

Hello, this is for the Tumblr randomness reposting swap. I like that you not only show pictures but use it as blog...that's cool!

I reposted this video (soooo cute, I love it): http://mrsfantasy.tumblr.com/post/13311801559

and this (which is soo true): http://mrsfantasy.tumblr.com/post/13312341385

and I'm still surfing your blog :o) Have a wonderful weekend!

glendas on Nov 3, 2011:

hiya, it glendas from the Blog swap but for some reason I cannot use my google account so I can not leave a comment .,sorry about this.,love Glenda

missxkay on Oct 31, 2011:

At least its a smaller value coin. The 500 won Korean coin and the $1 New Zealand are about the same size and you can spend those on a regular basis! (Or, at least, I did.)

It actually makes me fear Canada bringing in the $5 coin (if/when that will ever happen.)

melimar on Oct 30, 2011:

Welcome to Swaps for Europe group!

Thank you for joining us! We hope to have lots of fun swapping and mingling together :) If you haven't already, stop by group forum and introduce yourself! And we'll be happy to hear your ideas for swaps on our ideas and brainstorming thread!

Looking forward to swap with you in future! :)


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