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Jex on Sep 9, 2010:


I´m hosting a swap at the Harry Potter Fans WorldWide Group:I ♥ Dumbledore!, just click in the image to join us. It will be fun! =)

I ♥ Dumbledore!

Born2dance on Sep 4, 2010:

Hi, Kayla! I just read your profile for the Read my Profile and Leave a Nice Comment #2 swap. As a transplant from the West Coast to the Midwest, I miss walking on the beach and being by an ocean. I love Halloween too! It's a time to dress up and get scared. I like to wander through cemeteries looking for interesting headstones. I attempt to take "artistic" photos but am lucky if they come out in focus and centered. You must be more artistic than me because I have been trying to create some ATCs. So far, I'm not happy with any of them.

sjonsmom on Sep 3, 2010:

Great profile! you have a lot in common with my son. He loves atc's, stephen king, & halloween. We live in Florida where there are plenty of palm trees & lotsof sunny beaches!!

Amoredilibri on Sep 3, 2010:

Hey klaml653, Thanks so much for the really nice comment on my profile. I love that you just came into the Ender series. They made us read Ender's Game for school, so I actually hated the book for a full year before I realized how much I loved it. :D

Also, His Dark Materials trilogy and brenner (breakfast for dinner) are like, two of my favoritest things ever! And I totally do this Korean-American thing of rice, kimchi, eggs, spam, soy sauce, and sesame oil as my version of comfort food. :D

Same goes for just slideshowing through flickr. I'll search for a color or object, then just set up the slideshow so I can look at all the beautiful images people have created. I do it with Deviant Art, too. \o/

yogag33k on Sep 2, 2010:

I really enjoyed reading your profile! We have so much in common...you would love my cat! He's huge and bushy. here's a pic of him yawning...http://www.flickr.com/photos/thechicgeek/4175503858/ I live in the mountains where there aren't any palm trees, but there is ALOT of hiking to be had! Have a great weekend, hopefully with some chocolate chip pancakes! hehe

Jex on Apr 8, 2010:

Hi!! Please join to my HP Swap: HP

Here: Harry Potter Inchies

Spencerette on Feb 4, 2010:

Thanks for joining Harry Potter Fans Worldwide.

Tatsu on Dec 13, 2009:

The lovely magnets and labels arrived safely! I can't wait to put the labels to good use! :D


savvygal on Dec 12, 2009:

I received your "X" atc card - love it! thanks! ♥

ekdkdk1 on Nov 23, 2009:

Thanks for the kind comments on my eXquisite card, X was hard, but I like how they turned out!

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