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Birthday: October 20, 1980
Country: Peru
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This is Cali, my new tabby kitty...or should I say, cat. She's 4 years old and official baby of the house.

My profile might be a bit long, but don't let it's size discourage you from sending anything that isn't listed; experiencing new things is the reason I joined Swapbot.

I live in Perú (South America), where you can find some of the best food in the world, some of the most colorful festivals, and some of the worst driving.

I'm a child at heart (even though I am 37); creative and easily distracted(which can be explained by my ADHD).

I am open to other religions and ways of thinking.; nonetheless, I don´t like to be forced into a belief system. I am addicted to baking anything from cakes, cookies, and anything new or foreign.


  • I will always rate a swap as soon as possible. If I feel you deserve a 1, I will mail you beforehand to talk things out.

  • I send out swaps before or on the send date. If I am to be late for a swap, I'll PM you, promise!

  • If you didn´t receive a package from me, please message me before rating me.


I have a tendency to read anything and everything; from cereal boxes to novels. I recently discovered the magic of kindle. I used to read paper, but I've happily made the jump to tech.

Favorite books Fantasy (Haruki Murakami, Terry Goodkind,George R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, etc.), fiction, comic books (Fantastic Four, , Superman, Flash.) and mangas (anything Hayao Miyazaki, Naruto).

I get lots of ideas from graphic design magazines, photos, nature magazines, papercrafting mags, and cooking magazines.

TV shows I watch Big Bang Theory,Grey's Anatomy,How I met Your Mother, Modern Family, MasterChef, The Haunting of..., MLP Friendship is Magic, Project Runway, Tattoo Masters, Vikings, Top Chef.

Movies Frozen, Lion King, Billy Eliot, How to Train your Dragon, Lilo and Stitch

Anime My favorites Naruto, Natsume Yujinchou, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, , Deathnote, and a few others. P.S Hayao Miyazaki rules!

Anime Movies My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Wolf Children,


I've always been into PAPER CRAFTS (origami,note cards, bookmarks, envelopes, mailart). I love making ATCs.

I'm starting a scrapbook for my pet cat and wow, there are so many techniques to learn!

Craft materials I'll always need:

  • Papers with gold/silver details, textured papers, patterned,rice patter, origami. Any and all paper is welcome.
  • Pens: sakura gel, metallic, pens/markers for dark surfaces.
  • Stickers For scrapbooking and cheap ones to decorate my packages.
  • Stamps/Stamped images Kawaii, birds, animals, vintage, nature..anything except childish/kids stamps really.
  • Other: Felt, Empty Altoid tins,Rub-Ons, markers for scrapbooking.



Andrew Zimmern

Jerky Anything jerky
Chocolate You can stick chocolate on anything and I´ll at least try it, if not like it. Please don't send any chocolate December till March; summer's a killer and it'll arrive as a semi-melted puddle.
Cookies chocolate chip, gingerbread, sugar, butterscotch, your favorite flavor.
Favorite flavors Sweet and sour, onion, spicy, vanilla, or hot-and spicy, orange.
Locally made Anything from your home town.
From Italy Galatine candies
From Texas Lammes Habanero Praline/sweets. Funky Monkey freeze dried snacks.

Other Treats

  • Annie's organic Fruit Snacks
  • Anything Trader Joe's.
  • Carambar
  • Coconut
  • Coffee Crisp (Nestle)
  • Freeze dried fruit
  • Gummies, especially citrus and sour
  • Jalapeño pralines
  • Lindt: Hello Caramel Brownie stick, Hello Nougat Crunch Stick,
  • Malted Milk Eggs
  • Maple leaf cookies
  • Marshmallows
  • Marzipan
  • Milka Eggs
  • Ovaltine
  • Peeps, peepsters
  • Salsaghetti - Mexico
  • Seasonal/special edition sweets
  • Sugarfree Altoids, candy, gelatin
  • Uncommon flavored Kit-Kats


I am NOT a big fan of the following:

COLORS: Pastel colors, pink, avocado green, beige.
Music: Heavy metal, Salsa.
Food: white chocolate, licorice, cream/marmalade filled chocolates, prunes, anything Kinder brand.
Small things: Small table-top decorations,ceramics, knick-knacks and dollar store items.
Jewelry Religious jewelry. I can't wear earrings. (I can't have my ears pierced because of quists)


COLORS I prefer upbeat colors like violets, fuchsia, purple, yellows, oranges, silver, monochromatic and earth colors..

ANIMALS: Cats,dinosaurs raptors, foxes, jaguars, hares, hedge hogs, large dog breeds,llama, leopards,pandas, polar bears, red panda, tiger,, wolves, orcas, otter, owls. I love most animals, either as their kawaii versions, in photos,in scrapbooking embellishments, as stickers or in notecards,

MUSIC I mostly listen to pop and rock, but I don't have a favorite.


  • Baking: molds, tools for fondant,buttercream
  • Bookmarks (non touristy)
  • Cat themed items (notecards, postcards, pens, address labels, swap cards, etc)
  • Cryptids: Mishipeshu (Mishipeshu),
  • Anything to do with Japanese culture -modern and traditional.
  • Dragons
  • Keychains -artsy,touristy, uncommon or odd
  • Magnets
  • My Little Pony Friendships is Magic - anything except toys
  • Notecards with animals, fantasy creatures, abstract/colorful designs.
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Personalized address labels
  • Rubber stamps
  • Stickers to decorate my envies
  • Odd unusual things
  • Smells: citrus, orange, lime, lemon, coconut, vanilla, Anything that doesn't smell too strong, like soaps, perfume samples, cologne, hand cream samples. No incense please. I'm asthmatic.
  • Surprises!


This is just a list of things I'd like but what I love the most are SURPRISES; so don't let it discourage you from sending other things!

  • Anything Totoro
  • DIY kits for anything (except crochet),
  • Fridge magnets
  • Girl Scout cookies: Lemonades
  • Items from or inspired by my Etsy favorites list
  • Peeps marshmallows
  • Special edition or holiday edible treats.
  • Sugar Free Jell-O.
  • Travel or purse sized items (hand sanitizes, creams, soaps, tissue, notebooks, etc.)
  • Treats from other countries.
  • Tote bags


  • Dog hair, Cat hair. I can deal with a few hairs in my mail, no problem.
  • Wool.
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Most make-up
  • Inscence
  • Metal jewelry (except silver or gold)
  • I am also have food allergies to eggs,beef, chicken, and salmon. They give me migraines if I eat an entire serving, but I can handle a nibble here and there without any problems.



I'll be happy to do private swaps, just send me a message. :D

Thanks for granting my wishlist/ RAK

  • Vblarney:comics & double dose of stickers
  • Chincho for the chocolate & notepad
  • TigerLilly327 for the Spidey comics, stickers and eraser
  • Teani for the magnet sheets, keychain and felt!
  • Swan for the magnet disks, stickers, world postcards and Jell-O. C:
  • Nanthom for the delish candy corn
  • for the diet Jell-O
  • Kari for the diet Jell-O
  • Karry for the cupcake notepad & tea.
  • Vintervilla for the Diet Jell-Os and teddy bear stickers
  • Mejulia for the sugar-free Jell-O.
  • TryshH81 for the comic postcards and decorative stickers. ANd yet again for the kitty PCs.
  • Gina for the notecards
  • SweetClementine for the Sugar Free Jell-O
  • Marryth for the swapcards.
  • Renate: lovely stickers -renderedarchaic for the textured papers.
  • anira22 for the washi samples ;)
  • 3goldkeys for the beater and eggs miniature.
  • anika for all the washi tape samples.
  • caf1988 for the sticky foam RAK. :)
  • mgallardo68 for the sweet, sweet RAK and December wishlist items!


  • Sweet Scavenger Hunt. @Tanj
  • Triple Chocolate Extravaganza 2015 @tucanina
  • Simple Spring / Easter Treat 2015 @Miabiff


Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely pocket letter and the chocolate! What a wonderful surprise. I love the colors you chose and the extras you included also. Your stamps are adorable (the envelope was so cute!!). Happy new year!! :)
Tessssssa rated for ISS: Wishlist - December on Jan 17, 2018
Comment: Thanks a lot for your wonderfull package! I can't wait to try it all!
Comment: Oh I love the card and all the surprises you sent!!! Really made me smile on a day I needed it most! Thank you very much! I hope you enjoyed a lovely Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year. XOXO
MarianV rated for Christmas Stocking Stuffer on Dec 27, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the package. I love it.
schaefchen87 rated for IPS - Food Scavenger Hunt #7 on Nov 11, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely box. You have wrapped everything so nice and I can't wait to try all the yummy food. It is my first swap ever from Peru and I am so excited about it. In Germany Halloween is not a big holiday but it became more popular in the last years. Not many houses are decorated and we do not have many Halloween related sweets. But some kids do trick or treating and therr are some Halloween partys for adults in some clubs/bars.
ellabellaboo rated for Snack box on Sep 4, 2017
Comment: Wow!! Your parcel arrived yesterday, just before Ella's birthday. Everything was wrapped so colourfully - it was such a treat to see her eyes so wide with excitement. We've been allowed to try your favourite toffees so far and the white pecan sweets - love how they're wrapped. Can't wait to try the rest. Thank you so much for making it such an extra special swap.
Blacksugar rated for IPS - Shop Local Goodies #2 on Aug 30, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for this wonderful package! I can see you put alot of effort and thought into it! I love the beautiful bracelets you sent me! They are totally my style! Unfortunately the keychain did not make it. I'm not sure what happened. The package was checked at customs in Germany. Maybe it fell out there or the type of wood that was used has some import restrictions. Anyhow your snacks made it and they are absolutely delicous! I'm very excited I received such amazing gifts! Thank you so much! :)
Comment: Thank you so much, I love my chocolate, keyring and very cute coin purse xxx
tulineito rated for ISS: Scavenger Hunt Swap on Jul 25, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for this awesome swap Victoria! It is so rare to get mail from Peru, yet this wonderful mail! I can't wait to try the drinks and candies you included. I have never seen such. 😊🌼 Thanks! ❤️
ShyAnn64 rated for WIYM: Notecards and Tea on Feb 24, 2016
Comment: Thank You!
kittyfluffgal rated for WIYM: Notecards and Tea on Feb 24, 2016
Comment: Thanks for the resend and I'm looking forward to trying the yummy teas :)
Response: Thank god it did arrive. I am getting extremely worried. O.o Thank you for the rating! ^^
Comment: So many yummy-looking things! We tried the dona pepa cookies - so crunchy with all the candy dots on there. And the Inka Corn was a lot like Corn Nuts we have here, but with much bigger kernals. The herb one was super tasty. I'll let you know more when we eat more. Thanks so much!
hyperoma rated for March Scavenger Madness on Jul 16, 2015
Comment: I actually forgot that I didn't receive the swap, but Victoria was very nice to send a message to check on it. Alas, the package went missing and she had to redeliver. The second package went missing AGAIN, but she was still sweet enough to resend a third time. Really appreciate all her effort and money that went into this. I loved everything in the package and I'm so happy :) Swapbot needs more swappers like you!
Gabbyloco1 rated for Private Swap: Gabbyloco1 & Tatsu on Jun 10, 2015
Comment: Loved my package. I've already used my stuff!!!! Enjoyed swapping with you!
bluehairedmary rated for WIYM Pick 3 Jan International on Mar 16, 2015
Comment: Thank you for everything you sent! I especially appreciate the pcs, the notecards, memo sheets, stickers, and key cap. Thanks!
Saba rated for WIYM: mail art challenge #6 on Mar 9, 2015
Comment: Thank you! Love the faux postage and the postcard!
winniethepooh rated for WIYM: Kitty-cat Lovers Swap on Feb 19, 2015
Comment: Thankyou Victoria for the lovely kitty cat goodies, I love the tiger pen. I love cats and thankyou Victoria for the nice note, love Jennifer.
kittyfluffgal rated for WIYM-Package for a Rainy Day on Nov 28, 2014
Comment: Thanks for resending this, it really was worth the wait. I love the hat especially, it's so soft. I also love the chocolates!
Response: I'm glad this package made it on time. I love the hat too..and it keeps you warm during winter. ;)
FrancescaP rated for Edibles: Around the World #2 on Nov 19, 2014
Comment: It took 2 months, but your package is finally here and I LOVE it! Thanks a lot!!!
Response: lol. I'm glad it did make it. I think something awry went down in the post office. I just got 3 swap, all sent late October.
Stepht rated for October Colors swap on Nov 13, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the lovely package! Everything was wrapped so nicely in fall theme :) I'm starting on the brazil nut chocolate, it's very good! Thank you for a yummy and thought swap!

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anicka22 on Feb 21, 2018:

Thank you for the wonderful WTA_IFM prize. Love the notecard, washisamples and candy, but especially the handmade postcard

Swan on Dec 24, 2017:

I've unwrapped your gift. Thank you very much for the Peruvian chocolate!!! And merry Christmas!

mgallardo68 on Dec 15, 2017:

Preciosos archivos!! Adorables imágenes que ya quiero usar!!! Muchas gracias por cumplir mis deseos navideños!!! Feliz navidad para ti y tu familia!!! ♥♥

RooBaRoo on Dec 13, 2017:

Dear, dear Victoria! Thanks for the lovely Peru grabbie bag! I love it all! The PCs, teas, Menu, doughnuts, the Inca corn, everything is so interesting, & the keychain Llama is literally the cutest thing ever!!!!!

piratecaptainmo on Nov 25, 2017:

Thank you so much for the wonderful box of goodies you sent for my November wishlist! I love it all but especially love the little kitty!

Swan on Nov 24, 2017:

Thank you for the colored picture and what you are grateful for and for the stocking stuffer which I will open in December. It was a nice surprise getting these from you sent from NY.

Lady on Oct 22, 2017:

Happy birthday month from another October "baby"!

fluffyjunk on Sep 25, 2017:

I stumbled upon your profile and can`t get the grin out of my face! All the great cats!!!! (°∀°)


OrigamiGrace on Jul 31, 2016:


From Cheap Postage Group!

anrtist on Dec 3, 2015:

Blessings, cc

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