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Date Joined: March 16, 2010
Last Online: September 8, 2016

Country: Canada

About Me

I am 48, happily married and mother to an eighteen year old boy.

I am French Canadian so I can also write/swap in French.

I have been a phone repair clerk, teacher, post office worker, book buyer, floral designer assistant and flea market vendor. Currently, I am working at an agricultural consulting business. I love cats, the circus, Star Trek, books, Doctor Who and stamps. I am a Christian but tolerant of all views of the Creator/Creatrix as a loving being.

I love short handwritten letters, postcards and any other items that a life archivist might cherish.

November 2011 for the first time, I met one of my swap bot partners! That was an exciting day and a great stamp sale (if you're ever in Hamilton Ontario, I recommend it).

Things I love/love to swap

*Postcards *Stickers *Pretty stamps(see stamp section) *Stereoscope cards *Quotes *Recipes: I love chocolate, mint, gooey pecan desserts and the other food groups:recipes with chick peas, pork, bacon, pizzas.... *Anything cats *Maps *Bookmarks *Square Magnets *Book reviews *Buttons *Keys *photographs of doors *photographs in cemeteries *pingu *patterned socks *horses for two friends who collect them *any broken jewelry/watches *fortune cookie fortunes *anything North/South Dakota, esp. Fargo *anything New Mexico (even just information)

Collecting by themes

Most of my collections are sorted by themes. My stamp collection is sorted by themes rather than countries. For example, I have pages of cat stamps and of women of worth stamps.

My book collection contains a few themes that I love to read over and over again. I love books written by people with autism/aspergers like LOOK ME IN THE EYE. I love books about holocaust survivors since they celebrate the strength of the human spirit. I also have a selection of circus and animal biography books.

I would love my house to be decorated by themes. I have a Star Trek room already (Next Generation is my favourite followed by the original). Someday I would also like a circus room. I collect memorabilia from a local circus, the Conklin show but I would love items from other circuses...postcards, tickets, anything. I love Cirque du Soleil and just saw Totem. Didn't like it as much as Ovo but it was awesome and Ovo was beyond extraordinary.

Please don't send me...

*Scented items *Food/edibles *Dollar store items (stickers okay though)

My cats

Skittles is a black and white short haired five year old. His name suits him because he is very skittish (nervous). Skittles would eat himself to death if allowed. All he thinks about is kibbles.

Smokey is my rescued baby, found at a construction site across the street. He was four weeks old. He is grey and long-haired. He shows signs of being a little bit simple like when he forgets that he is hunting a fly or forgets where we are and starts crying.

New addition 2013: Vinnie!!! Vinnie is in the witness protection program for his connections with the mob but he still has mischievous criminal tendencies.


I usually prepare my swaps as soon as I sign up and have them ready before having partners. If the swap would benefit from looking at someone's profile, I adjust or start the swap after looking at my partner's profile.

I have resent a swap when for some reason it did not get there. So just let me know if there is a problem.

I am caught up on my rating so if you have not been rated, I have not received your swap yet.

My erratic schedule

You'll notice that I am inconsistent in joining swaps but that's because I don't join them unless I truly know I have enough time for them. In the summer I have less time because of camping.

My stamp collection

I inherited my dad's stamps when he passed away in 2009. I didn't know much about stamps at the time and although I have learned some things, I am still fairly new at this hobby. I don't collect by country. The themes in my albums include: animals, pages of historical women, art, maps, any Winston Churchill, cartoons, astrology, seasons and keys on stamps...I think that's all but I might add a new theme tomorrow! -Added themes: world expo 1967 in Montreal Canada ( I don't collect any other expos). My son is collecting stamps with mustaches!!!

Favorite Movies

I love odd movies like Harold and Maude or The Gods Must be Crazy....I guess I'm an indie kind of gal. I also love Up and Finding Nemo. I cannot abide horror or needless suspense created by music. Don't get me wrong though, I enjoy most action movies, westerns and mysteries. I would also like to explore more of the classics. My favourite classic is Charades. I also love movies with twists like Sixth Sense, The Village and The Book of Eli. Just saw Cowboys and Aliens and I loved it too!!!!

Stamp wishes by scott# where p

Antigua: Family Circus

Belgium: A330 (planetarium)

Croatia: 2012 heart shaped stamp 2012 cat stamps

Denmark a314 Legos

Japan: A709 (penguins) A952 (art) A1006 (zoo set) A1688 (Japanese princess?)

Liberia: Noah's Ark

Romania: AP29

Solomon Islands: 895-896 (year of the dragon) 942A (year of the horse)

Sri Lanka: 782-785 Halley's comet 1355 Year of the disabled

Sweden: 1654-1656 circus 2354-2355 Zodiac

Togo: Jerry Garcia

Turkey: 1905 fisherman 2688-2691 women

United States: 244 (Isabella and Columbus) 330 (Pocahontas) 862 (Louisa May Alcott) 1316 (women) 1388 (elephants) 1460-1462 (1972 Olympics)

Canada: I need to find scott numbers but for now you can just send me 1986 onward. My collection is pretty complete until then. Sorry no scott numbers yet but here's the wish list: 1987 shipwreck stamps 1990: multiculturalism, Tom Thompson, legendary creatures 1992: legendary heroes 1995: Floraison 1996: (semi-postal) Canadian literacy 1998: year of the tiger 2002: Head-smashed-in Buffalo jump If not mentioned, I don't need but will pass on in another swap.


piitzi rated for QUICK 50 stamps swap #240 on Aug 15, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome stamps!!! You really read my profile!! Have a great day!
Vanillacreamteas rated for QUICK 50 stamps swap #237 on Jul 9, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the stamps! mercy bcp! xxx
Aletta74 rated for QUICK 50 stamps swap #234 on May 13, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the nice stamps,
SMackie rated for QUICK 50 stamps swap #233 on May 5, 2016
Comment: Thank you for an awesome swap.
dally rated for QUICK swaps : Eatin' Crackers on Apr 15, 2016
Comment: Great list, not going to lie, I had to look a few of these guys up though. I'll just have to take your word for it about Bob. ;)
Aletta74 rated for QUICK 50 stamps swap #231 on Mar 25, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the great stamps. I love the card you used. No winterland here this winter, in my part of the country there was no snow, no ice...and today it is spring!!! Sunshine and happy birds all around :)
Comment: thank you
Aletta74 rated for QUICK 50 stamps swap #230 on Dec 8, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for this great swap. What a HUGE amount of wonderfull stamps!!! And all the other extras! You just made my day :)
SMackie rated for QUICK 50 stamps swap #225 on Nov 16, 2015
Comment: Thank you
Thisbenikkit rated for QUICK 50 stamps swap #224 on Nov 3, 2015
Comment: Linda I wish I could give you two hearts. I don't even know where to begin to tell you how happy your swap made me. You read my profile and I gave me so many things from it. I loved every single stamp you sent me. That large space one was AMAZING! I have never seen anything like it. All the dog ones were adorable. Thank you so much for everything and for making swapping so enjoyable for me.
HelloWheeze rated for 20-50g fun swap on Oct 17, 2015
Comment: I got your envelope too! Love it when that happens! Thanks for everything... I think my favourite is the postcard of Native American symbols. And thank you for picking out such nice stamps. I'm so jealous of you getting a circus museum, would totally love to do a related swap :)
Nalex rated for QUICK 50 stamps swap #223 on Oct 17, 2015
Comment: Merci beaucoup pour les timbres, je vois que tu as regardé mon profil :) Et j'aime beaucoup le timbre avec le dinosaure sur l'enveloppe ! Je serai ravie de faire un échange privé comme il se trouve que j'ai beaucoup de Marianne "mint" et de timbres français en double. N'hésite pas à me contacter par message pour qu'on organise cet échange privé :) Bon weekend !
Response: Si tu veux faire un echange prive, je serais ravie!
Wandervogel rated for QUICK 50 stamps swap #221 on Oct 10, 2015
Comment: Hello Linda! This was my 1st swap from Canada! Thank you very much for the stamps and a nice card. I'm a postcrosser and collect these Did you know? cards :) Have a nice weekend, Katrin
newrule rated for QUICK 50 stamps swap #219 on Oct 4, 2015
Comment: Lovely selection of stamps! Thanks so much.
Vanillacreamteas rated for 50 sets/sender's choice on Oct 1, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the stamps!!!!!!! I loved everything! thank you for keeping at this swap with me and for continuing to not give up too hehe xx
SMackie rated for 50 Used stamps swap again on Sep 29, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much
Lexidh rated for QUICK 50 stamps swap #213 on Aug 23, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome stamps =)
Comment: Thank you so much for all the lovely stamps, and for the damaged extras too. I haven't been through them all properly yet, but I can see some really beautiful ones already :)
Vanillacreamteas rated for QUICK 50 stamps swap #212 on Aug 3, 2015
Comment: Merci!! Thank you so much for all the amazing stamps, i love everything. You really spoil me, thank you also for the UK Stamps too for my artwork!! hearts for you!!!
Comment: Thank you.

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Irina on Feb 1, 2015:

Hi, you are a great swapper. I always love to trade with you. It is very sad you got that one. The same person gave me a one 1 too (and changed it later in a 5 with a heart). That person has personal troubels at the moment. It is a pity it affected you. You don't deserve that one.

Barbara on Feb 15, 2014:

Linda, you have a great profile here on swap-bot. Thanks again for the cherry blossom maxim card and little winter bunnies stamps on your recent cover. You are so lucky to live near a stamps store!

Lexidh on Apr 7, 2013:

Thanks for all the great stamps from the exchange sheet envie =) Loads of goodies!

Lexidh on Dec 22, 2012:

Thank you for the gorgeous, glittery kitty-Christmas card! Merry Christmas =)

MBrunt on May 8, 2012:

Thank you for the stamps in the forever stamp exchange. The stamps on the envie are also beautiful. Think I will find lots of new ones. Have a beautiful day!!

Lexidh on Jun 7, 2011:

If your packaging gets any cuter I'll flip over and die on the spot!

Lexidh on Oct 21, 2010:

I would love to do a private postage stamps swap with you =)

Manjigirl on Oct 9, 2010:

Hi Thanks for joining Postage stamps with a creative twist - birds . I knew there were more of us creative postage stamp crazies! Have fun with the swap. Cheers

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