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iheartushi on Dec 1, 2018:

Profile Hello #23

Hello Mary!

My name is Elena. I am from the Philippines. It's nice to meet a librarian here in swap-bot 😊

Like you, I also love books. Nobody encouraged me. It is just that as a child, I always see my father reading a colorful magazine, Newsweek. So in order for me to understand what is written between those colorful pages, I strive to learn the alphabet and eventually settled on reading anything I see.

I am also into pens. My favorites are Pilot and Sakura. I started with fountain pens when my sister bought me a Platinum Plaisir when she went to Japan. As my practice pen, I use Platinum Preppy. I am also enbaling my nephew and niece to use fountain pens.

I also like Van Gogh paintings. My favorite Filipino painter is Fernando Amorsolo because like Van Gogh, he also painted landscapes. His paintings like a window to my country's past.

I joined Postcrossing last August only. Are a member too?

I also have penpals and I am always excited to read their letters and write my replies. 😊

Take care. Happy holidays/Merry Christmas!


Freyja on Dec 1, 2018:

Hello From QLD Australia Newbie Friendly - Profile Hello #23

gabtherific on Dec 1, 2018:

Hi Mary! I see we actually have so much in common. The first thing I noticed is that you have a dog and I’m actually a huge dog lover myself! They are too precious. I also LOVE coffee but am not sucha big fan of tea. I never liked it for some reason. But I also love hot chocolate very much.

I really like alternative music too. My favorite bands are Twenty one Pilots, Panic! At the Disco, and Gorillaz; they’re really worth the listen. I’m also a big Disney fan so seeing The Incredibles on your fave movies made my day. Happy Holidays and Happy swapping!

Paryx on Dec 1, 2018:

Newbie Friendly - Profile Hello #23

Hello Mary, I love dark or mild roast coffee and British and Irish black tea varieties, You are my first ever swap-bot swap so I hope I am doing this the right way. I have a bunch of inexpensive fountain pens I love. I like to send letters and postcards so look for me out there!

jaimierandolph on Dec 1, 2018:

Newbie Friendly - Profile Hello #23

Good Morning Mary,

I hope this little message finds you doing well. While reading your profile I noticed that you love coffee and I just read a profile where they didn't like coffee which I am one of those people also. hahaha Although I don't like coffee I do however love sweet iced tea. McDonalds has the best. I hope you have a wonderful day. Keep your head up. HUGS

MNJoviGirl on Sep 6, 2018:

I will see what I can find at my local DT for washi designs.


earthnk on Aug 6, 2018:

Howdy-hoo! There is a SCOOBY DOO postage stamped swap winging its way to you as of 30 minutes ago 😊 Happy swapping~

LavenderSprinkles on May 12, 2018:

Thanks for condolences.

Drachenfrau on Apr 8, 2018:

Heya there,

I stumbled over your profile and really liked it. :-) If you ever want to do a private postcard-swap, let me know. Also I'm regularly hosting a Harry Potter-letter swap and maybe you are interested? You can find it in my profile.

Take care!


Kellpepper on Mar 12, 2018:

Hi Mary!

Thank you for the great planner swap! Believe it or not, I have never been to a Tuesday morning. You can bet I will stop by the next time I go to the city!

Thank you again, Kelli

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