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April 19, 2013 1AM PST. My sweet little Bingo passed away in my arms. I've never experienced this kind if sadness. The only good part is that I know for sure he is now cancer and pain free. Will be working through his loss as best I can. Thank you for the well wishes and thoughts.

Hello there People of the Swap-Bot Land!

My name is Kaye and I'm a swap-a-juholic!!!

I very much enjoy perusing profiles for my partners to see how I can make swaps of happiness for them. I swap to share and I swap to please by definitely meeting swap requirement and then upping the ante with a lil sumthin' sumthin'! That's just the way I roll :-)

For me crafting is like a Calgon bath without water and tub * I like to quilt * sew * embroider

Unless I sign up for an ATC swap please don't send them as extras. I really don't know what to do with them as I don't collect them. I do some ATC swaps because they are fun or interesting but that's about it.

I enjoy reading...real books...with pages that actually can be touched and turned :-) There are some books I have re-read several times. Jean Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear series is one, Rita Mae Brown's Bingo is another. I enjoy reading old school books like Daddy Long Legs. I have a very old copy of The Night Before Christmas, beautifully illustrated, bound upside down and backwards. It has a special place in my heart. I like C.S. Lewis' work and was thrilled to attend a recent theater production of "The Screwtape Letters". I can't pass a book by Beverly Cleary without stopping to look through it. My favorite genre is mystery. I enjoy getting lost in the who why and wherefore. I tend to read mysteries that are central character based. Earlene Fowler is my favorite mystery writer. I like the coziness of her Benni Harper mystery series. I also like The Saddlemaker's wife books by her.

I drink way too much tea and coffee. It is my addiction of choice. I like my brewed flavored coffees from Mom & Pop places in my area. I also like Starbucks enough that I've got their app on my phone and reach gold level each year for the extras that come with that catagory. My fave coffee place is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Quel Surpris! to find CB&TL had opened in NYC at 83rd and Lex. Wootie Woot Woot! I drink a lot of tea as well. I like flavored brew teas, specialty green teas and oolongs. I even like that gunpowder and matcha green tea which surprised me. I have so much tea that unless you've got something super special please refrain from sending to me. I have tons of stash, bigelow, celestial seasonings etc., If you can buy it at the store I"ve probably got it in my stash. Int'l swappers I would love to try tea blends from your area.

I like loose tea properly bagged and labeled.

Please NO unwrapped single tea bags. I won't drink them and find them unsanitary to pass along to another swapper..

I do not use any of the fake made in a lab sweeteners. When I do use sugar it's the pure cane kind, grown in the ground...not that franken stuff created in a lab that's pickling people from the inside out who ingest massive amounts of the yak.

I HAVE ONE INDOOR ONLY CAT! B-I-N-G-O and Bingo is his name O!

Sometimes he tries to help me package up things. Try as I might his SHD self ends up leaving traces under the packing tape.

This year Bingo had a case of kitty acne that went viral sort of. He is in the 5% of cats who have kitty acne run amok. It grew like wildfire on his chin. Here he is and no that is not his tongue. That's his chin! bingo

He had surgery a few months ago which basically ended up being a procedure similar to a human tummy tuck.


Jan 2013 Bingo endured his 2nd and last surgery to remove more spindle cell carcinoma. The vet discovered a large tumor growing deep in his chin attached at different areas of muscle tissue. It is inoperable. The vet gave me the grave news that my little fella probably has a few months before his rainbow bridge walk. I am trying alternative therapies in hopes to stop the tumor growth. If anyone has info on cryosurgery for pets please message me. For now I'm treating him with MSM and and by adding drops of peroxide to his dishes of distilled water. Other than the golf ball sized tumor growing into his throat he is healthy and full of life.


The last surgery left him with a tongue that's always visible often. He's an unintentional slobberer now poor thing. I'm ready to sleep in a shower cap rather than have him move from his favorite pillow spot above my head :-)

Stuff that makes me smile

I get a kick out of seeing what recyclers are able to keep from a landfill and make it a reloveable piece.

Some of my fave pieces have been from scrabble tile earrings, bottle cap magnets, bottle cap lapel pins, giving something bound for the trash bin a longer life is exciting.

I love traveling. I'm fortunate enough to get to do so regularly. Here is a pic I took of the red cross bunker on one of my treks to the Middle East. It was quite strange to be on FOB's hearing 50 Cals going off and being aware of the nearest bunker for protection.


Iraq. This sticker was on one of the Mig fighters in Saddam's boneyard.


Cheetah Preserve in Djibouti Africa
our tour escorts all over the park

Favorite Crafts

I am a fabriHOLIC or a Fabric-HO Hah! I have an amazing stash of fabrics yet always on the lookout for that next fun loud strange kooky fat quarter! I like cotton fabric. I like weird, wacky strange fabrics. I have everything from muted mundane to penis fabric to African mud cloth.

I enjoy the tactile touch of textile crafting.

I proudly wear my saponifier badge! Made my first batch in 1999 and have not looked back. It's amazing the things we did not invent but more stumbled upon. Soap is one of them. Coffee another. Gotta thank Sheep and their herders for leading us to coffee and the animal sacrifice peeps on Mount Sapo for soap...real soap...not syndet(synthetic detergents that are sadly what is stocked on most grocery shelves) Check your bar ingredients you might be surprised.

I support handmade crafters whenever possible. I would love to try hand roasted coffee beans.

In a swap a nice note hand written or typed goes a long way with me. I enjoy reading them. I really do.

Some of my recycled/upcycled crafts include Juice pouch vest

Altered Cigar Box
Inside Altered Cigar Box did not have to be filled but I chose to do so anyway.

Swappin' & Stuff


Boatbird-pal letter&pf surprise sent 10/5

Anam-tins+surprise-sent 10/5

Nicole Introvert-RAK-sent 10/5

Poofsizzle Angel'd Tea swap sent 10/3

Hello Kitty Bento Box & goodies Angel'd for ladyb's daughter. Sent 10/07

Wishlist pkg sent to Ollieotson 12/07

Wishlist McD's GC $10.00 to E4510 2/08

Wishlist surprise sent to Anam 3/08

Wishlist surprise sent to Shakira 3/08

Wishlist surprise sent to TTFN41460 3/08

Wishlist CPG wish sent to MissU 11/09

Chocolate Group tag sent to Libbybear 10/09

Chocolate Group tag sent to Morgaine 11/09

TAGS OWED TO ME as of Jan 30, 2009

Artsyinsomniac-duct tape wallet 09/15/08

Kerrlouise-chunky book page Aug 08

I enjoy sending out RAKs be it forum or groups. When I RAK I prefer the RAKee pay it forward instead of back.

I'm always happy to do private swaps. Just ask. Especially Int'l swappers. I much prefer to do a private swap than to sign up for an international swap, have to send Int'l and get a state side swapper who lives down the street from me. ha ha! So yeah, one on one Int'l or US is groovy.

Happy Swapping!


debbiespoms rated for Send 1 Christmas Card 2016 on Dec 24, 2016
Comment: Hi Kaye! Received your card & handmade tree ornament. Thank you,I love them both! Happy Holidays!
Comment: Sorry! I thought I rated you!! Thank you so much for the thoughtful drink mat personalized :) and for the letter
macibates rated for Pink flat things swap-USA only on Dec 20, 2016
Comment: Awesome! Thank you so much :)
Comment: Thank you so much for my gift card! I absolutely love the vintage Christmas card too.
Comment: Thank you! I have never had See's candies. But I ate them all!
Comment: Update 12/8 : thank you for clarifying all the miscommunication. I have updated the rating with a heart accordingly not only because I appreciate the efforts you have put into contacting me again (and again) but because of your telling us the back story about your trip to Mt. Wilson and that beautiful picture of a nebula! ❤️ 12/7 : Hello, thank you for the pictures. Would appreciate it if you could attach pictures themselves instead of links as it is much easier to navigate.
Comment: Thanks for sharing the interesting pictures.
Comment: Awesome pics...Thanks :)
Comment: You are so so sweet, thank you so much!
jinxednj rated for ESG: Visit me on Instagram #4 on Nov 21, 2016
Comment: Thank you for taking out precious time to check out my profile and for the likes and comments :)
winterborn rated for ESG: Visit me on Instagram #4 on Nov 20, 2016
Comment: 😊
Angenita rated for ESG: Visit me on Instagram #4 on Nov 20, 2016
Comment: Thank you for your nice comments on my profile.
OrigamiGrace rated for CPG QUIK 3Teas + Note - US Only on Nov 19, 2016
Comment: Thank you for an awesome package! Love the teas! Love the mug rug! I always love receiving a swap from you:)
chaari rated for ESG: Visit me on Instagram #4 on Nov 15, 2016
Comment: Thanks a lot for all your sweet comments 💙
Wildchild rated for ESG: Visit me on Instagram #4 on Nov 15, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. My favorite was the tea party. Looked like fun!
tatta rated for ESG: Visit me on Instagram #3 on Oct 24, 2016
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Thank you so very much!!! Tons of hearts. You sure did make a swap of happiness for me. I will use this on my trip at Thanksgiving for my counted cross stitch, much better than my Ziploc bag. :-)
Wildchild rated for ESG: Visit me on Instagram #3 on Oct 16, 2016

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njstauter on Aug 10, 2016:

hope they love your quilt!

njstauter on Aug 7, 2016:

You nailed it about fear of...it surprises me to have so many 'fears' at this stage of my life because when I was younger, I had none and now, it seems that even thinking about doing the most simple thing has me second guessing my abilities. I used to make lye soap that was utilitarian and learned it from my maternal Grandmother. What you are doing is so beautiful and way beyond what that was. One thing that actually made me give it up was when I could not find good smelling patchouli. You can get the scent, but it is no where near what I want nor what I want to use. I have tried many sources for it and decided that people in this generation think of that scent as old, unwashed hippies. Well, what did they think we did NOT wash? Laughing. I appreciate your offer to help me learn how to make it, and just want to say that having made it often as a utility soap, I guess I am not in the stage of my life to step into it as an art or craft form again. I do appreciate that YOU are doing it and are making such beautiful pieces of it.

tortagialla on Aug 3, 2016:

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know I left a comment on your blog post for the Blog Hop - July round up swap - your soap looks amazing! :) take care linda

njstauter on Aug 3, 2016:

I am one of your partners for the BLOG HOP JULY ROUNDUP and was so impressed by the pipe soap making. What a wonderful look it has! I have always wanted to make soap but am also turned off by the lye factor. You made it exciting, and I do plan to forward the link of your blog to one of my friends who is highly creative and may do this too.

RyeRye on Jul 2, 2016:

Inspiration Station~

RyeRye on Jun 23, 2016:

Thanks for joining Inspiration Station!

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