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SMackie on Jul 18, 2014:

Hi Nick, I am having similar trouble as Nightrainboww. I have sent you 5 messages none have been read and am waiting on about 6 swaps from you. I don't like to rate low but do need to hear from you ASAP.


nightrainboww on Jul 17, 2014:

Hey there! In June I sent you a PM about a swap not received, but until now I haven't received a reply from you and I can see the PM is still unread. All my previous swaps with you have been great, so I believe this is just a case of lost mail.

roaddummy on Sep 27, 2013:

Hello! Just wanted to tell you thank you for sending my stamp bag home! I loved the stamps that were in there. I will get you a little something in the mail soon. Again, thank you!!

Barbara on Sep 23, 2013:

Hi Nick, Many thanks for the Super Man stamps. They are really nice ones. I appreciate your time and kindness. Philately rocks!

MichelleWillow on Aug 14, 2013:

Hi Nick! Received Island stamps for a tag via PSCC! Thank you!

Barbara on Jan 3, 2013:

Nick, Thank you for the very special turtles box and candy for my postage stamp collection. It is certainly a different addition to my album of Canada stamps and postcards. I will start to save new 2013 US stamps for you. Let me know any particular ones you would like for our swap All the best in 2013.

RyeRye on Oct 10, 2012:

Barbara on May 30, 2012:

Just found the stamps of Finland and Columbia. Don't have many from those countires so thanks again.

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