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Profile updated as of 10/11/17

10.11.17 - I have had a few busy fall weekends here but I'm caught up in rating & sending out swaps (nothing late). With the holidays coming soon, I'll update if I'll be busy or fall behind.

I'm looking to do some private swaps. If you are interested, please message me!

Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I am a 34 y/o female from a small town in Missouri, USA. I'm a transplant from Minnesota and still very much consider myself a Minnesota girl. Professionally I am a front-end developer who spent the last 5 years telecommuting. However I am currently a freelancer. I love traveling, reading, and shopping. I'm a bit of a shopaholic. I'm obsessed with Kawaii stationery.

Places I have been to:

  • Americas: Oregon, Nevada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, New York, Hawaii, Guatemala, Canada

  • Europe: UK, France

  • Asia: Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, India

Travel wishlist: Japan, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Dubai, Singapore



  • Vintage Kawaii stationery
  • Lovely White/Orange Story stationery
  • Letter pads (San-X, Mindwave, Kamio, Crux, Janetstore)
  • Real food with Kawaii faces stationery anything
  • Sticker sacks

Non-Kawaii Wishlist: I haven't gone to Target and Michaels in ages so I would love any washi tape samples from the Recollections line or planner stickers that I can use in my planner.



2017: This year I'm using a horizontal A5 Happy Planner. I love the look but I haven't been as consistent in decorating. Been so busy but I hope to catch up soon.

2016: I have been consistent in decorating my planner (which is a simple Clementine Paper planner I bought from TJMaxx for $7.99). I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I do now. I don't care much for decorating as I do writing it all down.

You can see pictures of my planner layout on my Instagram: @raniheartspaper



Since I am here mainly for the Kawaii swaps, I figured I ought to have a more comprehensive Kawaii section. I'm mainly a paper collector so I prefer letter sets, letter pad papers, memo sheets, and sticker flakes. I really don't know what to do with the other items.

The short version is I like anything cute and girly. And I prefer not to receive anything weird, boyish.


I love Kawaii Fairy Tale (any brand but Disney) and San-X Palette's Sweet Street. However I have a very good collection of both of these. I am really into older, vintage Kawaii right now, like food with faces, Awawachan, Natto chan.

San-X: I enjoy just about all of the San-X characters especially older characters and test characters. The only one I'm not a fan of is Zombbit Zombie Rabbit and that new fish one, Shirasutai (sorry gals, I know some of you are fans).

I have stopped buying San-X products but the new Rilakkuma, Kutusita Nyanko, Mamegoma lines are super Kawaii.


Sanrio: Deery Lou, Chococat, Tuxedo Sam, Frooliemew, Little Twin Star, and Hummingmint.

I rarely buy Sanrio stuff these days unless it's Hummingmint.


Q-Lia, Mind Wave, Crux, Kamio: I enjoy most of these brands especially the real food with faces and manga girls stuff.

Lately I have been really into obscure Japanese brands like Pool Cool, Fortissimo, Lemon Co., and Steadfast. So if you have any, feel free to send them my way.

I'm also always looking for older designs so if you have any (of anything) I would love it!

CONTEMPORARY KAWAII: There are some contemporary Kawaii (Kawaii currently available for sale/being made as opposed to vintage) that I tend to buy whenever I see them. They are the following:

  • Crux Milky Story
  • Crux Party Time is Coming
  • Crux Secret Feeling
  • Kamio Secret Rabbit
  • Kamio Twinkle Star Girls
  • Q-lia Kindness Sky Flavor
  • Q-lia Little Fairy Tale
  • Q-lia Mignon Ligne
  • Q-lia Funny House
  • Q-lia Secret Magic of Night
  • Sanrio Hummingmint
  • Sanrio Characters mix



  • Real building/room

  • Zombbit Zombie Rabbit & Shirasutai

  • Shinzi Katoh brand

  • Daiso Kawaii

  • American Hello Kitty (items you find at Target, Walmart, Michaels, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, etc.)

  • Non-branded & counterfeit Kawaii

  • Zakka/Real life sticker flakes (unless it's dessert/food related)

Washi Tapes

Washi Tapes: My taste in washi tapes is feminine. I love florals and Kawaii. I prefer lantern pattern and polka dots over stripes and solids. Anything sweet and girly.

Please NO:

  • Scotch brand (I have all the ones I liked from this brand)
  • Washi tapes from the WeRMemoryKeepers washi tray set (I have 2 trays so I have plenty of these)
  • Dollar Tree tapes
  • fabric tapes
  • paper tapes

As much as I like deco tapes, when a swap calls for washi tape, please only send those. Paper tape is not the same as washi tape.


  • Favorite colors: mint, teal, turquoise
  • Lovely White/Orange Story stationery
  • Food with faces
  • Awawa Chan
  • Kawaii girls
  • Kawaii fairytale
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • San-X Palette's Sweet Street
  • Amy & Tim stationery (Janetstore)
  • Letterpads and letter paper (with cute designs)
  • Deco tapes: kawaii, travel-themed, air mail-themed
  • Washi tapes: floral prints
  • Letter sets



Disney & Winnie the Pooh & Snoopy stuff but only because I have easy access to them and do not collect them. Also, please no religious, academic, or holiday items.

No magazine cutouts, scrap paper, foam stickers (I get way too much), confetti. Also nothing too masculine like mustache and sports. No ribbons or fabric tapes.

Currently no more journal cards & Project Life cards please. Also no more ephemera and die-cuts. No academic stickers or dollar store stickers.

No pencils and erasers. I'm no longer a student and really don't collect or have need for these items.

No more note cards or post cards. I have a lot of my own. Post cards are fine if it's used as a protector.

Junk in general.


Beauty/make-up: I used to be a make-up junkie but I'm not anymore. The only beauty related stuff I would enjoy are beauty samples from Asian brands like Etude House. Otherwise no other cosmetics, please.

Tea/coffee: I'm both a tea and coffee drinker. My favorite tea flavor is Moroccan mint tea. I'm always on the look out for the best Moroccan mint tea. I don't consider myself a coffee snob. I prefer mine instant and made at home versus at a local coffee shop. I also prefer cold drinks vs hot ones and will often let my coffee sit until it's lukewarm before drinking it (my MIL thinks this is sacrilege, lol).


Comment: Thank you, Rani! I love it all!!
Comment: What an awesome swap! Thank you so much, Rani! :o)
Comment: Thanks so much! =)
Comment: Thank you for the envie!! So cute!
Comment: Thank you so much, love all the goodies!
Comment: Hello again!!! Another big thank you for sending such a lovely variety of sticker flakes ^_^
Comment: Thank you sooo much for these adorable bunnies!!! I love these challenge sorts of swaps, it's a lot of fun to dig through your collection and find them!
sebastian122 rated for KSU: 15 Circle Sticker Flakes on Oct 7, 2017
Comment: I love them all!! Thanks for sharing with me. XOXO
Comment: SQUWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! So cute!!!!
Comment: thank you soo much! I love them i died at the sticker with a bear in a purple tea cup!!!!!!
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful Halloween card and the sticker flakes and memo sheets!!! I love everything!! I will probably have to work on Halloween, if there is a plane in the hangar, we work lol
paperpusher rated for KSU: Quick Flake swap on Sep 28, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the cute flakes and awesome Rilakkuma stickers! I hope the marathon Battle Royale event goes well this weekend! Yes, you're a very good wife! :) My husband and I have a big Pokemon Go event Saturday, super hyped and excited about that, so I can understand your husband being excited about his event. :) I claim to be going through my second childhood. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sebastian122 rated for KSU: Quick Mini Memo Sheet swap on Sep 28, 2017
Comment: Wonderful selection, and extras. Thank you so much. You're always so generous.
paperpusher rated for KSU: 25 Large Kawaii Memo Sheets on Sep 25, 2017
Comment: Wow, Rani! All the sheets you sent are new to me and SO much fun looking through! Thank you!!! And happy anniversary! So nice you were able to enjoy the date with your hubby =) ♥♥♥
Comment: Hi Rani! Thank you so much for your lovely letter and fantastic kawaii goodies! The lemon series is my favorite Rilakkuma style, so I loved the letterset you used! It was really nice getting to know you a little better. I'll write back soon!
Comment: All the heart eyes! So many new designs I've never seen. Thank you so much :D
Comment: Thanks for the sticker flake bags. Selling mini donuts at the state fair was fun. The day was mild so people were friendly and buying lots of donuts. Last night at an event at the Wilder Foundation I heard that people who volunteer live 9 years longer. The Wilder CEO talked about growing up in Laos and St. Paul.
Comment: I love all the mini envies you made, Rani!! I've never seen the Kutusita nyanko design with the black background and stars; I need that-lol! Pretty!!! And the preprinted envie papers-wow! Thank you so much for everything!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Comment: Thank you, Rani! You always send such fabulous swaps! It's so fun to look through it all, and I always discover new (to me) characters that I fall in love with. :)
ccmmsu rated for Kawaii Sticker Flakes Swap USA #10 on Sep 10, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the great flakes and extra memos! So many of my favorite things in there! I love it all! An extra heart for the large White Rabbit and Alice flakes. :)

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paperpusher on Oct 9, 2017:

Thank you for the birthday wishes!! ♥♥♥

Heirloom on Aug 31, 2017:

Rani, thanks so much for contributing to a kawaii sticker flake bag for me. All that cuteness arrived home yesterday! XOX

sebastian122 on Aug 17, 2017:

Thank you for the angel. You really didn't have to, but you're just to sweet. XOXO

sebastian122 on Jul 14, 2017:

Thank you for sending home the flake bag iamred made for me! You're too sweet. XOXO

paperpusher on Jul 14, 2017:

Thanks so much for sending the kawaii sticker flake bag home!! You're a sweetie!!! ♥♥♥

sebastian122 on Jul 10, 2017:

The stationery sheets you sent are AMAZING!! How kind you are to share them with me. You're too wonderful! XOXOX

paperpusher on Jul 5, 2017:

Wow, Rani! Thank you SO MUCH for all the awesome goodies for the KSU Flat Random Envie tag!! (Flat?? That baby was stuffed!!) You really spoiled me and I love it all! I hope your Thailand trip was amazing!! Thank you for the postcard!

iamred on Jun 8, 2017:

thank you so much for sending home this full sticker flake bag! ♥ you are very sweet!

Heirloom on Jun 8, 2017:

Stopping by to say "hello!"

redwrapper on May 8, 2017:

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