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Meredith in a nutshell

Updated June 25, 2017

I love the woods and mountains and the ocean. I live in Minnesota (I'm not from here) and winter is too long. My spouse is a professor and busy with research so I'm often finding adventure on my own. I don't have children ๐Ÿ˜ข and dote on my nieces and nephews.

My kitchen is my craft room. Someone said I'm fearless in the kitchen and that's true: I enjoy trying new recipes of all sorts. I'm making quick breads for a little sweet in our lunches and learning the science of baking bread. In March I made lemon cake roll and, when the filling oozed out of the sides, I turned it into a lovely trifle. Dessert for my book club in April was a huge hit and simple to make: DIY profiteroles. I made pรขtรฉ ร  choux and butterscotch sauce. I put these and vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and high quality store-bought chocolate sauce on the dining room table, and everyone served themselves.

โœˆ I love to travel. I am fortunate to have had opportunities to travel to many parts of the world. I lived in France and worked and lived in India and Israel. When Iโ€™m away from home, I try new foods, explore markets, and meet local people as well as seeing museums and historic and natural UNESCO sites. With Airbnb accommodations I go on and beyond the usual tourist haunts.

  • 2017: Chicago, and Madison and Stevens Point, WI to help my in-laws. ๐Ÿš˜ Boston, New York and Morristown, NJ to meet Pattie in person.
  • 2016: ๐Ÿš˜ Dallas and Houston; ๐Ÿš˜ Boston and New York City; ๐Ÿš˜ Chicago
  • 2015: a road trip to Texas and back with a stop to see sights in KC, MO
  • 2014: Prague, Czech Republic; Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Munich and Berlin, Germany
  • 2013: New York, Toronto, Chicago, Thanksgiving in Texas
  • and Canada, China, Japan, Korea, London (with a side trip to Bath and Stonehenge), Madrid and Salamanca, Spain, Switzerland, ...
  • Where I want to go: New Zealand and Yellowstone

I read (mostly fiction by women) and work outside in our well-shaded garden. Alas, shade means lovely spring flowers and no vegetables. I watch films and TV programs on Netflix and Amazon.


My postcrossing profile

Art and architecture, ethnic, famous people, local characters, markets, mountains, oceans, and vintage postcards are among my favorites. I love receiving vintage cards found in flea markets as much as I loved finding great ones (now all sent) at First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX. Sorry, Zazzle and Christian legend postcards won't get hearts from me. Most others will.

More kinds of postcards on my wish list:

  • Airplanes, robots, rockets and lighter-than-air aircraft. I took flying lessons so I could fly airships. I never took the Practical Knowledge Test. And I wasn't sure how I'd raise enough money to buy an airship. Because you can't rent one. Unless someone gave me a job flying one. Except I need to log many hours flying to get a job.
  • Arts & Crafts design; William Morris patterns
  • Day of the Dead art
  • Elephants, giraffes, puffins and penguins
  • Gnomes, fairies, elves and hedgehogs
  • Joseph Cornell boxes
  • Maps
  • Modern art like abstract expressionism & Andy Warhol
  • Totoro, gotochi, and anime cards from Japan

manders loves kawaii

I am an appreciator of kawaii more than a collector. I use sheets from kawaii letter sets and memo pads for lists and notes around the house as well as the letters I send. I use lots of washi tape too.

I deleted my list of favorite characters because I enjoy most, especially San-X. Two exceptions: poo and dogs' rear ends.

I'm looking for kawaii books ๐Ÿ“š with faces. And puffins. How could all the kawaii artists have never thought to draw puffins?

The loose sticker flakes I receive go into a bowl on my desk. I decorate outgoing envelopes with these stickers: the sticker flakes you send me may head back to you. I use bone or teflon folders to rub sticker flakes flat on (empty) envelopes and postcards so they travel safely in the mail.

What else does manders like?

  • A personal note or letter
  • Blank notecards and envelopes
  • Blank postcards, new or vintage, to send
  • Handmade envelopes, large enough for postcards please
  • Magnetic bookmarks
  • Quick bread recipes
  • Slow cooker recipes that don't include a can of soup or ranch dressing: we cook from scratch
  • Pressed pennies for my brother who collects them

Message me for more suggestions.

See Please do not send below.

Please do not send...

  • Cell phone charms: There's no place to hang them on an iPhone.
  • Confetti and glitter
  • Christian items and comments: I'm Jewish
  • Christmas and Easter stuff: I'm Jewish
  • Disney
  • Dollar store/dollar bin items
  • Hello Kitty that's not Hello Kitty Original
  • Kawaii pictures of poo and dogs' rear ends
  • Magnets (our refrigerator is stainless steel)
  • Rubber stamps (I have plenty)
  • Stickers that are not kawaii
  • Tatty or tacky (exception for over-the-top tacky)
  • X-rated items
  • Washi or deco tape samples (I have lots)
  • zazzle postcards (no hearts, sorry)


JazD rated for KSU: Halloween Card & sticker flakes on Oct 11, 2017
Comment: Thank you!
Response: You're welcome!
Lonestarchild rated for B&W PCs week 40 on Oct 7, 2017
Comment: Forthright assertive women -- I hope I'm one too! Thanx for such a great card!
Response: You're welcome. And now there's #MeToo.
ginny19590 rated for KSU: 15 Circle Sticker Flakes on Oct 6, 2017
Comment: Thank you!
EmilyT rated for AN: Animals - 3 Specific Types #7 on Oct 1, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful PCs & extra. They are really cool!
Response: You're welcome. I'm glad you like them.
PineappleTarts rated for NH: Easy Postcard #19 on Sep 29, 2017
Comment: Thank You
Response: You're welcome
moxiekiefer rated for AN Random Postcards USA on Sep 28, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the lovely PC and stamp!
Response: You're welcome!
raniheartspaper rated for KSU: Quick Flake swap on Sep 28, 2017
Comment: Thank you Meredith! How exciting that you switched internet providers. Hopefully it'll be much faster with Century Link. Thank you for the sticker flakes!
Response: Sigh. Turns out the door-to-door guys were all wrong. CenturyLink doesn't have fiber optic service in our neighborhood. I'm composing an irate letter!
squince rated for AN Random Postcards USA on Sep 28, 2017
Comment: Thanks!
Response: You're welcome!
nannycat rated for NH: Simple PC swap on Sep 25, 2017
Comment: thank you for the great pc, love the postage stamps on the card,warm regards Wendy
Response: You're welcome. I'm so glad you like it.
Comment: Pretty cool card! great choice. :) thank you!
Response: You're welcome. I'm so glad you like it! I've been hoarding several for people who will especially appreciate them.
paperpusher rated for KSU: Orange or Red Kawaii! on Sep 21, 2017
Comment: I read the description of your fall-colored view with a bit of jealousy. LOL!! The abundance of awesome red and orange goodies you sent make up for my lack of autumn color here, though. =) Thank you so much for everything and for joining my swap!! โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ
Response: You're welcome. I've a few more days in sandals now because it got warm again though it's cold enough at night so we have more autumn colors every day.
Fritosmom rated for P&M Sunrise or Sunset Postcard on Sep 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you, I love the Emigrant Lake Sunset Sky PC - so beautiful:-)
Response: You're welcome. Thanks for the heart.
MamaMangrove rated for AN Nature Scavenger Hunt on Sep 17, 2017
Comment: Nice to see your cheery Yellow Submarine envie in my stack of post-Irma incoming. Thank you for the generous selection of PCs, though I can only comment on the 2 great linen ones. The others succumbed to the outer rain bands of the hurricane & all stuck together. I was dumbfounded to find a stack of dirty wet mail in my mailbox when I returned from evacuation. Neither snow nor rain nor hurricanes I guess...This is in no way meant as a plea for a re-send. You went over and above in your mailing & I'm just venting at the stupidity of my local PO. The county emergency app even assured me that mail delivery was curtailed for the duration. As you can probably tell, hurricane stress has taken a toll on me & I'm still frazzled. Enjoyed your nice note, BTW.
Response: I'm glad the linen ones - your favorites - made it through the heavy weather. Let me know if there's *anything* I can do to help, e.g., a care package.
tiggerkitn25 rated for KSU: New Kawaii Sticker Sheet! on Sep 15, 2017
Comment: Oh, I love the Nyankoland stickers! That's one of my favorite characters ever! Thanks so much for both sticker sheets and the lovely letter! =)
Response: I thought you'd like the Nyankoland stickers! I'm glad I could share them with you.
Comment: Thanks for all the stickers! =)
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for hosting all the swaps to keep bags moving along.
paperpusher rated for KSU: Pick a Theme Sept17 on Sep 14, 2017
Comment: I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess.... bunnies??? LOL! So many cute flakes; I love them all and the adorable mini memo sheets and little baggies! Thank you and thanks for hosting this fun swap! I bet your kitchen smells amazing with all that baking going on. Have a lovely holiday! =)
Response: You're right! ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ‡ Thanks for joining my swap!
Comment: Hi Meredith, What an interesting card from Ruscha. A different take on the world :) Thanks!
Response: You're welcome. Yes, it is a different take on the world.
mlaxe rated for B&W PCs week 35 on Sep 12, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the soulful card. I admire Frida Kahlo's paintings too! :)
Response: You're welcome. I've never actually seen a painting by Frida Kahlo: only in books and postcards.
Comment: I love the picture on this postcard. We used to live 2 exits from the main exit to our state fair, and 1 exit (1/4th mile) from the seconary exit.. I feel your 'pain' !
Response: I love those vintage images. They give me a feel of the continuity of the fair. I don't get quite the same feeling when I volunteer for a day at a mini donut booth, with those donut-making robots!
kydestar rated for Hello Stranger PC Swap INT Aug2017 on Sep 8, 2017
Comment: HI Meredith, THANKS for the cool postcard!
Response: You're welcome. The fair is over now, until next August!

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sebastian122 on Sep 2, 2017:

So cool!! Thank you for the surprise tag! It's awesome!! You're the best.

pineheartbeat on Aug 31, 2017:

I got the extra card with the kawaii sticker flakes! I LOVE THEM!! Thank you so much! I was trying to figure out what swap the card was for which is why I didn't mention them when I rated for the science postcard! How did you discover such awesome stickers?

paperpusher on Aug 21, 2017:

I believe you're the last signer on my traveling kawaii postcard! Thank you for sending it home! You're the best!

kaypendragon on Aug 11, 2017:

TY for the postcard for my Little Guy!

sebastian122 on Aug 8, 2017:

Got the random KSU sticker flake bag and will be very happy to send it home. =D Thanks for sharing!!

sebastian122 on Jul 18, 2017:

Thank you for all the flakes in the 25 (ha!) sticker flake tag!!

paperpusher on Jul 14, 2017:

I like your ideas of coping with the heat! My favorite is the pool.... Now to just have a pool! LOL!!!!

oflifeandlists on Jul 11, 2017:

Thank you for the surprise tag! I never buy Rilakkuma, so the memo brings something different to my collection. Thank you!!

VivaLaDiane on Jul 3, 2017:


paperpusher on Jun 26, 2017:

Love the postcard!! Thank you!

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