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Reads2Write on Nov 2, 2015:

Hope you had a good Halloween

hollycm6 on Aug 29, 2015:

First advice... Only a few people will see responses you post in this section. It is most effectively used for other people to leave YOU messages. If you want to reply directly to a comment on your profile, click the person's name and either pm them or post a comment on their wall.

Regarding the suspension... It says in the FAQ section of the Help link that you are partially suspended until you get your swaps sent and ratings corrected. I'm not sure about that... I think after a period of time it will lift also. Best advice: send ALL swaps, tags, etc, and communicate with anyone who gave you low ratings to see ifthey can be corrected. Good luck!

sarahmariewright on Aug 9, 2015:

I only have five swaps to send out tomorrow how do I get off of the partial suspension. Someone please let me know because I am an honest swapper and keep my promise and word to send each and every swap whether online or through snail mail.

sarahmariewright on Aug 6, 2015:

Yes I am going to complete the Crochet #Coaster/Mug #Mat #Swap

spangleuk on Aug 6, 2015:

Crochet #Coaster/Mug #Mat #Swap - I notice that you have been partially suspended - are you intending on completing this swap?

tigerlily2110 on Jul 31, 2015:

You say you are new on here, how can you have amassed so many swaps in such a short time? I'm sorry, but I can't let you on any of my swaps until your suspension is resolved.

sarahmariewright on Jul 30, 2015:

I have sent out my swaps they will be arriving very soon

lou on Jul 30, 2015:

This is odd - you deleted the comment left here earlier this week about all of the Type 2 (24) and Type 3 (6) swaps you marked as completed - but only have ratings for Type 1 swaps. Where are these other 30 ratings? Maybe before you delete this again, you might post an explanation ...

sarahmariewright on Jul 30, 2015:
 I swap with Swap-bot! 
chaari on Jul 24, 2015:

Welcome to the Electronic swaps group! I hope you'll have fun joining the swaps :D

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