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Date Joined: June 19, 2014
Last Online: May 25, 2018
Birthday: January 15
Country: Germany
Love, love, love postcards! My blog!!
Schnitzelmitkaese (my e-swaps blog)

About Me

My name is Vanessa, I am a 25 year old student from the beautiful south of Germany :)

Favorite Music

I have a very eclectic music taste. I listen to a lot of different genres. Also I don't like to stick to just one or two languages, as I think music is beyond country limits.

I shuffle my music once a month for a recurring swap.

Shuffle of November:

  1. Donots - Superhero

  2. Social Distortion - It's the law

  3. The Streets - Iove you more

  4. Porcupine Tree - Three Eye Surfer

  5. Kings of Nuthin - No Responsibility

  6. die ärzte - Deutschrockgirl

  7. Talco - St. Pauli

  8. Los Delinqüentes - Caminito del almendro

  9. Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man

  10. The Kooks - Always where I need to be

listen to the songs here

Favorite Books

Reading is one of my greatest passions and I am not very picky when it comes to books. I read the classics just as fantasy, adventure books or romantics. I even read 50 shades of Grey although it was one of the worst books I ever read.

Favorite Television

I am a big series junkie. I loove:

BBC Sherlock

Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Bones, Friends, Family Guy...

I'd be happy about

I am very easy to please. As long as I see that you cared about what to send to me I will always give you a heart. I do not see why people are so cheap with giving out hearts.

Anyways, I am always happy about receiving:

  • tea (I don't like herbal tea very much)
  • hot cocoa
  • stationery
  • anything about Frida Kahlo
  • chocolate
  • marzipan
  • mints
  • scarfs (very addicted to scarfs!)
  • souvenir magnets of your country/city
  • stickers
  • lipbalm/chapsticks
  • bookmarks
  • pens
  • adress labels
  • rubberstamps

For everyone from Latin America! Please! I LOVE mentitas (Ambrosoli) and anything that contains dulce de leche

If you want to make my boyfriend Suman happy, he likes:

  • Hobbit/Lord of the Rings
  • Quentin Tarantino movies
  • Hersheys Chocolate
  • ginger tea
  • anything about hinduism
  • books written in Nepali (I know, unikely, but who knows ^^)
  • Bollywood


I am very much addicted to postcards, they will always make me happy. If possible, I prefer them written and stamped :)

I have 2000+ postcards and I blog about them here ☺ Come by and visit me!

or visit me on instagram @vanessas_postcards

I collect:

  • singleviews (please, if possible I'd prefer not to receive multipe view cards)

  • Frida Kahlo

  • Pin ups

  • postcrossing meeting cards

  • flags

If you are sending blank cards in an envelope, please, if possible no touristy view cards unless the swap requires it, I collect these written and stamped only.

I also like to receive:

  • Diddl Maus
  • Polacards
  • Greetings from (postallove and unofficial) (I have: Austria. Czech Republic, Itlay, Spain, USA, Chile, Thailand, Iceland, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Netherlands, Hungary, Australia, Poland, Belarus)
  • Keep Calm
  • Quotes
  • Tom of Finland
  • hinduistic deities (esp. Ganesha)
  • postcards related to the TV shows Friends and BBC Sherlock
  • crazy/innapropriate cards
  • any postcard you would like to receive yourself

No thank you

This is gonna be just a short list, so please keep in mind:

  • I do not need get converted. I am pretty happy with my actual religion. Please also no religious items

  • Nothing tasting like fish/seafood/liquorice/coffee

Random things I like

  • Latin America
  • drinking out of a freshly cut coconut
  • traveling
  • blogging
  • Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dalí
  • Mango
  • palmtrees
  • the sun
  • Mafalda
  • dulce de leche
  • libraries
  • Pokémon (loved the old Gameboy games, my favourite pokémon is Lapras)
  • Harry Potter
  • Sherlock Holmes (all about him)
  • linguistics ...

Last but not least

I think it is really cool that there are so many languages on this planet, so if you write me through a postcard, please use your native language (no translation needed). I like the challenge to understand what you wrote.

I speak German, Spanish and English well to very well

I am able to communicate okish in Nepali and French

And I understand written Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Hindi.

If you want to do a private swap especially postcards write me! I am open to anything.


Comment: Thank you for sharing your pre-wedding photos and love them all!! Congrats!
littlemissme84 rated for ESG: What is in my bag? on May 23, 2018
Comment: Your bag is so beautiful. I too carry water and hand cream around with me. Thank you for sharing.
Liiskah rated for ESG: Visit me on instagram on May 21, 2018
Comment: Thanks for visiting 🙂
kajsab rated for ESG: Make a Friend - Be a Friend on May 20, 2018
littlemissme84 rated for ESG: Visit me on instagram on May 20, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the insta-love x
elkalsa rated for ESG: Visit me on instagram on May 20, 2018
Comment: Thanks for visiting
HappyMom rated for ESG: Visit me on instagram on May 20, 2018
Comment: I always enjoy seeing your comments on my IG and I love sharing in your travels too! ❤️😀📷❤️😀📷❤️😀📷
pennypuppy rated for ESG: My Favorite Photo - April on May 19, 2018
Comment: Beautiful clothing! What a wonderful trip you had!
littlemissme84 rated for ESG: Best Vacation (so far) on May 16, 2018
Comment: Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your wedding. It looked so colourful.
freespirit66 rated for ESG: My Favorite Photo - April on May 14, 2018
Comment: These were such happy, exciting, and beautiful photos! Enjoyed getting a glimpse into your month, and seeing places in the world I will never be able to travel to. That was interesting about the symbols and how they can mean two completely different things depending on the country and belief system.
PurpleEars rated for ESG: 26 Things About Me on May 8, 2018
Comment: Thank you!
elkalsa rated for ESG: 26 Things About Me on May 8, 2018
Comment: I like the Nepali song♡
turtlelove84 rated for ESG: 26 Things About Me on May 7, 2018
Comment: Thank you for sharing your 26 things, heights was also my fear 😬 and congratulations on your recent marriage ☺️
Comment: Thank you so much
Comment: Thank you so much!!!!
Comment: Congrats!! Thank you for sharing your photos. :D
Comment: Thank you for the lovely comments!
Comment: Thanks for all the love on instagram Vanessa! And you're a very talented photographer! I love how you capture landscapes and objects, great eye! <3
reader44ever rated for ESG: Bookshelf tour on Apr 25, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for resending your swap, Vanessa! I really enjoyed it. I so loved the cover of The Little Witch that I need to add that book to my TBR! And I am sooo envious that you have a wall of bookshelves and books in your bedroom. :-) Sadly, such a situation will never be possible in my bedroom, as even if I could empty it out, one wall has a window, another a door to the near backyard, the third has the door to the rest of the house and the closet, and the fourth has a Murphy Bed! But I agree: a bed and some books are indeed all one really needs in a bedroom. :-) Thank you so much for sharing! :-) <3
Comment: Wonderful, of course ;) And I think that international travel and getting married are great reasons to be late on a swap! LOL ❤️

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dial208medusa on Nov 2, 2017:

LOVE your instagram! <3

HappyMom on Sep 13, 2017:

Hi Vanessa, So happy you're back on ESG and thanks for all you do to make it a fun group! I'm excited about helping out and getting to know you better! Here's my quick friendly profile comment for you :) I love the graphics on your profile - so cute! I also loved seeing your postcard blog. What a great idea!


Eel9585 on Sep 13, 2017:

Hi thank you for organising the ESG: Quick friendly profile comment swap. I can't believe how many swaps you have completed, I am only just getting started on swap-bot. It's nice to find a fellow bookworm and someone else who likes Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes. What do you prefer for Sherlock Holmes, the books or the Tv?

Inez on Sep 13, 2017:

Hi Vanessa!

It was really nice reading your profile! We have some things in common! I also like mango, fresh coconut ( I have coconut palmtrees in my garden 😊), traveling, palmtrees! You seem a very nice and friendly girl to me!

I wish you all the best!

Warm greetings from Bonaire!

MCGalaxy on Jun 22, 2017:

Let's try again with the proper formatting.

This has always been my favorite work of art

I don't even know why. I just think its beautiful.

fiorellaione on Jun 20, 2017:

¡Hola Vanessa! Esto es para el swap de ESG: Spread some Art! Esta obra se llama "Caza mayor" y fue hecha por los artistas argentinos Chiachio y Giannone, que hacen todas sus obras bordadas! Me pareció que te gustaría porque su estética me recuerda siempre un poco a la de Frida, muchas aves y paisajes tropicales, autorretratos y mascotas :) Espero que te guste!

reader44ever on Jun 17, 2017:

Vanessa, thank you for sharing "your" art with me! I do love that painting! He can't be that much of "the poor poet" though...look at his "wealth" in books! :-)

Thank you for sharing!

reader44ever on Jun 16, 2017:

Hi Vanessa! This is my swap for the ESG: Spread some Art! * profile decoration * swap. :-)

I hope you will like this editorial cartoon - drawn by David Horsey - that I love with all my heart:

To truly see it - full-size, or as large as is possible to find it on the internet - please click this link. This larger image of it is found on a blog post. :-)

I don't remember how I first discovered this bit of art (it was over 10 years ago, after all), but I do remember that I so loved it that I bought a print of it after I saw it! I have that print. . .somewhere. I knew exactly where it was when I lived in Seattle, but since moving to Tucson. . . ??? ¯\(ツ)/¯

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this little bit of art that I so love! :-)

My favorite "panel" is "the snow one" with the guy going, "Honey, there's an inch of snow! If I never see you again, tell the children I loved them!" This was sooo true when I lived in Seattle. Just a little snow and the city shut down! It was maddening. But also fun! I greatly enjoyed my two-mile walk to work because the buses weren't running. ;-)

Thanks and all the best!

Jen (reader44ever) :-)

HappyMom on May 4, 2017:


sakura15 on Mar 19, 2017:


Hi Chaari! I just wanted to say have a fantastic day and thank you for all your effort in making the swaps.

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