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Date Joined: June 19, 2014
Last Online: November 23, 2017
Birthday: January 15
Country: Germany
Love, love, love postcards! My blog!!
Schnitzelmitkaese (my e-swaps blog)

About Me

My name is Vanessa, I am a 25 year old student from the beautiful south of Germany :)

Favorite Music

I have a very eclectic music taste. I listen to a lot of different genres. Also I don't like to stick to just one or two languages, as I think music is beyond country limits.

I shuffle my music once a month for a recurring swap.

Shuffle of November:

  1. Donots - Superhero

  2. Social Distortion - It's the law

  3. The Streets - Iove you more

  4. Porcupine Tree - Three Eye Surfer

  5. Kings of Nuthin - No Responsibility

  6. die ärzte - Deutschrockgirl

  7. Talco - St. Pauli

  8. Los Delinqüentes - Caminito del almendro

  9. Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man

  10. The Kooks - Always where I need to be

listen to the songs here

Favorite Books

Reading is one of my greatest passions and I am not very picky when it comes to books. I read the classics just as fantasy, adventure books or romantics. I even read 50 shades of Grey although it was one of the worst books I ever read.

Favorite Television

I am a big series junkie. I loove:

BBC Sherlock

Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Bones, Friends, Family Guy...

I'd be happy about

I am very easy to please. As long as I see that you cared about what to send to me I will always give you a heart. I do not see why people are so cheap with giving out hearts.

Anyways, I am always happy about receiving:

  • tea (I don't like herbal tea very much)
  • hot cocoa
  • stationery
  • anything about Frida Kahlo
  • chocolate
  • marzipan
  • mints
  • scarfs (very addicted to scarfs!)
  • souvenir magnets of your country/city
  • stickers
  • lipbalm/chapsticks
  • bookmarks
  • pens
  • adress labels
  • rubberstamps

For everyone from Latin America! Please! I LOVE mentitas (Ambrosoli) and anything that contains dulce de leche

If you want to make my boyfriend Suman happy, he likes:

  • Hobbit/Lord of the Rings
  • Quentin Tarantino movies
  • Hersheys Chocolate
  • ginger tea
  • anything about hinduism
  • books written in Nepali (I know, unikely, but who knows ^^)
  • Bollywood


I am very much addicted to postcards, they will always make me happy. If possible, I prefer them written and stamped :)

I have 2000+ postcards and I blog about them here ☺ Come by and visit me!

or visit me on instagram @vanessas_postcards

I collect:

  • singleviews (please, if possible I'd prefer not to receive multipe view cards)

  • Frida Kahlo

  • Pin ups

  • postcrossing meeting cards

  • flags

If you are sending blank cards in an envelope, please, if possible no touristy view cards unless the swap requires it, I collect these written and stamped only.

I also like to receive:

  • Diddl Maus
  • Polacards
  • Greetings from (postallove and unofficial) (I have: Austria. Czech Republic, Itlay, Spain, USA, Chile, Thailand, Iceland, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Netherlands, Hungary, Australia, Poland, Belarus)
  • Keep Calm
  • Quotes
  • Tom of Finland
  • hinduistic deities (esp. Ganesha)
  • postcards related to the TV shows Friends and BBC Sherlock
  • crazy/innapropriate cards
  • any postcard you would like to receive yourself

No thank you

This is gonna be just a short list, so please keep in mind:

  • I do not need get converted. I am pretty happy with my actual religion. Please also no religious items

  • Nothing tasting like fish/seafood/liquorice/coffee

Random things I like

  • Latin America
  • drinking out of a freshly cut coconut
  • traveling
  • blogging
  • Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dalí
  • Mango
  • palmtrees
  • the sun
  • Mafalda
  • dulce de leche
  • libraries
  • Pokémon (loved the old Gameboy games, my favourite pokémon is Lapras)
  • Harry Potter
  • Sherlock Holmes (all about him)
  • linguistics ...

Last but not least

I think it is really cool that there are so many languages on this planet, so if you write me through a postcard, please use your native language (no translation needed). I like the challenge to understand what you wrote.

I speak German, Spanish and English well to very well

I am able to communicate okish in Nepali and French

And I understand written Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Hindi.

If you want to do a private swap especially postcards write me! I am open to anything.


Poohtat rated for ESG: Let me recommend a book #25 on Nov 23, 2017
Comment: I think this book looks like something I will enjoy. Thank you for the recommendation!
HappyMom rated for ESG: Let me recommend a book #25 on Nov 23, 2017
Comment: This actually sounds like a book I might enjoy! I’ll check it out!
pyneapplequeen rated for ESG: Random Letter on Nov 21, 2017
Comment: Thanks for sharing your random letter with me! I have not read the Hitchhiker guide thought the galaxy. But I will have to look it up. I have never been in a book club, but I know I would love it!! Happy Swapping!!
LeeHa rated for Visit me on instagram on Nov 20, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the comments!
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Comment: Thankyou for all the Insta love!
mellyrose89 rated for ESG: Visit me on Instagram #13 on Nov 15, 2017
Comment: Thanks!
Comment: Thank you for sharing your great photos - I love the stairwell
Comment: You know I love getting swaps fro you and I'm such a fan of you and your bf XD he looks extremely happy in that pic, I hope you get to travel together next time! A friend of mine visited SF a while ago and she made my wanna travel there so bad! The bamboo-thing is amazing! I love the fact that the station hasn't fallen to complete ruins :) also yay for getting re-connected with family, I love seeing old pictures like that so thanks so much for sharing! See you again next month :D (sorry for my late rate, I've been under the weather and fell behind on ratings)
Comment: It's always nice to read about your life! I'm happy to hear you got your man back :D I've read about the museum thing, it sounds lik something I would enjoy! I've been to Munich once but didn't have too much spare time so maybe I will plan my next time to coincide with this :D the pictures look amazing, congrats to your sister as well :) (sorry for my late rate, I've been under the weather and fell behind on ratings)
Response: Duh! If you visit give me a heads up and we go together :D
mermaidery rated for ESG: "Hello, my name is______" on Nov 12, 2017
Comment: Thank you for telling me a little about you. I really love your photography! The photo of the books is fantastic.
Leistessa rated for Visit me on instagram on Nov 12, 2017
Comment: If you like Latin America you should definitely like me a lot! Lol (I was born in Mexico and can speak Spanish), 😂 any who, I enjoyed our Instagram interaction!, thanks so much for your lovely comments and likes!
Comment: Thank you for sharing. It was great getting a glimpse into your world.
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Comment: Thank you for all the likes and taking the time to leave such lovely comments.
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jammum3 rated for ESG: "Hello, my name is______" on Nov 7, 2017
Comment: I apologize for the late rating, I just found your email in my spam folder. I so enjoyed your presentation. Love the photos.Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with me!

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dial208medusa on Nov 2, 2017:

LOVE your instagram! <3

HappyMom on Sep 13, 2017:

Hi Vanessa, So happy you're back on ESG and thanks for all you do to make it a fun group! I'm excited about helping out and getting to know you better! Here's my quick friendly profile comment for you :) I love the graphics on your profile - so cute! I also loved seeing your postcard blog. What a great idea!


Eel9585 on Sep 13, 2017:

Hi thank you for organising the ESG: Quick friendly profile comment swap. I can't believe how many swaps you have completed, I am only just getting started on swap-bot. It's nice to find a fellow bookworm and someone else who likes Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes. What do you prefer for Sherlock Holmes, the books or the Tv?

Inez on Sep 13, 2017:

Hi Vanessa!

It was really nice reading your profile! We have some things in common! I also like mango, fresh coconut ( I have coconut palmtrees in my garden 😊), traveling, palmtrees! You seem a very nice and friendly girl to me!

I wish you all the best!

Warm greetings from Bonaire!

MCGalaxy on Jun 22, 2017:

Let's try again with the proper formatting.

This has always been my favorite work of art

I don't even know why. I just think its beautiful.

fiorellaione on Jun 20, 2017:

¡Hola Vanessa! Esto es para el swap de ESG: Spread some Art! Esta obra se llama "Caza mayor" y fue hecha por los artistas argentinos Chiachio y Giannone, que hacen todas sus obras bordadas! Me pareció que te gustaría porque su estética me recuerda siempre un poco a la de Frida, muchas aves y paisajes tropicales, autorretratos y mascotas :) Espero que te guste!

reader44ever on Jun 17, 2017:

Vanessa, thank you for sharing "your" art with me! I do love that painting! He can't be that much of "the poor poet" though...look at his "wealth" in books! :-)

Thank you for sharing!

reader44ever on Jun 16, 2017:

Hi Vanessa! This is my swap for the ESG: Spread some Art! * profile decoration * swap. :-)

I hope you will like this editorial cartoon - drawn by David Horsey - that I love with all my heart:

To truly see it - full-size, or as large as is possible to find it on the internet - please click this link. This larger image of it is found on a blog post. :-)

I don't remember how I first discovered this bit of art (it was over 10 years ago, after all), but I do remember that I so loved it that I bought a print of it after I saw it! I have that print. . .somewhere. I knew exactly where it was when I lived in Seattle, but since moving to Tucson. . . ??? ¯\(ツ)

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this little bit of art that I so love! :-)

My favorite "panel" is "the snow one" with the guy going, "Honey, there's an inch of snow! If I never see you again, tell the children I loved them!" This was sooo true when I lived in Seattle. Just a little snow and the city shut down! It was maddening. But also fun! I greatly enjoyed my two-mile walk to work because the buses weren't running. ;-)

Thanks and all the best!

Jen (reader44ever) :-)

HappyMom on May 4, 2017:


sakura15 on Mar 19, 2017:


Hi Chaari! I just wanted to say have a fantastic day and thank you for all your effort in making the swaps.

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