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Date Joined: March 23, 2014
Last Online: May 25, 2018
Birthday: April 10, 1961
Country: United Kingdom

About Me

19.4.18 I'm away from 29th May to 1st June, only a few days, all my swaps should be up to date by then, but any problems and ratings will be sorted out when I get back.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME KATHY, I HATE IT. MY NAME IS KATH, (there is NO 'Y' on the end, so don't add one).

Please let me know if you have not received anything before you rate, but give the postal system reasonable time to send first, especially during Bank Holidays, Easter and Xmas, or if you are on the other side of the world from me. I will re-send twice if swap hasn't arrived, the first resend will just be stamped as the original. The second will be tracked and photos taken including postcards, which will be sent in an envelope the third time. Email, I will resend via Swap-bot, and to your own Email address just to make sure.

Just a heads up - I'm in the UK and our dates are not in the same format as the USA. Ours run date/month/year and not month/date/year.

I'm from the UK, and a Lancashire lassie to boot! A heathen pagan, and biker, I live with my partner of 35 years, No kids or pets, but love cats especially big fluffy ones and tigers. Retired and loving it. Published Poet. I ocasionally get Corpal Tunnel, and Wrist Tendonitus and handwriting can be difficult, or none existant. Addressing envelopes could be messy!


Reading Fantasy, New Age, Urban Fantasy, Motorcycles, Supernatural, Mythology. Family History Research (extensive searcher for over 20 years), Card Making and other crafts, Pen Paller for a long time - have 7 current pals, Local History, English Civil War, Medieval History, Viking History and Beliefs, Butterflies, Dragons, Faeries, The Sea, Frosty Days, Rainbows, Scotland, The Lake District, Isle of Man, Manx GP, BSB. Steampunk, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Gothic. Celtic Art, Pre Raphellite Art - John William Waterhouse, Rosetti, Cats, Tattoos,Heathen Paganism, Witches. Castles, Museums, Ruins. Tudor Mint 'Myth and Magic' figure, unusual Victorian Glass, and 'Arts and Crafts movement' collector and a lover of anything unusual and out of the ordinary, cooky, erratic and very wierd sense of humour.

Would love anything featuring the above, but am not fussy. There is a Wish List below.

I had heard about Swap-bot from others on pages on face book, and as I love giving and receiving mail that has surprises in. I thought that I would give it a go. Also to learn about different places and cultures - what other people like and don't like, and just to make others happy.

What am I hoping to get out of it? a sense of happiness in swapping, to have some fun, and to get some lovely mail. I am a conscientious swapper, and if I sign up for a swap, I will send. I DON'T FLAKE.


BEING CALLED KATHY, OR MY FULL NAME - KATHRYN, please don't do it. Smoking, rude people, bad manners, racism, anything plain white, yellow or brown, amphibians, green beans, mushrooms, cooking, getting up early, boring postcards.

RATING BEFORE HAVING THE CHANCE TO RESEND. Nothing worse than being rated low and never to have been given the chance to sort it out first. Overseas post is terrible, so please be patient.

NONE RATERS If you are my partner, I will remind you via Swap-bot messaging, and later by a comment on your profile. Persistant None Raters will be banned from my swaps.


My own swaps are sent out on the day partners are allocated, or as soon as possible after. I am, however, not responsible to what happens to them after they go into the post box, even though I will feel it if they get lost. I will check if the item has arrived, and offer to resend if it hasn't.

Also, I am in the UK, so please give any mail that I have to send overseas enough time to arrive- 4-6 weeks, or it can be longer. I will check after 4 weeks though and resend.


Don't ask me to change a swap criteria so that you can take part though. Sorry, but, my swaps, my rules. You are welcome to set up similar swaps, but don't blatantly copy word for word. that is downright nasty, and I will report you to Admin.

If you are going to be late with your swap, please let me and your partner/s know as soon as you can. I won't have to chase you then, and it is only courtesy.

I do send out a reminder to all participants in my swaps, if they have not sent by a day or two prior to the deadline, just in case they have forgotten.

I reserve the right to ban anyone who has any of the following:- Recent 1s or 3s that are your fault (the last 3 months). Unresolved 1s or 3s (the last 12 months). Three, or more 1s or 3s, sorted or not, in the last 12 months (counting from last sign up date of swap). Look extremely dodgy even if you have a good rating history - this can be anything from strange ratings to constant none rater. Anyone with any late swaps on their dash, even if it is only a couple of days.

You must also be an active member of Swap-bot - i.e. You must have signed in at least 3 days before the sign up date of my swap, and have recent ratings.

If you do flake, you will be banned from any other of my swap.

Group Swaps - see individual swaps for rules.

These are my swap rules, if you don't like them, don't join my swaps.

I won't rate a 1, unless absolutely necessary.

Sorry to sound harsh with all this, but I'd rather be upfront and honest with my swap rules.

Favorite Music

Rock - Alice Cooper, Free, Led Zeppelin, Thunder, AC/DC, Bigfoot, Toseland, Sensational Alex Harvey Band. 70s Glam Rock -Sweet, T-Rex, Slade. Blues Rock - The Hamsters, Seasick Steve, Jeff Healey, Hayseed Dixie, Bellowhead, Back Door Slam. Punk, 60s Psychadelia, Tibetan Drums, Northern Soul, Classical, North America Indian chants. Anything really except country, western, disco, or rap.

Favorite Books

Terry Brooks is my fave author. Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Anything by Yasmine Gallenorn, Jennifer Estep, Shannon Mayer, Pippa DaCosta, Rachel Caine, David Eddings, Weiss/Hickman, Ralph Ellis, Lynn Picknett, Graham Phillips, Diana Gabaldon. Graham Hancock.

Favorite Movies

Still Crazy, Mad Max 3 - Thunderdome, The Commitments, Pirates of the Carribean, St Trinnian's (both B & W and the recent ones), Whisky Galore, Passport to Pimlico, That Will Be The Day, Men in Black, Stargate, Blues Brothers, Coyote Ugly, Great Esacpe, Hocus Pocus, Dambusters, Shrek, No Limits, 2012, The Day after Tomorrow, Mad Max 2 - Road Warrior, Calamity Jane, Twister, Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter series. Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans. Jungle Book, Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Life of Brian, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Angels and Demons, Underworld.

Favorite Television

Tiswas, University Challenge, Mastermind, Only Connect, Happy Days, Monty Python, Bagpuss, Thunderbirds, Hairy Bikers, Stingray, Banana Splits, Sesame Street, Stargate SG1, The Clangers, Beverly Hill Billies, Monarch of the Glen, Soapbox Challenge, BSB, MotoGP, F1, WSB, Charmed, Birds of a Feather, Question of Sport, Salvage Hunters.

Favorite Crafts

Card making, flip books, crochet. decoupage, writing poetry, Can't knit.

Actors & Personalities

Tyrone Power, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Errol Flynn, Doris Day, Sam Elliot, Howard Keel, Mel Gibson, Bette Midler, Margaret Rutherford, Sir Alec Guiness, Guy Martin, Carl Fogarty, Peter Hickman, Peter Kay, Jo Brand, Russell Brand, Christpher Lee, Peter Cushing, Neil Morrisey.

Historical figures

Boudica of the Icenai Tribe, Cartimandua of the Brigantes Tribe, Eleanor of Aquetaine, Nell Gwynne, Jack the Ripper - he got away with it! or was it a she? Ernest Shackleton, Sitting Bull, Elizabeth 1, Charles I, Emmeline Pankhurst, Hitler - a genius gone over the edge. Mary Queen of Scots, Scott of the Antarctic.

Wish List

Would love to receive anything from this list, in any medium.


  1. Anything Fantasy - Fae, Dragons, Elves ect,
  2. Pre-Raphaelite,
  3. Art Nouveau,
  4. Art Deco,
  5. Medieval,
  6. Butterflies,
  7. Flowers,
  8. Dark' items,
  9. Risqué items,
  10. Decorated Envelopes,
  11. Unusual Postcards,
  12. Uncoloured Adult Colouring Postcards,
  13. Washi tape.
  14. Proper Vampire stuff,
  15. Sarcastic Quotes,
  16. Scary Things with Monsters.
  17. Advertising Postcards in the following sets
    • Schweppes, Elegant Ladies, Vamps.
  18. Anything in Deep Blue, Air Force Blue, Purple, Red, Dark Green, Jade Green, or Black.


  1. Tea,
  2. Coffee,
  3. Food,
  4. Religious Stuff unless it is Pagan,
  5. Anything Baby Pink, Yellow, Brown, unless it is in a coloured postcard or picture.
  6. Disney stuff unless Alice in Wonderland or Fae.
  7. Cosmetics or perfume,
  8. Soaps.


Comment: Thank you for the note cards and the little extra ones. Yes, I can put these to use. I have been signing up for a lot of note card swaps. I loved the striped with roses envelope!!
Response: You are so welcome.
yvonne401 rated for ATP ~ All Kinds of Animals on May 18, 2018
Comment: I loved your board! Thanks for sharing!
Response: You are welcome.
Comment: Received in my first batch of Swap-Bot cards, how can one not heart such an occurrence! Hope your learning all shorts of interesting tidbits about the dark ages.
Response: It was a very interesting book, thanks.
Nurse101 rated for WIYM- Art Deco Postcard Swap on May 17, 2018
Comment: Thanks!
Response: You are welcome
Jjean rated for ATP ~ All Kinds of Animals on May 17, 2018
Comment: Enjoyed your board except for the snakes & spiders!!! :) :) Thank you for sharing...
Response: You are welcome.
Comment: Thank you for sharing.
Response: You are welcome
aladyde rated for WIYM- Art Deco Postcard Swap on May 8, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the pretty card.
Response: You are welcome
Kathy821 rated for Flower themed Postcard Swap on May 7, 2018
Comment: It's beautiful! Thank you very much! I might resemble that quote. So pretty that it's going to go in Alexis' room.
Response: Glad it arrived Ok, thank you
Wildchild rated for ATP: Mer-May on May 6, 2018
Response: Thank you
PurpleEars rated for ATP: Mer-May on May 6, 2018
Comment: Beautiful pins and an awesome variety! Thank you!
Response: Thank you, and thanks for a fab swap.
Comment: Thank you kath for your colouring postcard. I am going to have to colour in very carefully as your colouring looks great. Thank you for the extra cards. Happy swapping.
Response: You are welcome
gmathias rated for Flower themed Postcard Swap on May 4, 2018
Comment: Greetings from Atlanta! I was delighted to receive your lovely postcard this morning and it sure did make my day! I will give it a nice home in my little collection where it will be cherished forever! :)
Response: You are welcome
kuulapulla rated for Steampunk Postcard on May 1, 2018
Comment: thank you!
Response: You are welcome
drgngirl rated for ATP: Card Making on Apr 26, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the great board! So many creative ideas that I might have to try! Do you mind if I repin a few?
Response: Repin as many as you wish. You are welcome, and I'm happy that you liked the board.
Comment: Thank you so much for this very wonderful card of how the camel got his hump! It is beautiful! Thank you so much for resending - but sorry that you had to. <3 <3 <3 Update 1 May 2018: The first postcard arrived today! Thank you so much - it is another delight! <3 <3 <3
Response: Yaaay! it finally arrived. No probs about the resend. Just happy that it finally got there.
ariestess rated for ESG: 3 Things on Apr 23, 2018
Comment: Thanks for sharing!
Response: Thank you.
reader44ever rated for ESG: 3 Things on Apr 22, 2018
Comment: It was great to learn more about you, Kath! A question: You're called Spud? Why? (???) Thank you for sharing! :-) <3
Response: My partner, Steve, has always called me spud. No idea why. thank you.
mermaidery rated for ESG: Easy Questions on Apr 22, 2018
Comment: Thank you for sharing!
Response: Thank you.
HappyMom rated for ESG: 3 Things on Apr 22, 2018
Comment: Great answers Kath - I'm going to try and find some of the shows you mentioned. My daughter and I have enjoyed some BBC show on Netflix :)
Response: Thank you.
justme2905 rated for ATP - Cat Clip Art on Apr 20, 2018
Response: Thank you.

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PatCraft888 on May 2, 2018:

hi Kath,

It has really been nice to be in your swap group. Pardon me for I am very new to all these but you have been very patient,guiding me through the process and I certainly appreciate that!

Hope to see more other swaps you organise and I shall look forward participating in them.

Cheers! Patricia (Pat's Craft)

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