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DeniseN10ec on Sep 17, 2010:

Hello Camey, I am your swap partner for the Read and Comment on your partner's profile Swap. 1st I would like to say I really like your Swap Bot user name. I wish I was a little more creative with mine, Oh well to late now.

I also am new to the swapping world (a lot newer) and have really found it fun and exciting. I just wonder when you stop feeling new.....I hate the label newbie (LOL).

I read all your favorite stores and I would venture to say if we knew each other personly we could shop all day. The Pottery Barn, Barnes and Noble, Fabric Stores are some of my favorite places to shop. I also have a fabric addiction, it got so out of hand when I took a part time job at a fabric store one winter that I had to buy extra storage units. Just a word of advice from another fabric junkie....Never get a job in a fabric store because you see everything and buy way to much.

I also follow the Martha Stewart web site. She is such a inventive person and has great ideas but I have to say I am not thrilled with the products she sells.

Quilting and photography are some crafts I enjoy also. I have been working over 2 years on a quilt for my sister and I am beginning to think I will never get it done. If you have never done Amish Snowflaking you should try it because it makes for some beautiful quilts.

You stated you like to garden....what type of gardening? I also love to garden but I stick with flowers. I love to make the outside of my home bright and cheerful and it is always a plus to add plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

I can't help but wonder after reading your favorite movie list if you are around my age.......the list is so me. I have some photos of the area that part of Dirty Dancing was filmed in Lake Lure, NC and if I can dig them up I would be glad to share them with you. If you ever have a chance to visit the area I would highly suggest it. It is so beautiful.

I also ventured through your blog and I love the Little Letters on your blog, put a BIG smile on my face.

I really enjoyed reading everything and happy to be your Swap Bot partner, It is nice when you find another person you can relate to that has some of the same interest. I hope we will be paired up in a postal swap in the future.

Take Care, Keep Crafting, and Happy Swapping.

manfalovesyou on Sep 17, 2010:

This is for the "Read and Comment on Your Partners Profile" Hey Camey! It sounds like we have some stuff in common! I love the show Weeds too! I spend wayyy too much money at target and I tend to torture my hubby with country music! haha I like to read but I've never read any of the James Patterson series what's your favorite book of his? I've heard great things so I am curious! Well hope you have fun on swap-bot! See you around!

leecytx on Sep 17, 2010:

Read and Comment on your partner's profile ! swap -- YES! Another person that likes country music! I do listen to other stuff as well, but always fall back to country & 80's stuff.

I looked at your website & signed up for that & tried to look at your etsy store, but you don't have anything listed :(

I'm hooked on Desperate Housewives too! :) Happy swapping!

marlz on Sep 17, 2010:

hi there!

this comment is for the "Read and Comment on your partner's profile!" swap. i see that we've got some common interests!! i love 80s movies too! my favourites include breakfast club, mannequin, beetlejuice, gremlins, ghostbusters, pretty in pink, lost boys and so many more!! i also love watching weeds! :) i don't read a lot of books but i do read a lot of magazines! one of the few books that i've actually completed and love is "Misfortune" by Wesley Stace and i'd love to recommend it to you! i think you will dig it! I really hope you will have a lot of fun on swap-bot! see you around! :)

cheers, marilyn

pudinski on Sep 17, 2010:

Hi Camey ! I too love Martha Stewart. I love the craft that she does. her website is absolutely huge and I can always find something there for me to make. I love her glitter stuff. I have also started to learn to knit, I'm not very good at it but can manage a scarf. I'm sure you will be good as you like sewing and quilting. I'd love to be able to make a quilt. I've watched a quilting show on foxtel and some of them look like it would take years to make. I'd get bored if it took that long.

Cheers, kerry xx

( pudinski ^-^

Bucket on May 20, 2010:

Hi there! I see that you're interested in state swaps - are you interested in state map postcards? - there's a mega state map postcard swap coming up soon! Check out our group here and let me know if you're interested!

cbpoole on Mar 30, 2010:

Just thought I would let you know that I sent your letter out today! :) I hope you enjoy reading it, and I look forward to your repsonse!

jillywiccan on Mar 27, 2010:
TeaNi on Feb 28, 2010:

Welcome to the USA swappers group! We have some current swaps up, I hope you'll take a look and consider joining! Also, watch the group forums later this week for giveaways and games to begin!:)

Rubyfreckles on Feb 27, 2010:

Thought you might be interested in #2 long letter swap

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