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About Me

Hello Swap Bot Friends,

Thank you for taking a moment to read my profile. My name is Denise and I live in Tennessee, that is how I came up with the nickname that I use throughout the Internet Denise N (in) 10ec (Tennessee). I have been married twenty years on October, 21 to the man of my dreams. We do not have children other than our cats. My job is very rewarding because I am lucky enough to work with adults diagnosed with autism or mental retardation. How many people in the world can say they are paid to put smiles on the faces of others? In my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, which is very important to me. If we are not with them you will find us traveling to new places, letterboxing (you can learn more at www.atlasquest.com) , horseback riding, doing photography (which I take an average of 1500 photos per year), hiking to waterfalls, balds, or cliffs. In my alone time you will find me oil painting, using my Circuit, or doing one of my favorite crafts.

Favorite Music

I love all types of music except country and I know that sounds strange coming from someone that lives in the country capital of the world, but true. What I listen to really depends on my mood, but if I had to pick certain artist I really love it would have to be:


Tracy Chapman

Alanis Morissette

George Michaels

Boy George

Kenny G

Favorite Books

Most of the books I read are non fiction because I enjoy learning new things and the only fiction books that I have found that I enjoyed reading was:

Christmas Shoes

Maidens Grave


Any Book By Daniel Stelle

Favorite Art

Art is one of my all time favorite things. I thought I would list some of my favorite artist of all time and the painting they created that I enjoy the most from their collections. I would love to have handmade cards, ATC's, anything made from one of these artist paintings.

Artist: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema / Painting: The Baths of Caracalla

Artist: Pierre Carrier-Belleuse / Painting: La Danseuse

Artist: John William Godward / Painting: A Cool Retreat

Artist: Lord Frederick Leighton / Painting: Flaming June

Artist: John O'brien / Painting: Victorian Lady III

Artist: Josephine Wall / Painting: Crystal of Enchantment

Artist: Greg Olsen / Painting: Forever and Ever

Artist: Dona Gelsinger / Painting: Prayers of Love

Artist: Johnathan Earl Bowser / Painting: Celestial Apparition

Artist: Mark Arian / Painting: Just For You

I found that Mark Arian was one of my favorite artists by mistake. During a move into our new home I realized when I was putting my art on the walls that 75% of everything I had was signed Mark Arian. I bought all these items at different times/ places because I loved the way they looked (if art could talk this art talked to me) and never paid attention to whom the artist was until the move. I was very shocked to realize I was so drawn to his art.

Favorite Movies

There is nothing I love better than watching a good movie on a gloomy day. I enjoy everything from a good horror to a great comedy. My all time favorite movies are:

Green Mile

Rose Red

Wizard of Oz

Gone In 60 Sec.

Saw 2

Hard Rain

Gone Baby Gone

Any movie that has Morgan Freeman in I am watching.

Favorite Television

I very seldom have time to watch television other than a DVD, but when I get a chance I enjoy:

Nancy Grace

Wife Swap

Joy Of Painting

Golden Girls


Any Show On TV Land

Favorite Crafts

I love doing all types of crafts and willing to try anything that I have not made before. The only craft I have found that I do not like is cross stitch.

Some of my favorites include:

Oil Painting


Floral Design



Carving Rubber Stamps


Making Journels


Finding New And Inventive Ways To Reuse Something

What I am currently working on:

I just recently purchased a new version of Paint Shop Pro (X3) and since the purchase I cannot stay away from the computer. I am spending too much time playing around with this program.

Due to a swap I have learned the joy of iris paper folding and have been playing around with the technique way to much.

I have been and will be working for many more months a magnolia design Amish Snowflaking quilt for my sister. It is sad to say I have been working on this quilt for over two years. The last one I completed only took me three years to complete.

Likes & Dislikes


French Country

Anything Victorian

Bohemian Decor

Vintage Items

Traditional Decor





Carnival Glass

Blown Glass

Milk Glass

Stained Glass

Christmas Ornaments

Music Boxes





Snow Men

Polka Dots

Anything Girly Girl





Fresh Scents



Short Stories (esp. the ones you need a tissue for)

Color Pink

Color Green

Color Rustic Red

Cute Little Mice (esp. House Mouse)

Handbags/ Purses




Handmade Baskets

Wrought Iron

Old Pin Up Art or Digital Pin Up Art ( esp. Garv)


Fancy Scroll Work/ Curves or molding


Anything Evil

Supernatural Things such as aliens, ghost, etc.

Foam Stickers (really anything made from foam)

Sports Items





Tropical Items

Tribal Themed Items

Most "Modern" Decor

Child Like Items

Color Brown

Color Gray


T Shirts/ Jeans/ Socks/ Tennis Shoes (LOL, I promise I don't run around naked )

Anything Fishing Related

Clean Lines (decor)

Dishonest People

People who miss swap deadlines and do not send a message letting you know they will be late.

Marking swaps as sent when they have not.

People who refuse to rate after their swap items was received. I would at least like to know it got there.

Please Do Not Send:

I am easy to please, but there are two items I prefer not to receive and that is:

Food Items

Anything with a Strong Scent

If you are my swap partner and find that it is hard to find items from my list for a profile based swap because we are so different please feel free to send items to my husband (we do not have anything in common other than loving each other). He feels left out when I receive packages in the mail and it would truly makes his day. He is very masculine and likes:

Candy (esp. cherry or chocolate flavored)

Funny T- Shirts (size 3x- he likes them big)

South Park/ or Family Guy

Fishing Items


Wood Working Patterns (esp. things he can make for the home that I would love, :-) one of his favorite things also is to make me happy)

DVDs (loves comedy)

Color- Black

Skulls, Snakes, etc

Supernatural Books

Wish List

Please understand that my wish list is just that. I did my best to provide a full profile so that any swap partner who wishes to use my profile as a basis for a package will know the real me....what I like, dislike, my interest, etc. to make it easier for them to put a swap together. Never think that you have to send any of these items. I do not wish for anyone to think that I am being rude or demanding because that is not my intention. Just have fun because I think that is what Swap Bot is all about....Having fun and meeting new and interesting people.

Anything From My Favorites List

Old Postage Stamps

Old Charms or Trinkets

Old (50's or Older) Interesting Newspaper Pages

Skeleton Keys

Digital Collage Sheets

Extra Fine Glitter (esp. white & pastels)

Elegant or Cute Stickers

Scrapbook embellishments

Stamp Ink or Ink Pads

Glitter Gel Pens

Fancy Ribbion

Watercolor Pencils

Paint Pens

Blank "Canvas" Note Cards (similar to artist canvas but are cards to oil paint)

Hand made Note Cards

Rubber Stamps


Chipboard Alphabet

Jewels (with flat backs to use on handmade journels)

Bind It All Supplies

Anything Bob Ross Related

Nature Photos (for inspiration/ oil painting)

Beaded Trim

Apx. 8.5"x11" Tin Pictures or Signs

Old Vinyl Records of the 80's (Must have everything from the record, dustcover, jacket, etc. It does not matter if they are scratched because they will be used to make books such as journels, sketch books, etc).

Interesting License Plates (To make journel, sketch books with)


Old Board Games (all parts do not have to be with the game. I use them to make journels/ sketch books, etc.)


Pretty Fabric (have to have at least 3/4 yd to be able to use)

Small Lock and Lock Containers

Camo Duct Tape (for letterboxing hobby)

Flower/ Plant Bulbs

Any tourist info/books, etc. of western North Carolina (We do not live in this state, but we live so close that we frequently take trips to the area and would love to learn of new places or things that we may have missed)

Anything Savannah, GA related, (I am obsessed with this town and would pack my bags up in a split second and move there if it was not for our family living where we do).

Old Interesting Tickets Stubs, Receipts, Programs (That could be used in different projects)

Used Gifts Cards (No $ on them) I use them to make small logbooks for my letterboxing hobby.

Any Item a newbie would not understand without seeing..... By that I mean Slams, Altered Matchbox, etc. Would love to see examples to know if I would have interest in these items.

Current Top Wish:

Ric Rac

Coulter Pine Cones

Private Swaps

Things I would love to swap for:



I have never seen either of these items and would love to see an example to inspire me to create them for swaps. Clearly you would not be receiving the same item in return since I have never made them, but I could send items you request of equal value.

Swap Bot Inspiration

While being a member of Swap Bot I have been so inspired to try new things that I have never made before. I would love to thank all the people who have created a burst of creativity in different artistic endeavors.

eN10ec/white_di.gif?t=1285291277) @SilleSix - I was a swap partner of this lady for a Flickr swap where you had to view and comment on different photos in their album. I was so happy to be paired up with this lady because I was so inspired by what I saw I knew I had to try to make a ATC. Later I contacted this lady to see if she would do a private swap after I saw her ATC's and she did not hesitate for a second (I needed to see one in person before starting). Not only did she do a private swap with me, but gave me pointers and tips along the way and even sent items to help me get started. SilleSix is one of the sweetest members I have met and she was so kind to help out not only a Swap Bot newbie, but also a ATC newbie. I wish everyone possessed the kindness this lady does because the world would be a better place.

@andread I had always wanted to try my hand at card making but to be honest I really stink at it. I received a card from this lady in a swap then viewed photos of cards she has made and I am so inspired to try new methods that I would have never thought of. Thanks andread for the inspiration.

@Lauriez I can't really say that Lauriez inspired me to try and new craft but I can say that through her photography she has taught me to look at objects in a whole different light and inspired me to take things at a slower pace so I don't miss those photographic shots that are often overlooked. Thanks Lauriez because you are a true inspiration for one of my favorite hobbies.

Important Information

I enjoy being a member of Swap Bot and I will always mail my swaps as I believe in being honest and fair. I could only imagine how terrible it must feel to send items to someone and not receive anything in return. If you do not receive a swap from me it is due to being lost in the mail system as I send my swaps within a couple of days (95% of the time, but always by the deadline) of receiving my partner. Please let me know before rating me a one or three and I will check any swap package that does not arrive through the P.O. delivery confirmation receipts for larger swaps and for smaller swaps I will be happy to resend the items to you.

For email swaps I have began taking screen shots of the email swaps sent with the day and time it was sent and saving them because the number of non raters for email swaps are growing larger and larger. I take all swaps serious and at no time do I want anyone saying that I did not send something to them. If you do not find a email swap from me please first look in your spam folder and if it can not be found there please let me know and I will resend at anytime.

I have most letters and packages weighed at the post office, but sometimes when time is limited I will weigh the package myself and add the correct amount of postage stamps plus a little extra then place the package in the receptacle at the nearest post office. At times you will notice that the package is postmarked the day after I confirmed it sent on Swap Bot and this is the reasoning. I will never mark a package sent unless it has been sent.

I will also rate swaps as they are received in a fair manner and would appreciate being rated in return. I like to know that you have received the swap. If I have not rated you yet, it means I have not received it. I rate each swap as it is received. If you feel it's been awhile and the swap should have arrived, then by all means, send me a PM.

Ratings are a BIG part of this swapping site. I believe if you sign up for a swap part of your obligation is to rate. Ratings are very important. Often swappers are banned from swaps due to not having enough ratings, so to be careless or refusing to rate is almost as bad as being flaked on.

I only give a one rating if the swap has not been received and contact from the sender has been avoided.

I only give a three rating if I think the swap did not meet the requirements and the swap partner chooses not to correct the swap or the inital contact for a late swap had to be made by myself.

I understand that life sometimes gets in the way and it may be hard at times to fulfill your obligations, if you are having problems please feel free to PM me and we can work something out. I am more inclined to give a five rating for a late swap if you have communicated with me and made the initial contact, after all it is the senders responsibility to get swaps out on time. Out of kindness I will rate a five for a late swap only if the swap partner contacted me in a timely manner with a new reasonable send date.

I will PM anyone before giving a rating of a one or three. I never feel well about rating anyone with those numbers, but I also cannot stand for people to be taken advantage of. If you have received one of these ratings and would like to have the rating removed please fulfill your obligation for such swap and at that time I will gladly change the rating.

If I have made a mistake in any ways please contact me so that I may correct it and I promise to do the same. I will strive to do my very best in making any partner I have happy with the swap item they have received.

For the reason above I have decided that I will no longer be participating in most electronic swaps. The exceptions are groups that I belong to and an occasional awesome swap idea that I cannot resist clicking the join button. I find that it is very hard to please a partner in an electronic swap no matter how much time and effort you put into the swap and that is the reasoning behind my decision. I would like to let those know that have been in electronic swaps with me that I really appreciate what I have received. I hope we can be in future postal swaps together.

If you are one of my swap partners please do not think that you have to be careful about what you send. I am not a picky or easily offended swapper. Profanity & nudity in art are not offensive to me, so please do not feel the need to censor yourself. Be yourself and have fun with the package you send.

If I have sent anything that is not just prefect for you or you know of someone who would appreciate the item more please feel free to re-gift.

Please include a short note with your swap package with the swaps name and your name so I will know exactly where it came from. I have other hobbies that are similar to this one and it would be very easy to get confused about the items sent without a name to link it to.

One Last Note: When I host a swap I will angel as needed unless otherwise stated, but only after you have rated your swap partner a one for not sending items as required. Please let me know on any swap I have hosted that you have been flaked upon and have rated your partner a 1. I ask you to contact me due to the fact that some people will mark a swap sent when it has not been and it is a little difficult viewing all ratings for each swap I will ban all flakers from any future swaps I may host.

Wall Of Fame

I thought it would be nice to add a section to thank swap members for going above and beyond in a swap I have received. I will be adding more as time goes along. I would like to thank:

@MarieAntoinette - I was surprized when Marie messaged me and ask if I needed a angel not for one swap but for 3. It is very rare when you find a person that is so sweet and giving. As I read through her profile I noticed that Marie angels for many swaps and I am almost certian the other people who had been flaked upon did not ask for a angel either but out of the kindness of her heart she made a offer to correct the wrong of another person. She is a true angel and I am very thankful not only for the swaps I received but also her kindness.

@PaintMyselfPretty - Newbie Niceties #1 Swap- So far this has been the best package I have received since being a member of Swap Bot. PaintMyselfPretty not only sent items that were profiled based and so beautiful, but she even wrapped them in a very elegant way. She went above and beyond to make sure the package was just prefect. Each of us should strive to be more like her. Thanks PaintMyselfPretty.

@regenerate for I'm New To Making ATC Swap ~ USA #2 Swap- I am honered to have received this swap from regenerate. The swap package was just one ATC but the time, effort, and thought put in to the ATC is amazing. She read my profile and based her creation on my likes and also honored my husband and I with the ATC in celebration of our 10th Anniversary (which arrived the day of). It is one of the sweetest gestures anyone from Swap Bot has bestowed upon both my husband and I. What regenerate sent was not a swap ATC but a work of art we will treasure forever. Thanks so much regenerate for making our day even more special.

Wall Of Shame

I hate to even have this section on my profile because if everyone "Did unto others and you would have them do unto you" there would not be a need for such a section.

Flaked on By:

@liketrains Journal of Quotes ♥♥♥ Angeled By: @MarieAntoinette

@dillydally Weekly RAK #1 ♥♥♥ Angeled By: @MarieAntoinette

@kmkakay Top 20 Favorite Websites & Blogs ♥♥♥ Angeled By: @MarieAntoinette

@phillipsmartha25 - GROUP: "Window Views" Shutter Me Up Swap

@Cloverst -Brand New Zentanglers!

Flaked On Other Members For Swaps I Have Hosted:

None to list at this time.

Non Raters (for postal swaps only where all attempts of contact have been avoided)

@daybright for the Envie of Randomness-USA Swap- Postal Service Delivery Confirmation #03102010000200863424

@anichi for Vivid Dream Letter (and Picture)

(Any P.O. #'s are my proof the item was sent and received.)

A smile costs nothing, but gives much. It enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give. It takes but a moment, but the memory of it can last forever. None is so rich and mighty that he can get along without it, and none is so poor but that he can be made rich by it.A smile creates happiness in the home, fosters good will in business and is the countersign of friendship. It brings rest to the weary, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad and is nature's best antidote for trouble. Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen. For it is something that is of no value to anyone until given away. Some people are too tired to give you a smile. Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so much as the one who has no more to give.


meej rated for Alphabet Photo Swap (PQRST) on Feb 4, 2011
Comment: Beautiful scenery! Makes me yearn for a world that's not covered in snow.
Response: Thank you so much and I get the meaning of a world not covered in snow......Hope how soon spring gets here.
RetroJane rated for Alphabet Photo Swap (PQRST) on Feb 4, 2011
Comment: I think the suspension bridge is my favorite! Looks pretty neat. I want to see/visit it sometime.
Response: Thank you for the rating and the bridge is a great place to visit.
Comment: Good representation of January!
Response: Thank you so much for the comment.
Schwallie rated for Introduce Yourself...Creatively on Feb 2, 2011
Comment: Thanks for sharing! I love the chair photo!
Response: Thank you for the nice comment. Glad you enjoyed.
Comment: Wow ,awesomely done peace and happy swapping
Response: Thank you for the nice comment. Glad you enjoyed.
Jjean rated for Introduce Yourself...Creatively on Jan 31, 2011
Comment: Very, very interesting photo & email description....thanks for sharing..
Response: Thank you for the nice comment. Glad you enjoyed.
sahvi rated for Alphabet Swap - C is for on Jan 23, 2011
Comment: Those were some great photos for C. Good eye! You could have some of those framed!
Response: Thank you so much for your sweet comments and the 5 heart rating.
naturenerd3 rated for Alphabet Swap - C is for on Jan 20, 2011
Comment: All these photos are very nice, but I like the prison photo the best. If buildings could talk right? Now that would be an interesting (and scary/dangerous) place to explore!
Response: That it would.....thank you for your comments.
luluvision rated for Panoramic Landscapes on Jan 19, 2011
Comment: All your panos are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them. My favorite is the falls! Glad you made it safely down to the bottom for that shot!
Response: Thank you so much for your comment.
Response: Thanks for rating and the heart.
sahvi rated for Caption This! II (With A Twist) on Jan 17, 2011
Comment: "The elf finishes making the toy bear just in time for Christmas!" It's such a great picture!
Response: Thank you so much for the 5 and heart plus the cute caption and comment.
Comment: I like the symbolism of your photo. My sister insisted on a red door on her house. I wonder if this is why?
Response: Thank you so much for the comment and who knows that may be the reason.
AndreaJ rated for Iris Folding on Jan 16, 2011
Comment: what a great package! It's hard to believe this was your 1st time. I loved them all.
Response: Thank you so so much for the comment. I am so happy that you liked what I sent and the Hot Air Balloon one that I sent was my very 1st attempt. I have falling in love with Iris folding
SweetT rated for Read my profile and post a comment. on Jan 15, 2011
Comment: I do more sewing (esp aprons) than quilting. Thanks for the comments!
Response: Thank you so much for the rating and heart. Also thank you for the pen pal invite. I think we would make great pen pals and will work on a letter to you this coming week. Thanks for everything.
indigorose rated for Alphabet Swap - B is for on Jan 15, 2011
Comment: Thank you very much! :)
Response: Thank you very much for the rating and heart.
Comment: Sorry, no pics posted of my glass...I mostly play with it, not something serious at all!! I’ve been in the floral industry for 27 years most of them in shops that specialized in weddings and events…I’ve seen a lot of weddings, last summer an intern asked and I estimated somewhere between 2200 - 2500.
Response: Thank you for rating and nice to learn more about you.
Lauriez rated for Panoramic Landscapes on Jan 14, 2011
Comment: Og denise-these are just beautiful! i esp. love the fall leaves one! SO lovely! and glad you got your recipe card/photo today. That's funny about you not liking Mt. Dew cause generally speaking, I don't like onions or cooked apples, but they are so (weirdly) yummy together in this recipe! Thanks for another great swap! Hope you have a good weekend! :)
Response: Thank you so much for your kind comment and the recipe card and I can't wait to try it. I think those weird combos make for some of the best dishes. Thanks again.
Jjean rated for Alphabet Swap - C is for on Jan 13, 2011
Comment: Very, very interesting photos & note that explained them....I really like the one of the prison but "old" buildings are a favorite of mine.....
Response: Thank you so much for the comment and heart. I usaly never take photos of old buildings but I can now see what great photos they can make.
Lauriez rated for Caption This! II (With A Twist) on Jan 13, 2011
Comment: great photo-what a cutie! my caption: "Oh my achin' tummy...that's the last time I try to outeat a bear!" LOL! Thanks for sharing & hosting another fun swap! and i love the one you did for my Max! Perfect! And yep, our hounds will and do eat just about anything-whether it is actually food or not! lol!
Response: Thank you so much for the nice comment and you are most welcomed for the max caption I sent. Thanks again.
Comment: Thanks for the recipes and extra cards! I can't wait to try out the chili recipe. I also like the butterfly stickers on the envelope! :-) Have a great new year!
Response: I am glad you liked what I sent, tell me if you like the chilli. I love it but it hates me (LOL). Thanks for the rating and heart.

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RyeRye on Sep 11, 2011:

Thanks for being a member of the Crafting Queens~

sahvi on Mar 13, 2011:

You're awesome! Here I thought it was just me being...well...I'm not the most computer savvy. :)

SweetT on Jan 15, 2011:

Hi Denise! I love your profile and your "name" (DeniseN10ec) - too cute! I just wanted to say thanks for your comments on my profile. I love the mountains of NC and TN too. You are right, Dillsboro is great. I see we have tons in common - I love Prince too plus I am only a year older than you. You would like a penpal - please write, you have my address. Thanks again!

pockii57 on Jan 15, 2011:

Good morning! I am your partner for the Read my Profile and Post a Comment Swap. You're profile is so wonderful and well organised! The graphics you have used are beautiful and a brilliant addition to your wonderfully laid out words. :) It was a joy to read!

It's interesting how you came about your username. Very creative, unlike myself! (Unfortunately, mine is just thrown together. It used to be in.my.pocket and gradually over the years it has been shortened to pockii. The 57 is just because pockii is usually already taken.)

I would just like to say it is wonderful to hear how happy you are in your job! It seems we have a lot in common as I also work with people diagnosed with autism... Although my work is primarily with young people, I can relate to that feeling of putting a smile on somebody's face. :)

On that note, I would just like to say you're final quote rings so true. A smile costs nothing, but gives much... Some people are too tired to give you a smile. Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so much as the one who has no more to give. A smile is such a powerful thing. I wish that more people would embrace that.

Well... I should stop rambling or I'll be on all night about hiking, photography, travel, etc.. :) It was lovely to read your profile. Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for 2011! ~ Jess

Lauriez on Jan 12, 2011:

and a great big thank you for sharing your "C is For" photos with me! they are great as always! They make me want to get back to hiking! I cannot believe that we live so close to such amazing forests but did not hike even ONCE last year! (Jeff didn't do much but work for 10 mos straight) Hopefully in a few months it will be hiking weather again! I esp. liked the creek photo too! Thanks again for thinking of me! :)

Lauriez on Jan 12, 2011:

Hi friend-just wanted to let you know that there is a swap coming your way from me even though you were not my partner...! For some reason, I made two swaps for the "I'm Hungry" swap, when we just had one partner assigned! So I thought I'd send the extra one along to YOU! Just wanted to let you know so you did not get confused when you went to rate! lol! Hope you like it! Have a great day! :)

kalsmommy on Jan 11, 2011:

i'm your partner for the read profile and comment!!!! and i must say i LOVE your profile its so complete, if you dont mind i think i might use it to help me find places in my profile that can use a little beefing up so to speek!

saskia on Jan 11, 2011:

Thank you so much for the rating. So sweet! Thank you very much.


saskia on Jan 11, 2011:

How nice to read your profile! I can fully can agree with the love you find in your job. Me, myself I also work with the same kind of persons. I work with people who have mental retardation, but are also diagnosed with autism. I think it is the most beautiful job in the world. But the world outside does not understand that very much. Do you have the same experience? Thank you for sharing your profile and I wish you a very nice 2011!


HippieDancer on Jan 10, 2011:

haha your right it was just my name :P

ok well lets see let me write something diffrent...

a long time ago i had a pet duck..but he believed she was a dog..she even barked and ate dog kibble..as of now i really dont have any cuddly pets other than my hermet crab, tyrone(his shell is black :P) and my chamelion...i still dont have a name for..and hes old lol

well its late here :) talk to you soon

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