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Laylaaaface on Jul 23, 2011:

You are wonderful!! I'd say more, but I fully intend on writing you back on my next day off!!

erinbit on Jul 16, 2011:

hehe, I knew I should have guessed that you never had problems with the TSA, but it sounded crazy enough to be true! :)

heather1971 on Jul 12, 2011:

And IF you made me something with said yarn..THIS is what I'd want: LOL!! http://www.crochetconcupiscence.com/2011/07/colorful-crochet-artist-babukatorium/ (scroll down to the parasol..isnt it amaaaaazingly adorable?!?!)

heather1971 on Jul 11, 2011:

If I win big, I'll buy you some yarn! LOL!!!!

heather1971 on Jul 11, 2011:

Congratulations on being the lotto ticket winner! WOOHOO! LOL! Mailing you menu ASAP!

robotlove on Jun 21, 2011:

Minecraft = majooooor ♥!! :D (i'm working on a crotchet'd creeper now) ... Never heard of Wurm Online, though..

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